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Angel season 6


Apr 14, 2019
Had a thought the other day about how i would have written Angel season 6 had it continued. What do you think? Not fully fleshed out, just ideas I had for things I'd like to have seen after Not Fade Away.

I've done it more on a character by character basis, however I'd start it a few months after NFA and retell those few months through flashbacks over the first few episodes.

Main cast - Angel, Wesley, Gunn, Spike and Ilyria at the start. Faith to possibly become a regular too.

Regular characters- Nina, Lilah and willow/Amy in 2nd half. Oz and Drusilla to have arcs. Darla in flashbacks.

Obviously WRH fired him and his team so it starts with him being the hero and saving innocents. It would transpire that he now gets the visions and the season can part play on him trying to hold on to his sanity as the visions take hold, a bit of a throwback to Birthday. His new team at start would be entirely supernatural with just him, spike and illyria initially.

Fully fledged member of new team Angel. See below for love interests. Struggling to come up with big ideas for spike so he may just be there for a bit of comic relief a lot of the time. JM has great chemistry with everyone so his arc will be tied in with Dru and later Gunn.

I like the idea of Gunn becoming a vampire. He would definitely start off in charge of a vampire crew with flashbacks showing how he was turned during the battle and then how he took out his crew's former leader. Although an evil vampire, I would have either inner conflict with the character or just make him really evil. This would lead to big fight scenes with Angel, spike and illyria. It would turn out spike turned him to save his life believing (wrongly) that Gunn would keep his soul if turned by a vampire with a soul.

Struggles to deal with Fred's lingering humanity. Over the season not only does she have Fred's memories but increasingly the emotions too. The other side of her just wants to kick butt. Thought she may spend a small arc killing humans, all of them rapists, murderers etc and struggling to understand why Angel is trying to stop her killing them but instead bringing them to justice legally.

Wolfram and Hart
Back to being angels enemy again. In a twist ghost Wesley is still working for them and appears to be evil but it turns out that he's actually still trying to bring them down from the inside. His boss is ghost Lilah. Lots more sexual tension going on between them. Wesley back to being bitter and dark. In the end team Angel and Lilah would find a way to release Wes so he can rest in peace. Possibly in finale or penultimate episode after wes has given them the info needed to avert WFH latest grand plan which is to turn Angel insane through the visions. Senior partners it turns out have infiltrated the PTB.

New characters
Faith to join team Angel, either as a recurring character or in the main cast. There would be an episode exploring her path since s7 buffy and how her and wood broke up. Definitely would have her and spike in a brief fling. Until return of Drusilla.

I like the idea of nina as angels love interest and bringing in oz as a recurring character to help her control the wolf.

Drusilla to return for an arc. Mainly cos she has great chemistry with spike. She believes she can take his soul if she gives him pure happiness. Spike is totally thrown by it all and the old feelings return. Eventually Dru finds out he chose to get his soul and went through trials to get it. She leaves after wreaking some havoc. Also leads in to more flashbacks of the whirlwind and of her and spikes time together. Would definitely have a flashback to her nearly getting killed in Prague.

Finally, also toying with the idea of adding a witch to the team. Either willow or Amy. They would come in the second half somewhere. Willow would be my preference and she would have split up with Kennedy so just willow. Willow would also be able to help with the research side too as I'm aware there's no one with wes/Giles knowledge.


Ready for battle...
Mar 8, 2017
Pretty, good.

I enjoy the Angel comics, but they get so much bigger then a show could realistically do, and so it feels to cinematic in parts.

A more grounded take of season 6 like yours works better.

I would add Nina as a recurring role, if not character, she would bring something different to Angels (After)life, and I like her having to deal with a new duality, and Angel being part of that journey.

As a Gunn fan, it would've been great to see his character get more to do then mopey brood guy with damage. IF he could be doing something to restore Fred, but having to do something truly evil to do it, would be a good plot, even have him interacting with a Wesley spirit that only he could see would be a nice way to keep that character around.

I'd say the big bad of the season would be whatever Gunn unleashes to try and change events. Just some thoughts.
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