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Angel: After the Fall Recaps

Buffy Summers

Staff member
Nov 20, 2001
The City of Angels
Please do not reproduce these recaps without permission. Linking to this page is fine.

[jump=one]Issue #1 - Released 11/21/07[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=two]Issue #2 - Released 12/19/07[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=three]Issue #3 - Released 1/14/08[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=four]Issue #4 - Released 2/20/08[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=five]Issue #5 - Released 3/19/08[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=six]Issue #6: First Night, Part 1 - Released 4/2/08[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=seven]Issue #7: First Night, Part 2 - Released 5/7/08[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=eight]Issue #8: First Night, Part 3 - Released 6/11/08[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=nine]Issue #9 - Released 6/18/08[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=ten]Issue #10 - Released 7/2/08[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=eleven]Issue #11 - Released 8/13/08[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=twelve]Issue #12 - Released 9/4/08[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=thirteen]Issue #13 - Released 10/22/08[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=fourteen]Issue #14 - Released 11/19/08[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=fifteen]Issue #15 - Released 12/17/08[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=sixteen]Issue #16 - Released 1/21/09[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=seventeen]Issue #17 - Released 2/11/09[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=eighteen]Issue #18: Aftermath - Released 2/25/09[/jump] [Discuss]
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[jump=twentytwo]Issue #22: Aftermath - Released 6/24/09[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=twentythree]Issue #23: Epilogue: Become What You Are - 7/1/09[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=twentyfour]Issue #24: Drusilla - 8/5/09[/jump] [Discuss]
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[jump=twentyseven]Issue #27: Boys and Their Toys, Part 2 - 11/04/09[/jump] [Discuss]

[jump=twentyeight]Issue #28: The Crown Prince Syndrome - 12/23/09[/jump] [Discuss]

Mini series:

(following Angel #8)
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(following Angel #23)
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[jump=illyriafour]Illyria: Haunted Issue #4 - Released 2/16/10[/jump] [Discuss]

[anchor=one]Issue #1

Angel: After the Fall
Issue #1

Plotted by Joss Whedon and Brian Lynch
Scripted by Brian Lynch
Illustrated by Franco Urru
Colored by Illaria Traversi
Lettered by Robbie Robbins
Edited by Chris Ryall
Cover Art by Tony Harris

“It all started with a girl.”

A girl is being attacked by a large bat-like creature. Angel swoops in, wielding a sword. We get to see the bigger picture – many large bat-like creatures, and a dragon. Angel sends the girl and her friends to a mysterious address. The dragon is now Angel’s pet.

“Wolfram & Hart sent an army. There were losses on both sides. And then Wolfram & Hart sent Los Angeles to hell.”

Los Angeles has been taken over by demons, who now hunt any human who opposes them. Angel returns to Wolfram & Hart after hunting, where he is accosted by Burge, Lord of Downtown LA and his son, who attack Angel for killing their men. As Burge’s son has Angel by the throat, Wesley arrives, dressed in full Watcher suit.

Wesley identifies himself as the last representative of Wolfram & Hart, and assures Burge that they did not condone Angel’s actions. They agree that Angel will stay inside for the night as punishment, and Burge and his minions leave. Burge’s son is still holding Angel by the throat. Wesley tells him that his father said he wasn’t allowed to kill Angel. Burge’s son throws Angel down, and tries to hit Wesley in the chest. But his fist goes right through Wesley…

Now alone, Wesley asks Angel about patrol. Angel tells him, “About a dozen, maybe more” and confirms that he has sent them all to the same place.

The scene changes to the group of people from the opening scene arriving outside of the Hyperion Hotel. Nina and Gwen are inside, and the place is filled with humans and human-ish creatures. Connor assures them that the newcomers were sent by Angel and tells them not to be afraid, that this is his “family”.

Back at Wolfram & Hart, Wesley has given Angel some sort of spider-like organism whose bite is supposed to heal him. Angel says that if he takes the crime lords out, new ones will only come to take their places, and more humans will be killed in the crossfire. He comments that he would have liked to have taken them out as they arose, but that Wesley’s superiors saw to it that “moving wasn’t really an option” for him at the time. Wesley reveals that Angel has been saving small groups of civilians and sending them to Connor.

Wesley and Angel are apparently still under contract to Wolfram & Hart. Wesley tells Angel that moving on isn’t an option, and that Angel needs to take control before the wrong person does. Angel is looking at a diagram of an orb.

We then see the real orb from the diagram, glowing. We then see a skeletal figure sitting on a throne with scantily clad women, red-eyed demons, and a fish on a chain, lounging around him. INSIDE the skeletal figure, in the center of its ribcage, sits the orb. He is Kr’Ph, Lord of Westwood. He is addressing a group of men dressed in loincloths and holding spears. Apparently he has converted a football stadium into a “gladiator arena”. Kr’Ph orders the giant fish “Splenden Beast” to use it’s telepathic powers to make the men stab each other.

The fish senses that someone’s coming, someone angry.

Kr’Ph’s guards fight, but poorly. The lord tells his attackers that he can help them get what they want. We now see that leading the attack is Gunn, who reaches into Kr’Ph’s chest and takes the orb. Kr’Ph falls to the ground, inanimate.

We discover Gunn has trained a team to fight, and is taking down the crime lords. They take the fish with them as they leave the scene.

Burge’s son is outside of Wolfram & Hart, with some humans surrounded. He yells that Angel killed six of his men, and therefore he will kill six of Angel’s men. Angel stands on the roof of the building watching.

Wesley is in the White Room, wondering who it is that’s giving the orders now.

Angel throws a metal desk (one that Burge had previously admired) down onto the demons. Angel stakes Burge’s son in the eye, and the demons roar that Angel has started a war.

We see what looks like a feral vampire, leaving a trail of bodies down a tunnel, while Angel says that Wolfram & Hart has taken everything from him, and that they think they’ve changed him, but that he’s going to beat them.

The End.[/anchor]

[anchor=two]Issue #2

Angel: After the Fall
Issue #2

Plotted by Joss Whedon and Brian Lynch
Scripted by Brian Lynch
Illustrated by Franco Urru
Colored by Jason Jensen
Lettered by Robbie Robbins
Edited by Chris Ryall
Cover Art by Tony Harris

Angel is getting into a car in the Wolfram & Hart parking garage. He tells Wesley he’s going to Santa Monica because he killed Burge’s son the night before. Wesley asks if he wants him to go with him, and Angel says he really doesn’t.

Angel knows that Burge can’t kill him in retaliation, so he suspects Burge will go after Connor. Nina answers the door at the Hyperion and tells Angel that Connor is in Westwood because a lord was killed there.

In Westwood, demons are climbing all over each other to be the new lord. Connor appears and he and Angel face off against the demons that are surrounding them. Connor asks Angel where he has been. Gwen breaks up their little reunion and tells them she’s found where the lord was killed and it’s “messed up.”

Meanwhile Gunn is in a hotel room with the psychic fish (whose name is George) lying on the bed. Gunn promises him he’s one of the good guys. And we find out that Gunn…is a vampire. Something he is not okay with and says that he was “fool enough to trust one” – meaning Angel. Apparently Gunn was taken during the battle in the alley and turned. Gunn is decidedly anti-Angel now, saying maybe he “wasn’t all that good to begin with” and that Angel has given up on them. Gunn knocks the fish out with a punch while saying that he’s going to save them all. Apparently Gunn does not have a soul, and is planning on killing Angel when he finds out what Gunn’s up to.

Angel, Connor and Gwen look over the carnage from Kr’Ph’s death. Angel reveals that the orb was the Eye of Ramras, which amplifies power. Gwen identifies that the killers were vampires. Connor asks Angel if he knows who did it – Angel lies and says no and sends Connor to get the dragon.

Angel goes to visit Spike, now lord of Beverly Hills, who has set himself up like Hugh Hefner in his very own version of the Playboy mansion. Spike is regaling a group of ladies in swimsuits the story of how he saved Los Angeles. Spike makes a comment about Wesley and Gunn dying and Angel punches him. Angel tells him about the lord’s death by vampires, and that something was written on the wall in primordial Sanskrit. He then asks Spike where “she” is.

Illyria picks up Angel by the scruff of the neck.

“Your presence is annoying my pet. Perhaps your dismemberment will soothe him.”

The End.[/anchor]
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That'll put marzipan in your pie plate bingo
Mar 14, 2007
Please do not reproduce these recaps without permission. Linking to this page is fine.

[anchor=three]Issue #3

Angel: After the Fall
Issue #3

Plotted by Joss Whedon and Brian Lynch
Scripted by Brian Lynch
Illustrated by Franco Urru
Colored by Jason Jensen
Lettered by Robbie Robbins
Edited by Chris Ryall
Cover Art by Franco Urru

This issue opens with panels of a very messy house. Empty bottles, glasses, clothes and an inordinate amount of underwear are strewn all over the place. Angel’s thoughts are heard as various untidy rooms are shown:

"The thing about Hell, it’s kinda what you’d expect. Yes, it’s hot. More humid than hot, really. But what you might not know is that the sun and moon are out 42/7. Side by side. This means that werewolves are stuck in a half-man, half-beast limbo. And vampires feel a constant mix of euphoria and that on-the-verge-of-bursting-into-flame feeling. Demons from the primordium age, however, even those that have had their superpowers reduced by let’s say, mutari generators… they don’t seem to be affected.”

And we see Angel flying through a window onto the messy kitchen bench.

Illyria is pretty pissed and Angel is kinda accusing her of being responsible for killing all the people at the stadium because of the primordial sanskrit written all over the scene of the crime, which doesn’t make her any happier. As she’s beating Angel up they time slip back to the past to pre-vampire Liam days and then back to the present. Angel manages to stab her with a knife (“Through her armor. That’s impressive. The commercial does say it’ll cut right through a tin can and a thick juicy steak – I shouldn’t be surprised”) which she finds annoying. Luckily there is a dead policeman in the kitchen (not sure why, but, hey; it’s convenient) and Angel is able to grab his gun and demand that she tell him what she knows about what happened in Westwood. Meanwhile, Illyria has equipped herself with about six big knives and makes very short work of Angel, pinning him with the knives, to the wall crucifixion-style. They start to time slip again…first we see Smile Time Puppet Angel, then to a clearly aged future Angel, then to a little tiny baby Angel and then back to the future. At this point Spike enters the room and says that that’s enough. Illyria doesn’t quite agree and threatens to cut Angel’s head off saying “If he’s gone, we move forward.” But then a loud rumbling noise is heard and then the dragon smashes through the wall. Spike uses the distraction to rescue Angel and Illyria decides that it will be fun to fight the dragon instead.

Spike gets Angel out and is very concerned about how many other people know about their location. Illyria and the Dragon fighting above the house is kind of giving the secret away…

Angel says he’s not leaving until Spike tell him what he knows about the Westwood thing. Spike says he has knows nothing but Angel doesn't believe him and they look set to fight…only Connor arrives and says that Spike and Illyria had nothing to do with it and reveals that he and Spike have been working together to keep the good people of LA safe from the perils of Hell. The ‘Hugh Hefner’ routine has all be a ruse to cover their real operation of providing a ‘safe house’ for all the ordinary people trapped in hell.

Angel is a little bit cut by this – that Connor and Spike have this thing going, working together and seem to be best pals and so he returns to W&H headquarters (brooding, sulking, you know how he gets).

Wesley is there, trying to touch some books but he is, of course, unable to. Angel says that whoever did the killings in Westwood tried to pin it on…Spike; he doesn’t mention Illyria. But decides that he’s being deliberately manipulated and it’s time to change the game.

We cross to a gathering of the Lords of LA (one of whom is ‘Teeth’ the shark-man from Tabula Rasa) who are having a meeting and trying best to decide how to deal with Angel. Burg wants to kill him but the other lords warn that W&H don’t wish for that to happen. Angel arrives, Wesley in toe, and challenges all the Lords to a fight. He wants to take them all on at once so that he can become, in effect, the Lord of LA. The fight will take place in two days and Wesley warns that it will be a slaughter but Angel is sure that he can think of something, he always does…well, except for that one time he got the entire city sent to hell…

The issue closes with Angel’s thoughts on the matter:

A rash decision? Yeah. And it wasn’t completely because of Connor and Spike being Hollywood’s newest it-couple. It really wasn’t. Two days. Two days to figure out how I’m bringing down half a dozen of Hell’s most brutal minions. And to heal from normally mortal wounds. Another thing about Hell. Doesn’t alter a vampire’s healing faculties, so a vamp can still mend quickly. Which of course would mean so much more…if I were still a vampire.”[/anchor]

[anchor=four]Issue #4

Angel: After the Fall
Issue #4

Plotted by Joss Whedon and Brian Lynch
Scripted by Brian Lynch
Illustrated by Franco Urru
Colored by Jason Jensen
Lettered by Robbie Robbins
Edited by Chris Ryall
Cover Art by Franco Urru

Opens with a flashback…


It the night of the ally-fight in Not fade Away; Angel’s fighting a demon, wondering where Spike is, grateful for the dragon, wondering where Gunn is…

Suddenly everything goes weird and the fight has disappeared and he’s no longer fighting the demon and the buildings around him have tentacles. Yeah, weird.

His first thought is that he’s been teleported but his second is that he must get back to the fight. From the multi-story building that he’s standing on top of he sees a young couple being attacked by a zombie (“tacky”) and without a second thought he jumps off the building to go to their aid. As he falls he’s thinking:

Quick beheading
Back to the fight
Heart racing
Where was Gunn?”
He’ll be fine
No, he was dying
People screaming
Heart racing?”

He smashes into the ground and his legs are going in directions that they shouldn’t go. Ewww.

Legs broken?”
Back too
Heart racing?”

He realises what has happened to him. Wesley arrives.


Back to present day and Angel is undergoing some kind of treatment with a wriggly insecty thing and reading a spell causing a red fiery thing to erupt over one of his wounds and mending it.. Angel and Wes discuss how they are going to defeat all the hell lords and as yet, neither have any answers. They are running out of supplies to keep the vampire glamour going. Wes says they have to call off the fight, angel doesn’t agree. Suddenly an orange glow appears and two ladies pop into the room and ask him to go with them…
He does and while he’s gone Gunn and minions arrive at W&H HQ.

Meanwhile at the Playboy mansion….

Some of the Lords pay Spike a visit and fill him in on Angel’s challenge. Actually they want to talk to Illyria but she is a little indisposed at the moment – she’s locked in a room having some kind of episode and screaming a lot. The Lords give Spike a mysterious artefact called a ‘Hagun Shaft’ it’s like some kind of sceptre and it’s the Lord’s insurance policy, just in case Angel does happen to win… One of Spike’s girls (Spider) seems to know a lot about it she says it was ‘created by and for immortals so he could end his existence once this world got tiresome; Extremely violent death for the intended - Turns ones’ immortal insides inside-out”. She then suggests that they could take out Angel and the other Lords and be in command of the whole shebang. Illyria’s troubles are causing time shifts and we see Spider and Spike time shift into the past and then into the future where Spike uses a very slayer-scythe looking thing to decapitate Spider while insisting that they are not going to use Illyria like that.

Back to Angel and Wesley and the girls:

They arrive in Silverlake and in stark contrast to the rest of LA, it is nice and suburban and clean and neighbourly. They are met by the Lord of Silverlake who just happens to be Lorne, looking very spiffy in a bright yellow suit. He, with the aid of various special entities has created a little piece of heaven in hell and he’s also been keeping an eye of all the gang’s doings via a kind of demon-created crystal ball. Lorne figured that what with Angel’s challenge of the lords, the time was right to step in an offer some assistance. He show’s Angel the ‘champions’ that the lords have in store for Angel to fight – there’s a t-rex and a she-skip for starters. But Lorne provides Angel with an surprising ally; the Groosalugg who comes charging in riding a black Pegasus. While Angel and Groo catch up on old times and weaponry, Wesley and Lorne chat and Wes hints that even though W&H sent them all to Hell, they don’t control it – that there are forces outside their control and that is what they really have to worry about.

meanwhile, At W&H, Gunn and gang are going through the building. Gunn finds a picture of the old fang gang when Connor was just a little baby. He keeps the picture but blows up the W&H building. At the same time in Silverlake, as Wes and Lorne talk, Wesley starts to fade away until he completely disappears…[/anchor]

[anchor=five]Issue #5

Angel: After the Fall
Issue #5

Plotted by Joss Whedon and Brian Lynch
Scripted by Brian Lynch
Illustrated by Franco Urru
Colored by Jason Jensen and Art Lyon
Lettered by Robbie Robbins
Edited by Chris Ryall
Cover Art by Franco Urru

Wesley has been taken to the White Room. The Senior Partners are giving him a berating over his handling of the situation. They are not happy that the building was blown up, they are not happy that Wes is Angel’s head cheerleader and they are not happy that he can’t seem to stop Angel from taking on the Lords. They don’t want him dead…yet.

In Silverlake, Lorne is very concerned for Angel’s well being and comes up with an idea to help Angel out of his sticky stuation…

Downtown Los Angeles:

Angel is shaving. It’s the big day of the fight and he has to look his best. He takes off on the dragon, sad at the loss of their magical supplies, destroyed when W&H went ka-boom but happy that the vampire glamour is still in tact. (“It’s pretty far inside me. Best not to ask. Just know it was a long, awkward night.”)

