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Angel And Faith Romantically Involved?


"Five by Five."
Aug 30, 2018
United States
I’m sorry I’m lost. Buffy isn’t dead though. Buffy is alive. Was the original question if Buffy is dead would we want to see Angel and Faith together?

Also, I’m not a big Cordelia fan, at all, but being disrespectful towards Buffy and asking Angel to run a business is in no way in the same league as raping Riley, stealing Buffy’s body, poisoning Angel and teaming up with the mayor to end the world. 🤷🏻‍♀️ I honestly don’t understand what point your trying to make. Especially as I already stated that I am a Faith fan and would defend her anyway. And that I thought Cangel was garbage. If you ship Faith and Angel that’s cool, I just said I don’t and stated my reasons. I prefer them as friends.
Faith had it harder than Cordelia which is why she came up to be what she was. At least Faith has reasons why she did what she did. Cordelia has no reason to.

Buffy is alive. I'm well aware of that.

Cordelia is bad as my fraud of a sister.


Member of the Church Of Faith
Dec 23, 2013
The Moot, England
Another slayer and vampire romance? Nope, that's Buffy's deal.
Angel and Faith are just fine as hero-buddies on that redemption road. He's her big bro/mentor and she's the mouthy sister that can keep him grounded. In fact they both give each other perspective, its why they work so well.

Faith going after Angel was always to do with Buffy- her actual obsession- or trying to end her own miserable existence. So there was never any groundwork for a romantic relationship.

I agree that is would also partly justify Buffy's continuing jealousy. I prefer what we got; the lingering of unfounded emotions because she just doesn't 'understand' the Faith/Angel connection.

CHK DeWilSon

A BAngel fan. Always.
Apr 8, 2017
I love Angel. I grew to like Faith.
Their 'relationship' was complicated, complexing yet very compelling.
They got to the stage where they had a understanding of each other and a mutual respect.
They care for each other and would go out of their way to support each when needed.
Despite the horrific things they did to one another, they managed to not only become friends, but then they maintain their close friendship.

Isn't it great that one vampire and slayer 'relationship' could start off in a bad place and not end up as a 2nd round of a vampire and slayer love story?!

It was great to see it unfold onscreen and interesting to hear how it develop even more in the comics.

I can understand the appeal of two attractive people being attracted to one another and seeing how it would go with them especially if they develop a closeness however I'm thrilled that IMO common sense was prevailed and Angel and Faith just were good friends only which is a rarity for a man and a woman in a tv show when they spent a lot of time together.

And given what they did with Angel and Cordy, another female character representing a side/reflection of Buffy would have just been repetitive (IMO).

With Faith I don't feel like she was that physically attracted to Angel. It was wanting him to want her more than he wanted Buffy. Once she moved pass her negative feelings towards Buffy, any attraction she had towards Angel just wasn't anything she thought about.
Feb 24, 2019
I'd have been disappointed. Not everything has to be shipped (big shock i know). I mean, if they slept together once and walked away thinking 'lets never do that again!' I could deal with that, but I've always thought that Faith had a certain trust in Angel and sleeping with her would feel like he took advantage of it.
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