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20 Top 20s


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Aug 1, 2017
Black Thorn
Top 20 fight scenes
  1. Angel, Wesley, Gunn & Lorne vs. The Beast (Apocalypse Nowish)
  2. Angel (+ Connor) vs. Hamilton (Not Fade Away)
  3. Angel vs. Spike (Destiny)
  4. Angel vs. Faith (Five by Five)
  5. Puppet!Angel vs. Evil Puppets (Smile Time)
  6. Angel, Cordelia & Wesley vs. Barney and co. (Parting Gifts)
  7. Darla vs. Drusilla (Reunion)
  8. Angel, Spike & Wesley vs. Illyria (+ Knox) (Shells)
  9. Angel, Wesley, Gunn & Lorne vs. Pyleans (Over the Rainbow)
  10. Angelus vs. Faith (Release)
  11. Harmony vs. Tamika (Harm's Way)
  12. Angel (+ Cordelia) vs. Lindsey (You're Welcome)
  13. Angel, Wesley, Gunn, Lorne, Fred & Gwen Raiden vs. The Beast (Long Day's Journey)
  14. Angel vs. Spike (In the Dark)
  15. Angel vs. Vanessa Brewer (Blind Date)
  16. Angel vs. Vocah (To Shanshu in L.A.)
  17. Angel vs. Trial Demon (The Trial)
  18. Lindsey vs. Angel (Epiphany)
  19. Angel vs. The Groosalug (There's No Place Like Plrtz Glrb)
  20. Faith vs. Buffy (Sanctuary)


"Preparation, preparation, preparation"
Jul 31, 2018
Top 20 fight scenes

1 - Angel VS Marcus Hamilton in Not Fade Away
2 - Angel, Wes & Spike VS Illyria in Shells
3 - Angel & Co VS Sahjan in Forgiving
4 - Angel VS Spike in Destiny
5 - Angel & Co VS The Beast in Apocalyse Nowish
6 - Angelus VS Faith in Release
7 - Connor VS Sahjan in Origin
8 - Angel VS Faith in Five By Five
9 - The gang VS The minions in Waiting In The Wings
10 - Angel VS Vanessa Brewer in Blind Date
11 - Angel & Spike VS Demons Butler in The Girl In Question
12 - Angel VS Lindsey in You're Welcome
13 - Angel VS Skip in That Vision Thing
14 - Angel VS W&H & Darla in Reprise
15 - Angel VS Vocah in To Shanshu In LA
16 - Angel VS The tribunal in Judgement
17 - Angel & Co VS The Beast in Long Day's Journey
18 - Harmony VS Tamika in Harm's way
19 - Angel & Co VS Pyleans in Over The Rainbow
20 - Wesley & Co VS Brice's guards in Guise Will Be Guise


Actual size.
Aug 1, 2017
Black Thorn
Top 20 deaths
  1. Allen Francis Doyle
  2. Winifred Burkle
  3. Wesley Wyndam-Pryce
  4. Darla (her Lullaby death)
  5. Lilah (counting the whole basement scene with her body and Wesley)
  6. Cordelia Chase
  7. All of them in Time Bomb
  8. Elisabeth
  9. Holland Manners - "I just can't seem to care."
  10. Lindsey McDonald
  11. Judy (forgot last name, the woman from Are You Now)
  12. Liam/Angel
  13. Knox
  14. Alonna Gunn
  15. Marcus Hamilton
  16. Tina
  17. Roger Wyndam-Robot
  18. Jasmine
  19. Sam Lawson
  20. Merl


"Preparation, preparation, preparation"
Jul 31, 2018
Top 20 deaths

1 - Fred (without a doubt)
2 - Wesley
3 - Cordy
4 - Lindsey
5 - Dennis
6 - Lilah
7 - Darla
8 - Jasmine
9 - Holtz
10 - James
11 - Number 5 (The Cautionary Tale Del Numero Cinco)
12 - Holtz's family
13 - Alonna
14 - Liam's father
15 - Holland Manners
16 - Professor Seihdel
17 - Doyle
18 - Tina (City Of)
19 - Kate Lockley's father
20 - Knox (in a cheering way!!)