Beverly Hills:

Spikes ladies finally have some clothes on! They’re in their fighting gear ready for action. They think they are going to take down Angel but Spike doesn’t like the plan. He’s explaining as much to Illyria when they get a visitor. I wonder who it could be?

Santa Monica:

Connor, Nina and Gwen watch all the civilians go downtown to watch the big fight. The also get a visitor…

Downtown LA:

A huge crowd of spectators has gathered. The Lords watch from a floating island type of thing above the crowd. Gunn and crew also watch from a nearby building. Burge picks up one civilian and uses him as an example of what will happen to all of them if they get in the way of the fight (ie, he pick him up, flies up into the sky and drops him from a very high height). Gunn looks like he is about to go to the rescue but Angel swoops in on the dragon a saves the man, deposits him back on the ground and promises to set everyone free if he wins. The Lords point out that it is Angel’s fault that they are in Hell in the first place. Angel awkwardly assures the people that he’s trying to set things right. And then the battle begins – all of the Lords champions converge on him and even though Angel has an awesome flaming sword, it doesn’t look very good for our hero...

Until there is a spectacular blue ball of electricity a little way down the ally…

The Senior Partners finish raking Wesley over the coals and send him back to Silverlake. Wesley has the bright idea of rallying the troops to come to Angel’s aid but Lorne is one step ahead and has already done exactly that; Connor, Nina, Gwen, Groo, and Spike have arrived at the battle to help. They free the dragon so he can help too. He’s a big help, particularly with the T-rex. Mid-fight Spike and Angel have a little chat and Spike asks for help with Illyria, Who has also arrived at the fight and brings with her a considerable advantage. At that moment Wesley re-appears too. Spike has a fit. If he knew that Wesley was still kicking around there was no way he would have bought Illyria out to play…
With good reason, because as soon as she sees Wesley she suddenly transforms into Fred, who is somewhat less valuable in a fight to the death situation…[/anchor]

[anchor=six]Issue #6

Angel: After the Fall
Issue #6: First Night, Part 1

Plotted by Joss Whedon and Brian Lynch
Scripted by Brian Lynch
Betta George Illustrated by Tim Kane
Spike Illustrated by David Messina
Connor Illustrated by Stephen Mooney
Lorne Illustrated by John Byrne
Colored by Illaria Traversi, Lisa Jackson and Leonard O'grady
Lettered by Robbie Robbins
Edited by Chris Ryall
Cover Art by Rebecca A. Wrigley

Now of course we have a short interlude in which we relive the night of the Ally Fight in Not Fade Away from various characters perspective:

Has a short introduction from Betta George who was happily working at Universal Studios when LA was sent to hell….

Then we cut to a short story from Spike’s perspective; first, it’s the thick of the fight in the ally – Spike is bloodied and his forearm has just been skewered by an axe. He is observing how ridiculous the fight is and how the odds are against them and that ‘they’ got Gunn. Suddenly all the fighting disappears as does the blood and rain. He looks about and sees the tentacles coming out of the buildings and realises that they’ve been sent to hell. He laughs at the fact that he’s survived and then officially retires (all the while he is punching out some hell hound type creature). From his vantage point on the top of the building he sees something – he catches the lift down to see what it is (as opposed to Angel’s preference for jumping off buildings). He finds Fred. She’s lost and confused. They hug. They are interrupted by two girls, running from a giant hell-spider. Spike the champion kicks into action and he takes on the spider, so no retirement afterall. Fred turns into Illyria and finishes the spider off. The girls want to stick by Spike who observes that Illyria doesn’t look like she needs protection. Spike looks at her sadly and says “Yeah lady, she really does”. The End – but leads into Spike: After the Fall mini series.

Next is Connor’s story. He’s running away from W&H after Angel sends him away (as he did in Not Fade Away). Once he sees the dragon flying in the sky he decides to turn around and go back to help Angel. But then his plans are interrupted when LA is transported to hell. Suddenly he remembers everything about himself – from being in-utero, being born, his time in the hell dimension Quortoth, Cordy and Angel 'cooing' over him mummy and daddy style, doing ‘it’ with Cordy; he vomits (didn’t we all). He is still determined to find Angel but is intercepted by a big army of demons. He tries to hide but they find him and interestingly – they automatically know that he is Angel’s son.

This issue is capped off by Lorne’s story of how he was disillusioned with everything after he killed Lindsey and how he found himself in Silverlake and there was able to create a little oasis of heaven in the pits of hell. It is done is a sort of poem and is very sweet. To cut a long story short – Lorne is the Lord of Silverlake and Silverlake is the place to be if you’re stuck in Hell.[/anchor]

[anchor=seven]Issue #7

Angel: After the Fall
Issue #7: First Night, Part 2

Plotted by Joss Whedon and Brian Lynch
Scripted by Brian Lynch
Betta George Illustrated by Tim Kane
Wesley Illustrated by Nick Runge
Kate Illustrated by Stephen Mooney
Colors by Jeremy Treece, John Rauch and Lisa Jackson
Lettered by Robbie Robbins
Edited by Chris Ryall
Cover Art by Rebecca A. Wrigley

Opens with Wesley’s story; he is sitting in a cloudy, heavenly place where he is joined by Fred. They talk about the joy of having eternity together and how they’ve earned it. It’s all very romantic except that Wesley realises it is a lie. ‘Fred’ is a W&H manifestation designed to get him to do what they want him to do with the tease that Fred might really be out there somewhere and retrievable. Logically he knows it can’t be true and even if it were, W&H would not allow them to be together …and yet, even that feint glimmer of hope is enough to make him bend to their will and work out his perpetual contract. The story finishes with this ominous exchange:

‘Fred’: We have him; But he’s a noble sort, he’ll do the right thing, eyes on the prize or not.
SP: We can only hope. Besides…he has no idea why he’s there, he can’t. But he’s the key to all of this. Wesley is the reason why we’ll win.

Following on from last time…Connor is at the mercy of the rampaging demons when he’s rescued by Kate. Kate has weapons and they are able to make a getaway. It seems that since leaving the police force she’s been ‘helping people who fall through the cracks’. They never make the connection between themselves and Angel but Kate shares some advice with Connor –you know the one… “If nothing we do matters, then all that matters is what we do because that’s all there is.” So they’ve been sent to Hell, Kate says, she’s still got work to do. And it gives Connor the courage to stay and fight too.

At the end we take a little peep at Betta George and its here that we learn for the first time that Gunn has a number of Slayers captive and that he trains his men against them....[/anchor]

[anchor=eight]Issue #8

Angel: After the Fall
Issue #8: First Night, Part 3

Plotted by Joss Whedon and Brian Lynch
Scripted by Brian Lynch
"Gunn" Co-written by Scott Tipton
Betta George Illustrated by Tim Kane
Gwen Illustrated by Fabio Mantovani
Civilians Illustrated by Kevyn Schmidt
Gunn Illustrated by Marco Pierfederici
Colors by Jeremy Treece and Fabio Mantovani with Michele Buscalferri
Lettered by Neil Uyetake
Edited by Chris Ryall
Cover Art by David Messina

We check in on Gwen; who is making out on the beach with a guy. Suddenly there is a big sort of explosion in the sky and the sea starts to boil. She touches the guy and he is burnt to char by a bolt of electricity. Gwen’s device that allows her to touch other people does not work in Hell. Darn. She’s very upset that she’s back to being electro girl. She says to the blackened corpse “I said I knew some guys that know how to handle this kinda thing, they’re probably on it already…” and she goes to find said ‘guys’

Next is an interesting little story about going to hell from the perspective of an ordinary citizen of LA (well, not actually an ordinary citizen, he’s quite crazy acctually) but it’s a fun little story never the less. The crazy guy has been predicting the end of the world for years and now he is right but its not so fun to be right when everybody is getting killed and you're in hell.

The main event of this issue is Gunn’s story. He wakes to find himself confronted by a complete stranger. Gunn is horribly injured but slowly begins to recall the events following Not Fade Away. We see the fight, Gunn falls, and Angel immediately goes to his side and tells him to hold on for a few more minutes. Angel goes to the dragon and gets him on side and once the dragon has swapped sides then Angel puts the dragon fire to very effective use against the W&H army. As this is happening, Gunn gets dragged away and sired by the Stranger. This news does not make Gunn happy. He still hates vampires. But he gets told that everything was pre-ordained and they had been getting 'messages' from somebody about everything that had happened and was going to happen and apparently Gunn is very important in the scheme of things. Gunn dusts the unknown man and takes over his gang, determined to use them and their mysterious messages/visions to get out of hell. Interestingly, Gunn calls the unknown man ‘Angel’ as he stakes him. Yeah, issues.[/anchor]

[anchor=nine]Issue #9

Angel: After the Fall
Issue #9

Plotted by Joss Whedon and Brian Lynch
Scripted by Brian Lynch
Penciled by Nick Runge
Inked by Shaynne Corbett and Nick Runge
Colored by Art Lyon
Lettered by Neil Uyetake
Edited by Chris Ryall
Cover Art by Nick Runge

Okay, intermission over, back to the main feature. The fight with the Lord’s champions is in full force. But during the battle there is still time to chat. Spike says he would never have bought Illyria/Fred to the battle if he’d known Wes was still hanging about – She’s been slipping back and forth for a while and seeing ‘old friends’ only seems to make it happen more frequently. Gunn & gang watch the fight from a nearby rooftop. The Lords are pissed by the appearance of Angel’s team – It was supposed to be Angel alone and so the Lords decide to kill the humans (a large crowd of whom are watching the fight) and Angel. The Lords pull out their Hagan’s Shafts but instead of killing Angel they kill each of the Lords holding the shafts. Remember what Spider told Sike about them being a tool for immortals to use to kill themselves, only the Lords didn’t know what they were for and so inadvertently killed themselves with them. Even with the Lords dead the battle is not over; there are still all sorts of creatures and tentacles to fight. The Spikettes show up and join in the fight too. We also learn that Spider’s real name is Maria and the reason that she is called spider is because she has spider’s legs growing out of her back. Gunn says that the gang getting back together is exactly what has to happen in order for him to do what he has to do. The good guys win the battle and somewhat ironically, Angel, the one responsible for sending the city to hell, emerges as the authority figure/leader of the city. The gang return ‘home’ to the Hyperion Hotel to set up head quarters.

Fred and Wes go and have a look at Wesley’s body so that she might be able to understand what happened. Illyria emerges and remembers everything. Wes kept his body thinking he might need it break his contract with W&H. He also attempted to contact the PTB or more precisely, an associate who worked alongside them but, although Cordy sent a message to let him know she was listening, there was nothing she or they could do – The PTB had no reach into hell. And finally, Illyria describes the emergence of Fred as her ‘fighting back’ when she sees the faces of those Fred loved.[/anchor]

[anchor=ten]Issue #10

Angel: After the Fall
Issue #10

Written by Brian Lynch
Art by David Messina
Pencils by Nick Runge
Inks by Shaynne Corbett
Colored by Art Lyon
Lettered by Robbie Robbins
Edited by Chris Ryall
Cover Art by Brian Miller

Opens with two old-school comic book pages that are a dream that Angel is having; in it, Spike is the Batman-esque crusader and Connor is his Robin-like sidekick. Angel sees himself as a bearded old man no one listens to – he’s wishing he had his vampire powers back and has a *slight* issue with Spike and Connor's relationship.

Lorne’s people have been trying some magic to bring some liveability to LA. They make it snow. The gang goes on rounds looking for information and people to save. Groo takes the Spikettes, Angel takes Illyria, Connor, Gwen and Nina, Spike is left to watch Wesley (not sure why). Wes and Spike have a nice little conversation in which Wes tries to determine the nature of his and Illyria/Fred’s relationship. Illusion is made to Wes/Lilah. He is relieved to find that nothing, ahh, intimate, is going on between Spike and Fred. But Spike does promise to find a way to kill ghost Wesley if any part of W&H’s plans involve hurting Fred in any way. Wesley is grateful.

At Gunn’s place George is introduced to the slayers. They hear his thoughts in their heads and don’t like it. Typical slayers punch first, ask questions later. Poor George.

While looking for information on the Westwood murders, Angel’s squad pays a visit to a group of vampires. Connor admits that he took them to a not-so-tough vampire because Angel seems to be a bit off his game lately. Illyria discloses that Angel is not a vampire anymore (she is able to sense it). Connor is hurt that his father didn’t tell him the truth and he takes off. Angel gets Illyria to ‘sense’ where some real power is and lead them there.

Gunn gets George to try and contact someone outside LA - and we discover that the reason why no one has turned up to help is because, to the outside world LA looks fine and dandy and nobody is any the wiser to the real situation. Illyria takes Nina and Angel to 'a nest of vampires atop a structure brimming with power’ (interesting to note that it’s the structure with the power, not Gunn and his boys). Angel comes face to face with vampire Gunn.[/anchor]

[anchor=eleven]Issue #11

Angel: After the Fall
Issue #11

Plotted by Joss Whedon and Brian Lynch
Written by Brian Lynch
Pencils by Nick Runge
Inks by Shaynne Corbett
Colored by Jason Jensen
Lettered by Robbie Robbins
Edited by Chris Ryall
Cover Art by Stephen Mooney

At the sight of Charles Illyria turns back into Fred. George makes a mental connection between Gunn, Angel and Spike. Angel sends Nina and Fred away on the dragon. Before going the dragon incinerates some of Gunn’s troops. Gunn offers to show Angel around, Angel knows he shouldn’t agree but he does anyway. Nina delivers Illyria back to the Hotel and then Gwen, Connor and Spike head back to help Angel.
Gunn tells Angel about getting visions, which he thinks are coming from the PTB and we see how deluded poor Gunn really is – he thinks he is a good-guy vampire, he thinks he is Shanshu guy, he thinks he’s a hero and when Angel suggests that his visions are not real, that he’s being manipulated, he gets very angry and begins to beat the crap out of Angel. He skewers Angel with a sword and then pulls out a magical artefact that breaks through magic, that opens up every wound that has been supernaturally healed. Angel crumbles; spine shatters, legs break, blood oozes and the glamour that masks his humanity dissolves. Gunn debates if he should re-sire him but decides to let him die but whispers into his ear “I found her first.”

Which her?

Connor, Gwen and Spike arrive at Gunn’s building, Gwen turns round lets loose a big old bolt of electricity…[/anchor]

After the Fall #12

…at the dragon. Connor is crushed. Gwen is sort of sorry but says it was all planned out and that this is the way it has to happen. Spike rushes her but she sends him flying with a bolt of electricity. Gwen says she can’t let Connor go to his father’s aid:

Connor: Don’t make me give Cordelia the okay to eat you
Gwen: Cordelia? Who’s-

Next we see Cordelia, the dragon flapping ominously over Gwen.
Meanwhile…inside Gunn’s place – Angel is up and walking about, giving a whole overview of everything that’s happened to him (and I quote):

Angel: Not quite a skyscraper, but not a one-story. Bottom line is, even if I was a vampire, It was a rash move made in the heat of the moment. Snapped my spine, legs, a wrist. Wesley was there but he couldn’t help. He tried but I don’t know if you’re aware, he’s living-impaired, so….
…the dragon found me. Scooped me up; he tried to be gentle, wound up dislocating my shoulder but that’s not so bad, considering. Found a century’s supply of neo-primitive healing salves and some incantations in W&H’s medicine cabinets. Used them all at once, it still took months to heal. Every second of that time was spent awake, and the pain….
I’m not a stranger to pain but this, this was mind-numbing. To get through it without snapping I learned to focus on something else. I imagined you. I talked to you the entire time. I didn’t actively choose you. When I’m conscious it still hurts to say your name. But when I needed someone, there you were. I guess it makes sense, during my time in LA you were what kept me sane. The dragon guarded me night and day. Heard every rant, every one-sided conversation. And he thought I was talking to him. He thinks his name is your name. Is that weird?

Yup, you guessed it – Angel is talking to Cordelia. (And can I say, their dialogue is spot on freaking perfect.) But Cordy points out that she’s not actually there, standing before him and, um, actually, he’s not standing either. Oh yeah, that's right - Angel is mortally wounded and pretty much dead on the floor. As Gunn drags Angel’s body to another room, Angel is saying he wants to get up and fight but still, maybe it would be better if he died as all his plans end in failure and result in loss and death for the people he loves. He is contemplating giving up. Cordelia says that he should do exactly that. The reason that she is able to appear is because he is so close to death and she is there to make his passing easier.
Gunn is perplexed – this is not the way its supposed to be! His visions have told him that Angel is supposed to be in full vampire form for the big finale.

At the hotel – Wes suddenly disappears, Illyria gets angry and demands that he reappear. Nina can do nothing about it. Illyria starts time-slipping and gets pretty cross before leaving to find Wes herself. She sees the dragon being held prisoner in an electric field and knows exactly where to go.
Wes appears at Gunn’s place. The former allies exchange a cursory greeting (Ghost. Vampire. Sucks. Truly) and then Wes’s attention is focused fully on Angel. Wes can do nothing, feels useless and demands to know why he was bought there if he’s not allowed to help. He gets zapped by some sort of mystical mojo. And then has answers. it seems that Angel’s signing away of the Shanshu was never filed. Angel is stunned – he didn’t believe it was his anymore, hence signing it away was not really an issue. Gunn reiterates that he believes he is the Shanshu vampire. Wes disputes this. Gunn gets angry but Wes is resolute; It was always all about Angel and the rest of them are just pawns in the game, moved accordingly, sacrificed when needed just so ‘they’ could have Angel where they wanted him. Wes then gives Angel a vision (show in a magnificent splash page)…Angel as a vampire standing, sword in hand, on a mountain of dead bodies and skewered heads. Angel is shattered. he’s ready to go with Cordelia now

After the Fall #13

Opens with Spike lying in a dumpster, lamenting his decision to give up his personal army of chicks to be Angel’s sidekick. But, despite the bitching, he gets up and heads to the service entry of Gunn’s building. He finds a vampire minion on guard and takes him on.

