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Amends-Could Angel’s demons been the first?


Jul 9, 2020
In the episode Amends, a lost Angel is haunted by the souls of the people he killed, including Jenny Calendar. It has only occurred to me now that those ‘ghosts’ could have been The First, as The Bringers first appear in this episodes too! As the first takes the body of dead people (people who have seen S7 will know this), and I know that ‘Jenny Calendar’ in The First form did say to Buffy while she was fighting The Bringers who/what they were which also raises the question, how did they have so much power over Angel? Did they cause the dreams, or did they just see he was in pain and take advantage of him? Please do tell me what you guys think! I’m dying to know if this is the handy work of the first evil, and how much power do they really have?! 😈 🤔
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