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Episode Discussion 2.13 "Epitaph Two" - Aired 29/1/10 (FOX-US)


Mar 7, 2009
Just so I have things clear in my head did Topher just go crazy from all that went on, like we kinda got the start if it when Bennett died, and it just progressed from there?
Whilst I think that Bennett's death obviously had an effect on him, I've always put his mental downward spiral down to the guilt he had to carry around. I think he blamed himself for Bennett's death, given that we weren't really told why Claire killed her, so for him it was probably because he felt that it was due to the way he 'made' her.

But more so than that, he essentially blamed himself for the way in which the world ended up. He made that technology so as far as he can see it was all his fault.

That's my interpretation anyway ;)
Black Eye Guy
Black Eye Guy
Yeah cool, thats my thinking to!


Dn'* letthespacebugsbite!
Apr 2, 2009
Yep that's what i thought too, it was his own tech, so he felt responsible for the world 'ending'.
And yeah everything Flannen said ^.^ aha.


Sep 13, 2009
EPITAPH 2; The return
The good;
Very, very good ep, lovely way to round out the series and a great send off for the characters. Many, many nice little features including Harding and his allergy to shellfish again and Victor still having Ernesto the Acrobat in his memories.
The bad;
Joss WHY NO COMMENTARY? You didn't do one for the last ep of Angel either. Or are you saving it for Special Edition DVDs to fund your new project? That said the dinner party is a nice touch.When Adele leads the Dolls into the streets outside where have all the butchers gone? The idea that Victor, Echo and Sierra have to hide underground for a year to escape Topher's pulse is just silly.
Best line;
Alpha; "We're not freak shows. Well ok I am. And Echo. But Adele's a class act all the way"
Adele; "I'm glad you didn't clean up"
Alpha; "It spoke to the schizophrenic in me. Well, both of them actually"
Packing heat; everyone armed to the teeth. For a guy who says he doesn't like guns Joss puts a heck of a lot of them in his shows.
Boyd; 11
Dominic; 10
Sierra; 9
Victor; 9
Ballard; 14
November; 2
Adele; 4

Echo kissage; 5
In the missing scenes we see that Echo/Rebecca got all kissy with Joel in the back of the van at the end of The Love Supreme

Kinky dinky;
Naked musclemen in chains. Say what you like about Joss he gives us cheesecake but for boys AND girls of all tastes and persuasions.
Capt subtext;
Note the tender way Adele feeds Topher whom she refers to as 'darling'. She offers to die with him but he wants her to live. Mag seems to have the hots for Kilo and vice versa, Zone commenting that she now has the option to 'go down'. Adele and Echo finally embrace. The butchers are now wearing suits, do they represent the network executives that cancelled the show?

Notches on the Dollhouse bedpost; Paul and Echo appear to have become occasional sexual partners but not romantic lovers. Victor/Anthony and Sierra/Priya are lovers and have a son.
Echo; 7 definite, 2 possible
November; 1
Ballard; 2
Victor; 2
Adele; 1
Sierra 2
Topher; 1 possible

How'd they get away with that?
Paul is dead...(hmmm? Have I heard that somewhere before?). Once again shot in the head with his brains all over another character, in this case poor Mag.

This weeks fantasy;

What do we think of the client?

Total number personalitites; note 'mini-me' refers to herself as Caroline? But in every other way she's Echo, able to access all the memories in her head. Ballard refers to 100 people in Echo's head. 101 including him. Suprisingly the series doesn't end with Caroline getting her body back, she's just one of the personalities in Echo's head.
Echo; 101
Sierra; 13
Victor; 11
November; 3

Total LA dolls; Kilo again, for a second I thought it might be Ivy. We also have Romeo and Yankee
11-Echo, Sierra, November, Victor, Mike, Tango, Alpha, Whiskey, Kilo, Romeo, Yankee

Addy is a bit British;

Topher is a bit geeky;

Subverting the Hollywood cliche;
Psycho killer Alpha pops up in his usual sinister fashion....and get's a great big hug from everyone!

Bondage; Paul and Echo in chains
Sierra tied up; 2
Ballard; 3
Echo; 7
Victor; 2

Knocked out;
Echo; 9
November; 1
Sierra; 2
Victor; 3
Topher; 4
Ballard; 1

Kills; Echo kills the Rossum honcho for the last time. Once they get into the fight with the Reavers...sorry butchers, you just lose track.
Sierra; 3 kills
Echo; 5
Victor; 2
Boyd; 4

Dolls injured;

Happy hookers;
Zone refers to Echo as a 'magically delicious superwhore'.

