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  1. theslayerettes

    Vampire with a Soul: Angel vs. Spike

    As far as we know, (based on the show) Angel and Spike are the only vampires with souls. When Spike got his soul we assumed that it worked just like Angel's does. But it seems to me like the soul affects them differently. With Angel, it is made clear that he and Angelus are separate entities...
  2. B

    Vampires and souls.

    Sorry if this is a stupid question but I've always wondered how Angel and Angelus were different but spike stayed the same with his soul. Angel with and without his would are like two different people but spike is more or less the same person. How is that possible? I'm also probably not wording...
  3. Poetic Life

    Question Best as a Big Bad or a Champion?

    I'm probably going to get a lot of argument here, but I've always preferred Spike as an evil character. The whole arc about the chip was to make him funnier and to replace Cordelia, and I will admit that he was hilarious there, but the soul in season seven and him without one in most of season...
  4. F

    Should Angel and Spike Have Gotten Their Reflections Back?

    Whedon seemed to have gone the rather traditional route with the setup for vampires. Sunlight, stakes, garlic, and so forth. However, while it may or may not be a concrete element in folk lore and other such things involving stories of vampires, explanations as to why vampires don't have...
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