Minion: This is gonna be quick and painful!
Spike: probably
[Spike slices off the minions hand]
Minion: You think this will stop me? I survived Slayers!
Spike: I didn’t. Yet here we are.
[Spike dusts said minion]

Spike hears something and goes to the bolted door that the minion was guarding. He opens the door to rescue whoever it is only to be rushed by three fairly angry looking slayers...

Upstairs…Angel is still shell-shocked by the vision. Cordelia questions the reality of the vision. He just wants to go with her to stop it from happening NOW!
Suddenly, there is a rumbling noise, Gunn queries what it is. Wes explains:

Wes: As I said earlier, this is all about Angel. You’ve harmed him. They want him.
Gunn: Sending an army, huh? Been there, done that.
Wes: No, you really haven’t.
Gunn: Oh yeah? What do you call the army in the alley?
Wes: Comparatively? The company softball team.

Splash page showing Hell turning nasty – rain of fire, supercharged dragons, amped up tentacles….
Poor Cordelia the dragon cops it big time and gets ripped into little pieces by dragons who don’t look as thought they’ll change sides any time soon. Gwen tells Connor to run and then goes all white with electric charge which she unleashes on some dragons after uttering the cryptic words “Oh Charles, you’d better be right. Love you so much”. And it looks very much like Gwen is dead (sorry Raiden house:()

Spike is fighting the slayers. Three at once. He gets dusted (ya ha - you read that right)

Angel still want’s to die – thinks it will be for the best. Gunn points a crossbow at him ready to finish him off before the army arrives. Wes, somewhat ineffectually stands between the arrow and Angel. But then Connor arrives to save the day. Gunn recognises him as ‘baby Angel’. Gunn and Connor fight. Connor throws Gunn out the window.
Connor wants to get Angel out of there but Wes says maybe it would be kinder if they let Angel go.. But Connor ain’t having a bar of that! He paraphrases what Kate told him as the reason to keep fighting. It’s quite inspiring. Cordelia and Angel both agree that he has to stay to keep fighting, to help Connor, regardless of the threat of some prophecy/vision. Cordy fades away. Wes and Connor look helplessly at Angel and try to figure out how they’ll get him to survive. Spike arrives, back in the land of the living with the three slayers well and truly on his side and saying that bringing people back from the dead doesn’t seem to be that big of a problem here at "Hotel de Chuck”.

Down on the street Gunn is going a little bit crazy because his visions don’t seem to make any sense and everything is not unfolding according to plan. Then he sees Illyria. They talk. He tells her that he’d rather be dead than a vampire, he cries and the sight of him broken and dejected is enough to make Fred appear. Gunn smirks, grabs the crossbow and shoots Fred. “This is what was supposed to happen” he says and it don’t look good for Fred….

After the Fall #14

This issue is a little confusing and really needs to be read to be understood. I’m sorry if my narrative is a bit hard to understand.

LA is still under attack from super charged dragons. Groo arrives on the scene and we discover that his Pegasus-flying horse is called Cordelia too.
Connor, Spike and Wes take Angel downstairs to the magic room but because he was originally wounded more than five minutes ago the room doesn’t work. So that’s how Gunn has been killing and re-killing the slayers to train his minions – the room had a magic spell on it (created as he tried to do a spell to take back time, so that he was never a vampire).
Spike offers to turn Angel again (Angel has the same thought) but Connor won’t let that happen because then Wolfram and Hart win – they want Angelus to come back. Wolfram and Hart’s troops arrive and say they are here to save Angel:
Angel Cannot Die. Angel Will not Die

The emissaries of the senior partners say some stuff about how expensive it’s been, sending Angel to hell, restoring his humanity, slipping between moments and that they could steal him from his timeline again, however – there is another way…

Meanwhile, Gunn carries Fred’s body to that shrine of demon entrails he made earlier (we saw it in one of the earlier issues, first or second, I think) and it looks like he’s waiting for her to be healed except, his plans are interrupted by the W&H army who bring Angel to the same place. They throw Fred off the shrine and lay Angel in her place. He gets wrapped up by red tentacles.

Fred and Wes have this exchange:
Fred: What’s going on? Everybody’s so angry. There you are.
Wes: Fred –
Fred: I tried, Wesley. I tried to be.
Wes: I know you did.
Illyria: I don’t think…I don’t think she’s here

So it’s been Illyria, not Fred, all along – with hell having a confusing effect on Illyria

But then Illyria reverts to her true form – big and blue and with copious tentacles that skewer W&H army guys with deadly efficiency. And did I mention big.

Angel jumps up, almost as good as new – still human and gets into a fight with Gunn. Gunn skewers Angel with a big stick and then turns his attention to George who he wants to communicate with Illyria to get her (it?) to take them all back in time to before he was turned into a vampire.

But Illyria is beyond communicating with – it has decided to destroy existence…

After the Fall #15

This is a great issue. I’ll use Angel’s own words to bring us all up to speed:

Wolfram and Hart made me human the very moment they sent my city to hell. They punished me, they punished my friends. They punished everyone. It’s all part of turning me into the downfall of all that is good. And just when I think they’ve sunk as low as they can go, they turn one friend into a vampire bent on killing me and saving the world. And push another into killing the world altogether.”

So things are in chaos. LA is still under attack from W&H’s army and Illyria. Groo, and Spike’s army of girls arrive on the scene to leand a hand. They get decimated.
Angel starts fighting, the slayers back him up. “She's trained them well” he thinks as he leaves them doing the cleanup while he goes to take on Illyria who takes him to another time slip – to the apocalypse, THE apocalypse:

Another time slip. Appears to be personal. Final Battle between good and evil. And the only one left, is the MVP. (Angel). The stench of blood is overwhelming. Its everywhere. Making me euphoric. This is…This is thrilling. This is perfect. She wants me to see. This is my future. This is what I’m fighting for. I did this. Not W&H, not Angelus. All me. But she can make it go away. She’s trying to make it so it never happens. All this time I did what I did because of the Shanshu prophecy, well…time to start doing what I do despite it.”

Spike, Connor and Wes join Angel. Angel finds out that his dragon is dead:( They, along with the slayers go to take on Illyria. Gunn won’t let them pass. Angel gets aggressive but Gunn spins round and slashes Connor with his sword. Spike goes to Connor while Angel beats down on Gunn (Angel’s thoughts: “World’s going to end. World has just Ended”) but he doesn’t kill him. Connor, on the edge of death tells Angel to go save the world. Angel gets George to Flood Illyria’s mind with Fred’s memories courtesy of Wesley. And Spike’s too. This memory overload incapacitates Illyria and then W&H troops bring her down.
Angel rushes to Connor and with his last word he tells his father not to let them win and that he is a good man, vampire or not and then Connor dies. And it is very sad and made me cry.

After the Fall #16

Flashback to Connor’s birth in the alley, then a panel of Angel holding Connor’s body with these words:
We spend most of our lives trying to find our one true love. I found mine It was impossible, it wasn’t supposed to happen, but I found mine. Now he’s gone. My son is dead.”

While Angel holds Connor the senior partner’s emissary says that Angel must return to the hotel – they will ‘let’ him use it as his base, and they will deliver the ‘carcass’ to him there. Angel gets angry. He knows that killing him (or the army) won’t help anyone or change anything but he does it anyway.

Wes wants him to stop but Spike says it’ll be good for him, work out some aggression, afterall, “They can’t kill him
Wesley sees the importance of that fact. “They can’t kill you” he tells Angel then turns to the massive army and says “you won’t let him go. He dies, this is all for nothing. You can kill everyone important to him, you can slaughter every living being in the city but Angel has to stick around
The W&H army tell him that this is correct; if Angel is any real danger, so much as sniffles, they will simply “pull a better him out of the timeline
Wes and Angel hatch a plan…
Wes and Angel say goodbye. Spike and the Slayers hold back the W&H hoards while Angel goes to Gunn. Angel and Gunn fight. Angel lets Gunn kill him.
Spike runs to Angel. Wes explains:

Wes: ‘We’re trapped between moments (remember the sun and moon being out at the same time) as part of a plan to manipulate Angel. He’s about to die, they heal him. They need to pull him out of his timeline.
Spike: Angel ended his timeline. So if they want him for his horribly ever after…
Wes: They need to return to the very last moment before all of this started. Exactly how it was. Exactly as we were.”
Spike: But you were-
Wes: Yes. But so was she.

And then time goes back – suddenly Spike has a big knife through his arm just like he did in his story in First night. He pulls it out, continues fighting, is joined by (normal sized) Illyria. Both remark that they remember everything. Spike makes a joke. (Illyria, have you lost weight?) And she gets it, or at least gets that it was an attempt at humor (because I was a massive creature. I understand. It was a marginally successful attempt at humor)

Spike: Did Illyria just get a joke? Did she finally appreciate a pithy comment? Whole word’s gone to hell. Or back from hell as the case may be. What about you then? Hanging in there?
Angel: I’ll live
(this is on a full page spread of Angel, vamped out, looking awesome, with Spike and Illyria fighting various beasts behind him).

Angel remembers everything too.
Both Angel and Spike remark that Illyria is acting more human than she ever has before, oh, and Cordelia the dragon is back!
Angel goes to find Gunn who asks to be let die but Angel won’t let him. Angel picks him up and decides to take him to W&H to use some of the magical potions that are in the building but when they get there the building is gone and a sign for a forthcoming Double Meat Palace is in its place. Angel takes Gunn to hospital. There, he discovers that its not only the supernatural beings who remember everything – all the normal people do too. The nurse even asks if Gunn’s injuries are due to demon, vampire or were swords involved. Angel is a bit overcome by this and goes outside for some air.

Connor finds him and they have a beautiful reunion – Angel is in tears.

While they are outside a guy approaches Angel and asks for a photo with him, says he saw him in action up against Burge, says that most people in LA ‘claim’ to have seen Angel in action. He’s famous. As Connor says, he’s gone from being Urban legend to just plain legend. Angel is not sure that this a good thing….

To be continued....

[anchor=seventeen]Issue #17[/anchor]
Angel: After the Fall

Set one month after #16 and in a nice parallel with the Buffy comics that were coming out at the same time, we rejoin an Angel who is a little perplexed by the way things have settled now that everything is back to ‘normal’; Wolfram and Hart have vanished from the city and there is no record that the or their great big sky-scraper was ever there. More unsettling still is the general public’s acceptance of demons and his recognition as a local celebrity.
This leads him to give Cordelia the Dragon to Groo to look after, figuring that a dragon as a side-kick would lead to even more unwanted attention and curiosity.

But Angel still wants to know what happened to W&H. He does some research at the library with Nina. Nina suggests that an LA without W&H might have been worth the trip to Hell but Angel is not so sure because every person in the city who went to hell with them has to live with what they saw, what they learnt, what they experienced there and they can’t forget (some of the panels on this page are interesting – we see various people post reset; Jeremy (from Spike After the Fall) proposing to his girl, Teeth (sharkman from Tabula Rasa) being strung up by the other (now resurrected) Lords of LA, Gwen, touchable once more but not wanting to be touched and Spike and Illyria, together but alone.)
Angel and Nina give it up for the night and as Angel leaves the library we can see that he has had a wing of the Los Angeles Public Library named the “Burkle Wyndam-Price Wing”

Angel says:
My ghost is gone. It was the price we paid for returning things to normal. Wouldn’t be surprised if that was exactly what W&H had in mind. So even if we won, it felt like a defeat. I miss them. Ever day I miss them. Everytime I think of them I hope for the same thing. Let them be together. Wherever they are, they’ve earned it. They deserve it. And then the doubt sets in. They can’t be together. It defies logic. It would go against what we were told. But then... Warm breeze. Each and every time. She hates when I’m pessimistic.”

Still concerned about W&H’s disappearance, he goes to see Spike…

Angel observes:
It’s strange, ever since Hell, Spike and I have ceased with the big brother/little brother, “I saw her first” bickering. There’s a newfound unspoken acceptance of mutual respect. Gotta admit, It’s nice."

A: Look at your great big car, little guy how many phone books are you sitting on?
S: There he is! Captain big bore, re-vamped! How’s the future fall of civilization doing on this fine evening?

“It’s very well hidden but it’s nice”

Angel and Spike chat, have both received rewards from the city for saving it (Spike a car, Angel the library dedication). Angel asks after Connor but Spike says he hasn’t seen him and opens his boot to reveal that he has Kr’ph (jelly-skeleton dude from #1) in there. Kr’ph tells them that the newly resurrected lords are plotting revenge on Angel and will be going after the ones he loves. The boys guess that they will go for the easiest target first…

On the way Spike and Angel have a nice little chat:

Spike: Why do you get the handsome reward?
Angel’s thoughts – “Here it comes”
Spike: Think about it. W&H is certain your destiny is to be their golden boy in the battle between good and evil. You’re gonna sell out the side of good and get shanshued for your troubles and everyone else, probably including me, will be dust or at the very least hurt and annoyed.
Angel: Probably dust.
Spike: So W&H cash their chips, send an entire city to Hades with me in it, they twist time and create a glamour that drops a curtain over the whole ordeal so no one can help me. To top it all off, they create a temporary shanshu to make you human you can eat and breath and get fat while the rest of us run around and get beaten and heartbroken and have sex with spiders… So, if it’s going to happen anyway why put me through all that bloody trouble? And to a lesser extent, if it’s going to happen anyway why put you through all that bloody trouble. Maybe your destiny is slightly less than certain. Is it alright to smoke in here?
Angel: Yeah
Spike: Could be me, you know. I could be the shanshu. I know I’m not technically in the history books or visions but maybe that’s because I wanted it that way. Maybe future me doesn’t want the fame and the hassle of the paparazzi.
Angel: Funny thing about going unnoticed by the history books or visions – Whatever you do, whatever path you take, good or bad – no one’s gonna see you coming.

George reveals that they both just mentally thanked each other simultaneously in their heads. (awwww)

The boys arrive in a hospital in Silverlake and just as they are about to go in to visit a particular patient that they are feeling a tad awkward about seeing again when they are attacked by Burge and son. They’re looking for a little payback now that W&H aren’t around to protect Angel and are looking to start with his friends, namely the incapacitated Gunn who is, of course, the one in the hospital. But then Illyria appears and says that no one will kill Charles Gunn; he was special to Fred so she will protect him.

Then Angel goes to visit Gunn. Charles isn’t in talking condition but Angel assures him that all is forgiven and that he holds no grudges for vampire Gunn’s actions. He also apologises for his mistakes and says that “a man isn’t measured by the mistakes he’s made. He’s measured by what he does about them.” Angel leaves a message with Lorne to give to Gunn when he wakes up, it’s the old Angel Investigations business card with their new phone number hand-written on it.

If he wakes up and he’s hurting, I can Help him make things right. Like I said, I’ve been there. I know my way around atonement. It’s what I do. My name is Angel. I’ve done very bad things. I’ve been told I’m destined to do worse. But for now… I’m here to help.”



That'll put marzipan in your pie plate bingo
Mar 14, 2007
[anchor=eighteen]Angel #18[/anchor]
Written by Kelly Armstrong
Art by David Ross
Colours by Charlie Kirchoff
Lettered by Robbie Robbins
Edited by Chris Ryall

Angel sits on top of a building but is attacked from behind by a demon – it is an assassin; the lords are keen to see Angel dead. Angel says that he has ‘redeemed ‘ his past and is coming to terms with his ‘uncertain future’. The demon reminds him that the prophecy says that he WILL be on their side (meaning that he will be on the wrong side, the bad side). Angel decides to go back to the beginning of his time in LA (to the days of City of...) to when he really used to help people.

Angel asks Connor to join his team but Connor says that while he’s happy to help out now and again, he wants to find his own way. Connor is still not talking to Gwen. He asks Angel who else is on the team – Gunn? Spike? Lorne? But Gunn is still getting better, Spike; “who knows?” (accompined by a very dour panel of Spike) and Lorne is ‘putting his life back together’. So I guess that means no team to speak of...

As Angel walks through town, thinking about starting a new life he is attacked by yet another assassin only this time Kate comes to his rescue. It’s been a while since they last saw each other

Kate has had new business cards printed up. Angel is not sure that satisfaction should be guaranteed. Obviously Kate is now part of Team Angel. But unlike the first time he opened up shop, business is not slow. He has crowds of people wanting his help.

Later again...
Angel and Kate are out on a case but the informants seem more interested in getting Angel’s autograph (to sell on ebay, naturally). Angel gets pissed and takes off, deciding that the time has come to screen their clients. Kate and Angel go into a church to access a tunnel to take them back to their HQs only to find two unknown people waiting for them. They are from the city council, members of a new committee to deal with apocalyptic fall-out and want to work with Angel to clean-up the mess of post-hell-LA. Angel is not keen. The duo use magic to vanish (I think).

