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Buffy Season 8 Recaps

Buffy Summers

Staff member
Nov 20, 2001
The City of Angels
Please do not reproduce these recaps without permission. Linking to this page is fine.

[jump=one]Episode 8.01 The Long Way Home, Part 1 - Released 3/14/07[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=two]Episode 8.02 The Long Way Home, Part 2 - Released 4/4/07[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=three]Episode 8.04 The Long Way Home, Part 4 - Released 5/2/07[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=four]Episode 8.04 The Long Way Home, Part 4 - Released 6/5/07[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=five]Episode 8.05 The Chain - Released 6/25/07[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=six]Episode 8.06 No Future for You, Part 1 - Released 9/5/07[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=seven]Episode 8.07 No Future for You, Part 2 - Released 10/03/07[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=eight]Episode 8.08 No Future for You, Part 3 - Released 11/07/07[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=nine]Episode 8.09 No Future for You, Part 4 - Released 12/05/07[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=ten]Episode 8.10 Anywhere But Here - Released 01/02/08[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=eleven]Episode 8.11 A Beautiful Sunset - Released 02/06/08[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=twelve]Episode 8.12 Wolves at the Gate Part 1 - Released 03/05/08[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=thirteen]Episode 8.13 Wolves at the Gate Part 2 - Released 04/02/08[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=fourteen]Episode 8.14 Wolves at the Gate Part 3 - Released 05/06/08[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=fifteen]Episode 8.15 Wolves at the Gate Part 4 - Released 06/04/08[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=sixteen]Episode 8.16 Time of Your Life, Part 1 - Released 07/05/08[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=seventeen] Episode 8.17 Time of Your Life, Part 2 - Released 08/06/08[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=eighteen] Episode 8.18 Time of Your Life, Part 3 - Released 09/03/08[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=nineteen] Episode 8.19 Time of Your Life, Part 4 - Released 11/26/08[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=twenty]Episode 8.20 After These Messages - We‘ll be Right Back - Released 12/17/08[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=twentyone] Episode 8.21 Harmonic Divergence - Released 1/07/09[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=twentytwo]Episode 8.22 Swell - Released 02/04/09[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=twentythree]Episode 8.23 Predators and Prey - Released 3/04/09[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=twentyfour]Episode 8.24 Safe - Released 4/01/09[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=twentyfive]Episode 8.25 Living Doll - Released 5/06/09[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=twentysix]Episode 8.26 Retreat Part 1 - Released 7/01/09[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=twentyseven]Episode 8.27 Retreat Part 2 - Released 8/05/09[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=twentyeight]Episode 8.28 Retreat Part 3 - Released 9/02/09[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=twentynine]Episode 8.29 Retreat Part 4 - Released 10/07/09[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=thirty]Episode 8.30 Retreat Part 5 - Released 11/04/09[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=thirtyone]Episode 8.31 Turbulence -Released 1/13/10 [/jump][Discuss]
[jump=thirtytwo]Episode 8.32 Twilight, Part 1 - Released 2/03/10[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=thirtythree]Episode 8.33 Twilight, Part 2 - Released 3/04/10[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=thirtyfour]Episode 8.34 Twilight, Part 3 - Released 4/07/10[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=thirtyfive]Episode 8.35 Twilight, Part 4 - Released 5/05/10[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=thirtysix]Episode 8.36 Last Gleamin, Part 1 - Released 9/01/10[/jump] [Discuss]

[anchor=one]Episode 8.01

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Long Way Home, Part 1
Season 8, Issue #1

Script by Joss Whedon
Pencils by Georges Jeanty
Inks by Andy Owens
Colors by Dave Stewart
Letters by Richard Starkings
Cover Art by Jo Chen

Slayers named in this issue:

“The thing about changing the world…once you do it, the world’s all different.”

Our story begins with Buffy and three other young girls, presumably Slayers, repelling in soldier-gear out of a helicopter, and landing on the roof of what appears to be a dilapidated old cathedral. The Slayer count is now up to 1800, with nearly 500 working with Buffy et al, broken up into 10 squads. And Buffy has two doubles: one “underground, literally” and one in Rome and dating the Immortal.

Xander is monitoring Buffy’s movements from a high tech control room, and informs her that "they" are concentrated near the altar and unaware of Buffy’s arrival. A second squad located in Barcelona and led by a Slayer named Donna had run into trouble, and Xander sends word – via flirtatious banter with a Slayer named Renee - for Andrew to take a team in for back up.

Buffy’s team arrives in the main part of the church, where three large horned demons are looming over the bodies of human victims on the stone floor. Buffy engages the first demon, and after getting in a couple hits is thrown across the room. Two of the demons turn their attention to Buffy’s companions, when they are suddenly harpooned from behind by more Slayer team members who have crashed through a stained glass window. Buffy, meanwhile, stakes the last creature through the head using a large cross from the altar.

The Slayers discover a strange mark carved into the chest of one of the victims, which resembles a star and a rising sun. Buffy thinks the mark was self-inflicted, and that the humans had come to the church to fight the demons. The humans had also brought with them a forcefield generator, to keep anyone else out. Buffy assures the other Slayers that the symbol is the key to the mystery.

The scene changes to a different helicopter, and a conversation between one General Voll and a bureaucrat holding a briefcase. The General describes Buffy’s team as an army and it is clear that he sees them as the enemy. We then see that the helicopter is hovering over the crater that once was Sunnydale. The army has set up camp on the edge and is drilling down into the wreckage of the town.

A man in a hazmat suit is taking a reading underground alone, when he sees something, and screams.

Back to Buffy and Xander. They have been unable to find the meaning of the symbol. Xander tells Buffy she needs to talk to Dawn. Buffy shakes her head and insists that Dawn will only “whine” and that there’s nothing Buffy can do until they find Willow. Xander tells her that she could be her sister.

Buffy relents and goes to visit Dawn…who is now GIANT SIZED. Apparently the large size is due to Dawn having dated a thricewise named Kenny. Dawn insists she can only talk about it to Willow. We learn that the command center is in Scotland and that Dawn is supposed to be attending Berkeley. Buffy and Dawn clearly do not get along, and Buffy leaves, saying she has “things to do”. Buffy looks out over the deserted landscape (and we see that the gang seems to have holed up in a castle) and laments that she misses her home, the gang, churros, and “great muppety Odin, I miss that sex”. She suspects that Dawn slept with Kenny, and is jealous that she will only talk to Willow about it.

Cut back to the army. The general is looking through a tiny slot into a cell. “How is that thing alive?” he exclaims with disgust. A man in a lab coat answers “magic” and says he believes “Subject One” was keeping him alive after the “decimation”. He explains that when the man in the hazmat suit found her underground, she said, “I’m gonna help you kill her.” Subject One is asking for access to their magical hardware, a weapons lab for her “boyfriend”, immunity if they succeed in killing Buffy, and a lot of cheese. The General asks what her name is. And we see that "Subject One" is Amy, covered in bandages and sitting in a padded cell in her hospital gown.

The End.[/anchor]

[anchor=two]Episode 8.02

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Long Way Home, Part 2
Season 8, Issue #2

Script by Joss Whedon
Pencils by Georges Jeanty
Inks by Andy Owens
Colors by Dave Stewart
Letters by Richard Starkings
Cover Art by Jo Chen

Slayers named in this issue:

Giles is overseeing the Slayers’ training. He admonishes that though they are very impressive, they are all fighting alone, rather than as a team. Buffy calls on Leah, Satsu, and Rowena to come at her, and she defeats them all.

“Three perfectly valid avenues of attack, good form – on three seasoned, well-trained corpses, one of whom, sidebar: has her best hair ever; Satsu, you’re making me think I need a new look, see me after.”

As Buffy begins to explain where the girls went wrong, we switch to Andrew sitting around a campfire with another group of Slayers, explaining the problem with Lando Calrissian’s outfit and why Slayers never use guns.

Meanwhile Xander is trying to reassure Dawn, who feels like Buffy hates her and who is jealous of all Buffy’s “new and improved slayer sisters.” Xander asks her if she made herself big on purpose.

Back with the army, General Voll is discussing with the bureaucrat that Amy is being sent to infiltrate Buffy’s camp for the military. The General feels they should just “nuke” the camp. Voll goes to his room and as he gets ready for bed we see that the symbol is carved in his chest.

Next we see Xander and Buffy walking down a hallway in the castle discussing Dawn and her abandonment issues. Buffy says it’s once again her fault, and Xander tells her not to feel guilty. Then Buffy asks him if he’s coming to bed…

She pulls him into her room and kisses him, then suddenly his head pops off and falls to the floor. Buffy is then sucked backwards out of the window. A giant dragon-like thing breathes fire on her and she is engulfed in flame.

Then we flash to Buffy tied to her bed with Amy standing over her, ready to plunge a knife into her chest. Xander and four Slayers burst in. Amy plunges the knife into Buffy as she is shot by Xander with a crossbow. Two of the Slayers tackle Amy. Xander picks up the knife, its blade split apart. The mystical protection over Buffy has prevented the blade from piercing her skin, but she is still asleep. Amy tells them that the only thing that can wake her is “the kiss of true love.”

Renee and another Slayer are outside on the parapet on guard duty when an army of zombies begins climbing the castle wall.

Renee bursts into Buffy’s room to tell them that the castle is under attack. Amy, meanwhile, has revealed that Buffy has to be kissed by someone passionately devoted to her, but she doesn’t have to be in love with them in return.

We enter Buffy’s dreamscape, where a faceless man in a long coat beckons to her and calls her “my love.”

Back at the castle, the Slayers are having no luck stopping the zombies. Amy is quite pleased with herself until she hears a familiar voice – Willow’s.

The End.[/anchor]

[anchor=three]Episode 8.03

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Long Way Home, Part 3
Season 8, Issue #3

Script by Joss Whedon
Pencils by Georges Jeanty
Inks by Andy Owens
Colors by Dave Stewart
Letters by Richard Starkings
Cover Art by Jo Chen

Slayers named in this issue:

“He called me ‘my love.’ And then I threw up in my mouth a little.”

