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Buffy Season 6 v Angel Season 3


Jun 17, 2018
Another reason why I prefer Buffy Season 6 over Angel Season 3 is because the writing made more sense. Willow was seen to be getting worse with her magics in Season 5, which wasn't a surprise in Season 6. Plus the Tillow relationship was bound to fail somehow. In Season 5, we've seen an gross side to Spike, which was bound to get explored once again in Season 6. Spike thought since he couldn't be a man for Buffy in Season 5, he might as well lure her into the dark side, stay there in sorrows, make her feel as if something is wrong with her, which leads to complete isolation in Season 6. I think Intervention kind of foreshadowed that. It was foreshadowed in Restless and Buffy vs. Dracula that Giles is going to eventually leave to figure out his own self in order for Buffy and Willow to grow up. Even though Xander looks like he's fully committed to Anya when he proposes to her, there is that notion that his home life affected him to the point of going to get cold feet eventually. Dawn's nagging need of attention was eventually going to come to light in the 6th season. Spike knows the other reason why Riley left was because there's a part of Buffy that will always be hung up on Angel (which was evident over the series), so of course he is going to get a soul.

As I do rewatches more and more, the more you see both Giles and Willow are going to have their breaking point. Giles has a past of being irresponsible with magics, so he knows what to watch for in Willow, and when to talk down at her when she is getting out of control. We see him telling her to be careful in Faith, Hope, and Trick.

Angel wasn't supposed to be a dark soap opera, and the character wasn't meant to try to think of attempting a romance, because he left Buffy for a reason. His show is about his mission and atonement. Cordelia isn't a blonde, nor a Slayer, nor his sire. Cordelia and Angel don't have much in common. Angel has more in common with rain and a book than with Cordelia. Cordelia was out of character by being Saint Corduffy, while Angel was being a vampire version of Xander Harris. Lorne's empathetic abilities were off the handle, and he knows when to not give unsolicited advice. He should know that Cordelia isn't that crazy about Buffy, so why try to force Angel to be in a "romance" with the woman who was trying to get Angel to cheat on his girlfriend in Season 2 of Buffy, acted nasty to Buffy for the majority of her time at Sunnydale High, made nasty remarks about Angel&Buffy's relationship, put Buffy down in order to sound all superior in Angel's show, complained when Angel turned human and was happy with Buffy because that meant that she was out of a job when she should've gotten her lazy ass up to put in applications in for regular Joe jobs (she worked at April Fools for crying out loud, and never asked her former Scoobies to cash in for doing selfless deeds), blamed Buffy when Xander cheated on her, put the blame on Buffy and Giles when Wesley got himself out of a job because he didn't want to help Angel get well after Faith poisoned him, and warned Angel away from relationships. When Buffy tried to be there for Cordelia after what Willow&Xander did to her, Cordelia just spat at her. Back to saying that Cordelia acted nasty towards Buffy for the majority of her time at Sunnydale High, Cordelia had no reason to after she and Xander broke up. Cordelia should've been nicer to Buffy, Oz, and Giles because they didn't play a part in the cause of her&Xander's split. Cordelia, herself, tried to steal Angel away from Buffy at a time, which she failed at doing. What did Oz ever do to her? Nothing. He was her friend, worked with her, gave her rides, and was as heartbroken over the Xander&Willow affair as she was. He would understand her being hurt by Xander and still caring for Xander because that is how he felt with Willow. He would understand having a partner cheating on him with someone "less cool" AKA having an ego bruised. Cordelia was the Queen B, and Oz was in a band. Xander was a geeky class clown, and Willow was like a nerdy outcast (not that they aren't cool, but one can understand my drift). Giles has tried to tolerate Cordelia to his best ability, and was nice enough to have her into his house. I believe that he was nice enough to ride with her in Gingerbread. Buffy was nice enough to allow her in her house along with her mom being there. Buffy has saved Cordelia's life countless of times and was forced to put up with Cordelia trying to steal two of her dates who were more interested in Buffy than her. Owen and Angel were just being polite to Cordelia, and Angel just used her to get back at Buffy to make her jealous because he got jealous of her sexy dance with Xander. Buffy also had to put up with Cordelia using her to get into a party, and Cordelia trying to outshine her on the Homecoming Queen contest, causing Xander, Willow, and Oz to be in the middle. It kind of parallels with Triangle when Olaf tried to force Xander to choose between Anya and Willow, and a bit with Selfless when he didn't want Anya to die and to disappoint Buffy. Cordelia getting jealous of Xander's chivalry for Buffy in Killed By Death parallels with Anya's complaint of Xander's closeness with Buffy in OMWF. So Lorne trying to get Angel with that type of woman is an error of judgement, same with Fred, who was new to his life. Fred herself got rejected by Angel because of what happened with Buffy in Sunnydale + that he has no time to be in a relationship. If anything Buffy and Darla was more his lassies than Cordelia ever was. Fred and Lorne should know that Cordelia wouldn't want to be second, or in this case third, to anyone in a man's heart. She isn't Spike. Buffy did come back to life, and Angel has a family with Darla. Buffy dealing with Dawn mirrors the way Angel deals with Connor. Buffy is Angel's link to the future, while Darla is Angel's link to the past. I never seen Angel wanting to sacrifice himself for Cordelia. Heck, Angel was ready to sacrifice his own freedom by taking the fall for Faith in Sanctuary. Angel offered himself to die instead of Buffy to The Judge in Surprise, Angel sacrificed his own happiness for Buffy after Graduation Day Part 2, and sacrificed his own humanity in order to keep Buffy safe in I Will Remember You. Angel went through the Trials to save Darla's life in The Trial. Heck, when Angel finally came to his senses in Season 4, he made Connor more of a priority over Cordelia/Jasmidelia.

