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Best Xander ship

CHK DeWilSon

A BAngel fan. Always.
Apr 8, 2017
Xander and Dawn. I think how their friendship develop on screen on BVTS, I can see it naturally developing into more as Dawn got older and became an adult.
The age is really nothing compare to BAngel and Spuffy. And as far as I know from Xander's side, he wasn't attracted to Dawn until she was 18?. I like this for them as I don't feel their relationship would be as angst as what Xander had with Cordy and Anya. And he and Dawn could talk in the way he could never talk to particularly Anya.
Xander and Anya. Enjoyed them but I never got passionately invested in their relationship. They love one another but IMO never got each other. And re-watching it again, I can quite put my finger on it but there was something missing/lacking in their relationship and it felt like it was always going to eventually exploded between them. I didn't feel a deepness and honest in their relationship until it ended and all the hurt and pain they were both going through finally had them at the point they could be truthful with one another. Still it was a relationship that can needed to go through.
Xander and Cordy. Love it even though I would never have put them together when watching the first series but for me somehow them getting together was believable and work. Despite it being a 'high school' relationship I do believe they care deeply for one another especially Cordy given what it did to her status at school. And I believe if ATS hadn't happen and Cordy had stayed on BVTS, they would have brought back Xandelia just to see if it could work with them being older and a little wiser?!

As for fannon ships..
Xander and Angel. I only really dislike Xander when it comes down to how I view his treatment of Angel so this pairing is a big NO from me.
Xander and Spike. I wouldn't wish my worse enemy on Spike!
Xander and Giles. Exactly like how I would view Buffy and Giles 🤯🤮
Xander and Larry. I'd be ok with this pairing.

And I hope that no one has ever written a Xander and Oz pairing 🤢
Same with Xanya. They did love each other, but both had attitudes towards the other that I didn't like and had different perception of life. After rewatching, I got convinced that it wasn't a long-run relationship, still I was sad when they broke-up.


Apr 14, 2019
Xander/Spike. Hands down. But I say that because fanfiction used to be my first canon.

As for the show, Xander/Cordelia all the way. Shame they hadn't met after they've grown up and matured. I wish Cordelia ditched the rest of S3 AtS and headed to Sunnydale to attend Xander's wedding and stayed there to be Xander's S7 girlfriend and his endgame.
And with charisma carpenter being pregnant that season it could have been xander and cordys baby which would have added an interesting dynamic with both anya and the impending apocalypse


"Tact is not saying true stuff. I'll pass."
Aug 30, 2018
United States
Imagine if Cordy stayed on BTVS and she would be the reason why Xander left Anya at the altar?
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