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ASMR Buffy/Angel


Mar 13, 2016
It's been years since I indulged in ASMR, but I did recently to fight my insomnia and discovered that it has expanded into many forms of popular entertainment. (But given how tired I was, I just recently remembered.)

I'm not against ASMR, and I've enjoyed some role playing types before, but I haven't found myself enjoying these, not even the ones I thought I would. But as they say, different strokes for different folks. Some of you may love these. There's even one where Buffy and Faith essentially tend to your wounds while saying they'll take care of it (I watched only a little of it so I can't say beyond that). I'm sure there are some shipping versions, but I haven't looked for them.

Anyway, here's the one I first stumbled across that made me aware such ASMR exists:

Just sharing in case it's of interest to others.

Though now I can see a "Rick-rolled" variant where say Buffy or even Joyce get you all calm and relaxed only for Dawn to walk in, "What are you doing in my room? GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT!" And then you never know when it might show up in other Buffy ASMR vids. That would be cruel. :D


Tasty Townie
Nov 29, 2020
Ugh, I do ASMR videos on a regular basis, and really wish these were better. The one you shared isn't bad, but there is one of a young Giles type that's really really good. The rest are kind of meh. Here's the good one (Some of his other non-Buffy videos kind of creep me out, though)

Some of my favorite ASMRtists haven't done a Buffy roleplay and I wish they would. It would almost be worth my pennies on Patreon if I could get one of the really good roleplayers to do a request, either that, or if one of the startup artists would let me direct them. Some I fear are getting on the Buffy or vampire trend without really understanding it. There is ASMR gold to be had, but they tend to focus on the unrelaxing bits or concocting new scenarios that are outright implausible. Such a shame!
I'll give this a try later!
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