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  1. Josh the Writer

    Question I'll Be His Misses

    I thought I'd ask, what do you all think about Anya's song I'll Be His Misses from the episode, Selfless? I personally love this song and think it is one of the best ones written. It is so sweet and genuine and fits Anya's character perfectly! I've always wanted to see a version of "Once More...
  2. buffy1990

    Character Karaoke: Song Choice

    So I was thinking about the songs that the characters themselves chose to sing in different episodes of Buffy/Angel, and how it reflects their personalities/experiences. We have Angel with "Mandy": Well you came and you gave without taking/But I sent you away, oh Mandy/And you kissed me and...
  3. Erickson22

    Question Interactive story advice?

    Ok so on the fanfic im working on i was thinking of kinda a interactive feel too it and would work kinda like this. I would write up too a certain point and then i would picture say a song that would go well with that scene so i would pick a song and put it in the disclaimer every chapter and...
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