Know the face? Nate Dushku, Eliza's brother plays one of the Clive Ambrose's, he was also in the Angel ep 'Orpheus' as the armed robber in the doughnut shop.
18-Whedon alumni-Mark Shepherd-2 (Dollhouse/Firefly), Amy Acker-2 (Dollhouse/Angel), walking action figure-2 (Buffy/Dollhouse), Eliza Dushku-3 (Buffy/Angel/Dollhouse), Jim Piddock-2 (Angel/Dollhouse), Gregg Henry-2 (Dollhouse/Firefly), Alan Tudyk-2 (Dollhouse/Firefly), Felicia Day-2(Dollhouse/Buffy), Alexis Denisoff-3 (Buffy, Angel and Dollhouse), Kristoffer Pohala-2 (Dollhouse/Angel), Stacey Scowley-2 (Buffy/Dollhouse) Clyde Katulas-2 (Buffy/Dollhouse), Maurissa Tanchon-2(Dollhouse/Dr Horrible), Summer Glau-3(Angel/Firefly/Dollhouse) Glenn Morshower-2(Buffy/Dollhouse). Greg Collins-2(Angel/Dollhouse) Mike Massa-3(Buffy/Angel/Dollhouse), Nate Dushku-2(Dollhouse/Angel)



Missing scenes;.
The deleted scene from this ep is reminiscent of the ending to The Tripods, Zone, Mag and mini-me stumbling across a deserted camp but ready to start again. You can't help but feel bad for Adele when she tries to pick up Victor in the bar in Stop Loss, he actually offers to take her home but she knows she's not the girl he's waiting for.

Reminds me of;
Wizard of Oz again, the 'great and terrible' Caroline. The method by which Rossum force Topher to work for them is similar to how Lorne is forced to work in Vegas in the Angel ep 'The House Always Wins'. Sierra/Priya appears to be auditioning for the remake of Little House on the Prarie. In contrast we have Mad Max Victor.

Whedon cliches; strawberries again! Also in Alpha we have the series greatest villain becoming the series greatest hero (Spike, Angel, Illyria, the agent in Serenity;the movie)
Maimed characters. Rich and powerful famillies who cover up the evil deeds of their wayward sons. Top security installations which aren't secure at all. Loving self-sacrificing mothers who risk all for their children. Corporate politics literally played with deadly seriousness. Monty Python quoting villains. Offices full of zombies. Strawberries. Sleeper agents. One girl who holds the secret to everything. Villains who become heroes.
Breaking the programming;
Note the butchers are now using guns, they're evolving too.

Questions and observations;
So what happened between the events of The Hollow Men and Epitaph 2? An awful lot it seems! Presumably everyone makes their way back to the Dollhouse once the world starts going to hell. What happens between Adele and Echo so that Echo is on the point of killing her in Epitaph One? Presumably the vaccine that makes everyone immune to imprinting is derived from Echo's spinal fluid as we saw in the previous ep? Does Alpha have the same ability and is that how he created safe haven? What does Topher go 'huh' for at the very last moment when he looks at the 'Remember' wall? Love Adele's new family, her, Zone and mini-me ex-Caroline, she can start again, ever the Shepherd leading them into the light (we've seen how good she is with kids from her relationship with Victor/Sierra's son). Alpha finds it amusing that Romeo refers to him as a 'luddite' (groups of disgruntled workers who opposed the industrial revolution). Nice that they could work Summer Glau into the final ep through Topher's vid.
So what happened to Ivy, Dominic, Alpha, Perrin, Whiskey etc? I guess we have to leave it to the fanfic? Who kept sending Ballard all the clues to the Dollhouse, was it Alpha? I like Joss' idea of Echo and co as the post apocalyptic A-team, I'd watch that.
Marks out of 10; 10/10

