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  1. IndianaSolo221

    Question What Fanfics Should I Read? (Spuffy)

    Hey guys...I finally broke and decided to check out Elysian Fields. I've known of its existence since I joined the Buffy Boards, but I wasn't sure I wanted to join since I'm typically picky about fanfiction...well...I broke. I love reading Spuffy, and I haven't been able to find any good fics...
  2. IndianaSolo221

    Want to Write Spuffy, Don't Know Where to Start

    So ah...I want to write some Spuffy, but I have no clue where to start. I haven't written anything even vaguely Spuffy-related since about 2016 (when I finally finished the series), and I don't have any solid ideas. I try not to force myself to write, because I find that my stories end up a lot...
  3. IndianaSolo221

    My Thoughts on Bangel/Spuffy

    Hey! I just wanted to start out with a post discussing how I feel about the Bangel/Spuffy ships, particularly in relation to the fanbase and fanfictions. As a sidenote: I'm pretty sure this is in the right place, but my apologies if it's not! Something I've noticed, particularly in Spuffy...
  4. AstridDante

    New to Boards: Major Spuffy Shipper

    Hi new to Boards. Rediscovering my love for all things Buffy. Major 'Spuffy' shipper
  5. HushSarah

    Question Spike Over-Saturated?

    I've been thinking about this for a long time and I believe I've come to the conclusion on something that has been bugging me since 2002 up until my recent rewatch. What was the reason behind Spike being over-saturated in Season 6? Was Joss listening to the Spike/Spuffy stans online too much...
  6. always been bad.png

    always been bad.png

    What can I tell you, baby? I've always been bad.
  7. buffy-the-vampire-slayer-reunion-13.jpg


    ain't that love?
  8. MarieVampSlayer

    Did Dawn create Spuffy?

    Hi all, So I have been wondering about this for a while. We have talked a lot about how Dawn's addition to the core group changed a lot of things in the characters life. But do you think that Dawn's presence created Spuffy? Here are my points that could prove that she was at least in part...
  9. MarieVampSlayer

    Equality in the couples of the Buffyverse

    Hi all, So I was thinking about the different couples in the Buffyverse (because apparently I have nothing better to do on a Tuesday night) and how we as fans sometimes feel a character deserves another because of how they acted or showed their love. I noticed that I sometimes take one side...
  10. Grace

    Seasonal Spuffy

    The new round will be starting soon. (For some reason, I adore the term "Seasonal Spuffy." It makes me imagine Buffy and Spike wearing turtleneck sweaters and sipping pumpkin spice lattes.)
  11. NikonTheVampire

    Episode Discussion Buffy, Spike, Seeing Red and The Me Too Movement

    Hello Team It has been a while but I needed your input on this. With the #MeToo Movement going around, I was wondering how does the Seeing Red episode playout now in the current social culture? Imagine you are introducing BTVS to a younger generating in this day and age. And they get to that...
  12. GraceK

    Question Spike/Buffy and Loyalty

    A thought occurred to me recently. At some point, all of the Scoobies have betrayed or turned Buffy in some way. Xander:: in the comics for Dawns sake, in Revelations by trying to kill Angel, and Of course, Empty Places Willow:: went evil for a bit, then Empty Places Giles:: tried to kill...
  13. sunalso

    Spuffy Fic Recs

    Sunalso’s Spuffy Fic Recs (With Shameless Self Promotion-because, hey, I was asked!) I’m not one for a lot of dark fic/angst as real life tends to punch me enough. That’s not to say I don’t enjoy conflict in a story, but it does mean that my recs tend to be a little biased towards things I...
  14. Joan the Vampire Slayer

    Spuffy manifesto!

    Hey Spuffies! I wrote this in 2011 but thought it was worth another share for the new fans here to read :) I still feel this way! #SpuffyForever Has anyone else written a "manifesto" about our favorite couple? Post here! ---- This manifesto is a long time coming. Let me start like this...
  15. T

    The real Reason Spike decided to get a soul?

    Hey everyone I'm new here. The general consensus among people (especially Spuffy shippers) is that Spike got a soul for Buffy. But I've been doing a re-watch of Buffy and I don't really think that's the case. I believe Spike got a soul for himself. The lore of the show is that vampires could...
  16. MarieVampSlayer

    Spuffy AND Bangel!

    Hi all! So I might be the only one but I do love Spuffy and Bangel. I feel like Buffy needed both Angel and Spike in her life and that she can love them both in different ways. Is there anyone else who agree? Can Buffy love them both and not decide who she wants to be with forever? Please no...
  17. Curious Pathos

    Symbolism in Spuffy

    I want to explore all the symbolism that bring our favourite two heroes together. Now there is the common, fire representing their love and passion, solidified as their symbol in the Chosen scene, but let's have some fun, I know the writers did not intend it, but I think the "Don't I get a...
  18. PaulParmar1

    Spuffy Survivor

    The Buffy/Angel Survivor game with Spuffy related episode instead! (note : I didn't put all just my personal favs & up to 22 eps) Rules : Take 1 point off an episode & add 1 point to another each turn Wait for at least one person to post before you take another turn Enjoy! School Hard - 10...
  19. PaulParmar1

    Spuffy Gifs

    I love Spuffy and Spuffy gifs are the best! Let's send some of your favs! Some of my personal favs Send some of your favs :p:D
  20. MarieVampSlayer

    Spike - why Buffy changed her attitude in S7

    Hey all! So I have seen a lot of people discussing S7 Spuffy and I wanted to test a theory with you. Now before S7, Buffy always saw Spike for what he was : a vampire. Even if she had sex with him, even if he was fighting evil, even if she somewhat develop feelings for him that she doesn't...
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