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Alpha the Luddite?


To be or not to evil.
May 11, 2019
In Epitaph 1, one of the goons from Mo Tancharoen's crew calls Alpha a luddite. Alpha laughs as though it is the most ridiculous thing ever, and asks the guy is he heard him right.

But isn't that exactly what Alpha is. He is a product of technology and he wants to use the same technology to make Echo what he is, but his main goal is to break Rossum's machines. I see him as this expression of something primal and human that fights back against the technology that made him a slave.

Mo's gang of cyberpunk use technology to make themselves into superhumans. Alhpa is already a superhuman, because he has conquered what was done to him. The only technology he uses is designed to undo or interfere with Rossum's technology. Mostly, he just uses knives and bombs and stuff.
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