We’re still in Buffy’s dreamscape, and Ethan Rayne is the mysterious man standing before her. He tells her they have to hurry if she’s going to be any help on the outside.

Meanwhile, on the outside, Willow and Amy are locked in battle. Amy tells her she’s weak. Willow tells her, she’s not really fighting her, just “absorbing [her] mojo” so she can “decode it.” Then Willow darts straight upward into the sky.

A zombie stands over a wounded Slayer. Then…he asks her to dance. Courtesy of a spell by Willow.

We see scenes from Buffy’s dreamscape, including one face that looks like Joss Whedon’s. Ethan Rayne tells her there’s a memory here they need.

Amy conjures a little glowing ball and then Will “Dark Willow’s” out. Willow and Amy resume their battle. Amy asks what else they’ve got. Right on cue, Dawn arrives and steps on Amy.

Xander: Say it with me now: Fe Fi Fo…
Dawn: F%$#ing Fum.

Dawn: We totally have to talk. Are you evil again?
Willow: It’ll fade.

We return to Buffy’s dreamscape. First she’s in Amy’s cage. Then the scene changes and Ethan tells her she’s there. The surroundings look like the inside of a stomach or something, and there is a dead creature lying there with an axe (and it looks like the Gamorrean Guard from Return of the Jedi). There is a sort of cage-like thing with three sides that are giant steel X’s. Ethan Rayne says, “I’m more antique Roman than Dane.”

Xander and Willow are standing over Buffy, with a bunch of Slayers looking on. Willow says that someone in the room is in love with Buffy. Willow tells everyone to close their eyes and for that person to kiss Buffy. Buffy darts up, exclaiming “Cinnamon Buns!”

Switch to Giles, who is talking to a horned demon like those in Issue #1. The demon is not happy that his friends were killed – he says they were lured and Giles agrees. The demon does not know what the symbol is. They are going to work together to find out who killed the demons.

Xander visits Renee in the infirmary.

Willow has Amy magically incapacitated in a cellar-like stone room. Willow tells Buffy that Amy must have been working with someone. Willow reveals that Kennedy died…for a month…and that they’re taking a break. Willow runs a trace on where Amy teleported from, and she, Buffy and Xander see an image of a military installation. A portal opens and sucks Amy and Willow through.

Willow is strapped to a surgical table. Amy stands over her – they’re using Willow as bait to catch Buffy. A dark figure talks about killing Buffy, then steps into the light. It’s Warren – still without skin – brandishing a surgical saw.

The End.[/anchor]

[anchor=four]Episode 8.04

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Long Way Home, Part 4
Season 8, Issue #4

Script by Joss Whedon
Pencils by Georges Jeanty
Colours by Dave Stewart
Letters by Richard Starkings
Cover by Jo Chen

Slayers named in this issue:
Buffy Summers

"Bored now."

We open on a flash back to Willow's apparent murder of Warren, before we switch to a present day Warren, very much skinnless, and Amy, who are holding a terrified Willow hostage.

Back at the castle, Dawn takes her frustrations at loosing Willow out on the castle wall, and she winds up with a bleeding hand. Buffy winds up with hurt feelings and a bruised ego when Dawn confesses that Willow is 'Like a mom to her'.

Buffy and Xander discuss who should accompany her to rescue Willow, as trainee magic-girls work to open a portal. Xander humbly steps aside, citing his lack of fighting and magick skills. He reminds Buffy to play it smart, 'cause it's Will

"And remember, she's stronger than all of us."

Willow retreats inside her own mind to escape Warren's torture, while Buffy chooses Satsu to help her rescue the witch. Leah and Rowena urge her not to embarrass them.
General Voll checks up on Amy and Warren when he hears screaming, and Amy promises him that the Slayer will come, but the witch belongs to 'her boyfriend'.

"They have a history. She's kind of a history major. "

Buffy breaks out her Scythe and explains the situation to Satsu, before asking for some lipgloss. She notes that it's cinnamon flavoured.

Willow finds herself a temporary refuge with the Elements and she finds out what Warren is doing to her.

"He's lobotomizing you."

Both sides gear up for the fight. Xander asks Buffy to bring him back a witch. The portal opens and the military fire their weapon into the portal, only for the blast to be reflected back on them by a mirror set up by the Slayers.

"Magic. It's all done with mirrors."

Buffy and Satsu jump the portal and land amongst the soldiers, who are quickly taken out of the game by the Slayers. Buffy asks to be taken to Willow, while Xander once again watches from Headquaters via a camera Satsu wears.

Xander realizes that the military base is just two miles south of Sunnydale, just as Buffy runs into Amy.

Buffy channels Willow's magic and an image of Amy's mom, Cathrine, appears, which distracts Amy enough for Satsu to throw a granade.

Amy escapes the explosion, and Buffy and Satsu's way is clear and they make it to the room where Willow is being held. Buffy sees Warren and is shocked, leaving Amy and Warren to vanish. Buffy frees Willow, who simply smiles.

Buffy, Satsu and Willow search the rest of the military base, where they see door marked '30'. Remembering her dream and Ethan Rayne, Buffy breaks down the door only to find Ethan slumped aginst a wall, dead from a gunshot to the head.

General voll steps out if the shadows with a gun pointed at Buffy. He fires, but misses as Buffy slams him against a wall, tearing his shirt in the process. The same symbol is carved into his chest. Voll informs them that 'Twilight is coming' and that Buffy is at war with the human race.
Her reply?

"Oh. Kay."

The End.[/anchor]

[anchor=five]Episode 8.05

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: The Chain
Season 8, Issue #5

Script by Joss Whedon
Pencils by Paul Lee
Inks by Andy Owens
Colours by Dave Stewart
Letters by Richard Starkings and Comicraft's Jimmy

Slayers named in this issue:
'Buffy Summers'

"Buffy Summers is dead!"

We open on a scene straight out of hell, as Yamanh of Hoht holds the prone body of a blonde woman above his head and proclaims that he has killed the Slayer, Buffy Summers. The blonde woman tells us that she doesn't know her.

"Funny thing about all this? I never even met her."

We flashback on a jock, before switching to 'Buffy' and a fearie discussing what Yamanh is planning and what 'Buffy' needs to do. She orders the faerie to the surface to spread the word that Yamanh is massing and to get back up. The faerie reveals that she has laid eggs in 'Buffy's' ear canal, which isn't fatal apparently, before telling her that she loves her.

"Be here when I get back."
"Slayer's Honour."

Another flashback, this time to a dark haired girl having lunch with her friends and discussing Holly 'Trampo' Braebrun leaving her panties in the utility closet. Mike Billenger stops by their table and asks for Holly. The dark haired girl squees loudly "Oh my God! Maybe the panties weren't hers!" before she hurtles back from the picnic bench to the grass, as the Calling hits her and she becomes connected to 'The Chain'. We see the Scythe, and other Slayers, including Nikki Wood, the Primative, and Elizabeth Weston.

We see a commercial Andrew and Vi have filmed to contact possible new Slayers. The contact number is 1-800-chosen-1.

The dark haired Slayer describes how her new life is explained to her and we see her going through her training, seeing a vampire for the first time, and listening as Giles, Rona, and another Watcher, we're guessing, hold some sort of mini conference.

Flashforward now, as the blonde Slayer pins down a demon and chops off one of his hands, leaving him 'one to wipe with' and telling him to to tell Yamanh of her mercy and that 'Buffy Summers' is coming for him. The faerie watches from behind a rock.

Another flashback, this time to the dark haired Slayerr's first patrol and her first vampire attack. She saves a fellow Slayer from a vamp and gets bitten in the process. We meet Simone and she insists she'd rather have a gun than a sword.

Back at the training house, Rona asks the dark haired Slayer to 'become' Buffy, her decoy.
The next scene, a now blonde Slayer absails into a dark hole in the ground and asks why she was chosen to carry this burden.

She's blind sided by the faerie and something that looks like a leaf blower, but is told she past the test. 'Buffy' tells the faerie and slime-people that Yamanh is coming for them and they need to stand up and fight. The faerie insists that 'Buffy Summers' will fight for them.

Yet again, flashback to the day the Buffy-decoy was Called. She saves her friends from a run away truck by kicking the picnic table and throwing Mike Billenger out of the way. The truck hits the Slayer instead and everyone stares at her.

"Who the hell are you?"

Back in the present and 'Buffy', the faeries and the slime-people are fighting Yamanh and his demons. Yamanh holds 'Buffy' above his head as dozens of girls fall from above, repelling on more soldier gear. He tosses the Slayer aside.

'Buffy' watches them fall before her eyes close.

"I tried to feel it. I tried to face the darkness like a woman ad I don't need any more than that. You don't have to remember me. You don't even know who I am.
But I do."

The End.[/anchor]
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Buckle Up Tight
Feb 26, 2006
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[anchor=six]Episode 8.06

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: No Future for You, Part 1
Season 8, Issue #6

Script by Brian K. Vaughan
Pencils by Georges Jeanty
Inks by Andy Owens
Colours by Dave Stewart
Letters by Richard Starkings and Comicraft's Jimmy
Cover Art by Jo Chen

Slayers named in this issue:
Faith Lehane
Lady Genevieve Savidge
Buffy Summers

"'Oh, the places you'll go.'
Mom used to read me that book before she tucked me in"¦nights she was sober enough, anyway."

The opening scene shows Faith sitting atop a statue in Cleveland smoking and griping about being in the city. Her cell phone rings. It's Robin Wood, who is now, apparently, her ex. She makes a joke about ex's and late night booty calls, and he tells her he is calling for business. Slayers can be seen in the background, fighting vampires as he talks to Faith.

Robin tells Faith that one of the vampires in the nest he and his squad are dealing with used to be a single mom. Faith says she can take care of it and asks him to text the address. Robin thanks her and proceeds to ask her how she has been. She hangs up on him. Then, using something she obviously stole from Batman's utility belt, she creates a zip line to get back to ground level.