More scenes of Angel and bogus clients who all want something from him (to write his story, to get cosy, screaming hoards of girls, people betting on who will win – Angel or the big purple tentaclely thing).

Angel has had enough and wants to close the agency. Kate tries to dissuade him but Angel is determined...until a young woman, obviously distressed comes to ask for help (she’s being chased by a big burley man). Kate helps but Angel doesn’t and the whole scene is watched from above by a panther-type big cat. Angel says that he’s “just not feeling it lately. Disconnected from my own city. No real purpose, need...some sort of inspiration.” Connor arrives (awwww). He says he wants to help out on a part-time basis. The council duo return (by magic). They offer Angel a job. He’s not interested. Kate asks the council duo to help them clear out the non-genuine clients and demands a city ordinance to make it illegal to interfere with Angel while he is working. Angel cautiously agrees to the proposition (although he’d like a Viper thrown in to really sweeten the deal)

Angel is getting ready for beddy-byes and the panther from earlier is under the bed. Angel goes to sleep on the optimistic thought of working with Connor, helping LA without Wolfram and hart’s interference. The Panther changes into a naked woman and it looks like she’s going to stake Angel with a big wooden stake...

To be continued.

[anchor=nineteen]Angel #19 [/anchor]
Written by Kelly Armstrong
Art by David Ross
Colours by Charlie Kirchoff
Lettered by Robbie Robbins
Edited by Chris Ryall

Angel wakes up in the nick of time and sends the naked woman flying across the room (thank goodness for shadows! Otherwise this scene would have been um . . . graphic.). Angel thinks that it is yet another assassination attempt by the Lords and he’s right but the nekkid assailant has an alternative proposal to offer – she doesn’t want to be in debt tot the Lord of Sherman Oaks (the small, doll-like Lord from ATF), nor does she really want to kill Angel. So, she thinks that she and Angel should kill the lord instead.

Kate and Connor are on the job, fighting some big thug type, when Gwen arrives with a well-timed volt of electricity. Connor is pissed; he really doesn’t want to talk to Gwen or really, have her anywhere in his vicinity. I don’t know if I misread it but there seems to be a hint of jealousy between Gwen and Kate – why? I don’t really know other than perhaps it is Gwen being paranoid about another female keeping Connor company. Yeah, that’s probably it.

Angel introduces the panther-girl to the gang; her name is Desdemona, Dez for short. Dez seems to be having a little trouble controlling her shape-shifting. Kate is cautious about Dez’s involvement. Angel is untrusting too, but willing to go along with her plan. Dez changes into a leopard (hang on, wasn’t she a panther? Must have been the shadows. Okay; she’s a leopard). Angel and leopard-dez go to kill the Lord of Sherman Oaks. Kate and Connor follow, just to keep an eye on things. Gwen stays at HQ to do some research into what Dez is.

Dez and Angel get to the Lord’s place and Dez becomes a naked human again. Angel takes care of the henchmen while Dez gets all cosy with the little lord. She says:
“do you know the problem with hiring criminals? If you can buy them, so can anyone else. Perhaps a fellow lord looking to thin out the competition. . . and blame a certain rogue vampire!”

Angel hears this and turns on Dez, grabbing her neck in a tight grip (again, thank god for shadows). The last remaining henchman runs off and Dez tells Angel to let her go. It seems that Angel was in on the plan the whole time; the Lords will now, once the henchman tells them what happened, get all paranoid about each other and be suddenly too busy in-fighting with each other to worry about Angel or Connor. So I guess that’s the Lords taken care of.

Angel joins up with Connor and Kate but Dez takes off somewhere. Dez in leopard form, hunts a homeless guy. It seems she’s about to eat him but she is very relieved when her form changes back to human just before she has a chance to chow down. Dez goes back to Angel and asks him to deliver a ‘package’.

The package seems to be a patient at the hospital (I think?). It could be the man Dez was hunting? Not entirely certain. Anyway, Angel, Kate and Connor are at the hospital pushing a guy in a wheelchair when they are accosted by another patient who suddenly sprouts wings (he is an angel) and says to Angel that he’s got a message for him, from Cordelia….


[anchor=twenty]Angel #20[/anchor]
Written by Kelly Armstrong
Art by David Ross
Colours by Charlie Kirchoff
Lettered by Robbie Robbins
Edited by Chris Ryall

The orderly pushes the Angel-guy back into his room but Angel (vampire with a soul-guy) calls out “wait!” as he wants to hear what the angel has to say. But the guy has been sedated and the ordilies take him away without letting him speak. It seems that only Angel saw the patient grow wings so Angel determines to come back to the hospital that night.

Gwen is following Dez and sees that she has a man held captive, tied up to a chair with a magical symbol painted on the floor around him (it’s like one of those traps that they use on Supernatural). Gwen takes a picture of the scene with her mobile phone. Dez does a spell and the man changes into a big gorilla. Dez sedates him and calls someone to come and pick him up.

Connor , Kate and Angel a are cleaning up the hotel because Angel says some of their clients are going to be staying with them – I’m not sure why, other than Angel is suddenly very suspicious of the hospital because they lost a patient. Angel is a bit pre-occupied with the angel .

Gwen tells Kate what she saw Dez do. Kate thinks that Dez is just finishing off a process that has already been started by someone else and thinks that she deliberately bought them one of her clients (the guy at the hospital?) to get on team Angel’s good side. Gwen follows Dez and shoots her with a bolt of electricity. They fight – leopard- girl against electro-girl. Kate intervenes with a gun to stop the fight. Kate and Gwen put the unconscious leopard into a holding cell and say they’ll come back to talk to her when she’s back in human form. In the holding cell, Dez wakes and is fearful of something - “No. Not this. Please not this.”

Angel goes to the hospital and finds the Angel-guy – whose name is James. James is able to cast a glamour to mask their appearance, so nobody realises they are even there. Nobody human that is...
Once they get outside the hospital there is a crowd of demons waiting for them (for James or Angel – I’m not quite sure). They fight them. Angel’s sword is ineffective because the demons are not fully present in their dimension so James give Angel his sword and it’s much more effective even though it burns his hand (it being an angel’s sword and all).

Next we get a little flashback from Dez which explains why she doesn’t like being trapped in the dark. When she was little she and her two siblings were captured and raised to be part of a jaguar army (huh...maybe she is a jaguar and not a leopard?) who is expected to fight and die for some kind of colonial overlord. When they are grown, Dez and her surviving sister escape and end up in LA while it is in Hell. As a result of the hellish influence, Dez’s sister gets stuck halfway between human and cat. Dez does a spell to fix her but ends up making her disappear or explode.

Angel and James finish their fight and Angel finally gets to ask about Cordelia’s message. James tells him - She wants Angel to help James free the other potentates.

What the heck is a potentate?

Apparently they are warrior-angels, the front line troops in the war against evil – swords instead of harps. They need rescuing because apparently the PTB sent the potentates to help out when LA was in Hell but they didn’t get recalled when the reset happened and it seems that they’ve been ‘kidnapped’

Gwen decided that the best way to prove herself to Connor is to get answers out of Dez – one way or another. The council bureaucrats are back at Angel’s headquarters. They pay him for services rendered and seem to know something about the missing potentates and suggest that Angel ask James for the full story...


[anchor=twentyone]Angel #21[/anchor]
Written by Kelly Armstrong
Art by Stefano Martino
Coloured by Brian Miller/Hi-Fi
Lettered by Neil Uyetake
Edited by Mariah Hueher and Chris Ryall

Connor and Kate seem to have captured some ‘ladies of the night’. Kate says that they need to come up with some better arrangements and suggests an abandoned jail she knows of. (I’m sorry, I don’t really understand why they are doing this…) Angel is wondering where Gwen is.

Kate finds Gwen and she is covered in cat scratches. Dez is refusing to change back into human form so Gwen has not been able to get any information from her. Gwen is determined to keep at it, no matter what it takes. Kate is uncomfortable with this method of interrogation and begins to doubt her part in the organisation and the mission.

Angel goes to see James. He asks for more information about the potentates but james is still not very forthcoming with extra details. He is sort of dismissive of Angel – help or don’t help, it’s no big deal to him. Their talk is interrupted by a demon attacking another demon – Angel goes to help out (one of the demons involved is a peaceful demon). James can’t resist the urge to help out to – “An angel helping a demon save a demon. This is going to do wonders for my reputation
The rescued demon doesn’t like James and tells Angel that the missing Angels are in town “on a hunting trip, open season on demons” and then incinerates itself – It doesn’t want to be a notch on any angel’s halo.

Kate and Connor are having coffee in the park and Kate reads a report about a gorilla being returned to the zoo – she thinks “oh no” - no doubt thinking of the gorilla man that she saw Dez create. Kate goes to rescue Dez. Dez is not happy and attacks Kate. Kate quickly explains that she knows that Dez didn’t create the gorilla but rather used a reversing spell to change him back. (I’m not sure how Kate reaches this conclusion). Dez tries to escape but Kate stops her. Dez seems to be stuck halfway between cat and human.

Angel has an encounter with Cordelia. Cordelia tells him to take it easy on James and to find the missing angels so that they can get on with their work – an After the Fall clean-up to rid LA of the excessive amount of demons that are still plaguing the city. Angel tells Cordelia that the angels are being indiscriminate - killing good demons as well as bad. Cordelia tells him to check it out and then vanishes. Angel looks very sad. Then is very business like in his determination to get the job done.

Dez and Kate have a chat. Dez tells Kate all about her sister and how she doesn’t know if she is dead or alive. And it seems that Dez was born a jaguar and had a magic spell done on her to make her a were-jaguar. Dez has been doing the reversal spell on all the animals that’ve been turned into humans (and apparently this happened to a lot of people when the reset happened) and she does that with all the people that Connor and Kate have been keeping in the old jail. Suddenly there are cats (stray domestic) and dogs and rats all over the place.

Gwen turns up and she is pretty peeved that she wasn’t kept in the loop about Dez. This causes Connor to give her the brush off – again (good I never did like that pair as an item).

Angel and James go looking for Potentates who weren’t captured and wind up at a gym and find one boxing. Him and Angel get into a fight but they don’t get any information from him. He goes back to the hotel and finds out about the animal people. Then all of them head off looking for some demon trouble (Dez knows where to find it) and end up killing a minor lord and putting his head in a sack. He takes said sack back to the gym only to be told that the guy he was fighting with earlier has been ‘picked up’ by some guys in suits and a man and a woman who Angel quickly determines are the same ones that were at his office earlier. It seems they are the Guardians of Divine Balance between the celestial and demon worlds. Apparently this is not a good thing…


[anchor=twentytwo]Angel #22[/anchor]
Written by Kelly Armstrong
Pencils by: Dave Ross
Inks by Dave Ross & George Freeman
Coloured by Charlie Kirchoff and Brian Miller/Hi-Fi
Lettered by Robbie Robbins
Edited by Mariah Hueher and Chris Ryall

Angel just thinks about calling the Guardians of Divine Balance and suddenly they appear. They explain why they have the potentates captive – They “monitor and mediate between the divine and the demonic ensuring that everyone plays fair” So because the potentates presence on earth was deemed ‘unfair’ they have taken them into custody. The guardians can’t really explain why they must do what they are doing so they sort of drop Angel in at the deep-end and give him a practical demonstration; next thing you know Angel is in a room with a couple of potentates, who both attack him on sight. Angel tries to tell them that he’s there to rescue them, thankfully James steps in andmakes them see that Angel is here to help. They decide that if the Powers have chosen Angel then they too should accept him.

The potentates baulk at working with Dez – because she is an abomination against nature. Dez is having trouble holding her form anyway so Connor takes her away. Angel is saddened by his departure, “every time I think we’re getting close I do something that pushes him away”.

Angel and co. go with the potentates to building and the angels go in swords blazing. James says he can’t detect any demons, just people…who the potentates are now killing. Angel is very angry but the angels declare that their missing is simply to ‘clean up’ and it doesn’t matter if it is human or demon. Angel gets into a fight with one of the potentates. Kate uses the opportunity to evacuate the people. Except that they don’t all get out in time and the potentates kill five of them (I think they are moving faster than the eye can see because Angel, James and Kate make no move to stop them and seem surprised by the pile of dead bodies.) Angel wants answers.

Connor and Dez go out into some sort of wilderness area and Dez changes into her leopard form (not before teasing Connor about wanting to sleep with all the women he works with. He’s nineteen years old he says as a defence). Anyway, Dez starts meowing around a tree (do jaguars meow?) and all these animalistic-type people emerge from the tree-tops. They are bird-people so they get into a bit of a fight with Dez (you know, cats and birds being mortal enemies an all) Connor and Dez subdue them and they are going to put them somewhere safe until Dez can perform the ritual on them when two potentates appear and say they will take it from here…

Back with Angel, Kate and James - They are like, teleported to a new location (it looks like a swimming pool but I can’t really tell – probably doesn’t matter) and this old lady approaches them. Angel says he asked for Cordelia and looks at the old lady with an unappreciative frown. The old lady shows them why the potentates killed all the men: she flashes Angel, James and Kate to a new location, a bank, and they watch as a number of masked and armed men run into the bank – yes, this is a glimpse of the future, of what those men would have done had the potentates taken action.

Kate thinks that the action is wrong and is determined to stop the potentates from being judge jury and executioner of people before they have done anything wrong but Angel is not so sure . . .

Back to Connor and Dez - the potentates offer to let Dez live but return her to her natural state. Dez, being a thoroughly assimilated jaguar-girl rejects the offer and runs off.

Angel is all confused; Connor and Kate are angry with him, all he wants to do is talk to Cordelia but the powers won’t let him. He wonders if there is a reason why.
Kate calls and tells him that Connor needs their help. They go to him and find him in a stand-off with the potentates. Angel says he can’t believe that the futures of the people that the potentates are killing are set in stone, that free-will plays no part at all and that it is wrong to kill them when they have done nothing wrong - -and even if they do go on and do something wrong, whose to say that they won’t spend the rest of their lives trying to make up for it. But the potentates are determined never the less. Angel, Kate and Connor get into a fight with them. The potentates suddenly vanish and the Guardians re-appear and say that he hasn’t beaten them, they’ve just retreated because killing Angel wasn’t part of their mission. They say to Angel that he is now the master of four rogue warriors (meaning Connor, Kate, Dez and James) and that he is responsible for them:

Guardian one: what will you do with them?
Angel: Same thing I’ve always done. Fight.
Guardian two: for good?
Angel: for justice. For what’s right.
*It’s the only think I can do*

The End


That'll put marzipan in your pie plate bingo
Mar 14, 2007
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Here is the conclusion to Brian Lynch's run as writer of Angel and also the conclusion to all things After the Fall Related...

[anchor=twentythree]Angel #23 – After the Fall: Epilogue[/anchor]
Written by Brian Lynch
Art by Franco Urru
Coloured by Paolo Maddelini
Lettered by Robbir Robbins
Edited by Chris Ryall

Charles Gunn lies injured and unconscious in a hospital bed. Lorne and Groo keep him company (Groo is reading Fox in Socks to him – very funny) Gunn, in his unconscious state wonders if who he has hurt. He remembers killing Illyria-as-Fred and Connor. And he remembers biting people and being a vampire. Angel visits and tells Charles that “It wasn’t you” but Gunn is dubious. He remembers everything, can still taste the blood in his mouth. George pays him a visit and really gets into his head, sees that Gunn can’t stop thinking about everything that he experienced and did as vampire-Gunn. George suggests a short stay at the Mosaic Wellness Centre (see Spike: Asylum by Brian Lynch) to help him deal with his mental anguish. George leaves the address in his head.

Time passes. Gunn’s recovery is slow. He notices that his visitors are getting less frequent. A shape-shifting nurse tries to kill him, in vengeance for his trying to bring about the end of existence, but as it turns out, Illyria has appointed herself as his guardian and makes short work of the attacker.

Non (the Demon Lord from Spike: After the Fall) pays a visit to the hospital – picking a rare moment when Illyria is away. She chats to Gunn about the good old days in hell. She snuggles up to Gunn and it seems that her power of sucking the life out of people is reversible; she heals Gunn completely. Gunn is not happy. I think he was hoping that he would die. Non was hoping that they could work together to take over the city. Charles is not keen. He attacks the demon and they go flying out the window, crashing to the street below. Illyria arrives and makes short work of Non – literally throwing her across the city. Then Illyria turns to Gunn, he thinks she is going to kill him, hopes she is going to kill him. But she doesn’t she just punches him and takes him to an abandoned house. She writes all the ways she could kill him all over the walls crazy-Fred-style. Her memories of Fred won’t let her kill him. Illyria says that she has been infected by humanity and that Gunn is weak and riddled with guilt. Charles admits that he’s been thinking about everything he’s done but it’s not just guilt for his actions that are getting to him, he also feels guilty because he misses it – life in Hell-A, being a ruthless bloodsucker, the whole works. He says he’d be better off dead. Illyria says that if that is what he truly wants then she will do it for him. But he turns her down, says that she’ll feel guilty about it, even of she thinks she won’t. Illyria agrees, says that Fred’s ongoing influence is confusing and irritating. She wants it gone. Gunn wonders what he is supposed to do now…

The Mosaic Rehabilitation Facility for the Supernatural
Gunn is walking the corridors of the facility with an official and George they discuss a girl with special needs….but it’s not Illyria. It’s Non –Charles has admitted her to the facility in the hope that she can be rehabilitated.

