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  1. NotEvilAngel

    Couldn't Slayers Tattoo a Cross on their Skin?

    Couldn't Slayer's just tattoo a cross on their skin? I'm talking about all Slayers, Buffy wouldn't do it with the whole Angel ordeal. I mean, then no vampires could get close to you without being hurt by the cross. Also, the weapons could be coated in holy water. So after generations and...
  2. NotEvilAngel

    Who's a better Slayer?

    Kendra or Faith? Kendra wasn't a big character, but she was really devoted to Slaying, y'know what I mean? Faith... well, not so much, she did turn evil, don't forget that. What I'm trying to ask you is, who would win in a one-on-one? Kendra or Faith? Kendra VS. Faith
  3. C

    Why do characters use crossbow bolts tipped with metal points?

    it occurs to me the crossbow would be more effective against vamps if they sharpened the wood of the bolts into a point instead of using metal broadheads,then it would always kill a vamp as its like a thin staking implement fired as a projectile
  4. BuffMarsters

    Buffy VS Faith - Who was the better slayer?

    I personally think Buffy was the better slayer. Not only had she been slaying for years longer than Kendra or Faith, but Buffy was the right mix of gutsy and careful. She knew when to step back and when to charge into a situation. And she was smarter than Faith, who basically believed all...
  5. Poetic Life

    Question Giles's First Slayer: Who Was She?

    In the episode Revelations, Giles asks Gwendolyn Post if Faith is her first Slayer, implying that Buffy isn't his. This had me wondering about his first Slayer, and as I speculated and rewatched, I built a theory. Remember how serious Giles was about the Order of Taraka in What's My Line...
  6. A

    Question Is Connor the first male "slayer"? Discuss.

    Gifted with strength and speed of demonic origin just like Buffy et al; is he not the first male "slayer" in the Buffyverse?
  7. B

    Slayers are weak

    Someone was trying to argue with me that slayers are weak, because faith got beat by the beast, and apparently Angel a simple vampire has saved buffy several times. I fail to see this reasoning. Can someone please tell me how slayers are weak? Am I just dumb as hell? they said that a slayer...
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