"Preparation, preparation, preparation"
Jul 31, 2018
Top 20 quotes

1 "There's love, there's hope ...for some. There's hope that you'll find something worthy... that your life will lead you to some joy... that after everything... you can still be surprised. " Shells

2 "And yet somehow I can't seem to care" Reunion

3 "They will do everything in their power to destroy us. So...I need you to be sure. Power endures. We can't bring down the senior partners, but for one bright, shining moment, we can show them that they don't own us. You need to decide for yourselves if that's worth dying for. I can't order you to do this. I can't do it without you. So we'll vote. As a team. Think about what I'm asking you to do, think about what I'm asking you to give. " Power Play

4 "All I wanna do is help. I wanna help because I don't think people should suffer, as they do. Because, if there is no bigger meaning, then the smallest act of kindness... is the greatest thing in the world." Epiphany

5 "Every day you sit behind your desk and you learn a little more how to accept the world the way it is. Well, here's the rub... heroes don't do that. Heroes don't accept the world the way it is. They fight it." Underneath

6 "Take them all" Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been

7 "Why can't I stay" A Hole In The World

8 "There are things worse than walls, terrible and beautiful if we look at them for too long they will burn right through us. Truths we couldn't bear" Underneath

9 "People who don't care about anything will never understand the people who do. " Not Fade Away

10 "It's all just blood" Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been

11 "You didn't judge. You didn't spend your life obsessed with good and evil. You do that, you get swallowed, lost in the minutia. Good, bad, Angel, Angelus— None of it makes a difference. I wish it did, but, you know, an ant with the best intentions or the most diabolical schemes is just exactly an ant. There is one thing in this business, in this apocalypse that we call a world that matters: Power. Power tips the scale, power sets the course, and until I have real power, global power, I have nothing. I accomplish nothing. " Power Play

12 "I tried. I tried to believe. I wanted it. Went along with the... the flow. Jasmine, she's...she's bringing peace to everyone, purging all of their hate and anger. But not me. Not me! I know she's a lie. Jasmine. My whole life's been built on them. I just... I guess I thought this one was better than the others. " Peace Out

13 "You know what they say about payback, well, I'm the bitch." Supersymmetry

14 "You think you won, just because you're still alive, I lived you've just existed". Hearthrob

15 "It's not the pain, it's the helplessness. The certainty that there's nothing you can do to stop it, that your life can be thrown away in an instant by someone else. He doesn't care. He'll beat you down until you stay down because he doesn't think of you as alive. No woman should ever have to go through that, and no woman strong enough to wear the mantel of vicious bitch would ever put up with it." Billy

16 "See, the world doesn't work in spite of evil, Angel. - It works with us. - It works because of us." Reprise

17 "You're a living, breathing... Well living anyway, good guy who's still fighting and trying to help people, and that's not betraying her, that's honoring her. " Hearthrob

18 "I just can't contol my evil head" Dead End

19 "Bad things always happen here" A Hole In The World

20 "Don't you feel the cold?" Reprise
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I'm busy. I'm brooding.
Nov 8, 2017
Top 20 vampires
  1. Darla
  2. Angel/Angelus
  3. Connor (yeah, I know, not technically a vampire but he has two vamp parents, so there's got to be at least some vampire in him!)
  4. Drusilla
  5. Harmony
  6. Penn
  7. James
  8. Marissa
  9. Russell Winters
  10. Sam Lawson
  11. Wesley-as-Angel
  12. Angel-as-Jay-Don
  13. Alonna
  14. Spike
  15. Marcus
  16. Sarah Holtz
  17. ...
I think I'm out, so many of the other vamps are just generic vamps-of-the-week ...