He leaves the centre and goes to his car where Illyria is waiting for him. Illyria does not think that Non can be helped. Illyria expresses a desire to learn to drive. After being initially dubious, Gunn agrees to teach her - it is a way to connect her to humanity and they drive off into the sunset together.

The End

[anchor=twentyfour]Angel #24 & 25[/anchor]
Story by Juliette Landau
Script by Juliet Landau and Brian Lynch
Art by Franco Urru
Colours by Fabio Montovani and Paolo Maddalini
Letters by Robbie Robbins
Edited by Chris Ryall

Scene: Los Angeles, Just before the Fall
Two doctors walk down the corridor of a hospital discussing a patient. One doctor thinks there is no hope (indeed, a 'colossal waste of time') while the other one thinks the patient has potential…
The two docs go and join a larger group. It is a professional review panel and the same patient is under discussion. One doctor says that she has gotten worse since she was admitted to the facility. Another doctor remarks that her delusions have gotten more colourful and intricate: “She believes she is a vampire; that she’s lived for 150 years…that she had a passionate love affair spanning almost the duration”. Another doctor says that “she is extremely violent. Anything can set her off…very unpredictable” and another one says that “she is over-sexualised. . . seems confused about sex and violence.”
She apparently hasn’t been responding to any of the medication she’s been given.

There is a flash-back to how she came to be at the hospital. She was found covered in blood, an attacker nowhere in sight and now, there is some suspicion that her wounds may have been self-inflicted. The lead doctor says that the wounds suggest that she was cut with a large knife or a small sword and that she had a large chest wound. The police officers that found her said she was disoriented but eerily calm.

The lead doctor determines to see the patient for himself. He goes to her room (a padded cell actually) and we see that the patient is Drusilla (the full page illustration is beautiful – an excellent likeness of Juliette Landau/Drusilla looking haunted, with streaks of mascara running down her face.)

The doctor tells her that he’s like to get her cleaned up and move her to a more comfortable room if she promises to be good. Drusilla agrees. She has a shower, cleans up and leaves the bathroom. She also leaves two dead bodies behind her, licking her fingers as she goes. A guard takes her to a therapy session, while another finds her handy work in the bathroom. The guard doesn’t seem too perturbed by the grisly find. She makes a phone call to someone, asking them to send a clean-up crew and warning them to keep a close eye on her.

Forty-five minutes later, Drusilla is talking to her therapist:

Moons after my second daddy set me on fire, I saw in my head that my grandmum/daughter killed herself – And I haven’t seen my son/lover since he chose that cheerleader, but that could have been the chip in his brain. . .

The doctor suggests that they finish the session outside in the sunshine. But Dru has other ideas. She dances up the room in that typical Dru fashion and sits on the doctor’s lap and smiles wickedly. The doctor begins to sweat and mumbles something about this being very inappropriate but manages to ask Dru to write or draw her thoughts down. Surprisingly, Dru agrees.

Dru requests that a particular doctor (incidentally, the one from earlier who thought that there was no hope for her) be the one to take her to her new room. The therapist doctor sees this as a good thing, that she is reaching out to them and that they should encourage her. Dru completely unnerves the accompanying doctor by not walking but dancing down the corridor. Dru sneaks up behind the doctor, calls her a “colossal waste of time”, vamps out, and slits the doctor’s throat with her fingernail (ah la Kendra). Five other doctors find her standing over the dead body and she proceeds to slaughter them all. Then she goes to find the security guard who made the phone call before, who is in the process of making another phone call to whoever it was telling them that perhaps the time has come to burn down the hospital in order to cover up the mess she’s made. Drusilla kills her to and dances off down the corridor. . .

One Hour later:
And the hospital is just a blood bath. Blood everywhere. Dead bodies everywhere. “Little fingers, Little hands” is written in blood across the walls.

Dru has a flashback, London 1860:
Angelus rips a locket from around a woman’s neck. A young, dark-haired girl watches on. Angelus kills the woman. Dru sees everything.

Back at the hospital:
More blood, more bodies, some scenes are mirrored in flashback scenes, to (presumably) when Angelus killed her family.

More blood, more bodies. Memory of Angelus and Darla fornicating in front of her “snake in the woodshed, snake in the woodshed
More blood and yet more bodies. Dru is in top form. Suddenly she collapses and begins to draw. . .

We see her drawings in a splash page. They are all scenes from After the Fall – scenes from the coming apocalypse - Spike, Angel, Illyria, the dragon, hoards of demons, Hell-A…

The surviving doctor (her therapist) and the one who expressed hope for her at the very beginning find Dru. Drusilla warns them to leave town – “nothing will be as it is. The fury…the pit…

The doctors are fascinated by her drawings but don’t take her premonitions seriously. Suddenly Dru falls to the floor and has another flashy vision. She begins to draw again. This time she draws pictures of herself, Darla and Angelus, as they torment her just before changing her into a vampire. Angelus throws the locket into the fire, Darla and Angelus reach menacingly for Dru…

Dru keeps drawing… this time the picture is of people (and a chaos demon) all gathered together… The doctors talk some doctor-mumbo-jumbo to her which causes Dru to jump to her feet, adopt game-face and say ‘I told you to run…”

The doctors run! But Drusilla is swamped by the multitude of people who are suddenly, inexplicably in the room with her. Camera’s flash at the periphery. Drusilla is overwhelmed.

Next we see Drusilla, lying on the ground wearing 19th century clothing. Her pretty blue eyes open slowly, then widen in shock. She gets up and walks through her lovely town, a horse and buggy pass by, she walks through a pretty garden, enjoying the sunshine and thinks, “maybe this isn’t so bad…the fall, the fury, hell? Hmmmm….
She arrives home, is met by her mother and goes to her room and picks up a doll (just like Miss Edith, but without the blindfold) and says, “I wonder how long this will last?”

So the whole thing was a premonition from before she became a vampire. Nice twist.

[anchor=twentysix]Angel #26 – Boys and their Toys part 1[/anchor]
Written by Brian lynch
Art by Stephen Mooney
Coloured by Tom Smith/Scorpion Studios
Lettered by Robbie Robbins
Edited by Chris Ryall

A very large devil-type fellow rises up like a giant…thing over the city of Los Angeles. The people flee screaming “AAAAAAAIEEEE! Everything’s gone to Hell!”
Gunn (who looks suspiciously like Hurley from Lost) says the time has come to make their move. Angel (who looks suspiciously like Nic Cage) says, very heroically, that if anyone is going to risk their neck it will be him! And off he goes to show Lucifer what hell really feels like. He sends George (the German shepherd) back. His exit is interrupted by someone saying “Speaking as someone who’s seen all your sides, I gotta say, there’s not really one I don’t fancy love”. It’s a blonde chick and her name is Spike. Angel tells her to get out of here, they’re through and before you know it they sucking face like there’s no tomorrow.
Whoa. Is it hot in hell or s it just them?” God question Hurley, oops, I mean Gunn. Good question Gunn.

Then we see Angel sitting in a cinema, not really enjoying the movie. “Los Angeles went to Hell. Every third person in LA is a screenwriter. Sooner or later someone was going to write a movie about what happened. They could have gotten one fact correct. Just one

On screen:
Spike: is that a cursed hell-dagger in your pocket or are you just happy to see me?
Angel: Both baby. Both.

half the town’s settling into the denial stage. Hell was a bad dream. A naughty thought. It’s probably easier that way.”

The lights come up, a film director says he hopes the crowd enjoyed their little taste of Last Angel in Hell and now we see that Angel is actually at a Comic Con type convention. He’s there to find a certain artefact…

Connor was the one who suggests that a particular flaming sword might turn up at a the convention because they auction off high-end movie props and it would be an excellent way to traffic such goods in relative anonymity.

Angel comes across Spike who also happens to be at the convention (why is never really adressed. Maybe Spike is a comic book nerd. Not that there's anything wrong with that). It’s been a while since they’ve seen each other. While talking Spike overhears someone at the Last Angel in Hell movie panel telling the producers that they got it all wrong. Spike knows the voice. It is Jeremy (from Spike: After the Fall). Jeremy is very defensive saying:
My name is Jeremy Johns, I lived in San Diego but I do business in LA. Spike saved my live a bunch of times. He saved everyone he could and I’m 95% sure he was a dude!”
The movie people try to shut him up without success he goes on to say that the movie is full of lies and that even though he never met Angel, Spike had told him that they never dated, officially but that Spike considered Angel like a big brother. Angel looks at Spike with dry humour. Spike says Jerry must have been high on hell-fumes.

Jeremy continues his rant but only succeeds in getting thrown out of the convention. Spike and Angel go to his aid. Jerry hugs Spike (ah la Andrew in Damage) and introduces himself to Angel. Groo rings Angel to say that he's waiting in line for the prop auction. He seems to have committed ‘cutsies’ to get to the head of the cue. He tells Angel that he can see the sword (along with, amongst other things, the hover board from Back to the Future 2, a green lantern, and autographed picture of Brendan Fraser, a batman belt, a Thundercats sword…). Angel advises Groo not to buy the sword but see who else wants it. Groo also warns that “there are numerous otherworldly bounty hunters here in deceptively cheerful costumes” who are out to get Angel and that it would be best if he were to remain hidden somehow. Angel says that he’ll find a way.

Angel and Spike head back inside. Jeremy appears with a couple of complementary costumes – an Angel costume and a Spike costume. Jerry changes from wizard to ninja. The men on the stall who are giving away costumes are happy – they then proceed to do the chaos-costume spell (al la Ethan Rayne in Halloween)

Angel dresses and Spike, Spike dresses as Angel. A group of red-skinned demon assassins out to kill Angel are dressed as mascot-style teddy-bears. Angel and Spike get into a scuffle with the teddy bears. Angel loses his mask mid fight . . . And then the spell kicks in – suddenly there is much less punching than hugging as the demon bears become real life-size teddy bears and all the convention geeks who came dressed as super heroes now are super heroes – super powers and all. And of course, Spike is now Angel…

[anchor=twentyseven]Angel #27 – Boys and their toys part 2[/anchor]
Written by Brian lynch
Art by Stephen Mooney
Coloured by Tom Smith/Scorpion Studios
Lettered by Robbie Robbins
Edited by Chris Ryall

Okay, so it is chaos at the comic convention… ‘Superheroes’ fighting ‘superheros’ it’s like Civil War on a much smaller scale. And Spike thinks he’s Angel and Angel is not happy. Spike is saying lots of over-the-top-Angel-cliché-ridden stuff (too much to transcribe here, oh okay, you've twisted my arm, here’s an example: “I usually fight and then mope. But then I realised, I could save time if I mope while I fight!”) An Groo decides to call Spike ‘Spangel’, cos he’s, you know, a mix of Spike and Angel and hey, a wink to the non-canon shippers too.

So for the next few pages it’s (the real) Angel and Jeremy taking on ‘Zombies’ and Spike-as-angel and Groo taking on ‘aliens’. And then a demon with purple tentacles arrives and he wasn’t in the building when the spell was cast so he seems to be authentic, and anyway, Angel can smell the difference. Tentacles knocks out Jerry. Tentacles knocks Angel down then picks him up by his coat lapels and says that he is here to slaughter a vampire. Angel asks if Tentacles is at least going to try and find the flaming sword before he kills him. Tentacles asks “you?” and goes on to explain that he was paid a huge sum of money to kill Spike, not Angel. He contemplates keeping Angel and auctioning him off to the highest bidder. Spike-as-Angel gets on the loud speaker and tries to calm the situation, giving Angel the opportunity to poke a pen into Tentacles eye and escape. Spike continues, telling the people to honour the superheros they came dressed as by becoming like them and work together to find whatever has caused the identity confusion. Which is all good and well, except that half the people came dressed as villains. Civil war just turned into all-out war.

Angel finds a little boy in a wizard costume (Jerry’s discarded one from earlier actually) and gets him to do a spell to summon the magical item that caused the transformations. Meanwhile, the two dudes who did the spell (a ninja and a fat Superman) are proclaiming themselves as gods when the chaos statue comes flying out of their tent, going straight to Angel. Angel destroys the statue and everything returns to normal.

Groo goes to take care of the teddy-bear demons with the flaming sword (he’s also got himself a sweet hover-board)

So Spike and Angel have a little chat – Someone wants Spike dead – they’re going to look into it. Spike seems chuffed that Jeremy invited him to his wedding. He thinks he’ll go. He also says to Angel:
Is it always like that for you? Freaking out over the safety of every single person?
To which Angel replies, “So you’re claiming you’re not the same way? I’ve seen you in action, Spike. I know you and I hate to admit it as much as you’ll hate to hear it, but…”
Spike says, “Get this straight Angel, I’m not you. What I mean, is… I lend a hand if I’m bored, but…but… Never gets any easier, does it?”
Angel replies, “I really want to say yes Spike. I really do

The End

* So Boys and their Toys is pretty funny – the characterisation is not quite right but that might be because it could almost be classified a parody of the Spike/Angel relationship. Still Thank you Brian Lynch for a truly engaging series that was, for the most part, very authentic and in keeping with Angel: the series :)


Apr 24, 2009
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[anchor=spikeone]Spike: After the Fall [/anchor]
Issue #1

Script: Brian Lynch
Pencils: Franco Urru
Colors: Art Lyon
Letters: Robbie Robbins
Cover Art: Franco Urru

The story begins with Spike’s narration about LA since it has gone to hell. Spike jumps into a battle with a group of reptilian demons who soon get the better of him. He distracts them by talking too much until Illyria comes to the rescue.

After the battle Spike turns to see Illyria holding up a human child and expressing her desire to end him. Spike takes the boy from her and turns to a group of humans and asks the crowd which of them would like a kid, showing us the people that Spike has been working so hard to protect.

The story continues a few hours later. Spike and a human named Jeremy (whom Spike keeps calling Jerry) appear to be in a broken down theme park. Spike continues to narrate about life in LA. We see that Illyria can not only alternate between Fred and Illyria but also that Illyria is spending a lot of time as Fred. Spike points out that seeing Fred’s friendly face is just another way for Wolfram and Hart to twist the knife. He then elaborates on the battles and lifestyle and Illyria’s extreme preference for violence.
Spike turns to see that Illyria has turned into Fred again. He grabs her and drags her away from the child she was talking to. He tries to tell the people that it’s important to keep the kid away from Fred.

Minutes later Spike is standing next to a control panel while Jeremy tries his best to figure out how to work all the buttons on the panel. Spike says something about Fred noticing something and then next panel has Fred looking down at a bandage on her stomach that has blood seeping through it. At this point Jeremy figures out the controls and the ride starts with Fred on it. The adrenaline from the ride turns her back into Illyria.

Jeremy asks Spike why he’s so set on keeping Fred turned into Illyria and he tries to explain by example by slapping Jeremy and then letting Jeremy slap him. To prove the point that demon strength is a good thing to have in their situation. But at the last minute Spike decides not to let Jeremy slap him and opts to just explain it in words instead. For Fred to be safe in this environment, she needs to stay Illyria.

Jeremy says that he sees the way that Spike looks at Fred/Illyria and we find out that Jeremy was going out to propose to his girl in San Diego and if he’d left a couple hours earlier he wouldn’t be caught in Hell. Spike is trying to come up with a response and in his internal monologue, says that it’s not like that with him and Fred but before he can say anything a group of humans come up with questions for Spike.They want one of the rides started back up for their own amusement and Spike shuts that idea down immediately. He tells them that if they are bored to go play with Illyria.

Some more of those reptilian demons are hanging about and they watch as Spike leaves. Before they can do anything to the humans another group of demons shows up, all female, and kills them all, claiming that Spike is their kill.

Spike goes to Wolfram and Hart and runs right into the dragon that was mentioned at the end of Angel: The Series. Meanwhile, back at the humans hideout, the pack of wicked looking feminine demons that took out the reptilian demons appears before the humans and demands subservience or death.

[anchor=spiketwo]Spike: After the Fall[/anchor]
Issue #2

Script: Brian Lynch
Pencils: Franco Urru
Colors: Art Lyon
Letters: Robbie Robbins
Cover Art: Franco Urru

This issue begins with Spike’s musing on how he could take out the Dragon if it comes to a fight. They don’t fight, instead the dragon offers Spike a ride, which he accepts. The dragon takes him to the roof of Wolfram and Hart and once there Spike gets zapped by a creature looking to get some more energy. Spike then decides that going to Wolfram and Hart is never a good idea and will henceforth avoid the place.

Spike returns to his pack of humans to find out that they, and Illyria are missing, but close-by based upon the smells in the area. He grabs a bunch of weapons and goes to search and runs into girl holding a lot of carnival prizes. Eight spidery legs pop from her back and Spike pulls out a knife.

In the next scene one of the demon women is telling all of the humans the rules, such as no eye contact or trying to run or fighting back. Fred was talking during the speech and the demon says that she is going to make an example of Fred. Jeremy tells her to hulk out into Illyria but it doesn’t work.

Before anything else happens another female demon named Non shows up. She is obviously the leader. She grabs Fred and informs her that she is crackling with power and then tells everyone that they are going to die one way or another.

Spike drives onto the scene. It seems that he has managed to knock his enemy unconscious and take her truck. He tries to run over Non but she grabs Fred and puts her in front of her. At the last minute Fred turns into Illyria and the truck gets crushed from running into her.

