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Angel Rewatch: 1.14 I've Got You Under My Skin

Btvs fan

Feb 11, 2019
Enjoyable episode. It's got some really great moments combined with some really cheesy meh moments. The best moments are between the Fang gang such as when Angel calls Wes Doyle by accident. So.e truly great stuff. Then on the other end of the spectrum you have the Ethros demon and some really clunky dialogue, I am Ethros destroyer of worlds etc nonsense thats laugh out loud stuff.

The twist is ok ie about the boy being evil but as I don't care about the family I'm not that bothered by the twist. Still points for finally getting away from blond white women as the standard victims of the week. Now they've moved to middle class white families instead 😏

All in all an ok and enjoyable episode but nothing spectacular 7/10
Next week is when it really hits 5th gear
Yeah, to be fair I love loads of the Angel season one episodes, this just happens to not be one of them! :p


Mar 7, 2018
York, England (Teabag Central)
Lol, Cordy using the ancient knife to cut the brownies!

On balance, I think the Father gave the best performance out of all the members of the stricken family.

In general, this is one of my least favourite episodes from season one as it lacks the humour of the other offerings, mainly due to the overly-sinister theme of exorcism running throughout.

In my opinion, this is the kind of episode that is good on first watch, but not so great on a re-watch.

Wesley having to perform the ritual is kinda funny; props to his bravery at volunteering also.

Not the best episode by a long shot for me, gets 6.6/10
Btvs fan
Wow the man who thinks I'm to negative is giving it a lesser grade than me 😳😉😏


Actual size.
Aug 1, 2017
Black Thorn
I love the twist, it always reminds me of BtVS Witch because it comes out of nowhere and you're totally not expecting it. Also, like Witch, it still sometimes amazes me on rewatches even though I know it's coming.

I love this episode. If you look deeply enough, this is a Wesley-centric story, because we learn so much about him, from his reaction to Angel calling him Doyle in the first scene, to his talk with Angel in the church and his determination to do the job right, to his eventual failure and the stuff we learn about his father. Secondary, it was about Angel dealing with his grief and guilt over Doyle's death. My only complaint, if I had one, might be that there wasn't anything serious with Cordelia, she was just comic relief; she should have gotten her own stuff about Doyle, and I don't just mean that conversation when she approaches Angel after he called Wes Doyle.

The family is fine, they're memorable enough, but they're not supposed to be the leads, they're not supposed to take charge of the episode, so they do exactly what they mean to.

Gotta wonder what it was like for Elizabeth Röhm to receive a script only to realize she had one scene and barely any lines :D
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