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Angel Season 2 Watch-through With My Niece

Discussion in 'Season 2' started by thetopher, Jan 13, 2016.

  1. thetopher

    thetopher Member of the Church Of Faith

    Dec 23, 2013
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    The Moot, England
    This is pretty good; a little uneven in places- the tonal shift between Angel's 'dark quest' monologue and the internal squabbling of Wesley, Cordelia and Gunn doesn't help- but as a transitional episode that leads into the next stage of the season it works really well. The other pieces; Lindsey and Lilah after the wine cellar aftermath and Darla/Drusilla's antics help smooth the way between these A and B plots and are well-acted/handled.
    It shows how different vampire Darla is from her human counterpane; very much in command of any onscreen interaction. And her exasperation with Drusilla was nicely consistent with what had come before; I'm a big fan of Darla-as-baddie. And I loved more detail about how W&H works, Lilah and Lindsey get so many good lines here; really great interplay.

    My niece really enjoyed this one; but she mostly concentrated on Angel's refocusing his attention on Darla and W&H and also Darla and Dru plotting and scheming (well, that was mostly Darla- still fun). The Angel gang's antics were fun- and she was looking forward to how they all cope without their boss (pleasegodnotchampion)- but it was all the vamp action and violence that held her attention.

    Hmn, according to my notes..
    Loved: Cordelia's 'Well at least Angel is consistent; its always some little blonde sending him over the edge!' :)
    Liked: Gunn's blase' 'I'm gonna get a burrito' reaction to being fired.
    Loved: Angel's 'training montage' complete with voice-over. The whole thing had her wondering about what was about to unfold. (It's a little on-the-nose for me but overall it does indicate a change in his mindset; from hero-type to vengeful warrior. So its effective.)
    Liked: Just really glad that Lindsey and Lilah survived the massacre.

    Liked: Virginia comforting Wesley, and Wesley being unsure of what to do next. Not really a Virginia fan but she's okay here.
    Cool: Angel's sword practicing and then descending into the sewews to kick some ass. Lots of shots here end up in the AtS opening from next season.

    Loved: The fact that the gang all ended up headed to Karitas. She doesn't really 'get' Karitas but here she thought it made sense to the characters needing direction.

    Liked: Angel taking on 4 vamps in an ambush. Buffy does this sorta thing all the time but for Angel he has to up his game.
    Liked: Wesley and Cordy's choice of song; Cat Steven sand Shania Twain respectively. My niece likes Shania I think.
    Liked: Angel interrogating Merle via dunking. Also Merle letting it slip that he ships Darla/Drusilla; he calls them Darsilla! :D
    Cool: Darla interrupting the demon fight-club to give her recruiting speech. Also Drusilla ripping that demon's ears off.
    Liked: Angel 'not being ready' to get close to Darla, so he comes up with another plan.
    Loved: Lilah trying to set-up and incriminate Lindsey by wearing a wire. Clever, but he sees through it.
    Loved: Cordelia and everyone's drunken blame game. Plus Wesley's wonderfully prissy 'My arse is not pansy!'
    Loved: 'WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS!' drunken singing and hugging. Heh.
    Liked: Lorne's snarky commentary on their singing ability. I think this is where she started to like 'The Host'. Eh, it took me a lot longer tbh.

    :eek: : Angel setting Darla and Drusilla on fire! She thought that they were toast. Literally!
    Disliked: Gunn's 'Man I wish Angel were here'. She thought that was jarring coming from Gunn. I tend to agree.
    Yes! Wesley and Gunn managing to defeat the demon. Cordelia's 'yeah, but between all of us here which is one is the dead one.' That's the spirit.
    Liked: Lilah and Lindsey becoming joint executive head-of-department. More fun backstabbing she's hoping. :)
    Liked: Wesley's 'Someone needs to fight the good fight', and Angel thinking about fighting the war.

    Tough times ahead.

    Next up: Angel stalks another blonde. But its not what it looks like.
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