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BB School Code of Conduct

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Buffy Summers

Staff member
Nov 20, 2001
The City of Angels
Please follow all school rules during school hours!

1. The School is the BB area for our two member groups, called dormitories. Each member can choose their dormitory. Each dorm can be accessed by residents only.

2. In order to join a house, go into your User CP, and choose Group Memberships from the list at the left, under Networking. You will see Black Thorn and Sineya both listed. Tick the space next to Join Group for the house you wish to join, and then click on the Join Group button.

3. Please do not spam. Just because there are now more non-Buffy areas does not mean that the anti-spam rules do not apply. Spam will still be deleted. Also, please do not post the same thread in your dormitory and in the off topic or other forums. And if something is not allowed on the main board, it's not allowed in your dorm either.

4. Multiple accounts are not allowed. Anyone signing up for additional accounts in order to join multiple dormitories will at the very least lose dorm privileges and will face the possibility of banning from the boards. Using underhanded means to get what you want is never okay.

5. The dorms are intended to be for the private use of each dorm's residents only. Anyone sharing passwords to their accounts or trying to access another member's account will at the very least lose dorm privileges and will face the possibility of banning from the boards. This not only is disrespectful to the other members of your dorm, it sets a horrible precedent for (not) protecting your online security. Don't do it, for your own safety.

6. Each dormitory has at least one faculty (staff) member attached to it.

7. After choosing a house, you can participate in dorm activities and from time to time there will be challenges which pit dorm against dorm. Points are awarded to the winners and participants in these competitions, which go towards a running tally for each dorm. Once a year the winner of the House Cup is announced, for the dorm which has won the most points in the previous year.

8. The dorms are not to be used as a second off topic or games forum. They are for community building activities and threads only. They are meant as a fun feature of the board to help you get to know other members of the board and make friends - not a board in and of itself. Only ONE "chat" thread is allowed at a time in each dorm.

10. Please read the FAQ item on the dormitories for more information about them.
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