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  1. NotEvilAngel

    Couldn't Slayers Tattoo a Cross on their Skin?

    Couldn't Slayer's just tattoo a cross on their skin? I'm talking about all Slayers, Buffy wouldn't do it with the whole Angel ordeal. I mean, then no vampires could get close to you without being hurt by the cross. Also, the weapons could be coated in holy water. So after generations and...
  2. IndianaSolo221

    If Buffyverse Vampires Had Pets

    So uh...I had a thought. If the Buffyverse vampires all decided to get pets, what kind of pet do you think each one would have? Do you think they would stick to domestics, or would Angel totally be into taratulas? Personally, I'm a huge animal lover, so even if I was all bloody-sucky, I would...
  3. Name the Stars

    "Vamps Just Wanna Have Fun", Buffy Parody of Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

    Disclaimer: All the rights for the song Girls Just Wanna Have Fun go to Cyndi Lauper and party Vamps Just Want to Have Fun Darla: Though I burn in the morning light I make the most of it, and do the demon thing right Oh Angel dear your days with us are not done And vamps they wanna...
  4. buffy1990

    Vampire's Change?

    I was listening to a podcast that got me thinking... Do vampire's appearances change with age? In S1 we have the Master, who was so old that he remained in permanent fruit-punch mouth vamp face. Then in S3 we get Kakistos, who is so old he has cloven hooves. So, if vampires live for...
  5. B

    Vampires and souls.

    Sorry if this is a stupid question but I've always wondered how Angel and Angelus were different but spike stayed the same with his soul. Angel with and without his would are like two different people but spike is more or less the same person. How is that possible? I'm also probably not wording...
  6. JimmyHall

    Hello Btvs/Angel fans. How do you feel about fanfiction?

    I love fanfiction. I've written a few myself. A true blood one. A mass effect one. Dragon Ball Z. Now I am going to try my hand at a Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Layer) fanfic. According to a fellow fanfic writer on archive of our own, Buffy fans will go after fanfic writers with a fiery justice...
  7. JimmyHall

    Question Vampires.

    Maybe someone out there with more Buffyverse knowledge than I, can answer this question. Does being a vampire automatically make you evil? Souls? Humans have souls in the Buffyverse right? Yet humans do evil things right and left. I don't think the soul argument can really hold up at the end of...
  8. gillianmorsee

    How do Vampires shave and style their hair so well?

    I'm just wondering how Angel or Spike keeps so well-shaven when they can't look in mirrors at themselves. I mean, obviously their characters are styled because they are on a TV show and everything, but ignoring that, in-canon, how do they look so well-kept? Maybe when they shave they cut...
  9. B

    Dracula a big bad?

    THis may be a dumb question but is dracula considered a big bad at all in the buffyverse?
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