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wolfram and heart

  1. EmEeeCee

    How did Lilah get away with killing Billy?

    So considering that she works for and is a high level employee at Wolfram and Hart, it sort of makes sense that Lilah was not prosecuted by the law for murder… but even then, it is mentioned that Billy’s family is “the closest thing this country has to royalty,” so wouldn’t his family be...
  2. MarieVampSlayer

    Lindsey or Lilah?

    Hi all, I was just wandering who you think was the most evil in the ATS.
  3. X

    Question The First's True Power

    I tried commenting on the original post(of WRH vs The First) but it wouldn't let me:(. Regarding the first vs Wolf Ram and Heart people kept stating that the first is incorporeal so it could not do anything. If you recall the first is banned and locked in the hell mouth. It needs the balance of...
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