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once more with feeling

  1. iSlayer

    Once More, With Feeling... 17 years later & still “Something To Sing About”!

    I’m pretty sure 6 November 2001 started out like any regular day until ‘Buffy The Vampire Slayer’ aired later that night... the world watched with bated breaths as Sarah Michelle Gellar, our beloved Slayer ❤️, heroically mouthed her first musical note in “Going Through The Motions” and DAMN! the...
  2. nb.jpg


    My copy of the Once More With Feeling album autographed by Nicholas Brendon.
  3. Josh the Writer

    Question I'll Be His Misses

    I thought I'd ask, what do you all think about Anya's song I'll Be His Misses from the episode, Selfless? I personally love this song and think it is one of the best ones written. It is so sweet and genuine and fits Anya's character perfectly! I've always wanted to see a version of "Once More...
  4. bluebellkell

    Question Innuendos in "I'll Never Tell": Tight Embrace (Musical Ep)

    Okay, so maybe I'm the only one who isn't seeing the obvious, but can someone please tell me what the first innuendo is supposed to be in I'll Never Tell? I obviously get the one later on in the song ("with her lips as red as rubies and her firm yet supple-- tight embrace!") but I'm having a...
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