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Buffy Rewatch: 1.02 The Harvest

Buffy Summers

Staff member
Nov 20, 2001
The City of Angels
Buffy rescues Willow and Xander, but Jesse is left in the hands of the vampires. Buffy no longer resists her calling, but immediately begins to plan a rescue. Because they are already involved, Giles tells Xander and Willow about vampires and demons, and that Buffy is the Slayer.

They are overwhelmed by it all, but they insist on helping Buffy. Meanwhile, Luke and the other vampires are planning to begin The Harvest, a dark ritual that will free the Master from his underground prison. Needing to slaughter innocents for the ritual, they descend upon The Bronze to feed. And only the Slayer stands in their way.

Source: TV.com


Mar 13, 2016
Repost from last one (before I understood how this works, feel free to delete it over in that one):

Notice that in The Harvest Cordelia says there's no cover charge. So why was that bouncer counting money? Just what was he selling? And why did he need to see ID when kids (of the 90s) go there? (Maybe he was shaking people down? In that case good riddance.) And when trapped inside why didn't Cordelia (and others) use her phone?

Buffy the Vampire Slayer wrekt. :p

But seriously, it was so good upon first viewing that I couldn't be bothered with such petty details. (And my headcanon is that Cordelia tried to use her phone but Jesse--or the thing that killed him and wore his body as a mask--destroyed it. Darla would make sure the other vampires destroyed any phones as well.)

Interesting plot twists that never happened: Joyce discovers Buffy is gone, perhaps when supper is ready, and goes to the only place she knows of: the Bronze. Hijinks ensues. Alternately she shows up just in time to see the last run away and goes in ton wonder what the hell Buffy is doing now.

Another possible element...some of the members of that vampire worshiping goth club were there and volunteer to Luke (perhaps asking to be made one of the "lonely ones") Heh, good thing they were in that club they go to instead.

And what DID happen, at least in my headcanon. Mayor Wilkins learns of "an incident" at the Bronze, but he's relieved, saying that "the situation is taken care of?"

"Yes, sir."

"These demons, they all hate each other. They're like, well, rival gangs on PCP. Hahahaha! That's close enough to the truth, and what the papers will report."

"Yes, sir."

"So who was the rival gang, in this case?"

"A girl called Buffy Summers. She already has a record from Los Angeles. I hesitate to say it, sir, but could she be a...Slayer?"

Mayor Wilkins frowns, and then sighs. "I need to make a few calls, and maybe get some more competent adult supervision in that high school. It always draws the worst elements."

And Cordelia has a copy of the next morning's newspaper. She felt both relieved and yet troubled as she read it was gang related activity. And yet Buffy Summers is at school, and it did not mention her. How could they not know? She even called her uncle who worked at the paper but he wouldn't say anything, though he was suddenly interested, at least for awhile, when he learned Cordelia has talked with Buffy Summers, but then he said to stay well away from her.


Mar 7, 2018
York, England
This is an absolutely classic episode of BTVS.

The big-bad, Luke and the Master come off as real threats throughout.

There's a lovely scene between Angel and Buffy when Buffy is about to go in search of the Master's lair down in the sewers.

Although the exposition scene in the library goes on a bit too long, its still riveting stuff all the way through.

Xander, WIllow and Giles are fantastic, too, in this episode.

Overall, easily an 8.3/10 for me.



Feb 24, 2018
I love that moment when "Ballad for Dead Friends" is playing in the background, as Darla is walking towards the Bronze. And the reveal of the lamp with Buffy noting that "Sunnydale is in five hours, moron" is just such a classic and funny scene.

I kinda wish Vampire Jesse could have been a recurring foil for the first season. We never saw a human main character be turned and I think there was some potential in that, especially considering that Jesse is pretty much forgotten from the next episode on. It would have given his death so much more impact if he had actually stuck around for a couple of episodes and been part of an arc of some kind.

white avenger

white avenger
Sep 30, 2006
rome, georgia
Despite being dumb as dirt, or maybe because of it, I always thought that Luke should have been kept around longer. He was the Master's main muscle, clearly Buffy's physical equal, if not superior (visualize Frankenstein's monster here, but with the rudimentary gift of speech and a bit more agility) and their final confrontation should have been built up to over several episodes, similar to her slapdown with the ubervamp in Season 7. I guess Joss just couldn't find a good enough fight choreographer there at the beginning. (Plus, I'm rather suspicious of Sarah's "brown belt in Tae Kwon Do." So many actors seem to hold that particular rank in assorted martial arts styles that you would think there just aren't any qualified instructors in California. Maybe she just wasn't up to the challenge at that time, and they couldn't find a convincing stunt double))
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