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Brief Angel story


Mar 7, 2018
York, England
Angel could hear the cars going past outside with his super vamp hearing, even sitting inside the office with all the doors and windows closed. It was dark. This appealed to his sense of broodiness. It was going well... for what seemed like a whole ten minutes there, he'd let his mind wander onto thoughts other than his beloved, Buffy. He wondered how she was doing, how her friends and Giles were looking after her. How was college going? Had she met anyone yet? It was only a matter of time before she fully moved on from him, he thought to himself. He often wondered if he'd made the wrong decision leaving her in Sunnydale. But part of him knew he'd done the best thing he could have for Buffy and her future. Still, sitting there, deep in the shadow of the office, he knew that quiet warmth he felt when he thought about her would never leave him. And that made him content, at least for now. Still a country mile away from the true moment of happiness he once thought he'd experience without losing his soul, but a pleasant feeling of wellbeing knowing all the good she was doing in Sunnydale all the same.

He was alone that night. It was about 9.40pm. Cordelia had gone out with some of her friends to a local club, and he'd encouraged her to go. He allowed himself a faint smile at the thought of all the guys who would have their eyes on her tonight. She hadn't had a vision for a while and what with Wesley visiting his father in England, the place seemed quiet. He considered putting on his jacket and going out, to get a piece of the night-time LA vibe, take it all in. The business was going well. Maybe a little too well, he thought. Who knows, maybe there was someone who could use his assistance this very evening? On some level, somewhere in this city, he was sure of it.
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