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Question Back to basics: Can you tell us your three top reasons for loving BtVS?


My arse is not pansy!
Jan 20, 2008
1. It was an escape, a fun fantasy world so far from my own. Its easier for me to get caught up and enjoy stories that are out of reality. Buffy had the silly sci fi but kept the obviously links to the teenage emotional experience. It was my gateway to the world of sci-fi and fantasy.

2. Buffy. She gets knocked down and gets back up again, time and time again. Her story is what kept me coming back. S2, S5 and S7 all had elements true to my life and Buffy served as a strength though those times.

3. The concept of chosen family. Joss does this a lot and it is why I am still a fan of his art despite his flaws.


"Mist... cemetery... Halloween. Should end well."
Apr 12, 2019
Uff, let me summarize my love for BtVS in three points:

1. Plots that are relatable. It’s a show for adolescents, but it’s also a show that speaks to adults. It’s about growing up, dealing with heartache, making choices, working through our mistakes and, at the same time, making the most out of life.

2. The characters are deeply flawed and yet you cannot avoid falling in love with them. Regardless of your specific preferences, you can find someone you can relate to within this group of people. They might be a depiction of something missing from your life, or they might be a portrait of something that you’ve experienced in life. Regardless, we all find ourselves not only drawn but deeply connected to certain characters and circumstances.

3. It IS a cultural phenomenon that still stirs up discussions and conversations. Some characters and plots might feel outdated, but we still can see the merits of having them. It shows a fantasy world that we can still relate to 20 years later. I not only love the show, I greatly enjoy our ongoing conversations about it.


Earth Invasion Taskforce Unlimited
Feb 18, 2014
Denver, Colorado
1. It is a remarkable artistic achievement: Some of the best television ever put to film occurred on this show. Episodes like the Body and Restless could be set to loop and hung on a museum wall and it would qualify as art, in my opinion.

2. Cast chemistry: The cast developed an unusual degree of chemistry between each other, which gave most of the individual scenes a verisimilitude that really is rare to find in a television show. And it was precisely this chemistry that made classic episodes like Hush or The Body achievable in the first place. A lesser cast would not have been able to pull off those types of episodes. The cast chemistry really was special and rare. A mere glance at most other shows confirms this. The limits to what writers and directors can accomplish depends most of all on the quality of cast chemistry and the individual talent of the performers. Which brings me to...........

3. Remarkable individual performances: Once again, some of the greatest individual performances ever put to film occurred in this show. For instance, SMG's performance in The Body, (really anyone actually) or SMG's and ED's performances in Who Are You were simply stunning, for just a couple of examples. The show is rich in wonderful performances. It's an embarrassment of riches really.

4. I'll add a fourth: rich and extremely suggestive and illuminating discursive material. There isn't just one "text" of Buffy but a multitude of "texts". Buffy studies is rich in interpretive material because the show's "text" rewards it. Like an onion, the layers are nearly endless. Like any worthwhile and rewarding novel, there isn't just one Buffy or one Faith, but many Buffys and many, many Faiths. The quality of the show can support this degree of interpretation and exegesis.
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