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Buffy Boards Drawception championship


WOW, Sarcasm, that's original!
Oct 29, 2018
The cursed area of tons of sweet tea (Arkansas)
Black Thorn
So, there's this website called Drawception where one person creates a theme, another draws that, another is given the image and told to caption it, another draws that, so on and so forth. You can even do private invite only matches, and you can participate no matter how good your art ability! Me being my usual, weird self decided to make a match for us here on the boards. So if you haven't already, make an account (if you want, I'm not forcing you or anything), get ready to participate no matter how good your art ability (I couldn't care less honestly), and follow the link below to the first game!

For this first game, I set it to 6 players, so five of you can join. It can go way higher though, and if this turns out a fun thing a bunch of us do, I'll open up a bunch more! If no one participates, oh well! It was worth a shot.
Drawception Login There's the link to the first game if you want to join!
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