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Buffy Season 8 & Angel After The Fall/IDW Plotlines


Member of the Church Of Faith
Dec 23, 2013
The Moot, England
After much deliberation I've decided to sit down and attempt to write a fan-fic continuation of BtVS.
I feel that I've got the drive and writing chops to have a decent stab at it. I've even got no less than 3/4 strong seasons of BtVS outlined and plotted to a degree. Unlike a lot of fan-fic I'm gonna try for a continuation of all the characters stories as well as developing new directions in terms of world-building.

I'm gonna borrow a few things from the comics as inspiration; things like the castle in Scotland becoming slayer HQ for a couple of seasons and also the fact that some of the events in Angel S5 might not be as straight forward as depicted.
My Season 8 of Buffy will run concurrent with the televised AtS Season 5.

Whilst I have the plot nailed down, the Big Bad, the main character arc beats, the seasonal arc I'm always interested in ideas for:
A) Character-centric episode ideas. I've got ones for most of the S8 main. The Cast is: Buffy, Xander, Willow, Dawn, Andrew, Giles and Faith (plus an original character will join the cast about half-way through the season)
b) MotW creatures that work as metaphor. I've got a couple of these but hearing ideas is always fun.

I'm also (vaguely) considering writing an adaptation of Angel AtF and beyond, and this is where I might need more input. Basically I'm going about this like I'm writing the TV show, so it will have a cast of characters that will feature in every 'episode', character arcs, a season long arc and the like. So I'm heavily adapting Angel: AtF and all its off-shoots (First Night, Spike AtF)
  • Which characters would you include in the 'credits' of a 'televised' Season 6 of Angel: After the Fall and who would just be a guest cast member in your opinion.
  • How would the season progress? Would it all be set in hell? Or only part of it before LA is rescued from damnation? Do you see the same 'time reversal' thing being a clever twist or a cheap ploy. I think Voyager did something similar to this for a two-episode arc during one of their seasons (a time reversal so it never actually happened)
  • What parts of AtF would you expand/delete/alter to fit in with a 'televised' (as opposed to a comic-book) version. Does Angel befriend a dragon? Would you keep Vampire-Gunn? Is Nina a feral half-werewolf under a hellish kinda full moon? What about the telepathic fish? Or the handful of slayers trapped in hell?
  • Is it worth purchasing the IDW comics to mine for inspiration and ideas. If you could give examples of a couple of the more decent plots then it makes it more likely that I'd consider purchasing them.
  • After the events of Angel Season 5 how would you see Angel himself developing as a character, after going to hell and back.
Note: I consider Twilight a completely unacceptable and unlikely thing to happen the way its depicted... BUT I do like the idea of Whistler becoming a factor in Angel's existence again. And I don't think its out of the question that he would manipulate or lie or do questionable things to get Angel to do something sketchy. That's not to say that Angel isn't capable of doing sketchy things all on his own.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated. Or if you just wanna ask questions out of interest and poke my brain/hear some of my ideas, be my guest. :D
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