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Angel, Tenth Doctor & Castiel - Princes of the Universe (fanvid)


Billowy Coat, King of Pain
Aug 2, 2007
San Diego, CA, USA

So, I haven't actually vidded in a full decade and, back then, it was WMV. This is my first fanvid ever using Sony Vegas (I got it to not crash and render after finally finding settings fixes!).

A vampire, an alien and an angel set to the theme song of yet another immortal hero (that would be Queen doing the Highlander soundtrack)... A tribute to three of my favorite characters who share many traits and story parallels.

In some cases, there were obvious inspirations taken. RTD modeling Ten, Jack, Rose and John Hart on Angel, Angel, Buffy and Spike respectively being the most blatant, but I got a kick out of Cas' perfect happiness clause with the Empty. There was also an SPN line about an "angel" going to L.A. to fight crime. Hint, hint. The Nerds, of course, referenced Classic Who. And SPN has referenced DW to the point of showing Cybermen magazines and naming a character Amy Pond. Then there's the fact that Keith Szarabaijka plays a character who lost his soul. LOL. Tons of crossover cast between all three.

And yes, this means I watched 300+ episodes of Supernatural in a month. I definitely became a Cas girl. Not a surprise if you know my tastes in characters, as this vid perfectly shows!
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Anyanka Bunny Slayer

Hail Hydra 💀
Dec 17, 2015
9th Circle of Hell
Black Thorn
Holy shit! That was AMAZING! I also love those characters. One day (when I get a laptop) I want to learn how to do this. I really, really enjoyed watching it.

How long did it take you to make this?
It took me 5 days. I had to redo 40ish secs (copied down clips/secs) because I decided I should chop out tiny clips in VirtualDub (.mkv to .avi w/out converting) instead of huge HD. It crashed, esp. rendering until I fixed settings. Save constantly!

Mrs Gordo

Bangel extremist...
Jul 11, 2017
Black Thorn
I've only seen AtS of the three shows but I'm a fan of Dr. Who thru seeing gifs haha. I really enjoyed this.
Its very well done. Good job!
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