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Buffy 4-CD soundtrack on sale at La-La Land Records


Apr 29, 2020
Hi everybody!

There is currently a huge sale over La-La Land Records’ website: 18% off your entire order until November 9th 2020.

They still sell the "Buffy the Vampire Slayer Collection" 4-CD set, which is limited to 3000 units:

Regular price is $59.98. However with the current discount, it only costs $49,18 ($10,80 off).

The Collection contains 4 CDs, you can check out the tracklisting in the following thread by @DagonSphere : Buffy Collection (La La Land Records).

International shipping is quite expensive ($22.75) but the shipping is insured and has a tracking number, plus the parcel is very sturdy. My order shipped from California on October 28th and arrived today (I live in France). The boxset was very well wrapped, so there is no damage. So: yay! Definitely worth it.

Some people sell second-hand sets on eBay, but honestly it's the same price if not more expensive than ordering it directly new from the label.

PS: I hope this is the right forum, I strongly hesitated with "Buffy And Angel Collectibles"… If I'm myth-taken, please move this thread, gentle mods. :)

Mr Trick

Jan 9, 2015
London, UK
I remember seeing that for sale when I voluteered at Frightfest last year. Was going to buy it, but by the time I went back for it on the last day it had gone! I do have one soundtrack to the show which I think is a mix of songs from the first three seasons.
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