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Amy's real motivation


Mar 13, 2016
Something that occurred to me recently, and sharing for those who'd like a bit more consistency between the show and the comics (though this is like trying to save the Titanic with a pail, but I digress). At least I didn't buy the comics, I just read some and decided against continuing, but if I had, I'd be glad for a bit of headcanon like this. (Why I let myself think of them is beyond me, but I did, so here it is.)

Season 6 Amy didn't want cheese because she was sick of it, but because she'd have fried Willow on the spot. She wanted a slow burn, to make Willow suffer for as many years as Amy had as a rat. This is the real reason Amy got her addicted, and exaggerated her own addiction as she's clever. But truth is, the cheese brought the rage back which threatened her long term revenge (as she'd just kill Willow on the spot if Willow handed her more cheese, Amy remembering being fed with cheese by Willow, and also that brief moment of being restored to human in s4 before put back in rat form), so she said no cheese in season 6, but then asked for cheese in the season 8 comics (to rekindle her rage).

Season 7 Amy wasn't jealous, not with the powers she's revealed to have in the comics to the point she saves Warren without Willow even knowing (and after all Willow did to him). She was trying to hide her winning hand while still tormenting Willow, and making sure Willow continued to underestimate her as Amy continued her slow burn revenge on Willow. Jealous? Ha! She probably just joined that group in the hopes of Willow crawling in desperate for help just to exult in it.

The First likely wanted Amy to speed up her plans. Amy wouldn't, so the First then had Amy removed, though in a way it could use her later. And then with the closure of the Hellmouth, the magical bindings around Amy weakened so that she was found and released as in the comics. And she asked for cheese to get her rage back to continue her torment of Willow (since Willow wasn't around, she didn't have to worry about losing it and killing her in one swift slaying spell).

Stake fodder

Feb 6, 2021
Caught on a root
Good theory! And getting her rage back with cheese is kinda funny. I always sensed Amy blamed Willow for her years as a rat, forgetting that she turned herself into a rat and that Willow wasn't to blame for not knowing the spell to revert Amy to human.
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