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Beginners Class: Results

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Buckle Up Tight
Feb 26, 2006
This is the thread where the results from the beginners class tutorials will be posted.

For this first tutorial, each section was marked out of 5, which gave an total score out of 10.

No, don't be discouraged by your results, everyone will get better and can improve. Icon cropping and resizing can be a little tricky at first, so if anyone needs any extra help, PM me and I'll do my best.

And here we go, the results are as follows:


Buffy - Well done. All the icons are well cut and resized. #1 is slightly squished, but not so much you'd notice. 3/5

Faith - I really like the cropping, #3 is my favorite. #2 and #4 are a little stretched. Make sure you have 'fixed aspect ratio' checked when you're cutting/cropping, and 'constrain proportions' checked when you're resizing. 3/5

Total: 6/10


Buffy - Perfect. Everything is well cut and resized, and everything is in proportion. 4/5

Cordelia - Good cropping. #3 is the best of the bunch, but maybe try to be little more adventurous. 3/5

Total: 7/10


Buffy - Good. You're cutting and resizing seem very good. #5 is a little stretched though. 3/5

Tara - You're cropping here is very good. Again, #5 is a little stretched, let me know which program you're using and I'll see if I can help. But well done, #6 is great. 3/5

Total: 6/10


Buffy - #6 is a little stretched, as you said, but I think you've worked out the problem. All the others are well done. 3/5

Dawn - Wonderful use of cropping. Everything is in proportion and they all look good. #5 is my favorite. 4/5

Total: 7/10


Buffy - Perfectly done. Everything is crisp and well proportioned. 4/5

Fred - You went above and beyond what I asked for, and you did very well. You have a good eye for cropping, and you got some great icons. #5 is my favorite. 5/5

Total: 9/10


Buffy - I know you redid yours, and I hope you've figured out the problem. You're second attempts are really good, a little different to my originals, but they work well. 3/5

Willow - I like your use of cropping, you got some good angles. However, some are a little stretched. PM me with the name of the program you're using, and I'll see if I can help. 2/5

Total: 5/10


Buffy - Great! All perfectly in proportion and clean.Good job. 4/5

Angel - Again, very well done, all well proportioned and strong. However, two of them are a little too similar for me, but maybe you just like looking at his mouth, lol. 4/5

Total: 8/10


Buffy - Good job,well cut and resized. Perfectly proportioned. 4/5

Anya - Again, great work. Your cropping is excellent. #4 looks a little stretched, but the others are very good. #6 is my favorite. 4/5

Total: 8/10


Buffy - Your icons are slightly stretched, especially #5. The others look a little unfocused. PM me and I'll see if I can help. 2/5

Harmony - Much better, you seem to have figured out the stretching and unfocusing in the first few, but #5 still looks a little off. The others are great, especially #2. 3/5

Total: 5/10


Buffy - Good. Everything seems strong and well proportioned. Nice work. 4/5

Buffy - Very nice work. Strong cropping, these would make great icons. #2 and #5 are my favorites. Excellent. 5/5

Total: 9/10

Blondie Bear

Buffy - Very nice work, although you seem to have ended up with one more icon than I had! They're very well cut and resized, except #5 looks very stretched.3/5

Spike - Nicely done. Some strong icons, well cut and resized. #3 is my favorite, although I might have been slightly more adventurous with the cropping, but each to their own. Let me know if you're still having trouble getting a perfect square.3/5

Total: 6/10
"but maybe you just like looking at his mouth" that made me LOL
Thanks Lyri :)
Thanks :)
thanks :)
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