Faith finds the house of the vampire-mom and lets herself inside. She calls out and her reply is a strangled sob from a child, a girl. Faith tries to reassure the girl as she moves forward. The girl looks up, in full vamp-face.


The other kids come out to play, all of them sporting fangs. Faith does her job and stakes the kids. Family photos can be seen as she gets to work.

It's early in the morning when Faith gets home, and she looks tired and depressed. She slams her stake into the wall of her apartment, possibly showing how much staking the children upset her. There are five other holes in the wall, suggesting five other incidents that bothered her.

A voice draws her attention and Faith turns to find Giles in her kitchen with a cup of what is apparently chamomile tea. He's wearing a sweater with the Yellow Submarine on it.

Giles, as usual, stands on the wrong side of the generation gap as he and the Slayer talk. Faith takes offence at his attempts to be nice and asks him to get straight to the point and tell her what he needs killed. He tells her that things aren't that simple this time and informs her that he knows she tried to buy a fake passport at least twice. Faith grows embarrassed at having been caught. Giles tells her that if he accepts his assignment, he can get her to any place she wants, with spending money for the rest of her life. Faith is skeptical and asks him what kind of target deserves rewards like these.

Giles tells her that the target is a Slayer.

Faith wonders what this girl could have possibly have done for Giles to call for her death and he tells her that all of his augers, including the Great Bearded Wizard of Northampton, that unless she is stopped before the fall's end, she'll bring on the apocalypse. Faith decides to take the job and Giles reminds her that he's talking about killing a human being.

"Heard you the first time. So, who is this evil bitch, anyway?"

The next scene shows a happy young woman on horseback, discussing with her tutor what kind of dog she would like. Her tutor refers to her as Lady Genevieve and her father is apparently the Duke. She tells her tutor, Roden, to wait, because she can "˜sense her'. Jumping down from her horse, Lady Genevieve makes her way over to a patch of trees as Roden tells her to "˜finish it before she goes to ground'.

Hiding in the trees is a girl. Her clothes are muddy and torn and her mascara has run as though she's been crying. Lady Genevieve looks at her in disgust and the girl looks terrified, right before she lifts her right foots and kicks Lady Genevieve solidly in the chest.

Lady Genevieve looks outraged.

"You filthy little commoner! I loved that shirt."

She calmly backhands the girl, who falls awkwardly and lands on her head. Lady Genevieve looks on in horror at the now dead girl and her broken neck. She panics as Roden dismounts behind her, and worries about the body. Roden tells her than "˜the boys' will take care of it as he conjures two huge demons that look like gargoyles. Lady Genevieve grows angry and takes it out on Roden, who she calls a "˜sad Irish witch' and demands what is hers. Roden corrects her, calling himself a warlock, and telling her to be patient. The book he is carrying in his arms has the Twilight symbol on the cover.

Back with Faith and Giles, Faith confirms that her target is in England, and asks why they are still in America. Giles tells her that they will leave as soon as her training is finished. She asks what he can possibly teach her about the "˜wonderful world of wet works' and Giles tells her that her target, Lady Genevieve Savidge, is one of the wealthiest heiresses in the British Isles and has her home mystically protected from conventional attack.

"The only chance you have at finishing this Slayer is by getting close to her through subterfuge and cunning."

Faith tells Giles she won't be going "˜down town' on this chick.

Giles explains what she must learn to fit into Lady Genevieve's life. Faith wonders why Giles chose her for this job when others are probably better suited. Giles puts a hand on her arm. Suddenly, Faith flashes back on the vamp-kids and she lifts a fork and stabs Giles in the arm. She comes back to reality and instantly apologizes, but insists she doesn't like to be touched unless she touches first. She notices Giles' tattoo as he rolls up his sleeve. Giles insists that the two of them aren't as different as Faith might think. Faith looks ashamed and asks if it was a salad fork she stabbed him with.

"Er, no, actually. The salad fork has a shorter handle and a wider tine base. But that's as good a place to start as any."

The story moves to the castle in Scotland, and to Xander, who is working out in the gym, shirtless and taunting the heavy bag. Buffy startles him and he hides behind the bag. Buffy asks him why he's working out and he tells her Renee asked him to be her sparring partner. Buffy teases him a little before growing silent. Xander asks her if she's okay, as she draws the Twilight symbol in the condensation on the window. She asks if there's been any word from Giles, and Xander tells her they haven't heard from him in a few weeks as he pulls on a Sunnydale High Swim team shirt.

Buffy tells him about the dream she just had, one that has her running from what appears to be a Gryphon, that says to her "˜The Queen is dead.'

"Long live the Queen."

The Doctor and Rose can be seen walking past an old red telephone box in the front of Giles' building.

Inside, Giles asks who takes seating preference at a formal dinner. He's answered in a near perfect English accent, which we learn is actually Faith, although she has no idea what the answer is. Giles assures her she'll do fine, before asking if her "˜selection' works alright. Faith replies in the positive, but she feels like an idiot, and she walks down the stairs in a full length, green formal dress, complete with long gloves and jewelry. Her hair is swept back from her face.

"So, how we doing here?"

Giles takes off his glasses and stares at her.

"Five by five."

The End.[/anchor]

[anchor=seven]Episode 8.07

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: No Future for You, Part 2
Season 8, Issue #7

Script by Brian K. Vaughan
Pencils by Georges Jeanty
Inks by Andy Owens
Colours by Dave Stewart
Letters by Richard Starkings and Comicraft's Jimmy
Cover Art by Jo Chen

Slayers named in this issue:
Faith Lehane
Lady Genevieve Savidge
Buffy Summers

"This is friendship."

We open on a flashback to the scene from "˜Graduation Day' when Buffy stabbed Faith. Faith thinks back on that time with Buffy as if she's wondering where it all went wrong. The scene ends with a close up on Faith's eyes the moment Buffy sinks the knife in, before we return to the present as Faith waits to enter Lady Genevieve's estate.

"Anyway, live and learn. Almost die and learn way more."

Giles is communicating with Faith via an earpiece, which she quickly removes and tosses away, explaining that she has enough voices in her head already.

She waits in line for security to search her with a metal detector, before an usher asks for her invitation. She launches into her character, a well-bred English girl, and the usher seems to believe her and lets her through, although he apparently does not like Genevieve.

Faith waits in line to greet Genevieve, and she is sweating, nervous. She tries to tell herself to relax, because she has done worse than killing an evil girl. However, she is still shaking badly. There are three people in front of her and she pulls out a small dagger she has been using as a hair accessory.

The scene switches to Roden as he watches Lady Genevieve with his two gargoyle demons. He tells them to keep an eye on the girl fourth in line to greet Genevieve. Faith.

The story moves to the castle and we see Dawn and Willow picking apples and talking. Dawn is about to tell Willow the truth about how she "˜blossomed' so that the witch can un-embiggen her when they are interrupted by Renee, who tells "˜Ms. Rosenberg' that Buffy needs her. Willow reminds Renee that she will turn her into a baby goat if she keeps calling Willow by her mother's name, then reminds US that they've added G.I Joe to the list of people who want them dead, and Dawn explains that "˜all's fair in love and war.'

Back at Lady Genevieve's estate, Faith is out on the balcony, smoking and telling herself that she will take Lady Genevieve out just as soon as she has polished of the pack.

"Mind if I bum a fag?"

Faith turns to find the target of her assignment standing behind her requesting a cigarette. Faith hands her the pack before they chat about Amy Winehouse. Faith introduces herself as Hope Lyonne, and Lady Genevieve refers to herself as "˜Gigi'. Gigi asks about "˜Hope's' parents and Faith seems to draw on her life experiences as she tells Gigi that her father may as well be a ghost and her mother in a filthy drunk. Gigi jokingly asks if they are sisters. Faith starts to respond, again pulling the dagger from her hair, but is literally lifted off her feet by Roden's gargoyles.

"Frickin' gargoyles? I hate Europe."

Faith uses her dagger and stabs one of them in the eye and it lets her go. She clings to the other one, forcing it to the ground where it explodes in a shower of rock.

The other one comes back for her and she hurts her hand trying to punch it. It pulls back and goes for the dive-bomb technique. At the last second, Faith jumps out of the way and the demon hits the ground head first, exploding on contact.

"Yo, rock. Meet hard place."

Faith seems happy at her victory over the demons, but it is short lived as her injuries take their toll as she collapses.

Sometime later, Faith comes to, and overhears part of a conversation between Gigi and Roden. He urges her to kill Faith, but she says no because "˜Hope' is just like her.

"She isn't one of your disposable street urchins. This Slayer is a fellow blue blood."

Gigi introduces Roden, and tells Faith that he is from Belfast, though, she has not to hold that against him. (The cheek, lol)

Gigi tries to explain to "˜Hope' that she is a Slayer, obviously unaware that Faith knows all about it.

She tells Faith that Roden believes that she, Gigi, is going to lead the Slayers to take their place at the head of society, but first she has to destroy the woman who is holding them back"¦and taker her place as queen.

Obviously confused, Faith thinks she is talking about the Queen of England, before Gigi opens her closet and dozens of pictures of a blonde woman can be seen, the Twilight symbol scrawled across one photograph.

The woman in the photos is Buffy Summers.

The End.[/anchor]

[anchor=eight]Episode 8.08

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: No Future for You, Part 3
Season 8, Issue #8

Script by Brian K. Vaughan
Pencils by Georges Jeanty
Inks by Andy Owens
Colours by Dave Stewart
Letters by Richard Starkings and Comicraft's Albert
Cover Art by Jo Chen

Slayers named in this issue:
Faith Lehane
Lady Genevieve Savidge
Buffy Summers

"Her. It's always about her."

Again, we open on a flashback, this time of Buffy slaying a vampire, before Faith's focus returns to the present. She and Gigi are in some sort of surveillance room. Images of girls, most likely Slayers can be seen on numerous television screen, although most of the images are of Buffy.

