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  1. IndianaSolo221

    Another Pet Thread

    I just wanna know about everyone’s awesome pets. I’ve got about 3 dozen birds (chickens, ducks) 3 cats, 1 dog, 5+ snakes, 3 lizards, 5 turtles, 2 parakeets, and 3 fish (one wonderful betta, Eddie). Perhaps I’ll share some photos of them here later, if anyone’s interested! What about you guys...
  2. IndianaSolo221

    If Buffyverse Vampires Had Pets

    So uh...I had a thought. If the Buffyverse vampires all decided to get pets, what kind of pet do you think each one would have? Do you think they would stick to domestics, or would Angel totally be into taratulas? Personally, I'm a huge animal lover, so even if I was all bloody-sucky, I would...
  3. Triss

    Pet thread, anyone?

    Show off your animal friends. Molly (Spot the tiny blue parrot...): Luna the snek: Nny the snek: Thomas and Holly: Newt: Neverwhere:
  4. smgismyqueenjpg

    Let's talk about our pets.

    Whether it be a dog, cat, bird, snake or turtle. Let`s talk about our pets. From their weird traits to their breed and colour. Let`s talk about our pets.
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