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AAtF Canon Watch (spoilers for current issue)



I know it's been a while, sorry for the long wait.

#07 - First Night, Part II

Betta George Story

  • Beta George appearantly does know Spike.
  • Gunn had his gang members train against captive Slayers.

Wesley Story

  • After dying, Wesley is approached by a shapeshifter in the service of the SP to lure him into working for them.
  • The SP are of the opinion that Wesley will be instrumental to them winning.

Kate Story

  • Kate is in LA.
  • Kate saves Connor.
  • Kate has no longer a police detective; it seems she now works as a rogue demon-hunter.
  • Kate has regular dealings with an arms-dealer.


#08 - First Night, Part III

Gwen Story

  • Gwen has been sort of dating a guy named Nate, but they haven't really done much but touch, which is enough for her.
  • When LA turns into hell, L.I.S.A. stops functioning, causing Gwen to accidentally kill Nate.

Civilians Story

Nothing to report here.

Gunn Story

  • During the Alley fight, when Gunn was heavily wounded Angel neglected him and rather turned to killing the Ogre who was controlling the Dragon.
  • At this point a group of vampires, lead by a long-haired vampire, dragged Gunn away; the long-haired vampire sired him.
  • The same group that took him in, has been nursing him, when Gunn wakes up a vampire, he kills the leader and takes over his position.
  • This group has an "inside line" that has provided them with information on future events.



  • Burge orders the Champions to start killing humans, as retribution for Angel not fighting alone.
  • The Loan Sharks name is apparently not Teeth after all, but Bro'os.
  • Apart from Spike and Bro'os, none of the other Lords knew that the Hagun Shaft were suicide sceptres, instead of weapons. Angel tricked them into using them, thus killing all the Lords.
  • Without their Lords protection, the Champions are attacked by other demons.
  • Spider and her girls decide to join Spike (and Angel) after all.
  • Spider's real name is Maria; she has four extra pairs of Spider-legs that can extend from her spine. This was caused by wicca-tampering.
  • Gwen and Connor are dating.
  • The entire Fang Gang getting back together is according to Gunn's plan.
  • The Fang Gang moves back into the Hyperion.
  • Wesley and Fred go off together, to visit Wesley's body, which is a trigger for her turning back into Illyria. Angel had collected Wesley's body as soon as he could walk again.



  • The Fang Gang is going out on rounds again.
  • Groo is paired with Spider and her girls, dubbed the Spikettes.
  • Angel, Connor, Gwen, Illyria, and Nina go in search of the strongest vampire Connor knowns, while Spike ghost-sits Wesley.
  • Spike has slept with neither Spider nor Fred.
  • Gunn forces Beta George to use his telepathic powers, when he unleashed two captive Slayers on him. Gunn kills one of the Slayers, after Beta George uses his powers to "freeze" her.
  • The vampire-leader that Connor leads to the group to is very afraid of Gunn's group. He reveals that this group was already putting their plans in motion before "Not Fade Away".
  • Illyria reveals that Angel is no longer a vampire to Gwen, Connor, and Nina.
  • Connor is angry at Angel for not revealing he is human and furthermore for still engaging in dangerous behaviour not suitable for his new power-level.
  • Nina joined Connor, before Gwen did.
  • Nina's loyalty lies with Angel, more than with Connor.
  • Illyria can read power-aura's.
  • Gunn forces Beta George to call for help telepathically to someone from beyond the barrier.
  • Near Vegas is a Supernatural Rehabilitation Facility (called Mosaic). (From Spike: Asylum).
  • Beta George calls out to someone at that center that LA is in hell, but when this person turns on the TV, it shows that LA is fine, furthering the hypothesis that from the outside LA looks fine. (The character is from Spike:Asylum and Spike:Shadow Puppets and in those series, she is called Beck.)
  • Gunn is aware of the "glamour" around LA, and suggests that he has planned everything from beginning to end.
  • Angel, Illyria, and Nina, on the dragon show up and Angel recognises Gunn; something Gunn had not anticipated.


Aug 13, 2008
Angel refers to Nina as his ex.
This probably the best news I've heard in long time!!! I'm so happy!! and I hope she stays his ex
I'm pretty sure she will... but I'm also sure that the two will stay friends.


Again, it's been a while, but when read together it's easier to get all the mysteries.



  • Angel is captured by Gunn's gang. Nina and Fred are sent home on the dragon, thinking Gunn is human and threatened by the vampires (from his own gang).
  • Connor and Gwen met when Gwen was being attacked by a number of a type of creature called a "Sewer Octopus". Connor and Nina ran into her, and Connor killed them to save/impress Gwen.
  • Before LA went to Hell, Gunn's gang captured a creature that had vision and was able to project them to others. The gang used it to get ahead of the game. These visions starred Gunn, which is why they saved and turned him.
  • After Gunn became the leader of the gang, he killed the creature, but got one final vision from it, which showed him how to get out of Hell. Gunn believes that the vision the creature had were sent by the Powers that Be. Because he thinks he's still doing their bidding, he also thinks he's still a hero.
  • Angel, on the other hand, explains that if the creatures vision were from the Powers, they would have cut it off, the moment it fell into the wrong hands. In other words, he believes it is simply one of those demons with pre-cognitive powers.
  • Gunn has a special amulet, one the visions have led him to, that he uses on Angel, causing all his mystically healed wounds to re-open. Obviously, the amount of damage this does to Angel, gives away that he's not a vampire, but human. According to the visions though, Gunn wasn't supposed to use it until later.
  • While Angel is dying, Gunn tells him "I found her first"... the her he's referring to is probably revealed in the next scene.
  • Meanwhile Gwen, Spike, and Connor are riding the dragon back to where Angel found Gunn. The moment all three of them jump off, Gwen attacks the dragon with her lightning powers.