There's a map of Europe on the wall behind, with more pictures of girls taped to different locations.
Gigi tells "˜Hope' that she wants to "˜assassinate' Buffy, take her place as Queen, and bring the Slayers to their rightful place as head of society. Roden interrupts, telling Lady Genevieve not to get ahead of herself as they still have a lot to do. Gigi tells Roden that HE has a lot to do, while she and "˜Hope' take it easy.

Meanwhile, Giles is still trying to contact Faith via the earpiece she threw away. He's waiting for her at their prearranged meeting point, which seems to be somewhere just outside of Gigi's estate's mystical defences. Trafalgar, a troll, is trying to break through the barriers, but he's not having much luck. Trafalgar points out that, because Giles can't contact Faith, she might have "˜gone native'.

Back at Lady Genevieve's house, she and Faith are, strangely, sharing a bathtub, and wondering what kind of music they should have a Gigi's coronation. They also discover they have the same taste in music. Gigi assures "˜Hope' that they are kindred spirits. They discuss the fact that they both suffer from horrible nightmares, and Gigi confesses that she hasn't had a decent nights sleep since her "˜first tampon' which could be an indication that a girl must reach puberty before she can become a Slayer.

Gigi tells Faith that Roden is the one who's going to show her the way, in order to lead the Slayers. He promises her that the nightmares will stop as soon as Buffy is dead. Faith grows worried at that statement and asks Gigi if she's sure that Roden is telling her the truth.

"One way to find out, yeah?"

Faith urges Gigi to reconsider and not to go after this girl, Buffy. Gigi replies, "What makes you think I'm going anywhere?"

At the castle in Scotland, Willow is working on the magical defences as Buffy looks on. Willow asks why Buffy is getting the money for their new security measures, and Buffy tells her that they have "˜friends' with pockets deeper than the ones in Dawnie's giant pants. Willow then asks what's going to happen when the soldier types break through their defences, is she really ready to kill humans? But before she can answer, Buffy disappears.

""¦did I do that?"

Roden has teleported Buffy to Gigi's estate with a spell that refers to her as "˜the first of the last'.

The sudden motion causes Buffy to be sick, before she promises Roden that he's going to pay.

Gigi and "˜Hope' watch from a balcony as Buffy confronts Roden. Faith is horrified that they brought Buffy here, but Gigi assures her that everything is going to be fine, even as she takes a sword from a nearby suit of armor.

Buffy advances on Roden, who she refers to as "˜Red'. Gigi comes up from behind her.

"Have you forgotten your manners, colonist? When in the presence of royalty, you belong on your knees."

Gigi catches Buffy with a hard sidekick to the face, but Buffy doesn't go down. Gigi calls Buffy a "˜pretender to the throne' as she attacks, introducing herself as Lady Genevieve Savidge at the same time. Buffy tells Gigi that her sense of sisterhood sucks, before head butting her in the face, breaking her nose. Gigi grins through the blood.

Buffy is shocked to learn that Gigi has killed other Slayers. She gains the upper hand and holds Gigi's sword over her head, and prepares to deliver the final blow. Roden can be seen in the background, reading from his "˜guide book', magical energy crackling around his fingers. Faith comes running out of nowhere, calling Buffy's name. Both Slayers look shocked, Buffy because Faith is here, and Gigi because Buffy called her "˜Faith'. Faith tackles Buffy and they both crash through a window and fall into the shallow end of the swimming pool.

Buffy jumps to the wrong conclusion and thinks that Faith is working for Gigi, starting their own Evil Slayers Club. She doesn't believe Faith when she tells her Giles sent her to take out Gigi, and the two of them fight. Faith holds Buffy under the water, her hands around Buffy's throat, but she pulls her out before she can do anything she might regret. Faith tells her to shut up, and then repeats the same words quietly to herself. Buffy asks her who she's talking to.

"I wish you'd just go away."

Before Buffy can ask her what she means, she disappears again.

A black-eyed and angry Willow teleports Buffy back to the castle. The witch asks Buffy who took her and Buffy throws up again, before asking for Giles.

Back at Gigi's, Faith stares at the spot Buffy has just been.

"Buffy"¦? All alone, same as always."

Wearily, she drags herself out of the pool and sits on the side, looking dejected.

A voice calls out from behind her, asking if she let Buffy go.

"I thought you were my friend."

Gigi stands behind Faith, mascara running down her face, a double bladed battle-axe in her hands.

The End.[/anchor]

[anchor=nine]Episode 8.09

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: No Future for You, Part 4
Season 8, Issue #9

Script by Brian K. Vaughan
Pencils by Georges Jeanty
Inks by Andy Owens
Colours by Dave Stewart
Letters by Richard Starkings and Comicraft's Jimmy
Cover Art by Jo Chen

Slayers named in this issue:
Faith Lehane
Lady Genevieve Savidge
Buffy Summers

"Oh, one more thing before you go."

Flashback to Faith and the Mayor, the day he gave her the pretty pink dress. Faith looks back on that time with fondness and it's obvious that there was genuine love and respect between the two of them. The Mayor even goes so far as to say that he thinks of Faith as a daughter.

"Even today it's still hard to look back at my time with that guy and feel anything but loved."

Back to the present and Roden is urging Genevieve on, telling her to "˜murder this backstabbing slag'.

Gigi is enraged over Faith's lies. Faith tries to talk to her, but Gigi hits her with the hilt of the axe. Gigi realizes that Faith isn't English, which must mean that her fake accent was pretty good, and she asks Faith if she's from New York. Faith climbs to her feet and tells Gigi "˜that hurts' but it's not clear if she's talking about the blow from the axe or the accusation that she's a New Yorker. She hits Gigi with a hard sidekick that sends her flying off the balcony and into the greenhouse. Glass smashes everywhere but Gigi still has a grip on her axe.

Faith follows after the other slayer and Gigi climbs onto that pedestal she's created for herself and tells Faith she's not worthy to be a slain by a Slayer, must less to be one. She swings her axe, and Faith jumps high into the air. The blade gets embedded into a statue and Faith lands, balancing precariously on the hilt.

"You think I asked for this?"

She kicks Gigi under the chin and Gigi makes a tasteless crack about the Princess of Wales as Faith flips herself into the air and somersaults to land on her feet. She tells Gigi that Roden will get her killed if she sticks with him.

"He may push me, but Roden's my best mate. Something I doubt you've ever had."

Gigi launches herself at Faith, anger taking all coordination out of her attack.

The story moves to Giles and Trafalgar and the little troll says he can't get into the estate. Giles asks him not to give up. Trafalgar tells him that darker arts than his are needed.

Giles' cell phone rings. It's Willow.

"Speaking of witch"¦"

Giles answers, expecting Willow, but instead a very irate Buffy tells him to shut up. She asks why Giles is working with "˜her' without telling her. Giles tells her not to worry, but Buffy yells that his "˜Femme Nikita' just tried to drown her in a pool drain. She explains about the teleportation and Giles marvels at the fact that Buffy left Faith behind. He asks for Willow to be put on the phone.

"Not until you tell me what the hell is going on."

Giles tells Buffy that he doesn't want her to be any part of this operation.

Numb, Buffy hands the phone to Willow, who takes it and asks if everything's okay. Xander suggests that she just needs some time alone.

"What other kind is there?"

Back at Gigi's, she and Faith are still fighting. Gigi punches Faith and she lands in Gigi's mom's rosebushes, which Gigi takes offence at. She throws a pair of garden shears at Faith, who catches them in that very special way that all Slayers seem to have. She tells Gigi that she doesn't deserve to be loved by anybody. Gigi's spoiled nature and her "˜I'm so amazing' attitude rears it's ugly head and she declares that she deserves anything and everything she wants. Her real plan comes out as she tells Faith that as soon as she's wrung every drop of blood from "˜your kind,' her nightmares will end, meaning that she and Roden were possibly planning to kill ALL Slayers, and not just Buffy.

Gigi rushes Faith again and the more experienced Slayer uses her hands for leverage and kicks out with both feet. She realizes too late where Gigi's trajectory takes her and she can only watch helplessly as the younger girl is impaled on the axe blade that's still embedded in the statue. Faith is horrified at what she's done as she watches Gigi die, even though she knows that she has succeeded in her mission to kill the girl.

Roden sees everything, but isn't exactly upset as he decides he "˜backed the wrong filly'. Faith orders him to heal Gigi, but Roden declines, telling Faith that his orders were to train the Slayer to kill all Slayers, and that he knew Gigi was a dead end, and he decides that Faith is the Slayer he was looking for all along. Faith tells him where to go and borrows Buffy's nickname of "˜Red'.

He uses the fact that he could get rid of Buffy for good as bait and for a second, Faith seems tempted. Roden gives her the Twilight guidebook and Faith smiles, before she uses the book to smack him across the face.

Roden grows angry and his eyes turn black as he blasts Faith with power. He conjures a giant fist from the ground and it captures Faith and squeezes, squeezing the life from her.

Suddenly, Faith smiles, and behind Roden stands Giles with the garden shears raised. Obviously, Willow got past the magical defences. He stabs Roden and the fist holding Faith collapses. Roden turns his magic on Giles.

"They're all gonna die, you know. Every last one of your bitches."

Faith throws the Twilight book at Giles and he catches it easily, opens it to a spell and starts to chant. Roden laughs at Giles, telling him that his, Roden's, own spells are useless against him as he can break out of any mystical field ever enchanted.

"I know. That's why I put one inside you."

Roden's face bulges grotesquely until Giles orders him to "˜burst' and Roden's head explodes.

Faith tells the Watcher that they're done.

Back at Giles' home, Faith has changed into her normal street clothes and her wounds have been bandaged. Giles hands her a passport, complete with a new identity, and congratulates her on her honorable discharge.

"Thanks, but I'm not ready to punch out yet."

