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Angel #28 "The Crown Prince Syndrome" - Released 16/12/2009 (IDW)

Buffyverse Fan

* The 28th *
Jan 11, 2009
United States
Before I say anything else, I thought this issue was astonishingly good.

Arguably the best treatment of Connor yet. TCPS follows Connor's sizable evolution from AS4 to S5 to After the Fall, and has believably established him as someone who is growing into his own with the strong male role models of Angel, Spike, Gunn and even his foster Fathers. His birthright is further explored, which was really only mentioned when all of those groups were trying to capture him while still in Darla's womb.

Very Good, enough said.

We haven't seen a lot of Kate--handful of early episodes, and a small supporting role in the comics, but I have to say her schoolgirl jealousy is pretty out of character for a Detective turned Demon Hunter.

His brief monologue was spot on. However, Spike and Kate referring to him as a recreational dater/almost-playboy is sooo not Angel. It took Wesley six years to convince Angel he could date at all, I really don't see Whedon/Boreanaz' Angel becoming Charlie Sheen...

Dez, Angel-Angel, and Canonization
Obviously, with the inclusion of the Actual Angel and Dez, this series treats Armstrong's Aftermath as canon. That's a big quibble for me, because I thought Aftermath was plain out-of-character for everyone and simply poorly implemented. That said, the writing here in TCPS is MUCH better.

Of note, with the exception of Armstrong's Aftermath, this is the first part of the series not headed by Brian Lynch (Joss Whedon's pick for producer and cohort).

The Arc
Connor finding his destiny and seemingly eventually facing off against an Anti-Champion both seem profoundly promising and fresh for the Buffyverse.

The Big Bad seems like the Anti-Angel (a former Villain, now fighting evil, only taking it too far). I'm looking forward to the next issue!

white avenger

white avenger
Sep 30, 2006
rome, georgia
Just a small detail. a single panel, actually, but apparently Angel and his crew are back in residence at the Hyperion. I like that a lot better than the church from the "Aftermath" arc.
Buffyverse Fan
I hope you're right.

Buffy Summers

Staff member
Nov 20, 2001
The City of Angels
I thought this was one of the best Angel issues. I'm actually interests to see what the army thing is about. But they started to lose me with the Angel's been captured thing.
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