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Angel & Faith Season 9 Recaps


Jan 18, 2014
Here's my first recap--lemme know what y'all think! Hope I helped :)

Angel & Faith: Live Through This: Part I Recap

Script: Christos Gage
Art: Rebekah Isaacs
Colors: Dan Jackson
Letters: Richard Starkings & Jimmy Betancourt
Cover Art: Steve Morris
Executive Producer: Joss Whedon
Characters in this issue: Angel, Faith, Giles, Nadira, Pearl, Nash and Whistler

The story begins as a narrative from an excerpt of Giles' journal. In it, he begins by saying that people ask if he has children, and he answers by saying, "other people's children are quite enough, thank you." We see that he is shielding a mother from her daughter, who has some sort of tentacle-y demon coming out of her mouth. The mom, of course, is frightened and is calling out to her daughter as if she can hear it. Continuing on the subject on why Giles doesn't have any kids, he remarks that the only women he meets are those who need help, not a man in their life. Aww.

Giles tries to cast a spell to save the young girl, but in order to save her, the spell must be anchored to a human sacrifice--and, being the nice guy he is, Giles anchors his life. To end the narrative, he says that the purpose of the Watcher's Files is to tie up loose ends that he has done, like this spell, once he finally does die. The Files are there to help whoever wants to continue in his path. Cut to Faith and Angel who are battling the demon who was inside the girl. Angel kills it, and.....

All of Giles' memories seem to come pouring back to him. As the demon died, the spell let go, and with it, his experiences. The memories Angel saw specifically were Giles and Jenny in love. Oh yes: the girl is all right. Faith and Angel are casually talking about what just happened, and Faith says that she is happy Angel is back to his old self by helping the helpless again.

We cut to a girl walking down the street, with mocha skin, big earrings and short brown hair. A shadowed figure confronts her and she slams it to the ground--clearly she is a slayer or a fighter of some strength. We see that the figure she slammed down was Faith. She asks her to tell her about what happened, and the girl remarks that they were in training, about 30 of them, out in the Azores, when two white haired figures, one male and female, named Pearl and Nash, ravaged her crew. Willow found her and healed her injuries, but she feels badly that she lived while everyone else died. Her name is Nadira, and she vows to Faith that she will make Pearl and Nash pay for what happened to her girls. She means business, man!

Now, this guy with a brown suit and fedora, by the name of Whistler, is talking to Pearl and Nash. He's explaining that because of the loss of magic in the world, he can no longer connect to his 'bosses': the Powers That Be. He's trying to strike a deal with them to help him get magic back into the world again. They want to get payback on Angel (who was their old boss, when he was Twilight)--so they see it as an equal opportunity. Whistler knows Angel, so....You get the picture.

Angel and Faith are at Giles' house, and Angel seems conflicted. He's been reading the Watcher's Files, trying to get answers, because he knows that Pearl and Nash will do some real damage. They worshipped Twilight, and they really want revenge. They're strong. Angel lied to them to get them to trust him, and it backfired. Angel feels guilty for killing Giles as Twilight, and he wants to make the world right again. LA turned into hell: we need Giles back! So Angel tells Faith that instead of replacing Giles, he's going to bring him back to life.

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