Faith explains that there are gonna be other Gigi's out there and that it might be up to her to bring them back from the brink. Giles asks if he could join Faith on her new mission and Faith says she won't be taking orders again, even from guys she digs. Giles proposes a partnership and says that they could take care of the missions no one else wants. Faith asks how Buffy would feel about that, and Giles reveals that he and Buffy are not on speaking terms.

"Then I guess we're on our own."
"It would appear so. But perhaps we can be on our own together."

The story moves to a helicopter flying over a volcano. It lands and a female army lieutenant climbs out.

"Twilight? You there? "˜I humbly request your presence' and all that crap."

She holds up her hand, showing that Twilight's symbol is etched on her left palm. Someone speaks "˜off screen' and Lieutenant Melter turns to see the floating feet of someone floating. Twilight is revealed, but his face is hidden behind a black and red mask. Twilight reveals that Gigi and Roden were pawns in his little game to get Faith and Giles to remove themselves from Buffy and the rest of her team. Twilight calls this mission a victory. The Lieutenant asks how it can be a victory when Buffy lives to fight another day.

"Let her have the day, Lieutenant.
Night falls soon enough."

The End.[/anchor]

[anchor=ten]Episode 8.10

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Anywhere But Here
Season 8, Issue #10

Script by Joss Whedon
Pencils by Cliff Richards
Inks by Andy Owens
Colours by Dave Stewart
Letters by Richard Starkings and Comicraft's Jimmy
Cover Art by Jo Chen

Slayers named in this issue:
Buffy Summers
Faith Lehane

"Buffy Summers?"
"Depends. If you're anyone other than Daniel Craig, then no, never heard of her."

Luckily for Buffy, it is Daniel Craig, complete in his blue swimming trunks, who had stopped by to apply some sun block to the Slayer, as she's apparently turning a bit red.

Unfortunately, it's just a fantasy as at the present moment, Buffy is with Willow and they are literally flying over the countryside. Or, according to Buffy, Willow is flying while she is dangling. Buffy is freaking slightly and Willow asks her why, when she's jumped out of helicopters. Buffy insists that helicopters are lower down. Willow tells her flying companion that they are close to their destination and she's going to bring them down a bit. Buffy insists that's not better.

Back in Scotland, Xander has a surprise for Dawn. He's gotten some of the junior magic users to cast a spell on Dawn's luggage, enlarging it to her giant size. Dawn is delighted and dives in, searching through her clothes. Xander gets caught up in Dawn's excitement and he gets lost in her things.

Back with the Slayer and the witch, and Willow's fantasy involves Tina Fey and a blizzard on the Alps. Buffy asks why Kennedy isn't a part of Willow's fantasy and Willow insists that significant others aren't allowed. Buffy deduces that Kennedy is still Willow's significant, even though she hasn't seen her around a lot. She can tell the witch isn't interested and changes the subject, asking if they're there yet. Willow replies in the positive and lands gracefully on her feet. Buffy crashes on her ass.

They land in front of a run down house.

"THIS is the lair of Sephrilian? It's not the guest lair or something? I thought he was big noise."

Willow explains that Sephrilian walks between worlds and reality buckles around him. She insists that his "˜lair' is probably bigger on the inside.

Buffy inquires about the lady sitting on the lawn and Willow guesses that she's the minder, watching over the reality field. Willow tells Buffy that she's never met the woman, but she calls her Robin and Robin knows her name is Willow.

"I thought you never met."
"We do later on."
"And I'm just gonna ride with that."

Willow says she can feel "˜him' in there, thrashing, and Robin tells the girls that he's not in a very good mood. Buffy hopes they can make things better, "˜one way or another.'

Robin urges them not to use any magic within the field, even if things get dicey.

"If things get dicey, then I get Slay-ey. But that's not what we came for."

Robin tells them that the important thing is that they rescue the prince. Neither Buffy nor Willow understand what she means. Buffy wonders aloud if being the "˜minder' has caused problems in Robin's head, and asks who choose a gig like that. Willow tells her than no one volunteers to be a minder.

"You get chosen."

The door to Sephrilian's lair closes behind them and they are faced with an endless staircase. Buffy inquires about escalators in Hell as they start to make their descent. They wonder about time loops and Buffy reveals the evens of the last few weeks, and Faith trying to kill her. Again. Willow says that she's never been a fan of Faith, but tells Buffy she has her back on this trip. She also wants to play a game.

Back with Xander and Dawn, Xander has resurfaced in Dawn's suitcase, wrapped in something silky, lacey and frilly. He panics, loosing his footing and disappearing into the clothes again as Dawn tells him it's a camisole. He finds something hidden underneath the clothes. A picture of Dawn and Kenny, the Thrisewise.

Buffy and Willow are playing Anywhere But Here again, and this time, Buffy has gone back in time to Little Women Christian Bale Era, but Reign of Fire Christian Bale is also present. Willow is more impressed with this fantasy and tries to think of one of her own, but Buffy changes the subject and says that she likes Kennedy. Willow doesn't seem as though she wants to talk about it but Buffy seems concerned that Willow doesn't bring Kennedy to visit, and about where Willow went for quiet sometime previously. Before Willow can answer, the rope bridge they've been standing on suddenly gives way. Buffy seems glad about the distraction. Both women land hard and Willow apologizes because she can't fly in here. Buffy insists that she's "˜spine.'

There's a demon before them, hideous, with huge teeth and wings and some sort of televisions screens in its tail. It tells Buffy and Willow that they reek of lies, even though they haven't said anything yet, but the demon says it's heard it all before. Buffy insists that she's gonna say it anyway. The truth.

"We need your help."

Buffy says that the demon, Sephrilian, walks the human reality and the other ones, and that makes it Tichajt, one of the demon elite, which means Sephrilian must know what's going on, the imbalance between the worlds. Sephrilian knows she is talking about Twilight. Willow wants to know what it is and what it truly means.

"The end, of course. Of the struggle, of the Hellmouths"¦the final triumph of the base humans over the demons. It's your life goal achieved, Slayer. The death of magic."

Willow doesn't look happy.

In Dawn's barn, the giant gazes at the photo Xander uncovered and tells him that it's all her fault. Xander tries to reassure her, telling her that guys aren't trustworthy and that Kenny took advantage of her and that Willow's inability to shrink her back to normal size is Kenny's fault, not hers. Dawn reveals she lied to Willow. She didn't sleep with Kenny.

She slept with his roommate.

Back with Buffy and Willow, Sephrilian tells them they can't handle the terrible beauty of fatal awareness and that they all hide behind their lies and secrets, even from each other and offers to show them. Buffy doesn't want to be there anymore as a bright light floods their vision and Willow says she doesn't think they are.

The light disappears and a vision of a bank vault appears instead. Inside, the vault, they can see at least seven girls, filling bags with gold bars and cold hard cash. Another woman appears in the vision, holding a huge diamond. The woman is Buffy and the girls robbing the vault are Slayers. Looking closer, three of the girls bare a remarkable resemblance to Satsu, Leah and Rowena.

Willow realizes that the mysterious benefactors bankrolling the Slayer army is in fact Buffy herself, robbing the rich to feed the poor Slayers. Buffy insists that everything they stole was ensured and that it was a victimless crime. She even says she found a Watteau the Nazis had and sent it to the Tate.

"It's only money."

Willow tells her that money changes everything and concludes that Buffy and her girls robbing bank vaults was probably what their enemies saw. Slayers acting above the law.

It's Willow's turn to be seen doing a bad thing, and a vision appears of a naked Willow wrapped in the arms and tail/tentacles of a green woman with flowing white hair. Buffy says that Willow's bad thing is way better than hers.

Dawn confesses all to Xander. The boy she slept with was called Nick and it happened at a house party. Kenny was apparently heartbroken and now Dawn's a giant. She says she's too embarrassed to tell Willow the truth. Xander deducts that Nick was a bad boy, and in a band, and finds Dawn guilty of being a cliché. He informs Dawn that the first person Buffy slept with in college was just as bad a Nick. He feels special because Dawn opened up to him and is certain that now they know the truth, Willow can get Dawn back to her normal size.

Dawn doesn't look happy.

Back with Willow and Buffy, Robin had joined them, but the Slayer and the witch have no idea where they are. Willow is sure she was never naughty here and asks Robin if this has happened yet.

"Oh, I didn't think he'd show you this."

An image of Buffy appears. She's lying on the ground, her clothes are torn and she's got scratches and bruises all over her body. She's crying. Buffy asks what happens to her here.

"Betrayal. The closest and most unexpected."

Buffy is about to ask who would betray her, but Robin tells them she has to be outside as they are about to cause a disruption. Willow insists that they have to get out, but Buffy interrupts her.

"Is it you? Is that why we're both in this?"

Willow tells her that she won't betray her anymore than she already has.

Flashback to a bitter argument between Willow and Kennedy. The Slayer assumes that Willow is ashamed of her and that's why Willow keeps her away from Buffy and the others. Kennedy insists that she would die for Willow, and in fact, she has, albeit a mystical death. Willow assures Kennedy that she is not ashamed of her, that her problems are from before and Kennedy realizes she's talking about Tara. However, Willow admits that she HAS kept Kennedy away from Buffy and she has stayed away herself. She explains that when Buffy died, she and Tara were happy, and Buffy was happy. We see Willow telling the story to Buffy.

"But I had to bring you back."

Willow confesses that she saw no other option. She says that Buffy coming back led to misery and violence, and Warren F$%&ing Mears, who tried to shoot Buffy and hit Tara instead. Willow realizes that she and Tara could have moved on after Buffy's death and raised Dawnie. But she chose to put Tara in the path of a bullet. And willow tells Buffy that she chose her over Tara and reveals that she told Kennedy that she couldn't do that again to the woman she loved.

Buffy and Willow turn their backs on each other, both women upset by the revelations and Sephrilian returns, assuring them that all his faces are there to see, but humans have too many. He says he welcomes the coming war so that he can be rid of "˜their kind.'

Buffy grows angry and attacks Sephrilian, and Willow aids her with magic and together they separate Sephrilian from his "˜faces.' As Sephrilian dies, Willow realizes that the place isn't stable a second before it explodes, sending Buffy and Willow hurtling through the air. Robin controls the explosion before helping Willow to her feet.

