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  1. EarthLogic

    Question for the Bangelfolk - Spuffy in the comics

    So recently I find myself flirting with 'shipping again. I used to be an unabashed B/A fan in my teens ('cause, duh!) but have since been reluctant to call myself a 'shipper since a) for me authenticity of character trumps romantic pairing, always and b) I'm rather uncomfortable with labels as I...
  2. Cordeliagirl


    These are mine ships: Angel/Buffy-Auffy/Bangel Xander/Cordelia-Xanordelia/Cander Wesley/Williow-Wesilliow/Willesley Spike/Harmony-Sparmony/Hike OZ/Kendra-Oendra/Kendoz Gunn/Anya-Ganya/Anunna Riley/Tara-Rilara/Tariley ROBIN/Fred-Rored/Frobin Andrew/Faith-Anaith/Fandrew Doyle/Dawn-Doyawn/Dawolye...
  3. dtrain24

    Most Underrated Ships?

    Yeah, yeah, I know. But I was thinking about some Buffy ships that are canon and don't ever really get the love they deserve, whether it's because they're brief, or no one cares. For me, the one that immediately comes to mind is one I like to call Calendiles. If the term already...
  4. gillianmorsee

    What's your favorite LGBT pairing? (Canon or not)

    Which pairing is your favorite LGBT pairing? And why? (Canon or not) Faith/Buffy? Tara/Willow? Spike/Xander? Willow/Kennedy? Darla/Drusilla? Fred/Willow? Xander/Angel? Cordelia/Buffy? Or any others I may have forgot to mention? Personally, I like Faith/Buffy because I love the chemistry between...
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