I'm busy. I'm brooding.
Nov 8, 2017
Top 20 episode titles
  1. Not Fade Away
  2. City Of
  3. The Shanshu In L.A.
  4. Are You Now Or Have You Ever Been
  5. Dear Boy
  6. The Magic Bullet
  7. Orpheus
  8. Five By Five
  9. Disharmony
  10. You're Welcome
  11. Conviction
  12. Apocalypse Nowish
  13. Somnambulist
  14. Quickening
  15. Slouching Toward Bethlehem
  16. A Hole In The World
  17. The Prodigal
  18. Sense & Sensitivity
  19. Smile Time
  20. Rm v/a Vu


Feb 6, 2017
New York
Top 20 Episode Titles
  1. Prophecy Girl
  2. Bring on the Night
  3. Lie to Me
  4. The Body
  5. Restless
  6. Once More with Feeling
  7. What's My Line?
  8. Bewitched Bothered & Bewildered
  9. New Moon Rising
  10. This Years Girl
  11. Peace Out
  12. Smashed
  13. Shells
  14. Spin the Bottle
  15. Something Blue
  16. Waiting in the Wings
  17. Dead Things
  18. Habeas Corpses
  19. Buffy vs. Dracula
  20. Apocalypse Nowish

Top 20 Deaths
  1. Buffy (The Gift)
  2. Angel (Becoming)
  3. Kendra (Becoming)
  4. Jenny (Passion)
  5. Joyce (The Body)
  6. Darla (Lullaby)
  7. William Pratt/Spike (Fool for Love)
  8. Alan Finch (Bad Girls)
  9. Mayor Richard Wilkins (Graduation Day)
  10. Principal Snyder (Graduation Day)
  11. Professor Walsh (The I in Team)
  12. Professor Seidel (Supersymmetry)
  13. Warren (Villains)
  14. Knox (Shells)
  15. Cordelia (You're Welcome)
  16. Fred (A Hole in the World)
  17. Wesley (Not Fade Away)
  18. Ben/Glory (The Gift)
  19. Lindsey (Not Fade Away)
  20. Doyle (Hero)

Top 20 Fight Scenes
  1. Buffy vs. Angelus (Innocence)
  2. Buffy vs. Angelus (Becoming)
  3. Buffy vs. Catherine Madison (Witch)
  4. Buffy vs. Sunday (The Freshman)
  5. Harmony vs. Tamika (Harms Way)
  6. Harmony vs. Xander (The I in Team)
  7. Buffy vs. Faith (Graduation Day)
  8. Buffy vs. Faith (This Years Girl)
  9. Faith vs. The Beast & Angelus (Salvage)
  10. Angel vs. Jasmine (Peace Out)
  11. Angel vs. Riley (The Yoko Factor)
  12. Buffy vs. The First Slayer (Restless)
  13. Buffy vs. Glory (No Place like Home)
  14. Buffy/Scoobies vs. Glory/Minions (The Gift)
  15. Class of '99 vs. The Mayor (Graduation Day)
  16. Buffy/Scoobies vs. Adam (Primeval)
  17. Spike vs. Nikki (Fool for Love)
  18. Willow vs. Glory (Tough Love)
  19. Angel, Gunn, Wes, Lorne vs. The Beast (Apocalypse Nowish)
  20. Wesley & Illyria vs. Cyrus Vail (Not Fade Away)

Top 20 Vampires
  1. Spike
  2. Angelus
  3. Darla
  4. Drusilla
  5. Charles Gunn
  6. Alonna Gunn
  7. Sunday
  8. Dav (The Freshman)
  9. Elizabeth
  10. James
  11. Penn
  12. Jesse
  13. Sandy
  14. Vamp Willow
  15. Vamp Xander
  16. Holden Webster
  17. Simone Doffler
  18. Luke
  19. Dracula
  20. Mr. Trick
You're doing Buffy ones, that's cheating!


Your grandfather is a cat
Staff member
Mar 13, 2009
Black Thorn
Ok so I'm out of ideas, if anyone has another top 20 Angel list feel free to post it!
Did you do character introductions? Like that slow-pan of Gunn first time we meet him :D
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