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Anya, the vengeance demon turned adorable bunny-fearing human

The Mayor

Aug 15, 2018
Anya quickly became a favorite character of mine throughout season five and six. She is so weird and seemingly alien due to her thousand year existence as a vengeance demon. Leave it to Xander (former boyfriend to a mummy and plaything to a praying mantis woman) to bring out the humanity in Anyanka. The Wish is a favorite episode of mine to begin with, but it also introduced a character that would become a very interesting part of the scooby gang. Anya has an odd phobia of rabbits and even sings about it on the musical episode in season six. She always says whatever comes to mind and has no shame. While she can seem quite detached from humanity at times, she is also able to express what is on her mind in the most straightforward way. She loves money and hates rabbits. She also loves sex although she used to aid in the destruction of the opposite sex. She is one of my favorite characters throughout the entire series. She makes me laugh and smile almost every time that she makes an appearance in the series.


My arse is not pansy!
Jan 20, 2008
I am an Anya fan too! That was a nice post to read about her. I agree she is more interesting than just for laughs. "Tact is just not saying true stuff" was truer for her than Cordelia. And she always had great hair.

I relate more to Aud - I love rabbits and hate money ;)
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