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ships atvs btvs

  1. P

    What is your second favorite pairing for each person in your favorite ship/couple? Why?

    I am curious My favorite ship/couple is Darla and Angel For Darla: Drusilla -They were a great evil team -There was some underlying chemistry between JB and JL. -They were entertaining to watch For Angel:Gwen -chemistry between AD and DB -The is the only person who did survive from her...
  2. BuffyNvrForgets

    Buffy Relationships (A polite, and civil place to discuss Buffy ship opinions!)

    Part of the reason I joined these Boards, is because I had so many complex thoughts and opinions about this show! One of my most complex are my Ship opinions. This can be a heated topic, so I wanted to set some groundrules for this thread, not only because I want this be a fun, comfortable...
  3. Rogueslayer

    Wesley ships

    Who do you think would have been perfect for Wesley? Who do you think was a bad relationship for him? I want to know what other people think about Wesley and his relationshis. Personally I think that given enough time Illyria and Wesley would have been a great couple.
  4. Wildfly

    Ideal Couples in btvs/atvs

    I am curious what you guys think About atvs/btvs couples, which one was the best in regard of forming a relationship that was supportive and in general made the person(s) in it better? For example I was wondering how Oz would have dealt with willow's 'magic addiction', how, (if their...
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