I don't see the point of destroying a good friendship Gunn and Wesley built in Season 2 in favor of a girl. Why have Gunn and Wesley be interested in the same woman? Why experiment Fred's interest for Gunn, when she finds out she's a better fit for Wesley? Is it to give Wesley more of a reason to reach his breaking point with Lilah, which gives more of a reason to create more drama in Season 4? It doesn't make any sense. Why create soapy drama on a show that started out as a sci-fi horror show? Why fly off the handle with the writing?

Angel Season 3 is weak compared to Buffy Season 6. Buffy Season 6 was more in tune with the show's writing compared to Angel Season 3. The writing in Angel Season 3 was all over the place to the point that it felt like a different show. The only good things about Angel Season 3 was Darla and Lilah. Sajhian and Holtz are stronger villains compared to Warren, Andrew, and Jonathan. Dark Willow is more compelling than Holtz and Sajhian however. Angel Season 3's finale wasn't as awesome and worth watching as Buffy Season 6's finale. The acting was crappy in Tomorrow. I prefer seeing Willow go off the rails, Xander saving the world, Giles's former sorcery, and Dawn coming to her own over Wesley hitting rock bottom with Lilah, Connor being brainwashed af, Cordelia once again falling for Skip's BS, Angel&Cordelia wanting to discuss their OOC "feelings", and Cordelia's/Charisma's horrendous change in clothing and hair because she was butt ugly. Willow/Alyson are more attractive with the goth make over that goes well with the veins.
Cordelia isn't that bad she doesn't particularly like Buffy but you missed out one thing (well a couple really) in Helpless she finds an upset Buffy in the library and Buffy asks Cordy to drive her home Cordy agrees without a second thought. Xander has had a crush on Buffy all the time him and Cordy are dating - I think some suspicion of his motives is understandable. She also does still fetch him snacks in the hospital. At the end of season two she confesses guilt after having run to save herself Buffy assures her she did the right thing. The two reconcile their differences during Homecoming and Cordy seems geuninely baffled as to why Buffy wants to be Homecoming Queen. As to the Oz thing she isn't particularly nasty to him and I don't think she notices him.

Cordy isn't the same person she was in high school and I'm not convinced Buffy is his future. I don't have Bangel on the high pedestal others do. I think part of the respect and attraction Angel develops for Cordy is she tells him her truth not what he wants to hear. Lorne doesn't know Buffy and has no loyalty to her whereas he does to Angel he's allowed to be a shipper for two people he cares about.
I appreciate you see things differently but felt compelled to point out how I thought you were wrong.
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I think you are wrong.


Dec 1, 2016
You didn't rate Sleep Tight or Forgiving or Benediction 🤔
No. While they are better than the other episodes in the season, I didn't care all that much for them. They all have bits that I found not believable or annoying.
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