Willow apologized about the explosion, but Robin seems grateful for being able to have some time off before she's reassigned.

Buffy asks Robin if she remembers what happened when they were in there, but Robin says that it was a projection of her, and it went down when the field collapsed, but she can't imagine it was anything fun.

Buffy tells her it was demons playing games, before she and Willow walk away in opposite directions.

The End.[/anchor]

[anchor=eleven]Episode 8.11

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: A Beautiful Sunset
Season 8, Issue #11

Script by Joss Whedon
Pencils by Georges Jeanty
Inks by Andy Owens
Colours by Michelle Madsen
Letters by Richard Starkings and Comicraft's Jimmy
Cover Art by Jon Foster

Slayers named in this issue:
Buffy Summers
Simone Doffler

"Once upon a time, I did a good thing."

The opening page, and Buffy speaks in voice over as we see images of Willow and the Scythe, casting the Spell. We also see some of the girls affected by the spell. Baseball Girl, Vi and Rona, and Satsu. We can see Buffy training with the new girls.

Cut to CCTV footage of a girl with a pink Mohawk and sporting a very large gun. Three other girls can be seen in the background, as can two security guards, who are unconscious.

We learn that it is Buffy and Xander watching the footage and Buffy is far from happy. The Mohawk girl is named as Simone Doffler, and she was originally part of the Chicago squad with Rona before she was shipped to Andrew's team. One of the other girls was also with Andrew's team, and the others remain unidentified.

"If they're Slayers, they're not ours."

Xander knows that news of Slayers with guns would be bad for them, but Buffy's too focused on her own guilt to worry about what the army people think. She blames herself for Simone's smash and grab idea, as it was she who started it by raiding bank vaults to fund their operation.

Xander tells her that he thinks the idea of her being an international jewel thief is incredibly sexy, and at the same time he asks if Buffy's smash and grab was the reason Willow left so suddenly. Buffy says the Willow thing is complicated.

Buffy asks if there's any more pressing matters and Xander informs her that they've located vampire nest. Buffy gets excited and asks if she can handle it solo or if she needs a squad. Xander tells her to "˜bring a date.'

She chooses Satsu, explaining that she wants to talk to the young Slayer anyway. Xander tells her they can head out in the morning, though probably not too early, as they join the party Dawn and the Slayers are throwing. Dawn is drinking out of a beer keg. Buffy asks if her little sister is getting drunk. Xander laughs.

"A) She is in fact of legal age in Scotland. B) WE couldn't afford enough beer to get her drunk if we stole the YANKEES. And C) "˜Little'?"

The young Slayers are climbing all over Dawn. Renee, Satsu and Leah can bee seen dancing and Xander asks Buffy if she's going to join them, and insists that she spends too much time alone.

The scene switches to what is obviously the next morning, and Buffy is racing across rooftops, her Scythe in her hand. She dives off one roof, flips and lands on her feet. She looks at her watch and waits as Satsu lands in the mud beside her. Buffy asks her what she's learned.

"Scotland is slippery?"

Satsu insists she's not as fast as Buffy and the older Slayer assures her that she will be, before wiping the mud off her face and telling her that she's her best fighter, and insisting she could lead the Scottish crew one day. Satsu asks if she's leaving.

"You could lead this crew or you could be a corpse if you don't figure out a few key rules. Of which number two is not landing on your face."

Rule number one is apparently that you're always in danger.

Buffy tells Satsu that, right now, she's in terrible danger. Satsu asks why, obviously confused.

"You're in love with me."

As Buffy speaks, she kicks Satsu into the nest of vamps that are returning to a crypt.

"Stupid lip gloss."

Satsu jumps into the fight, pulling a Japanese style sword from a sheath on her back and decapitating a vampire that is sneaking up behind her. As the same time, she asks Buffy is she's kicking her out. Buffy tells her that she's missing the point, because she thinks it's the sweetest thing ever. Satsu tells her not to make fun of her and Buffy says she's not. Satsu's kiss wouldn't have woken her up is her feelings for Buffy weren't real. She tells Satsu she knows how much being in love can hurt. She admits that she thinks Satsu is hot, she has great taste in clothes and she's a hell of a Slayer. But Satsu knows that Buffy isn't gay.

"Not so much you'd notice."

Buffy tells Satsu that knowing someone feels that way about her makes her feel a little less lonely, but says that Satsu's feelings are good for her, but bad for Satsu herself. She admits that people who love her tend to have bad things happen to them, and then they all leave. She starts crying and says she didn't mean to end up in "˜this place.'

Someone comes up from behind Buffy and smashes her into a sarcophagus.

It's Twilight.

"The Chosen One. Always in pain and always complaining. Just like a girl."

Satsu attacks Twilight from behind with her sword, but Twilight snaps the blade without looking, punches Satsu in the face and kicks her away.

Buffy gets back to her feet and tries to slice Twilight in half with her Scythe, just like she did with Caleb. Twilight tells her he knows that move and she asks him to show her some of his. He grabs hold of Buffy and flies straight up into the air. He tells Buffy she cannot fight him. Buffy pulls herself out of his grip, kicks him in the face and uses her Scythe to grab hold of his feet to stop her from falling. She somersaults behind him and presses the blade of the Scythe to his throat, telling him she'll probably try to fight him anyway.

Twilight flies with Buffy holding onto him. He crashes through a water tower, then heads for the spire of a church. Buffy lets go and drops to a rooftop. Twilight lifts the church spire and aims it at Buffy.

"Go ahead. Church me. Plenty more where I came from."

Buffy uses the spire as leverage to attack as Twilight tells her that the world will suffer because it can't contain all the Slayers. Buffy sees the symbol on his chest and realizes who she's fighting.

"Have you made a difference? Have your Slayers helped you change anything in this world? Have they helped you?"

Twilight flies away and Buffy, looking defeated, returns to Satsu, who thinks she let the older Slayer down.

Twilight returns to his people, including demons and military personnel, who ask Twilight why he didn't kill Buffy.

"That's been done. To little effect. The trick is to strip her of her greatest amour. Her moral certainty."

Twilight reasons that Buffy may be confused about her personal life, but she is always certain she is fighting on the right side of the war.

Twilight pulls up his mask to scratch his neck, revealing a strong jaw line.

Buffy is visiting Satsu in the hospital. Both of them are covered in bandages. Satsu repeats what Buffy told her, about people who love the older Slayer getting hurt, and asks if she should look out for that. She asks Buffy if she's okay, as "˜that creep' really did a number on her. Buffy says she'll heal.

"We'll heal."

The scene moves to Buffy and Xander, walking the walls of the castle. Buffy is telling Xander about Twilight.

"Are we doing any good? We've been fighting more demons, but it just seems like there's more demons to fight, and what? Is that because of us?"

Xander tells her to look around. Below them, dozens of girls are working out and training.

"I live with a bunch of Slayers. Dozens of Slayers who are"¦so filled up with purpose, with confidence they didn't have before, the walls are vibrating with it. I can't sleep, this place is so charged."

Buffy tells him he needs to ask Renee out already, and he tells her to stop changing the subject. He tells her that, maybe now, they're only cleaning up messes, but she's created a lot more than monster fighters.

"It's"¦you know"¦ah"¦"

Buffy asks why she can't feel the connection and Xander decides that maybe she doesn't get to, because as she's the leader, the girl who brings them all together, she's the one who has to give that connection up.

Buffy watches the girls as they play fight and laugh.

"Yay me."

The End.[/anchor]

[anchor=twelve]Episode 8.12

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Wolves at the Gate Part 1
Season 8, Issue #12

Script by Joss Whedon
Pencils by Cliff Richards
Inks by Andy Owens
Colours by Dave Stewart
Letters by Richard Starkings and Comicraft's Jimmy
Cover Art by Jon Foster

Slayers named in this issue:
Buffy Summers

""¦or maybe they're panthers?"

Xander and Renee are on the castle walls. Xander is looking through binoculars at something obviously in the distance and declares that they definitely have wolves at the gates.

Renee thinks she knows why Xander is patrolling with her, as the last time she had sentry duty, zombies attacked. She insists that it is not going to happen again, and says that she does not need a babysitter. Xander assures her that he is here on his own time, and not because he was made to be.

""¦who wants to be alone on a night like this?"

The wolves are creeping closer to the gate.

The scene moves to what appears to be Buffy's bedroom, Mr. Gordo, who apparently made it out of Sunnydale in one piece, can be seen lying on the floor.

In bed, very much naked and sweaty, are Buffy and Satsu. Buffy is apparently speechless, as it seems she can only say one word.


Satsu tells her that that pretty much covers it.

Willow is flying into the castle grounds with Andrew under one arm. He's gone into super-nerd mode, referencing Superman, and Willow seems surprised that he's so calm. Andrew informs her that he took a Dramamine.

Dawn's legs, clad in pink pajama pants, can be seen sticking out of a barn, and Willow reveals that the teenage giant sleeps in the barn only when it looks like it might rain.

The witch drops Andrew at the door, and he skips the guided tour in order to go straight to bed. Willow gets ready to fly out again when she's suddenly attacked from behind by an Asian girl wearing a top hat. She's smiling as she clamps her hand over Willow's mouth.

Back with Xander and Renee, and the Slayer has finally figured out what Xander is up to. She knows he wants to spend time with her, and tells him there are better ways to do it than sentry duty.

"I mean, off the top of my head, you could, you know"¦take me out."

Xander mistakes her meaning before she clarifies that she means a date, not assassination.

He does ask her out, but Renee says they need to deal with the wolf problem first. Xander wonders if the wolves escaped from the zoo, before asking if Scotland even have zoos. Renee jokes that Scotland is a primitive society, with no zoos, and that their men hunt with clubs and that women wear corsets to bed. Xander says he doesn't want to go out with her anymore.
Buffy and Satsu are still in bed, and Satsu wonders how tomorrow is going to go, and Buffy freaks out, thinking she did something wrong. Satsu says she did nothing wrong, and soothes her fears, telling her that she as amazing.

