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Angel and Palpatine


Mar 13, 2016
I'm currently given a reread of Revenge of the Sith by Matthew Stover, and it occurs to me how similar Palpatine and Angel are in their tactics to bring peace (and makes more sense this way if you're familiar with the novels that Disney ignores since Palpatine knew what was coming to end their civilization, and the galaxy would've been better prepared to defend itself had he remained in charge).

I know it's an apple and oranges things, and I can only imagine those familiar with just the movies (especially the latest ones that made me give up on the franchise) must think (just as I'm sure the comics that are mostly unread by me might make Angel look different--though what I've heard of Twilight might actually make it a stronger connection), but I see a lot more similarities than differences between what Angel and Palpatine does, playing both sides, and ultimately betraying the "bad guys" at the end so that something resembling peace and justice wins (Angel seems to believe in this more in a sentimental way, though he verbally renounces the idea in an earlier season saying all that matters is what we do, which could back either a pacifist monk, or Angel, or Palpatine). He sends people to assassinate others, including supposed friends, as well (as Anakin was sent against the Trade Federation).

I'm still mulling this over, and I'm sure even without comment my thoughts on the comparisons and contrasts between the two will evolve. It's just interesting, and I'm throwing it out there for anyone else who might find it interesting.

But I only see "Angel as kind of like Palpatine" in season 5 which is why I'm putting it in the season 5 forum rather than Angel forum.
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Oct 8, 2020
I only can converse about the first SW 6 films and the first Clone Wars animated (which I know is sacrilegious to fans who are attached to the EU), but to me, the only time Angel acted like that was in the last two episodes when he practiced "the ends justify the means" to trick the secret society into accepting him. Angel had no illusions that the forces of good would actually win or be in control. He just wanted to fight the good fight and was prepared to go down fighting in the last episode. He calculated that a few lives could be sacrificed for the greater good to weaker The Senior Partners temporarily.

Angel was thrust into being a leader. He would have been content to help one person at a time and had to be pushed to be the boss in Season 1. Angel needs to be motivated, otherwise he would just chill out and hide in a sewer. Definitely not Palpatine class in terms of ambition.

Angelus was a hedonist/nihilist who wanted to end the world a couple of times just because.

The Palpatine I know was a master politician, and "peace" was just him being without opposition.
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