So that's Dollhouse. Good series and enjoyed it a lot. If I were to rate Joss's series I would score them as;
Buffy; 10/10-best TV show of all time
Angel; 10/10 (only beaten by Buffy because we had more Buffy eps)
Dollhouse; 8/10
Firefly; 7/10
For all you Browncoats who now want to lynch me maybe I'd like Firefly better if there'd been more eps but it only had 16 compared to 27 for Dollhouse, if Firefly had been given a greater chance it might have done better. I think Firefly's problem is that as a space show it was quite expensive in terms of special effects, costumes, sets, makeup etc whilst Dollhouse could be filmed just on an ordinary street. Looking back over the eps I'd say Epitaph 1&2 are my favourites with A Love Supreme and Man on the Street coming up behind them, Spy in the House of Love also in the top 5 and I have a soft spot for Haunted. I think Dollhouse had less of a sense of fun than Buffy or Angel although Topher was a funny character, it was all more grown up. The Dolls didn't grow on you in their dazed state and the other characters weren't sympathectic or charismactic enough. Certainly glad I watched it though, enjoyed it immensely. Apart from Eliza in sexy outfits the standout for me was Enver as Victor who really showed some amazing range and talent in his various Doll characters
Dollhouse assignment's I would have like to have seen;

1. Definitely a musical, it would be great if you were splitting up with you partner and you could start singing 'Take another little piece of my heart now baby' in a restraunt with all the other diners joining in the singing and dancing (think Glee for real).
2. Something with superheroes/supeheroines, either the client being rescued by them, acting the superhero and triumphing over the Supervillain dolls or playing the villain and defeating the superhero Dolls.
3. Some sort of historical drama (surprised they didn't do that in the show) where an enthusiast get's them to recreate the gunfight at the Ok Corral or Custer's Last Stand etc
4. Get the Dolls to act out famous comedy sketches for real (as Sierra suggested in one ep). The Class sketch would be my first pick.
5. A rich sci-fi geek hires the Doll's to be the crew of his starship on a movie set (and when he calls for evasive manouvres they all pitch from one side to the other as they did on the series).
6. A victim of homophobia getting his/her revenge on their tormentors who suddenly find themselves in a world where EVRYONE is gay and they're the freaks.
7. A military wannabe hiring a squad of Dolls to re-enact a battle and give him a real taste of what genuine combat is like.
8. A victim of wrongful imprisonment re-enacts their trial to attempt to understand how the jury convicted him.
9. The writer of a prematurely cancelled TV show hires the Dolls to act out the final season storylines they really wanted to write (I think you know where I'm going here).
10. The prodigal son reassembles his dead family using the Dolls to tell them he's sorry for not making things up with them when they were alive.
11. A chess obsessive hires the Dolls out to enact a full-sized game.
12. A famous author suffers from writers block and hires some Dolls to act out the various plot ideas of his latest book to try and break the impasse.
13. A rabid right-winger who hires the Dolls to act as hippies whom he persuades of his arguments.
14. A rabid left-winger who hires the Dolls to act as yuppies who are persuaded by his arguments.


Oct 22, 2010
How was Topher lost in a horrible way? He sacrificed himself to save the world. How is that horrible?
I think you missed a major plot turn here.

Topher didn't heroically sacrifice himself; he couldn't live with the realization of the monster he'd been and what his hubris had done to the world and so committed suicide.

Do you really think that a man smart enough to create mind altering technology, to wipe people's brains with the pull of a trigger, couldn't think how to set off a switch remotely? Of course he could. Adelle saw that, but also that this was a course of action he needed to take. That's one of the reasons for the sadness on her face.

The wonderful thing about Topher, who is truly my favourite character in Dollhouse, is that he was a monster, but didn't know he was a monster. He genuinely thought he was helping the actives overcome serious psychological issues, not putting them through degradation, rape and enslavement. The deep horror of what the dollhouse was, and what it stood for, is that it couched itself in a wholesome light, pretending to "give people what they wanted, or needed." Topher, a social innocent in many ways, fell for this deceit. He was manipulated, sure, but that doesn't excuse or forgive the brutality of what he did on a daily basis.

Topher is a modern day Victor Von Frankenstein, so lost in the wonders of science and the intellectual challenges it brings that all he asked is "if he could" and never "if he should."

I adore him.


Oct 30, 2010
I just loved it! The ending of Dollhouse was way more emotional than the ending of Buffy. I love Buffy with all my heart but for some reason I felt more sorry for the those in the world of Dollhouse than to those in Buffy or Angel.
And Echo's breakdown was truly brilliant - for the first time we saw how strong she felt about Paul and also we saw that she is a true person with true feelings not just a mix of people with fighting skills and all that.