  • Gwen reveals that she's been someone's pawn all along. Although she doesn't name him, she means Gunn. That she had to help him orchestrate matters, and in case they ever find him, she had to fight them, which is what happens next.
  • Connor thinks that falling in love with him, but not being able to touch him, was all just a ploy by Gwen to get closer to him, but without having to get physical.
  • Connor orders Cordelia to attack Gwen. Cordelia, being the name of the dragon, who has survived Gwen's attack.
  • During the months that it took Angel to heal he imagined Cordelia during his hallucinations. He "talked" to her and dragon overheard this, concluding his name was Cordelia.
  • The above, Angel explains to none-other-than the real Cordelia. They appear to be invisible ghosts or something like that, as they are standing in the room where Gunn and his men are standing over Angel's dying body.
  • Cordelia explains that Angel is dying and that she is not here to save him, but to help make his passing easier.
  • Gunn reveals that in the big finale he has foreseen, Angel is a vampire, so dying as a human now, isn't good enough.
  • Cordelia helps Angel deduce that she's either another hallucination, the real Cordelia sent by the Powers, or a W&H imitation.
  • After Wesley fades away and Illyria is left with only Nina, she has a fit of anger and takes it out on Nina. During this fit, she also has a timeslip. One to the future where she's standing before a girl with and bland pink tank top and bright pink hair (Fray?) and one where she's standing in a room with a crib opposite a woman with a blue sweater and blonde hair (Darla?). Illyria, after tossing Nina into a wall, heads toward Gunn's location.
  • There's a sign on the street that reads Doyle, next to a big poster reading "Coming Soon!"
  • Wesley's fade has moved him to Gunn and Angel('s dying body). When there he receives a memo from the partners. During which time he's glowing red/yellow. (Same as the figure in S:AtF). The memo has told Wesley a lot of information and he explains to Gunn.
  • Angel's signing away his Shanshu prophecy was never filed, because LA went to Hell. Angel and Cordelia overhear this and Angel reveals that he truly believed it was meant for Spike.
  • Wesley confirms that Gunn's visions didn't come from the Power, but from W&H, which Gunn is furious about. He tries the amulet on Wesley, but to no avail.
  • Furthermore, Wesley reveals that the Hell they are in was carefully constructed to be Angel's hell: Gunn a villain, Wesley useless, Spike and Connor friends, Angel helpless. Which is not to say that they aren't real, and their choices aren't theirs, just that they were nudged into certain directions by W&H.
  • Wesley further reveals that Gunn becoming a vampire was in the pipelines ever since he joined Angel.
  • Finally, Wesley delivers a vision to Angel as he lays their dying, showing his part in the Shanshu-Apocalypse.
  • We see Angel, vamp-faced, clothes torn, and blood dripping off his hands, face and sword standing on a massive pile of dead human bodies. There are heads on poles. A demon army on his left side and burning buildings in the distance on his right.
  • After seeing this vision, Angel decides that Cordelia is right and that he should die.

Issue #13 coming soon...



  • In the fight between Connor, Gwen, Cordelia the Dragon, and Spike, the latter has been thrown off the building.
  • Spike remarks that Connor is the second best brawler in Hell, we can only assume that he's reserved the top-spot for himself.
  • When Spike releases the Slayers from Gunn's basement, they instantly attack and stake him.
  • As retaliation for Gunn bringing Angel close to death they sent in the real army, which according to Wesley will make the one in the alley seem like "the company softball team."
  • Said army consists of; giant octopuses, a rain of fireballs, dragons, and Dragon/Fighter Jet hybrids.
  • The army is heading for the building where all the main players are.
  • Cordelia the Dragon fights the first wave, but gets taken down by the other dragons.
  • Gwen sacrifices herself and kills a number of dragons in the process. Her last words could be important: "Oh Charles, you'd better be right." and two panels later "Love you so much." (Is she referring to Connor or Gunn?)
  • Angel is ready to go with Cordelia, ie to die.
  • When Connor confronts Gunn and tells him Gwen is dead, Gunn reveals that this wasn't according to his visions.
  • After kicking Gunn out of the building (literally) and being informed by Wesley of Angel's role in the Shanshu-Apocalypse, Connor flat out refuses to let Angel die and Angel decides to hold on to life.
  • Because Angel is no longer moving to the light, Cordelia is fading away, but she cheers him on, supporting him in his choice to find a different solution.
  • Spike is up and about with the three Slayers on his sides and explains that bringing people back to live in this building isn't hard. (Which has something do with Non's powers from Spike: After the Fall.)
  • Outside Gunn and Illyria meet. Gunn appears to break down crying, which causes Illyria to revert back to Fred, after which he reveals this was his plan all along and he shoots her with a crossbow.
I thought he reserved the top spot for Illyria actually...

Clem Rocks

Sep 8, 2007
"Gunn has a special amulet, one the visions have led him to, that he uses on Angel, causing all his mystically healed wounds to re-open. Obviously, the amount of damage this does to Angel, gives away that he's not a vampire, but human. According to the visions though, Gunn wasn't supposed to use it until later."

The way i read it, it was that the amulet stopped all magic from working, meaning the wounds were reopened and that the glamour stopped working, not that Gunn just guessed from the amount of damage?


I never interpreted the glamour itself to have been a spell. I always thought that the glamour referred to the combination of effects that caused people to believe Angel was human.
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