Spike jumps into the fray and Illyria starts fighting Non. The battle is going well for the heroes. But once Illyria starts to get the better of Non, Non starts sucking the life force out of all the humans around her. As she does this she gets stronger and stronger until she takes out Illyria. Spike blacks out while this happens.

When he wakes he is chained to a wall and getting tortured by Non. He asks about Fred/Illyria but doesn’t get much of an answer from Non. She leaves the room and Spike is left surrounded by the decaying, yet still animate, corpses of all the people he had been trying to protect.

[anchor=spikethree]Spike: After the Fall[/anchor]
Issue #3

Plotted by Joss Whedon and Brian Lynch
Scripted by Brian Lynch
Illustrated by Franco Urru
Colored by Jason Jensen
Lettered by Neil Uyetake
Edited by Chris Ryall

This issue begins with Spike trying to distract himself from being tortured by daydreaming. In this dream he is shopping with Fred and pushing George around in the shopping cart and, as usual, Spike is poking fun at Angel.

He comes out of the daydream and we see that he has been spending a lot of time being tortured, perfoming maual labor and eating rats.

Non is still the main torturer. She seems to be enjoying herself but she has to go. She passes the torture duties onto another of the girls. Spike tells Non that he knows that she's going somewhere important based on how she cleaned herself up. She seems irritated at his perceptiveness. Then she leaves.

Spike is now alone with the other girl, Spider, who is supposed to continue with the torture. Instead, it seems that Spider has become attracted to Spike. Because of this she has been helping him. She points out that Spike needs to stop antagonizing Non. She says she's had a hard enough time keeping Spike alive over the past month.

Spike asks about Fred/Illyria and Spider tells him not to worry about her. Spike tries to get Spider to let him go but she says that she can't because Non is too powerful. Spike starts to really wonder about what kind of power Non has.

The scene changes to Non standing with weapons sticking out of her, but they don't seem to phase her. There is a body of a slayer at her feet and she says that she doesn't understand what the fuss about slayers is all about. She obviously didn't have much trouble taking this one out.

Gunn and another tall vampire enter the scene. Non tells Gunn that if he's interested in taking down LA, she wants to help him do it. Gunn starts to reject her but she tells him that she has Spike and Illyria.

He still rejects her and actually manages to hurt her enough, in the ensuing fight, that she leaves. And Gunn hints that Illyria is a part of future events that have nothing to do with Non or Spike.

Non decides that Spike and Illyria are useless for leverage against Gunn. So she changes her plans regarding them. She decides that it's time to kill them.

Spike is dragged outside. Non wants to make an example of Illyria and Spike, starting with executing Illyria. Illyria is forced to her knees and Non tries to behead her. Only it doesn't work. The ax broke and Illyria is unharmed.

Illyria stands and claims that she's had enough and that making her kneel is unacceptable. Illyria proceeds to fight Non and does an admirable job of taking her down.

Non starts to life suck the humans in the area to regain her strength and Spike is trying to fight as well. Spike doesn't want Illyria to see him, in case that would make her turn back into Fred. Fred is vulnerable, and he doesn't want that.

Illyria comes to Spike anyway. She seems upset that Spike had "intercourse with a lesser," meaning Spider. Illyria kisses Spike so that she will be his main priority again and he says that she always was.

Then Jeremy calls for Spike. Non is holding Jeremy up, getting ready to kill him. She'd kept him alive all this time so that she could have some leverage over Spike. Even though Spike is still calling the guy Jerry rather than Jeremy.

Then Conner shows up and stabs Non in the back with a spear and saves Jeremy.

Spike is left with the thought, "Hey, isn't that Angel's kid?"

To be continued . . .

[anchor=spikefour]Spike: After the Fall[/anchor]
Issue #4

Plotted by Joss Whedon and Brian Lynch
Scripted by Brian Lynch
Illustrated by Franco Urru
Colored by Art Lyon
Lettered by Robbie Robbins
Edited by Chris Ryall

This issue starts with Conner and Non facing off. Spike wants Conner to stop talking and start stabbing. Illyria is protecting Jeremy. And Non is excited that she gets to kill Angel's kid.

Spike steps into the fight and hits Non with a chain . . . repeatedly. He gets distracted talking to Conner and Non gets back up and knocks Spike away. She takes a hold of Conner and tries to suck his life force to get herself some more energy but it doesn't work. Since Conner is the product of two vampires, he doesn't exactly fall under the catagory of human.

Spike tells Illyria to get "Jerry" out of there and Spider shows up behind him and yells to Non that she has Spike. Spike is confused about her actions and she's nice again for a minute before she's screaming "Die, Spike, Die!"

It turns out that she's being controlled by a mind control demon that is part of Non's crew. Spike tells Illyria to go after the mind control demon. The demon tries to dig around and get to the Fred part of Illyria so that she can control her.

Fred does come back out and seems upset with how scared the demon looks. Spike is trying to tell Fred to get past that because if Illyria doesn't come back out to save them, then they are all dead. Non goes back to fighting Spike and Illyria tears off the mind control demon's head.

Once the mind control demon is gone a lot of the girls on Non's crew are set free. It turns out that they had been forced to follow Non all this time. Turns out that that doesn't actually make that much of a difference, since a lot of them were actually bad to begin with.

So Spike throws down and challenges Non to one on one combat, and the winner is the new leader of this group of demon women. During the fight Spike is making a huge speech about how all the things he's done. To build up his street cred before the battle is even over.

Non starts to pull the life out of Jeremy, so that she can keep fighting and Spike tells Illyria to get Jeremy away from her. Instead Illyria kills Jeremy, so that Non can't keep taking his energy. Spike is horrified.

Non tells Spike that what Gunn told her earlier. That neither Spike nor Non are there are the end. And Spike doesn't care. He takes that moment to behead Non and the Illyria has some sort of crisis.

She turns from Illyria, to a tentacle monster, and then into Fred. The whole time she is rationalizing killing Jeremy and that it was the right thing to do. And Spike is stuck with the job of reassuring her.

He burns down the mansion that he'd been captive in this long month, buries Jeremy, and heads off to find a new place to stay. He kicks out the demons in the area, saying that if they leave Illyria won't kill them.

After this Spike and Illyria are the new Lords of Beverly Hills. Conner visits a week later and Spike tells him that he can train him with the demon girls if he wants. And he decides to help Conner save humans in need of help in the area. But he says that all the humans need to go with Conner.

It ends with Spike and Conner going out to fight the demons and save the people.

"All Bloody Hail."

The End

[anchor=angelone]Angel: Only Human[/anchor]
Issue #1

Written by: Scott Lobdell
Art: David Messina
Colored by: Mirco Pierfedrici & Ilaria Traversi
Color Assist by: Andrea Priorini of 2B STUDIO
Lettered by: Malaka Studio
Edited by: Chris Ryall & Mariah Huehner

This story begins with Gunn's narration. He's watching a Hedon-Deamon dance and thinking about how he may have lived some time as a vampire now. But that doesn't mean that he doesn't always know what's going on in LA. The next page expands the scene past the dancing demon to reveal that Gunn is actually at a Demon drag race.

Why is there a demon drag race? The cars are racing to see who can slam into a commuter train first.

Gunn's narration introduces Illyria as his "partner" and as an old one. One of the big bads of demons, from back when pure demons still roamed the Earth. He talks about her citadel, Vahla Ha'Nesh and how it lies where LA is now.

While Gunn is narrating Illyria rips apart both of the cars that were involved in the drag race. She comments that ripping those cars apart was satifying. All of the demons at this event try to run away once they realize who Illyria is. Gunn jumps on top of the bus they are trying to flee in.

In the next fram Gunn and Illyria are walking away from the wreckage of thier demon slaying and Gunn talks about how he has always been a vampire slayer, and that not too long ago, he was one himself. He says it's a really long story but that he got better.

"That is, my body did. And most of my brain. My soul? Jury is still out."

Gunn then spends some time speculating on what it must be like to be Illyria. One minutes a powerful god with followers and then she's in the body of a sweet young girl. Illria comes in and they talk about the duality in Gunn and in Illyria.

It turns out that Gunn and Illyria have been staying in Fred's apartment. A situation that bothers both of them. The ansering machine gets a message from Fred's parents. They'd like to see Fred. And there's a funeral coming up for her uncle.

Gunn and Illyria decide to go. Gunn just wants to get out of LA and Illyria wants to experience a funeral. On the road trip Gunn reminices about his grandmother and Illyria reminces about how the world used to be and how she made her fun by throwing people in lava. She misses it.

And Illyria convinces Gunn that she should drive for a while. She's gotten better at driving and it turns out that Illyria can access Fred's memories and use them to learn things. Such as how to drive.

When they get to the Burkle's Illyria refuses to change into Fred. But the Burkle's seem to completely accept that their daughter has gone through a change and has decided to be a "blue goth."

Illyria and Gunn are out walking when Illyria senses some demons. She warps herself and Gunn to where they are. The demons plead for mercy and Illyria says that she will grant them mercy by killing them all in one blow.

And Gunn says "Urm, Illyria? I think you need to broaden your definition of 'mercy.'"

[anchor=angeltwo]Angel: Only Human [/anchor]
Issue #2

Written by: Scott Lobdell
Art by: David Messina
Art Assist by: Emanuela Lupacchino
Inks by: Gaetano Carlucci
Color by: Ilaria Tracersi
Aolor Assist by: Andrea Priorini of 2B Studio
Lettered by: Neil Uyetake
Edited by: Mariah Huehner

This issue starts at a demon bar where all kinds of demons are welcome. The narrater is one of these demons, that's been coming there for a while and never had a problem before thsi night.

Then a blue horned demon walks in in a military outfit.

A red horned demon tells them that they need to leave and no one will get hurt. Apparently these blue horned demons aren't welcome.

The leader of the blue demons says that they are actually there to hurt all the demons at the bar. He starts talking about how demons used to be pure and didn't mix thier blood with other demons.

Here it is revealed that these demons in uniform are, in fact, "The Scourge." The Scourge is a group of demons looking to eradicate all demons that aren't pure. They have no other concern or purpose.

The narrator says that once the fight at the bar breaks out, she and her child escaped in the confusion. They kept running, with other demons running from The Scourge and found a place to stay together. In the barn that Gunn and Illyria found at the end of the first issue.

After this story Gunn tells all these running demons that they don't need to run anymore and that he and Illyria will take care of this for them. Illyria thinks that Gunn lied to them when he said that they'd help.

The next scene takes place at Fred's uncle's funeral. Gunn spends the entire time worrying about how Illyria is going to react to the proceedings. At the wake a guy that Fred went to prom with takes Illyria to the side and says he'll refresh her memory about Prom. Gunn worries about what Illyria will do to this guy.

Illyria and the guy, Jason Polt, go outside and he reminices about when they were younger and she tells him he's annoying and that he should stop talking. Gunn is in the background watching. Jason kisses Illyria and at the end of it Ilyria just says, "It worked. You stopped talking." and the guy runs off while Illyria muses that she may never understand humans.

Gunn comes out of hiding and asks if Illyria wants to go see if they can take out The Scourge. She eventually goes along with it.

The enxt scene shows one of the leaders of The Scourge giving a speech about how they are on the brink of The Scourge's greatest triumph. Gunn and Illyria are there scoping out the sheer number of demons. The Scourge is still talking about how someone will arise and lead them to take out all the humans and the world will be thiers.

It turns out that they are talking about the "Mutari Generator." They want to use it, because it has the power of Illyria stored inside. Illyria wants the generatot and says that she is going to kill all of the members of The Scourge. But before she can do anything the leader uses the generator.

He aims it at the floor. Gunn tries to get Illyria to tell him what's going on but she looks embarrased for some reason. The ground starts breaking apart and a large snake like pure demon emerges and greets Illyria.

[anchor=angelthree]Angel: Only Human[/anchor]
Issue #3

Written by: Scot Lobdell
Art by: David Messina
Color by: Ilaria Traversi
Color assist by: Andrea Priorini of 2B Studio
Inks by: Gaetano Carlucci
Lettered by: Neil Uyetake
Edited by: Mariah Huehner

This issue begins with Illyria, in full demon form, narrating. She's talking about a rebellion that rose up against her long ago. The Darque worms rose against her and she completely quelled the uprising. She brings the son of the leader of this rebellion forward. It is the large snake demon from the end of the previous issue.

She stabs him with her tentacles. She killed him and played with his body until she grew bored. And then, for some reason, brought him back to life. And keeps him as a pet. Her first pet.

The scene changes to the present and Gunn is thinking about how he's seen Illyria fight some pretty impressive things, but he's not so sure about her fighting this Darque worm. Illyria basically tells him not to worry too much about it and then points out a patch of soul fire that they must avoid.

Right after that the soul fire touches Gunn and it flashes him back to when he was 12 years old, in his grandmother's kitchen. He's watching his grandmother get attacked a vampire, the first one that Gunn had ever seen. His grandmother staked the vamp and saved him.

Gunn comes back to the present and Illyria stops time and phases them to another location. Both of these things, she isn't supposed to be able to do anymore. It seems that being close to her old power has given her some of it back. And the Darque worm has followed them to where she phased them.

The narration goes back to Illyria and she thinks that she reminices about her first pet. She had liked having him, but he turned against her. She doesn't understand why her Darque worm didn't take more honor in the position as her pet. She asks him how he feels and he says she doesn't care, which she denies. She is upset that he tried to start another rebellion. Keeping him alive as her pet was meant to be a mercy.

The Darque worm, Baticus, doesn't see it that way. But still she sends him to an imprisionment that will last for ages instead of just outright killing him. She buries him.

It shifts to Gunn, thinking he has a bad feeling about all this. And then he's young again, taking his sister into the hospital to visit thier grandmother. She is very sick, on her deathbed. She tells Gunn that she hopes he meets a similar end.

The story shifts back to the present again. Illyria tells Gunn to put and he does. The Darqe Worm Baticus tells them that they will never win against his army and Illyria calls him a coward for hiding behind his army.

So he burns his army to show her that he doesn't need them. He wants her to burn with them. The force of the explosion caused by Baticus threw Gunn's truck a fair distance away, but the fact that he was in neutral stopped him from skidding further.

Illyria is completley unimpressed by The Darque Worm Baticus. He asks her why she won't fall and then tells her to.

She only says "No."

[anchor=angelfour]Angel: Only Human [/anchor]
Issue #4

Written by: Scott Lobdell
Art & Pencils by: David Messina
Inks by: Gaetano Carlucci
Color by: Ilaria Traversi
Color Assist by: Andrea Priorini of 2B Studio
Lettered by: Neil Uyetake and Chris Mowry
Edited by: Mariah Huehner

This issue begins with another introduction of Illyria. How she is an old one and how she's spend a 1,000 years in one battle. This is followed by another introduction of Baticus, who was Illyria's first pet. It informs us that he has most of her power, from the Mutari Generator.

Baticus goes to Gunn and asks him if he is Illyria's new pet. A conversation ensues that tells us that The Scourge has been corraling demons, the ones in the barn that Gunn and Illyria met earlier. Thier deaths will root Baticus onto this plane.

Right at the end of this conversation Illyria arrives and tears Baticus in half. She says that he wasn't her favorite pet ever. After he's dead Gunn tells Illyria that Baticus ordereed The Scourge to kill all the Stygian demons and that they've got to stop them. Illyria wants to know why they should stop them from killing the Stygians.

Some interesting gushing sounds start coming out of where Illyria cut Baticus in half. And Gunn explains that the Stygian demons are innocent and that's why they should be saved. After this Illyria finally notices the squishy sounds cmoing from Baticus and tells him not to bother getting up.

Baticus rears up and stabs Illyria through the stomach with one of his mandables. She tells Gunn to go save the Stygians so that Baticus won't have an anchor onto this plane. And she tells him that she's having fun for the first time in a millenia and to just go, even though she is wounded.

As soon as Gunn is gone she gets up and continues battling Baticus.

We go to Gunn's perspective and he's thinking about how a month ago he was a vampire and now he's prepared to fight to the death to save some demons. He thinks about how his grandmother trained him to fight.

We go back to Illyria to see her throwing Baticus to the ground. He's not doing so well in this fight.Illyria tells him at the end of the battle that this is the end for him.

We go back to Gunn's story and he arrives at where the Stygian demons are staying and tells them all to get in the barn. Mostly he just doesn't want them to see him fight.

Angel: Only Human
Issue #5

Written by: Scott Lobdell
Art by: David Messina
Inks by: Gaetano Carlucci
Colors by: Ilaria Traversi
Color Assist by: Chiara Cinabro
Lettered by: Neil Uyetake
Edited by: Mariah Huehner

This issue starts with a vamped out Gunn standing over all the bloodied corpses of The Scourge and thinking about how easily thier bones broke.

The next page tells us that that was just Gunn thinking about how much easier this fight would have been if he was still a vampire. He is making his stand in front of the barn. All the Stygian demons are hiding inside and The Scourge is standing before him. He tells them that they are never going to get to the Stygians.

The Scourge try to taunt Gunn with his inevitable failure but Gunn still has his attitude. And even while this is happening, he is wondering about Illyria.

It goes to her story, and she asks Baticus if he gives up. And he says that he was about to ask her that question. They banter for a while, he promises to get his revenge on her for destroying his people and burying him for ages and she tells him that he was always willful and that he was a bad pet. And the fight continues.