"I can live with amazing."

Buffy tells Satsu that she had a wonderful time, and tomorrow she is going to blush and smile about their night together, but she's not sure it goes any further than that.

Satsu says she gets it, and gets ready to leave, but Buffy tells her she wants her to stay "˜til morning.

However, she doesn't want anyone to know about their night together and Satsu promises not to say a word. Buffy insists that she's not ashamed of what they did, but she'd rather keep it between the two of them.

Xander choose that moment to come into the room to inform Buffy of the wolves' problem. He stares at Buffy and Satsu for several seconds before he slaps a hand over her eye.

"I didn't see anything! I swear!"

Buffy yells at Xander to get out, but before he can, Renee joins them in the room, and spots Satsu. Buffy falls out of bed as she asks them to shut the door, but Andrew enters, in a nightcap, and declares that a dozen wolves just ran past him in the hall. He sees Buffy and the "˜nude Asian girl'. Xander and Renee look uncomfortable as he connects the dots. He asks how much Dramamine he took.

Buffy grows even more embarrassed as she hunts for her clothes and urges everyone to get out of her room. Satsu cringes in the bed, but makes no move to leave or get dressed.

Dawn's face can be seen at the window. She's come to inform Buffy that her barn is filled with bees, but her problem dissolves when she sees what's going on.

Xander is sure this is a dream, even as Renee assures him that it isn't. But Xander is convinced, and says he's going to going to go sit in the corner and wait for Willow to arrive.

At that point, the ceiling explodes, and Willow lands hard on Buffy's floor, battered and bleeding. She says she thinks they're under attack, before asking why Buffy is in bed with Satsu.

Buffy's embarrassment turns to anger as she pulls on her clothes.

"Where exactly are these wolves?"

A wolf can be seen in a hallway and it stands before the door to the armory. The wolf dissolves into mist and slips under the door.

On the other side, the mist coalesces into the form of an Asian man. The man walks towards the Scythe, which hangs on the wall, and lifts it down. More mist can be seen behind him, and another Asian man appears.

The new comer says that "˜Kumiko' brought the witch down and that they have engaged the Slayer at the perimeter. Although their side has suffered no casualties yet, the man admits that Buffy's side is stronger than they had expected. The man with the Scythe refers to the other as Raidon and tells him that the future is bright.

Buffy appears at the door of the armory and says she really doesn't like it when people touch her stuff. Slayers can be seen in the background, fighting wolves, bees and bats.

The man with the Scythe simply points to it and shrugs. Buffy attacks and a punch knocks him to the ground. Raidon turns into panther form. Buffy is shocked.

"Did your friend just turn into a kitty?"

The man she knocked down morphs into the visage of a vampire and grins. He gets to his feet and backhands Buffy into a stand of weapons. He gives the Scythe to the panther and orders it to go. He says "˜bye' to Buffy before vanishing into mist.

Buffy is left looking shocked.

"Okay. That was new."

The panther runs past the fighting Slayers unnoticed and dives through a window. Kumiko, the witch who attacked Willow, flies up from below, takes the Scythe and heads for the sky.

Buffy reports what happened to her in the armory with the vampires turning into fog and Xander reveals that they've had similar reports from the front line. Leah agrees.

"Yeah, definite transfiguration abilities."

Rowena says that she saw them change between wolves, panthers and bees.

Buffy wonders when they changed the rules, because vampires can't do that. Willow says nothing is making sense, and it's clear she's talking about Buffy and Satsu. The red head is holding an ice pack to the back of her head.

Buffy reveals that they took "˜her' Scythe, convinced that they know about the Spell. Xander says they'll track them down.

"How many Japanese vampire Goth gangs can there be out there?"

Willow wonders if they really where vampires, because she doesn't know of a time when they'd seen vampires turning into a swarm of bees, or wolves, or panthers, or fog"¦Buffy and Willow grow silent and turn to look at Xander.

"What? What's everybody staring at-"

Xander cuts himself off as he thinks about what they just said and the answer pops into his head. He doesn't seem happy as he realizes what's going on.

"Aw, crap."

Xander and Renee are in a helicopter and Renee says that this isn't what she meant by a date. Xander insists that he'll make it up to her. The Slayer asks why she was asked to come alone with him, and Xander tells her he needs her to keep an eye on him, and make sure he doesn't do anything strange. She asks what he means, and he says it's nothing to worry about, he just starts acting a bit wonky around "˜this guy'.

They stand in front of a huge wooden door, and Renee asks what he means by "˜wonky', but Xander doesn't answer as the door creaks open.

Standing in the doorway is Dracula.

He refers to Xander as "˜manservant'.

Xander reverts to babble mode, and asks Dracula "˜how it's going', before he lowers his head and calls him:


The End.[/anchor]

[anchor=thirteen]Episode 8.13

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Wolves at the Gate Part 2
Season 8, Issue #13

Script by Joss Whedon
Pencils by Cliff Richards
Inks by Andy Owens
Colours by Dave Stewart
Letters by Richard Starkings and Comicraft's Jimmy
Cover Art by Jon Foster

Slayers named in this issue:
Buffy Summers

"I'm so alone."

Fifteen minutes prior to the ending of the previous "˜episode' and we see an old man, sitting in a huge room, looking sad and depressed. A little purple demon, seemingly a butler, tells the old man that he might like to get out.

"I took the liberty of loosing an Albanian boy in the hedge maze. I thought we might have a hunt."

The old man declines, calling the little demon "˜Butterfield', and asks for the curtains to be closed. Butterfield asks if he can launder the old man's bathrobe, as he has been wearing it for a month and has vomited all over it. The old man tells the little demon to leave.

Butterfield informs his "˜Master' that the servants are concerned and are wondering what happened to the mighty Dracula.

The old man is Dracula.

Dracula moves to the window to look out. He assures Butterfield that he is fine. Then changes his mind and asks for a razor. Through the window, a helicopter can be seen.

Back to the present, and Dracula is standing in the doorway, looking down on Xander and Renee. He asks his "˜manservant' what he wants, and Xander says they need his help.

Dracula says he's busy, and tells him to come back next month and tries to close the door. Xander steps between the door and pleads with the vampire, calling him "˜Master' once again.

Dracula gives in and offers Xander to come inside.

"Your moor can wait out in the stables."

Both Xander and Renee are shocked my his words and Xander babbles before confirming that Renee is with him.

Dracula seems surprised by this and Xander tells him that anything Dracula needs to tell him, he can say in front of Renee. Dracula asks them both to enter.

Dracula says he will inform the kitchen and ask them to prepare a plate of mealworms for his manservant before Xander changes into his manservant bloomers. Xander decides Renee should actually wait outside.

"Absolutely not."

Renee tells Xander she is not leaving him alone with Dracula and Xander insists he has never worn manservant bloomers.

The story moves to Andrew, dressed in full Dracula costume. He's giving the Slayers a lesson on Dracula. The girls seem bored with his lesson however, and want to know if Xander is under Dracula's spell. Andrew says it's not as simple as that. He tells the girls that Dracula and Xander met when the vampire came to Sunnydale, then reveals that they became "˜fast friends'. He tells the Slayers that Dracula and Xander kept in touch by letter at first, and then Xander went to stay with Dracula for a few months after Anya's death. Xander taught Dracula to ride a motorcycle.

Two Slayers are whispering to each other, and one of them says that this lesson is worse than one Andrew gave on that weapon from "˜Krull'.

"Hey, I heard that! And it's called The Glaive, thank you very much."

Inside the castle, Buffy and Willow are walking with another Slayer, who is explaining to them that they "˜got a hit'. A vampire sect in Tokyo has been making waves in the demon underground, and are known for turning into wolves. The leader's name is Toru, and he matches the description of the guy in the armory.

Buffy asks who found him, and the Slayer tells her that it was Aiko, a Slayer assigned to field ops in Japan. Buffy says she wants to talk to her.

On a large screen, the same one Xander was seen to be using in issue #1, the face of an Asian girl appears. Aiko seems a little star struck at speaking to Buffy directly. Buffy asks how Aiko got the Intel on the vampires.

The scene moves to Aiko, standing in a room filled with demon corpses, blood dripping from an axe she's holding in one hand, while she uses the other to speak into a video phone.

"Oh, you know. I asked around."

Buffy recognizes the demons as Kabuki demons and reveals that they are vicious, obviously praising her for a good job. Aiko says that she has a location on the vamps they're looking for, and Buffy tells her to keep up her surveillance, but warns her not to approach.

Buffy yells at Satsu to prep the others. She wants them suited up and ready to go in less than an hour. Satsu asks how many girls she wants to bring, and Buffy says she wants all of them. Satsu questions this, and suggests they leave a squad behind as a safeguard.

"This isn't up for discussion, Satsu. I gave you an order. Get moving."

Satsu looks frustrated and returns to calling Buffy "˜ma'am'. Willow looks at her sadly, before her attention is pulled back to Buffy, who asks if they have heard from Xander. Willow says he's not responding and Buffy wonders if he's in trouble. Willow says that it depends on your definition of trouble.

In Dracula's castle, Dracula, Xander and Renee are having tea. Dracula tries to make Xander jealous by telling him that Butterfield is the best manservant he's ever had. Xander tries not to let it get to him, and says he's glad Dracula is doing well. They fall into a cycle of telling the other how well they look. Renee buries her head in her hands and groans at the display.

"Will you two knock it off? We have business to discuss."

Dracula refers to Renee as a "˜moor' again and Xander defends her again, but not before he to calls her a moor. Xander gets down to business and tells Dracula they think someone stole his powers. Dracula says they're wrong, blaming it on a spell or glamour after Xander describes the vamps that attacked them. But Xander is adamant. Renee accuses Dracula of selling his powers to the highest bidder and Dracula threatens her with a swarm of bees.

