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Angel & Faith 9.14 "Family Reunion Part 4" - Released 9/26/12 (Dark Horse)

Buffy Summers

Staff member
Nov 20, 2001
The City of Angels
Writer: Christos Gage Penciller: Rebekah Isaacs

In Quor’ Toth, Angel, Faith, and Connor realize that their problems are only increasing the longer they are in this unpredictable hell dimension. As Willow fervently tapped into the dimension’s magic, she engaged a little too much darkness… Now, the crew has another danger to face: Dark Willow!

Source: Wikipedia

So NOW is when Willow is worried about going dark? What about all those other times?! This is stupid. Could they please just send Willow back to the Season 9 comic and leave her out of this one?

She doesn't trust herself? Since WHEN?!!

And are they trying to pretend Dark Willow is just like Angelus?

But still, after all that just happened, Willow still has to proclaim how she's better than Angel. Yet she has no problem at all with Faith. Right.

Black Eye Guy

Taking over the World!
Aug 16, 2005
Black Thorn
But the stuff with Faith was from so long ago now, she really has made a change.

The Twilight thing was so recent it makes sense she'd still be pissed about it.

I loved this arc for Willow, Angel and Faith in general is better written than BtVS season 9 and actually putting a proper story to Willow wanting magic back other than her selfishly wanting her power back is something I wanted for her for ages now it's so overdue considering they were making her look like a power hungry bitch for the last while now.

She doesn't trust herself? Since WHEN?!!

I took that to be an in dimension thing, Willow is completly capable of using the magic she is a the moment, but in that dimension we heard what her inner monologue would have been like with Faith, I think it managed to get more of a hold on Willow.


Oct 17, 2015
Black Thorn
I hate this arc. I think it's the worst of A&F S9.
The whole point of Willow crossover is to say:

"See? Willow has her dark side not erased yet too. And she also has a soul. So stop accusing Angel on the Twilight stuff already."


"Willow forgave Angel so easily. Why can't you?"

The Quor'toth Connor messiah story is almost as terrible as the Pylea Cordelia princess story. And at least Pylea has some humors that are actually funny.


Feb 21, 2015
I'm reading it again (in my most beautiful Library Edition...) and I really love it.

I like when they go to other dimensions (like Pylea), and knowing more about the place where Connor grew up was great. And he - Connor - was quite the hero, he matured a lot; he wanted to stay and help his worshippers, against all the others. And Quor'toth itself was a very powerful and scary Old One. And, of course, I loved the dog-like demons, although cat lover Gage called them slow and stupid, among other minor offenses...

Willow going dark was perfectly comprehensible, because they were in a hell dimension that had a powerful influence over them - and she, being a powerful witch, suffered the most, absorbing all the bad mojo of the place. And she says she can't forgive Angel, but she can't hate him, either - although later, in S10, she seems to have forgiven him... (whitewashing).

And there was Nadira, who was pissed off about Drusilla having killed Marianne; of course, she is one of the biggest Angel's "worshipers" these days, but I think we should have had in S10 some mention about her anger towards Dru, who was the one that killed Marianne.
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