The story goes back to Gunn. The Scourge are going to simply shoot Gunn but Gunn tells them that they are lame for needing to use guns on one puny human. This hits on the leader's pride and he has his men lay down thier weapons. And as soon as they do Gunn pulls out the guns he's had hidden and takes as many out as he can as quickly as possible.

And he ends up winning. Turning back to using his ax at the end. And the Stygian demons are surprised that he followed through with his word and saved them.

Back to Ilyria. It seems that Batcus has held her down for 100 seconds and seems to think that means that he is the victor. But then he gets what looks like some sort of shock all over his body. And Gunn can hear it, miles away.

Baticus wants to know what is happening and Illyria chides him for every thinking that he could defeat her.

Gunn is gettingy read to leave and find Illyria but then thinks better of it when the Stygian demons offer him dinner. He wonders what they are having.

Illyria is talking to Baticus and tells him that his body was simply no match for her power. She simply had to wait him out. Even she, Illyria, with all of her power, could not make her body hold all that power, so there was no way that Baticus could.

At the end Baticus begs for Illyria to kill him mercifully. And she does.

Gunn goes into the farm house to find that the Stygians had eaten the farm people that had lived at that farm house they hid in. And he had saved them. Gunn sets the barn on fire and leaves.

At the end they had both gone on this trip to try to get some space and perspective on their pasts. His as a vampire and hers as an old one. They are both only human now. And the trip had changed them both.

And at the very end. Illyria decides that she needs a new pet. Perhaps a cat. Since they don't require much attention.
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Aug 11, 2010
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[anchor=devilone]Spike: The Devil You Know[/anchor]
Issue #1

Writer: Bill Williams
Artist: Chris Cross
Inker: Marc Deering
Colorist: Felix Serrano
Letters: Robbie Robbins
Editor: Mariah Huehner
Cover: Franco Urru

Spike, the vampire whose soul is striving for its own identity, is now ready for his own mission, after getting out from under Angel's shadow.

In the middle of the night, we find Spike getting out of a pub, his arm around a brunette girl. It's closing time, but Spike's night has just began.
Spike asks the girl where her car is and she tells him that it's in a garage, around the corner. He wants her to lead the way.

"I wasn't looking for trouble tonight, but anybody who can recite Felix Dennis is alright with me".

On their way, they run into a homeless person who says that he's nobody. Probably one of the remains of the Hell Buffy was in when she ran off to Los Angeles, after killing her lover.
Spike and the girl ignore the man, and Spike jokes on his account.

"Can't put a finger on it, but I've felt weird lately".

On their way, Spike seems as weird as he feels. He's rocking backward and forward, mumbles things he can't even grasp. He's clearly drunk.

As they get to the garage, where the girl has parked her car, she notices a lucky charm around Spike's neck.
The girl wants to see it, as Spike seems to flirt with her. She wants a kiss from him, and he's happy to do that. They kiss. But then, the girl reaches out to grab the lucky charm from Spike's neck, saying, "Kill him"! He thinks she's drunk.

A punk man appears from nowhere. He's a vampire. Spike gets annoyed at the brunette girl, doesn't understand what's going on. They start fighting, and apparently she knows exactly who he is. She wants the lucky charm. 2 More vampires show up and they all get into a fight. As the fight intenses, they all fall from the building. Spike and the punk vampire land on the hard surface, whereas the other vampire falls on the gate's pointy arrows, being spiked by them.

Spike picks up a stake, made from the breaks around them, and kills the other vampire.
A female vampire shows up, and Spike is ready with his stake. She's working for the brunette girl that Spike went out with. She tells Spike that they (the vampires he fought) were hired to kill him. Spike asks her what's going on, but she doesn't know, that girl does. Spike says "okay, I'll ask her then". And without hesitation, he stakes the vampire.

Spike returns to the spot from before the fight. The car is smashed. But that doesn’t matter. He locates something on the floor, next to the car, and picks it up. It's an invitation. To meet Tansy Fry tomorrow night.

A flashback. We see 2 guys standing in the hallway of what seems to be a mansion. These are Angelus and William the Bloody. A girl passes by them. They wonder who she is.

Back to Spike, the day after the fight. It's the day that the invitation was talking about. We're at the Hyperion. Illyria is there too. Illyria has Fred's memories. And she doesn't know why. Spike suggests that it's because she feels guilty that she killed Fred. But Illyria doesn't understand the meaning of the word 'guilt'. Spike excuses himself, and she tells him that it's likely he will die tonight. But that doesn't scare Spike.

The sun sets. A pretty blonde girl is talking on the phone with the brunette girl, whose name now we know – Andrea. The blond plans on killing Spike and opening the Hellmouth.

Now it's night time, and Spike is overviewing the house from behind the bush just outside the house. Spike goes to check if the door is locked. It's not. So he walks in. He's looking for the party. He opens a door to find Andrea talking to a well dressed man. She tells him that Tansy is reforming The Order of Aurelius, and her job is to recruit vampires. Andrea gives him a task, to manage the crew of vampires.
A delivery person starts talking about Tansy's plans, saying that she has developed a mini-Hellmouth. Andrea says that the only thing that can stop Tansy's plan is the mystic coin.

As the guy, whose name is Terrence, says he's in, Spike emerges in. He's pissed, he wants the lucky charm back, the one that's been stolen from his neck.
Andrea, who's glad to see Spike, asks him if he would like to join them in their plan. But Spike only wants the coin back.
Terrence charges Spike, now with his vamp face out. Spike pulls out a stake and stakes Terrence, no trouble at all.

The delivery person gets shot by a man with a gun that shows up. Andrea tells him to kill both and he starts shooting Spike, who keeps yelling that he's a vampire, and vampires can't be shot to death.

A fight starts between them all. The gun guy doesn't want to get involved in it. But then he shots the huge vampire that was fiercely fighting Spike. He then says that his name is Eddie.
Eddie asks Spike what the Hellmouth is, and says that he has a program that can find the Hellmouth, or at least get them on the right track from Percy's notes. They both walk out, on their way to close the Hellmouth. Spike doesn't know who this Eddie is, and doesn't really trust him. But he walks out with him anyway.

[anchor=deviltwo]Spike: The Devil You Know[/anchor]
Issue #2

Writer: Bill Williams
Artist: Chris Cross
Inker: Marc Deering
Colorist: Felix Serrano
Letters: Robbie Robbins
Editor: Mariah Huehner
Cover: Franco Urru

At Tansy Fry's secret hideout, Tansy threatens her minions and tells them to get things sorted. We also see a female demon or a creature, doing a ritual.

In the next frame, Spike and Eddie are standing outside the car. Spike suggests Eddie stays in the car, but Eddie refuses. Spike realizes that he doesn't trust him. Eddie leaves his weapon in the car, and they both make their way to a scary warehouse.
Eddie tries to force the door open, but it doesn't work. So Spike rips it open. Spike and Eddie tease each other, then walk in. or… Eddie walks in. But Spike needs an invitation. He tells Eddie to claim the place as his own so that he could invite him in.

"Eddie is a terrible sidekick. He's fired, assuming he lives through the night".

"About time", Spike mumbles to himself as he falls right inside after the invitation has been received, and he walks inside.

Both Spike and Eddie find a big room with an enormous machine. They get closer to it. Spike doesn't notice Eddie, who's also in the room. Spike tastes blood in the air. "Why would you need that much blood"? Spike asks. "Maybe you need to feed an army", Eddie suggests.

Then Spike finds himself thanking Eddie for letting him in. Eddie says "Sure", but then realizes something. He didn't let Spike in.

In the next panel, we see that above Spike and Eddie, on the balcony, Andrea and two more vampires are watching them. Andrea announces that it's a trap. She orders the two vampires to kill Spike and Eddie. But Spike isn't impressed.

Just then, a bunch of vampires burst in. Within a second, Spike and Eddie are surrounded by too many vampires. Spike isn't sure that Eddie is actually able to handle it. But Eddie assures that he is able, by turning into a blue-ish devil looking demon.

Spike accuses him for being the bad smell that he sensed. They start arguing, while fist fighting, about their smell.

In the next panels, there's a big fight between Spike and the bad guys. And clearly Eddie doesn't do his job, which is to keep them away from Spike. He breathes and covers the bad guys in ice or smoke, or something.

Andrea, who oversees the whole thing, is confused. "Find out who that other demon is", She orders.

Meanwhile, at the hideout, Tansy is about to create a rift, to open the Hellmouth, that is big enough for man's size.

Back to the fighting scene, where Spike and demon Eddie are fighting the bad guys.
Andrea heads for the door. Spike notices that. "We've got to catch her".
Eddie tells Spike to go get her while he's taking care of the business here. But Spike says that Eddie goes to get her. He goes Andrea telling Spike not to die.
After Eddie leaves, Spike's in trouble. A big sized vampire raises a stake above Spike's chest, while Spike is being held down. At the last second, Eddie shows up and saves Spike's life. Then he rushes off again, following the scent of alcohol.

He traces the source of the smell, behind a door. He says that he knows she's there, and that he just wants to talk… not true.
At the other side of the door we see Andrea, holding a bottle with something fire-y in it.
There's a big explosion as Andrea throws the bottle at Eddie.

In the next panel we see Spike reacts to the explosion. He's being told that he's on the losing side. Spike doesn't buy it.

Eddie emerges, saying that the offices are on fire and that they need to get moving.
They rush out as the whole place burns down.

"That was a waste of time", Spike comments. They now have a shrinking army, that they know now. As they get back to the car, they tease each other again.

Back at the hideout, the job is about done. The rift of the mini-Hellmouth needs a day to stabilize before they could move on. Tansy plans on packing and head for Dallas by late tomorrow. "We'll leave Andrea to manage this whole thing".

Then we see Tansy Fry's client. A devil looking female demon with horns and a pet demon. Tansy is on her way to her next job.

[anchor=devilthree]Spike: The Devil You Know[/anchor]
Issue #3

Writer: Bill Williams
Artist: Chris Cross
Inker: Marc Deering
Colorist: Ronda Pattison
Letters: Neil Uyetake
Editor: Mariah Huehner
Cover: Franco Urru

"I still don't see why we're here", Eddie follows Spike as they walk from the car to the elevator.

"There's a demon named Beryl who hangs his hat here", Spike explains to him as enter the elevator. "I'm going to bargain with him and find out what he knows".

They enter the fancy place, where we see at the corner a bunch of people admiring an art piece. Then they get to a casino house and Eddie signs himself up to play for cash. Spike on the other hand, goes to work. Eddie walks away while Spike mumbles to himself, "Tool".

On the next page, we're back to the Tansy Fry's part of the story. Tansy argues with her client, the female demon with a pet demon. Tansy says that there was a contract, to open an access to our world and use the Hellmouth once. But now the client wants more, more than the written contract.
As Tansy threatens her, we see the demon duchess walks away, even when Tansy tries to stop her. But she doesn't stop. She keeps walking into the sunset. Before she's gone, she turns around and tells Tansy, "Do you want to cross over and tell them our deal is off and that my word is not good?"

They then make a deal that works for both of them. After every ten of paying customers come through, two of the duchess' come over for free. They close the deal as we move on to the next page.

We're at the kitchen of the casino house. Spike is talking to Beryl, a green demon who's in the middle of cooking. After chit chat about smoking, Spike simply dives into business. He needs to know who's doing hiring around the city. Beryl tells him that nobody is hiring right now. Spike changes his question to who was hiring. Beryl gives Spike Andrea's name and Spike of course recognizes it immediately.

We turn the page.

"When me and Angelus and the girls were wandering through Europe, we hit a village that she had run through".

We get a flashback of Spike and Angelus standing in the center of a massacre.

"She didn't even take the time to eat all of her kills. Tansy killed in a rage".

Now we return to present time. Where Spike and Beryl are talking. Spike tells him that someone had confused Tansy with Darla. After Spike finishes telling him who Tansy is, Beryl says to Spike that the vampires that are looking to work for food were supposed to get out to a meeting place near the old reservoir. Spike thanks him for the information and Beryl just wants him out of his kitchen.

In the next page, Eddie is at the middle of a poker game with a few demons. Spike comes in, but Eddie doesn’t want to stop the game, even when Spike tells him that he's found what they were looking for. Spike teases Eddie and his poker playing skills, as we move to the next page.

Another customer, a huge demon, metallic, had just come out of the mini-Hellmouth. But he has no money to pay. He only has his armor and his sword. That gives Tansy an idea. She asks him if he's any good with it. When he says that he is, Tansy has a mission for him. To solve a blonde problem.

Back to Spike and Eddie. They're standing in front of the elevator, still talking about the poker game. And they keep talking all the way into the parking lot. Eddie punches Spike, who annoys him.

Just then, Spike is being shot in his chest. From a nearby van, Andrea comes out along with 3 scary demons. She's holding a crossbow, a one that had just shot an arrow from it. But it doesn't kill Spike. Andrea rants.

As Spike takes out the arrow out of his chest, Eddie turns into his demon self. Eddie wonders what those demons are. "Grappler demons", Spike replies.

The demons charge them, and Spike attacks back. Andrea aims the crossbow at Spike, telling her demons that she wants 2 of them on Eddie and 1 holding Spike steady. "Vampires come with an off switch".

But Eddie attacks the demons by throwing his ice ray thing at them. No. he missed all three. Spike scolds him. "Try doing something useful, next time"

Eddie drops the ice ray strategy, and starts punching the demons with his own hands. He tries to make Spike admit that he wouldn't be alive if it wasn't for him. Then he starts shooting ice ray again, this time using it on Andrea. All while arguing with Spike about how Spike needs him to live. Spike gets mad while snapping one of the demons' necks.

Spike had enough. This time he attacks Eddie, right in his face. WHAM!

"What was that?" Eddie questions him, obviously shocked by the fist in his face.

Spike smiles as he says 'sorry' to him, then jokes on his account.

In the next shot, we see Andrea tied up by the ice that Eddie had used on her. She's shocked that she got caught by these two.

Spike and Eddie get into ANOTHER argument. Spike tells him that he's not as tough as he looks. They then make a deal where Eddie will prove that he is tougher than he looks.

Eddie claims that it's his turn to question somebody. Spike gives him a green light.
Andrea jokes about them being a stupid cop and a stupid cop, not really taking them seriously. She's not afraid of them. Not only that, she tells Eddie that she knows all about him, his whole story.

As a comeback, Eddie tells her that they're going to see Tansy now, as Andrea didn't cover her tracks so well.

Spike adds to that by saying that they will keep Tansy from opening that mini-Hellmouth, and probably stake her along the way.

But Andrea laughs at their faces, as she tells them that they're too late, that the Hellmouth is already open.

Both Spike and Eddie have embarrassed expressions on their faces. It's time they moved, and fast. They start leaving, leaving Andrea still tied up.

In the next page, we see the demon that opened the Hellmouth. She's holding a box in her hands. A strange box. She's standing in front of the back of the van, when Tansy shows up behind her. She tells her to stop right there. The demon wants that box, what's inside of it. And Tansy promises her that it will be hers as soon as they leave that location. Tansy asks her if she minds that she keeps an eye on her until they leave. The demon unwantedly mumbles , unpleased, and leaves the box behind.

We're back with Spike and Eddie. Eddie is still wearing his demon form. They're both in the car, driving. Spike doesn't miss a chance to sting him again, this time about the way he looks. Eddie changes the subject, saying there's more to this Hellmouth than Spike is telling him. Spike starts telling him about the Hellmouth deal. After that, Eddie asks him if he's ever seen one. "Closed the one in Sunnydale", Spike replies proudly. He then mentions the prophecy where he thought he'd get a reward and turn back into being a human. He found out that he had no future. Eddie comforts him, telling him that he can be that man, the prophecy man.

Just then, as they talk and open their hearts to each other, a huge metal looking body stabs the front of their car with a big fire and debris. In the next panel we see what caused this. It's the enormous demon client that came in through the rift that Tansy has created, the one that Tansy has sent after Spike. He simply asks them, "Which one of you is Spike?"

They both point at each other, saying, "He is".

[anchor=devilfour]Spike: The Devil You Know[/anchor]
Issue #4

Writer: Bill Williams
Artist: Chris Cross
Inker: Marc Deering
Colorist: Charlie Kirchoff
Letters: Neil Uyetake
Editor: Mariah Huehner
Cover: Franco Urru

We're back to where we left off. With the mess that the giant demon Tansy Fry sent after Spike has made. The demon keeps destroying the car, even when Spike asks him to stop. Eddie asks Spike if he's got a plan. Spike simply says, "Try not to die".

The demon tells Spike that Tansy asked him to kill him. That they have a deal. Spike tries to convince the demon that it's not a fair deal. Just then, Eddie snicks up on the demon and beats him up. The demon tells him that it's not a fight with him. "But if you stand with Spike, you'll share his fate".

Then Eddie switches to his demon form. He shoots his ice ray material at the giant Demon, while Spike starts attacking from aside with a trash can. Both Spike and Eddie are on the big demon. The demon tells them that his name is Sam'rskell, then adds that he's had enough of this.

Spike clues Eddie that he's got a plan. He tells him to stay down. Then he starts running away, Sam'rskell after him.
When they both get to the spot, Spike springs free a water tube from a water system. Just when the demon tells him to die, Spike works the water so that it splashes at him and electritizes him. The demon falls over. Spike and Eddie aren't sure if he's dead, but Spike settles for sleeping, good also.

