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Are Spike and Drusilla a reflection on Angel's nature?


Jul 29, 2016
It would be fair to say that pre-Spike and Dru's arrival, vampires were more or less just treated as creatures that Buffy needed to kill. They generally tended to spend a lot of time in Vamp face and were basically a bunch of "red shirts". Angel was different because he had "a soul" and the majority of his time, he was in his human face.

However, when Spike and Dru turned up, things changed. Vampire characters were fleshed out and given actual personalities, a loving romantic relationship was presented between the pair, and the audience saw them in human face a lot of the time. Angel also starts getting twitchy about them. Whilst it could be that they are reminders and a part of his past that he'd rather forget, there is also an element that maybe Angel isn't quite so different from the "soulless" vampires that he and Buffy think he is. In School Hard, Angel tries to pretend to be evil (quite badly given that he pulled the same trick off so flawlessly in Season 3) and offers Xander up as a sacrifice in a plan that isn't really there which he flippantly concludes with a "if he bit you then we'd know he'd been duped". Where was Angel going with this plan? If Spike believed him to still be Angelus, then what? Was Angel going to hang out with him and Dru, engage in feeding under the guise of keeping up the pretence? Also, in Lie to Me, Angel says to Dru "Drusilla, leave here. I'm offering you that chance. Take Spike and get out [....]If you don't leave it'll go badly. For all of us."

What does Angel mean by "all of us"? Why would things go badly for him if Spike and Dru stuck around? Obviously we then get Angelus which shows that a single moment of perfect happiness is all that separates the Angel Buffy knows from the monster he used to be. Were Spike and Dru a temptation to Angel of the life he left behind? Did he want them out of town to get rid of that temptation?



Slayer: She who hangs out a lot in cemeteries.
Dec 6, 2019
I'd like to think that maybe he felt a bit if guilt and responsibility of making them what they are. Plus they were his family for so long.
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