Oh, and how Topher went to set up the bomb-thingy. It was just heartbreaking to see him like that - insane and full of regret.

Topher was my favourite character and im glad he died a hero, great progression. One thing that kinda pissed me off was the way that when he went to go activate the bomb, he basically just said bye to adelle, no body else. ANd they didnt even hug, it was just like, ok catchya later... And you'd think after spending years together you'd at least want to say goodbye. I though tit would have made it much more heartfelt and would have amped up the tears.
I don't think that he should have told everyone that I'm gonna go and die now, have a good life. It just would have felt wrong. He felt closest to Adelle and he actually had a very tender moment with her when she realised that he was going to die.

Oh, and the ending song "Everywhere I Go" by Lissie was perfection. It's just so sad and full of emotion and I just started listening to it again and omg, I am friggin gonna cry again. Good thing I'm not wearing any make-up or I'd look like a panda.

This was by far one of the best endings I have ever seen - Joss is a true genius and he has once again outdone himself.


Nov 7, 2010
Does anyone else REALLY love Everywhere I Go?
Not just "REALLY" love, more like, oh-my-god-can't-stop-listening to-it love.


I do doodle. You too. You do doodle, too.
Staff member
Jan 1, 2010
Stockholm, Swe
Black Thorn
I was just re-watching this episode and I have to say it continuously annoys me that before the blast that turns the minds back to what they were - Alpha is allowed to walk off on his own.


... I mean, before becoming Alpha he was a convict well on his way to becoming a murderer... so though being in his own mind it wasn't particularly a good mind to be in...

Sure Echo points out that he's evolved and won't be the same... but removing his Alpha experiences and the work he's done to himself to get to that sane place he's in at the end seems to me exceedingly inadvisable. They don't know what way he'll turn. They can't be sure that his evolved side will be the part that's sane...

Since he had smashed his own true self, shouldn't someone maybe have pointed out to him that he was a psycho before 40 some personalities were dropped into his coconut?

Does anyone else REALLY love Everywhere I Go?
I love it so much! I never get sick of it in fact, it's so pretty.

Sommers Summers

Beer is good for you!
Jan 5, 2011
Queenstown, NZ
He felt closest to Adelle and he actually had a very tender moment with her when she realised that he was going to die.
And all this while, I was trying my hardest to ship Adelle and Topher. As much as it sounds like it belonged on ABC. Darn it.

This was by far one of the best endings I have ever seen - Joss is a true genius and he has once again outdone himself.
And now Dollhouse is going to be part of our college Ethics course. I was dragged back by my alma mater to help formulate the course.


I love being me:))
Feb 22, 2002
Do you really think that a man smart enough to create mind altering technology, to wipe people's brains with the pull of a trigger, couldn't think how to set off a switch remotely? Of course he could. Adelle saw that, but also that this was a course of action he needed to take. That's one of the reasons for the sadness on her face.
Thank you for providing a plausible explanation for what looked like a plot hole to me.

As for the rest, and not wishing to cast nasturtiums at a finale I know must have been cobbled together pretty much at the last minute, and was still a roller coaster of a ride, there was just one little, well, big thing...

Our heroes come up with a plan to return everything to how it was before, to restore humanity. So I'm watching them mount the final assault, blazing away like Residential Evil 5, and I'm thinking, never even mind the fact that all these 'butchers' need to be alive to be cured. Given the fact they're not the undead, how hard would it be to subdue them in an non-lethal way, given the fact that there isn't a deadline, and the butchers could just be drawn away?

And then I'm thinking, isn't it just a tad unsporting being so trigger happy anyway, when these 'butchers' don't appear to have guns or,if they do, know how to operate them, when out of nowhere, Mags is hit with machinegun fire which doesn't blow her legs off, and Paul takes down the shooter. At this point, knowing that the 'butchers' can shoot back, Paul's last words to an understandably unhappy Mags are "Hey... Hey, Hey, it's OK..." Pop.

So like I said, I know it was rushed, and JW likes the odd pointless death, but there's pointless and there's needless...

In the main, I loved this series, and there was some great acting. What stood out for me was when Enver Gjokaj played Victor imprinted with Topher, especially when he had a phone conversation with 'himself' at the LA Dollhouse. Comedy gold.

Living Dead Boy

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Aug 19, 2011
I just love Dollhouse. I found that this was a great ending to the series, and, despite the absence of my favorite character, I really enjoyed it. :)
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