As they're back to the smashed car, Eddie orders a cab. They need to get to the reservoir.
Eddie asks how they keep finding them. How they knew they took this route.

A short cab ride later…

Spike convinces the driver, who's a demon, to get them right to the front door, for more money.

They get to the reservoir. Eddie asks Spike if he's got a plan. "Close the Hellmouth. Kill Tansy", Spike replies.

As they walk inside, the vampires in the place notice them, and one of them cries out, "Intruders, intruders!"

The bad guys pile up, and Tansy screams to get them (Spike and Eddie) and kill them, and make it hurt. The demon witch (the one who opens the Hellmouth for Tansy), says to Tansy that according to the gadget, Spike and Eddie are still on the road, back where the giant metal demon was sent to kill them.

Meanwhile there's a fight between Spike and Eddie and the vampires.
Spike confronts Tansy, telling her that she's a monster and always have been one. "So close your Hellmouth and get ready to die".

Tansy tells him that he's right. Then orders the demon witch, whose name we now know – Har'ann to close down the Hellmouth. Both Har'ann and Spike are surprised. Tansy explains that the deal with her client is off, due to the breaking of the contract.

"Los Angeles belongs to you, Spike", Tansy finally tells him. She's leaving town.

Meanwhile, in a separate panel, we see demon Eddie still fighting the vampires.

Spike hits Tansy where it hurts. Darla. He says that Darla wouldn’t' do this. "Does it bother you that daddy liked her best?"

That pisses Tansy off, and she charges, vamp face out. They get into an intense fight.

Eddie shows up, and shoots ice at the Hellmouth opening. Har'ann screams. She yells at Spike and Eddie that they've ruined it, they've destroyed the magics. She throws a dagger at Spike. But Spike uses Tansy as a shield and the dagger hits her back instead.

In her last seconds, Tansy mentions Connor. She knows Darla had a son. Then she yells at Spike that she will kill him.

"We'll see", Spike doubts her, and throws her into the Hellmouth's opening. The Hellmouth starts shutting down.

Eddie says that when Tansy went down, all the vampires scattered like rats. Then out of nowhere, Eddie smashes his fists into Spike's face. By then the Hellmouth is closed completely. There's about 3 hours till dawn. And Eddie suggests they'll go to get a late night drink.

Almost 3 hours later, near dawn, Spike is back at the Hyperion. Connor is also there, while Spike dances and sings with a bottle of alcohol in his hand. He seems happy. And drunk.
Spike asks Connor how he is. Then he tells him to let his father know that he closed another Hellmouth, so he's leading.

As Connor heads out, he tells him to tell him himself… oh, never mind, Spike has passed out, probably because he's drunk.

Meanwhile, at the hospital, Andrea is lying in bed, her both hands seem to be injured. She talks on the phone, saying that her people will meet the one she's talking to in San Francisco. She herself will be there tomorrow. After she hangs up, she tells her man that she wants more information about Spike and Eddie.

The doctor comes in, and tells her the damage on her body. He tells her that they have treatments available using demon DNA.

Away from there, at the gas station, Har'ann is filling gas into her van, holding a business card in front of her. It says Andrea's name and information. It says "Wolfram and Hard, Andrea Richmond, Senior VP Cross-Planar Relations, San Francisco Branch".

Then in the next and final panel, we see the van going into San Francisco.


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[anchor=illyriaone]Illyria: Haunted [/anchor]
Issue #1

Writter: Scott Lobdell
Artist: David Messina
Colored: Mirco Pierfederici and Ilaria Traversi
Lettered: Malaka Studio
Edited: Chris Ryall and Mariah Huehner
Cover: Jenny Frison

The first thing we see is a hot looking female demon, holding a piece of fabric above her head. She gets ready to start a race between two cars, demons drive in them. Just when they set and go, starting the race, someone has positioned themselves right in front of the cars. It's Illyria. She catches the cars in mid-driving and smashes them completely with her own fists.

All that while Gunn narrates in the background, announcing that Illyria is his partner.

All the demons recognize Illyria, but don't understand what she's doing there, and why she even cares. But they don't want to find out. They get on the bus, too afraid to face her.

As the cars blow up in a big ball of fire, Gunn, along with Illyria, shows up coming out of it.

At Fred's place (probably), Gunn and Illyria stand in front of the phone, which its answering machine plays Fred's voice, "This is Fred. You know what to do". Then a beep sound.
Fred's mom is the one who leaves the voicemail. She says that it's hard to reach her lately, and that her uncle has passed away. The funeral is the day after tomorrow. She sounds very worried and just asks that she comes home. Gunn and Illyria hear the whole thing.

In the next page, we see Gunn in his truck. As he sits in it, his mind drifts. He thinks about Fred, how she died and what he's done to bring Illyria in to the picture.
All of a sudden, his thoughts are broken by Illyria, who stands outside his car, wearing a white long dress. He asks her why she's dressed this way.
Illyria seems to be offended, and changes her white dress into pants, long sleeved shirt and a cap hat.

Now both Gunn and Illyria are inside Gunn's truck. Illyria says that she doesn't explain herself to humans. She wants to understand them. Therefore, she wants to see. To observe it first hand, how and why humans do things. See the funeral thing.

Gunn then tries to make her speak about herself. But she turns her head to the other side, not looking at him. This is where he starts opening his heart and tells Illyria about his past. By now it's already daylight.
Illyria talks about the past too. How the world looked like, before the humans infected it. She misses it. Gunn mocks her.

In the next page, it's early in the morning, and Gunn and Illyria are at a diner, for breakfast. Illyria says that she's tired of pretending that she eats, even though she did order some food.
After they're done eating, they go to Gunn's truck. Illyria wants Gunn to teach her how to drive, but Gunn refuses. But he cracks after her making good points. And in the next page Illyria is already driving the truck. But that seems really strange to Gunn, that she got so much better so fast. Illyria tells him that she uses Fred's memories to her advantage.

Miles away, they're at their destination. Fred's parents' house. As they get out of the truck, Gunn tells Illyria to turn into Fred. But she doesn't and Gunn freaks out. However, when the Burkles open the door, they embrace her, welcoming her back home.

When they all get into the house, Gunn is pissed at Illyria, and he needs to go give Fred's parents a reason for their daughter's look. But the Burkles don't need any explanations. They're just glad she's home.

Later that day, when it's already dark, Gunn and Illyria are walking through the corn field path. Illyria is determined to learn and understand how the other half lives.

In the middle of their conversation, Illyria stops the talking by saying something about demons, she knows they are three miles down the road. Gunn thinks she's kidding. But Illyria shows him. There's a demon peeking out from a barn. She asks Gunn if she should kill it. Gunn says that it's a Stygian demon. There are more demons inside the barn, begging for mercy. Illyria agrees, but then threatens them as well.

"I think you need to broaden your definition of mercy", Gunn tells her.

[anchor=illyriatwo]Illyria: Haunted [/anchor]
Issue #2

Writter: Scott Tiptonl and Mariah Huehner
Artist: Elena Casagrande
Lettered: Shawn Lee
Edited: Mariah Huehner
Cover: Jenny Frison

At the end of a long evening, Illyria and Spike are sitting at the table, across from each other. There's food on the table, and Spike has a glass of beer.

"I do not like your suggestion", Illyria tells him about his suggestion to revisit the Deeper Well, that she doesn't even have memory of it. Spike tells her that if she needs help, he's there. But Fred suspects that he wants to help her out of obligation because of Fred. "I need to do something worthwhile after all that soul flu nonsense", Spike replies. Illyria realizes that she would like his help. Spike wasn't expecting her to actually ask.

In the next page, Illyria and Spike are at a back alley. Spike tells Illyria about a demon named Sally, who helps people find things. For a price. She's a Frellian demon.

Spike and Illyria are now in Spike's car. Illyria tells Spike that she's been having dreams about Fred and Wesley. But she doesn't understand the dreams or what they mean. We then observe one of her repeating dreams, where Fred and Wesley smile to each other, and also them lying next to each other. They seem very happy.

It makes Illyria feel jealousy and weakness. But Spike claims that love like that makes you feel stronger than anything.

"In my dreams, they are… what they could have been. What they should have been. Without me. Their future spreads out before me, unfolding. So short and simple and yet… it is more beautiful than anything I have ever seen".

We see a mirage, of Wesley and Fred getting married, and then getting old together.
Spike says that Fred was special. And Illyria can remember that he loved her. But not like Wesley, as Spike says. But she did believe in him and helped him. She reminds him of another girl he knew (Buffy). Fred doesn't seem to like love. It makes you feel sick to your stomach. "It also makes you better than you ever thought you could be", Spike says back.

They stop the car in front of a mansion. They walk to the door, Spike trying to explain to her what he means, what it means. They then knock on the door, not before Illyria asks if that's the custom. Voices come out from inside, arguing about letting Spike in. In the end, the door opens. They're welcomed in.
There's a piano. Someone is playing it, probably Sally. She asks Spike who Illyria is, seeming nice enough. She then asks what she can do for them. "A trip. To the Deeper Well", Illyria replies.

Then Sally shows her face, her form. She's a little pink demon. She stands in front of Spike and Illyria. Sally assures her that she can get her to the Deeper Well, for a reasonable price.

Sally sends them to a particular address. She has a paper for them to hand over, in order to get a very powerful item, old and fragile. She then leads them to the door.

Back in Spike's car, Illyria asks him if he trusts Sally. And even though a friend of his, Spike doesn't.

They arrive at the place that Sally has sent them to. They enter and it's packed with demons. There's a line. It's a post office. Illyria prepares to use violence so they won't stand in line. But Spike stops her. They now need to get in line and… wait. And wait. And wait, for a few panels. Until it's their turn. Illyria hands over the piece of paper they were asked to hand over, in order to get the item. But they tell them that it was supposed to be picked up years ago, and it was returned to the sender. That pisses Illyria off. She then uses what she loves to use to get what she wants. Violence. This helps. They give Illyria the tracking number of the return address.

In the next page, Spike and Illyria are in the car again. They're in the valley, which Spike hates.

They finally get to a house. Before they go in, Spike tells Illyria that he will not go in with her. Because it is a residence, and there's no way he'll be invited in.

Illyria not only knocks on the door, she also smashes her, 'cause that's what she's used to. Then she enters, to find a little man sitting on a chair. He looks innocent and small. Illyria says to him that she's looking for a certain item. She orders him to hand it over or she will use violence. But he's not impressed. Instead he turns into a huge spider-looking monster.

They start fighting. The whole house wrecks. They burst the wall and take their fight outside. Spike interferes. He tells the monster that Sally has sent them. That seems to affect him. Spike calms him down and tells him all about it.

A little later, Illyria hands over the item – a heart pendent – to Sally. Illyria is surprised that all that was done for that thing. But what can Sally say? It's all about love.

Spike then tells Illyria that she's on her own now, and he'll be concerned for her, even if she won't understand that. Illyria goes through the wall, heading out, while Spike stays at Sally's for a poker game.

In the end of the issue, Illyria is in England, Just standing outside the Deeper Well. Ready for her homecoming.

[anchor=illyriathree]Illyria: Haunted [/anchor]
Issue #3

Writter: Scott Tiptonl and Mariah Huehner
Artist: Elena Casagrande
Lettered: Neil Uyetake
Edited: Mariah Huehner
Cover: Jenny Frison

We're back where we left off. Illyria arrives at the Deeper Well in England. She is shivering. She's never been there, but she knows the place. She expects someone to show up. And someone does. Out of nowhere, she's being trapped with ropes that flying bird looking monsters tie around her hands. But they weren't expecting Illyria to be so strong. She throws them around by the ropes, strangles them to death and slashes them with a sword.

After they're all defeated, a voice from the Deeper Well tree invites Illyria in. Illyria is prepared to fight that voice too, just like she did with the birds. But the voice isn't interested in fighting her.

Then in the next panel, we see whose voice this is. An old demon lady, sitting on a rocking chain, knitting. Illyria walks in to meet her. Illyria asks her if she's the keeper of the Well. She is, and she's not what Illyria was expecting the keeper to be. The keeper says that Illyria is more dangerous than most things that walk the earth. Illyria wonders what kind of demon the keeper lady is, as she knows all kinds, but can't recognize what this one is. She's rare.

"If you will not fight me, then I shall be about my business", Illyria has no patience. But the keeper will not allow that, she won't let her go in. Then 2 big octopus monsters, very ugly and purple, show up out of the darkness, hissing at her. These are Yastigilian Hounds. But that doesn't impress Illyria. She says to the keeper that they're kindred. She says that while patting them as if they were her pets.

The keeper won't stay in her way anymore. But before Illyria goes in, she gives her a warning: "Whatever you seek in the Well, you must take care. Touch nothing. And remember… no one, not even the guardian, knows how deep it goes".Illyria disappears into the darkness.

In the next page, Illyria and her new pets watch all the way down the Well, it goes on and on. Illyria then goes down the steps, wondering if this is her home. She tells her pets that she will return for them.

She gets to a wall with a big hole in it. On the wall , there are drawings of her as a king, of the days where she was still young and beautiful. But there are no answers there. Nothing but decay and rot. She gets mad and smashes the floor with her fist. She ruins the place with anger. Then she breaks down. "All that I've done to get here. Nothing! What does it matter?"

She notices a diamond on the wall, and gets curious. She touches it. A bright light covers her. She feels burning, it tastes sweet.

"Everything, always, forever… You and… him… I… we become. I have ended. I have begun".

Illyria realizes that her place is there. Outside in the world. It's time to leave.

The keeper lady shows up and is shocked at what Illyria has done. She touched even though the keeper told her not to touch anything. She's mad at her for breaking the word.

Suddenly, something rumbles, earth is shaking. Something's going on. The two watch as a giant demon monster gets free. And it's scary!


[anchor=illyriafour]Illyria: Haunted [/anchor]
Issue #4

Writter: Scott Tiptonl and Mariah Huehner
Artist: Elena Casagrande
Lettered: Robbie Robbins
Edited: Mariah Huehner
Cover: Jenny Frison

The big demon monster, whose name is Arsgomor, is free after centuries of forced slumber. He then senses another of his kind. Illyria. He can't believe it's really her. But she reeks of humanity. Illyria remembers him as well, and doesn't seem to be happy to see an old "friend". She tells him that she's not what she was, but still able to dispatch the likes of him. She charges him, but he fights back, injuries her. Blood splashes around. She's been thrown in the air, and lands on the ground, hurt.

Arsgomor now wants to break free of the Well, up to the world of humans. He wants to see what they've done to it. "And then we shall see what I can make of it!"

The keeper lady scolds Illyria. Telling her that that "thing" will consume the world. Illyria asks what can be done. But the keeper doesn't know, asks her if she can fight. She can always fight. The only question is, can she make the sacrifice?

Illyria thinks it over. She has flashbacks. The death of Fred in Wesley's arms, the gang sitting and planning the battle, the back alley in the final battle…

She then promises the keeper that she will make it right. She's the only one who can. For everybody's sake.

Illyria leaves the Well, along with her pet demons. She feels different. She hears, she feels. She knows what he seeks, she knows what he wants.

As Illyria walks out of the Deeper Well, it's already daylight, and Arsgomor can be seen in the distance, taking down everything that gets in his way. Illyria isn't pleased with it. She comes up with a plan. Using her pet demons, she gets on a tree, that throws her onto the monster.

When on Arsgomor, he insists that she cannot stop him from feeding. And he doesn't understand why she wants to. With his enormous strength, he throws her off of him. She lands hard on the ground. He's about to off her, but one of the pet demons, Ksartha, protects her with her body. All that does is get her killed by Arsgomor, who's surprised that Illyria can feel grief, that she's capable of caring. She grieves over the pet demon's body. She feels. Broken. She hurt and sacrificed. She doesn't feel the feelings out of her memories. This comes from within her, true feelings. She feels love.

Illyria tells Arsgomor that they're not finished. He's not threatened by her with her human shell. He says that humans mean less than nothing. But Illyria now knows, the humans create meaning.

As she finally understands all that, Arsgomor is defeated, gets pinned down by natural ropes. He suggests that they rule the world together, to make it the way it once was. But for Illyria there's no going back, for neither of them. She doesn't kill him but does warn him that it might sting.


Illyria is back at the Deeper Well, letting the keeper lady know what has happened. On the table, there's a bubble jar with a little monster inside, a fetus. It's Arsgomor. Illyria assures the keeper that he will mature for thousands of years before returning to what he was. He deserves a second chance, everybody does. Illyria included. "Then go. Earn it", the keeper tells her before she leaves.

Back at home, Spike is about the leave the house, when Illyria comes in, along with her other pet demon. After the introducing, Spike notices the changes in Illyria. He likes that. He then asks her if she's found what she was looking for. She admits that she's been through some changes. She even makes a joke, which Spike is very surprised to hear. Spike offers her a lift home. But Illyria prefers to walk. As for him, he's leaving town. Off on a secret mission.

Illyria shows emotion by touching Spike's cheek, wishing him a safe journey. After he takes off, Illyria stays behind with her pet demon. "Where shall we go first?" she asks her.

In the last page, Illyria and the pet demon are sitting at the beach, watching the sunset. She wants to name the pet. Finally understands the name giving ritual that humans have. She ends up calling her Pancakes.

Illyria finally understands feelings, humans, this world. She's complete with herself and with this world. And she seems happy knowing all that.

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