Dracula is convinced that no one stole his powers, revealing that he risked his "˜soul' to get them, and he is their worldly guardian. He grows angry that some "˜two-bit-run-of-the-mill-vampires could take them from the Lord of Darkness'. He trails off.

"Oh, balls."

He asks if the vampires they're talking about are "˜Orientals'.

In Japan, Toru and Raidon are walking down a busy street. Raidon states that Kumiko wants "˜the kill'. Toru says she can't have it. He says that he needs Kumiko focused on the spell. Raidon says Toru should tell Kumiko what he thinks. Toru calls him a coward. Raidon agrees completely.

"Kumiko can have the body when I'm done. That should keep her happy for now."

The vampires stop at the edge of the street. Toru asks where the Slayer is, and Raidon tells him she is one block back on the south side of the street. He says she's good.

Aiko is mingling with the crowd some distance behind the vampires. She's wearing sunglasses and sucking on a lollipop.

Toru says he wants to give her something to see.

Back at Dracula's castle and the Lord of Darkness is angry. Xander asks what happened, and Dracula reveals that the details are fuzzy, but he remembers a Tibetan Speakeasy, a copious amount of rubbing alcohol, a game of pai-gow and the pink slips to a Kawasaki Z1000. Xander is outraged.

"You sold your secrets for a motorcycle?"

Dracula says no.

"I lost my secrets gambling for a motorcycle."

He says he's certain he was cheated. He refers to the other vampires as "˜filthy yellow swine'.

"You know, I really don't remember you being this racist."

Dracula makes his way to a closet and asks Xander if they've located the vampires. Xander asks if he's coming with them.

"Let's be clear about this, manservant, I don't owe you anything, I'm not interested in your cause, and the next time your moor smarts off at me, I will slit her throat.
"I loath Buffy Summers, her whole army makes me want to retch, and I'd just as soon see them wiped off the face of the earth.
"No body steals from Dracula."

The vampire pulls an elaborate sword from the closet.

On a cargo plane, packed full to bursting with Slayers and a witch, Willow is telling Satsu that Buffy is vulnerable, which leads to a bad idea for a one night stand. Satsu wonders if Willow thinks she took advantage of Buffy, and Willow insists there was definitely some two-way advantage taking, but reminds Satsu that Buffy isn't like them, because she's the general and they are the army. And because Buffy isn't, to use Satsu's word, a dyke. Willow tells Satsu not to get her hopes up, and the young Slayer says she understands. Willow smiles.

"Good. Now, what's she like in the sack?"

Satsu is shocked by Willow's question, but the witch tells her she's always wanted to know and not to hold out on her. Satsu says she's not telling her anything.

"Oh, yes you are! Did she make that high-pitched squeal? I call it her shoe-sale noise"¦"

Back in Japan, Aiko is on the phone to someone, presumably Buffy, who tells her that they'll be touching down at around oh-five-hundred and asks in Aiko can stay on the vampires she's tailing until they get there.

"If I can't, you should take away my Slayer card."

Aiko follows Toru and Raidon into a dark alley, where she finds a glowing red coin. Kumiko flies in above and behind her, with Buffy's Scythe in her hands.

She says something in Japanese and a bolt of red energy escapes from the Scythe and hit's the red coin, and the energy is directed towards Aiko's face.

The light vanishes and Toru blindsides Aiko with a punch to the face, breaking her jaw. She chokes on the blood and the pain, and Toru grabs her and pulls her to her feet.

"I just broke your jaw, didn't I? That's unfortunate. I was hoping you could tell me what it feels like to be a regular girl again."

Apparently, Kumiko's spell and the glowing red coin, combined with the power from the Scythe, can strip a Slayer of her powers

Toru sinks his fangs into Aiko and drains her blood.

He tells Raidon that their beta test was successful and says it's time to take the technology global.

Kumiko flies upward, the Scythe clasped firmly in her fist.

The End.[/anchor]

[anchor=fourteen]Episode 8.14

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Wolves at the Gate, Part 3
Season 8, Issue #14

Script by Drew Goddard
Pencils by Georges Jeanty
Inks by Andy Owens
Colours by Michelle Madsen
Letters by Richard Starkings and Comicraft's Jimmy
Cover Art by Jon Foster

Slayers named in this issue:
Buffy Summers

"That's her blood, isn't it?"

The opening page shows a close up of Aiko's eyes. There's blood running down her face, and two people are talking "˜off screen'.

The next page shows Aiko strung up on a building. There is Japanese writing below her, apparently written in her blood. Someone asks for a translation.

"Welcome to Tokyo."

Buffy, Willow and the other Slayers are standing below the gruesome sight. One girl looks as though she's about to vomit. Buffy looks over her shoulder.

"Help me cut her down."

A Japanese palace is seen. Four girls, one with an axe and another with a quarter staff, are guarding the entrance. One of them points and they watch as Buffy silently approaches, carrying Aiko's body into the Slayer Camp. They open the gates for her, and the other Slayers appear, most of them crying.

Buffy ignores them all and carries Aiko's body into a prayer room, and lays her before a statue of the Buddha. Buffy then moves to sit in the corner of the room, her head in her hands.

She stays there for sometime, and night has fallen when Willow comes to her. The witch asks her how long she's going to stay there.

"Just till I figure out what to do next."

Willow offers help and blankets, because she didn't know Japan could be so cold.

Buffy decides she needs to get a hold of one of "˜those' vampires. Willow tells her that it might be hard, but Buffy insists.

"Then it's just a matter of getting "˜em to hold still."

Buffy says its gonna be hard when they can turn into fog, and Willow cracks a joke about Giles.

Someone "˜off-screen' mentions something called "˜Carolina's Grasp'. That person is revealed to be Dracula. Xander is hurrying behind him carrying the legendary vampire's luggage. Buffy asks what Carolina's Grasp is, and Dracula says it's a rudimentary spell, and asks Buffy if she still has a witch in her employ. Willow exclaims that she's standing right there.

"Ah, yes. I should have recognized your acrid stench."

Dracula gives Willow the ingredients for the spell and says he'll teach her the incantation as soon as "˜someone removes her nighties from the master bedroom' as he needs to get his coffin installed before the sun comes up. Buffy tells him it's only 8pm, and Dracula grows embarrassed. Apparently, he never understood time zones.

Buffy tells Xander he looks terrible, and Xander says it was a long flight, as Dracula doesn't travel well.

Dracula asks if anyone is going to finish eating Aiko.

Toru and Raidon are looking out over Tokyo. A glowing sphere4 can be seen on the top of the building. Raidon says that tech support tells them that they will be online in twelve hours. Toru asks about countermeasures, and Raidon reveals that the robotics division is up and running, but he thinks they are wasting their time. Toru accuses Raidon of having no sense of imagination.

"I'm fairly certain it died with my soul."

Raidon asks what Kumiko is doing, and Toru thinks she's praying. Both vampires look up to see the witch hanging by her feet from the ceiling.

Toru tells Raidon to inform their soldiers to be ready for anything, as he's guessing the girls won't hit from the front.

In another part of Tokyo, a man can be seen lighting a cigarette. He's startled by a girl, screaming for help in English. She's crying and the man asks her what's wrong. She tells him she wandered away from her parochial school and now she's lost. He offers the girl his jacket and leads her into a park. He warns the girl to be careful, as she never knows what she could run into, then he vamps.

The girl smiles and takes off his jacket as she looks up into the tree above them, where Willow, Xander and Buffy are waiting.

"Boy, you're telling me."

The girl is Renee, and she steps aside as Willow casts the spell, trapping the vampire in a magical box. Buffy, Willow and Xander jump down from the tree and together with Renee, they surround the trapped vampire.

Buffy taunts the vampire and Willow pours gasoline over him. Buffy questions him, and he reveals that Toru has her Scythe, and he wants to use it to reverse the spell, to turn all the Slayer back into regular little girls. Willow asks how, and the vampire tells her that Kumiko can cast a spell, using a lens to amplify it. Xander asks how long they have, and the vampire says they are on alert as it's supposed to happen before dawn.

Buffy says that they need to get moving as she reaches inside her jacket. The vampire urges her to let him go as he told her everything.

Buffy flicks a lighter.

"I never agreed to that."

She sets the vampire alight and the four of them walk away.

Back at the Slayer camp, Buffy is talking to Satsu as the other girls get ready. Buffy tells Satsu that, although she might not understand, she needs the younger girl to follow her orders anyway.

"You want me to stand down?!"

Buffy insists that she wants Satsu to lead. She says that the girls who knew Aiko are pretty shook up, and she's not taking them into the fight, and she wants Satsu to stay behind and look after them, and to help them bury Aiko. But Satsu is still adamant that Buffy wants her to step down. She yells at Buffy that she is her best fighter, and Buffy explains that that is not what this is about. Satsu accuses Buffy of either leaving her behind to either avoid her or protect her, and says she doesn't know if she should be hurt or touched, but either way, she's not following Buffy's orders.

"I'll see you on the battle field, ma'am."

Buffy thinks it's sexy when Satsu called her "˜ma'am'.

In what appears to be the armory, Xander and Renee are discussing their first date, and whether or not the battle should be counted as their first date.

"So let me get this straight. When people ask what we did on our first date, you want me to tell them we dressed me up as a school girl, used me as bait on the streets of Japan, lit a vampire on fire, then, geared up to go into battle with several hundred other girls and Dracula."

Dracula says he resents that as he would never go on a date with them. Not even if they begged.

Renee ignores the vampire and tells Xander she's not letting him away with it, as it is absolutely not a date, but she will make one thing easier for him. She kisses him, then says he doesn't have to worry about the end of the night. Xander kisses her again, and continues to kiss her while ignoring Dracula.

"Ahem, we have to go to war now. Please stop that. Hello?"

On the streets of Japan, the Slayers are all in position. Buffy, along with Xander, Renee, Dracula, Satsu, Andrew and Leah, are waiting for their cue. Renee and Dracula are bickering and Buffy tells them to be quiet. She mentions that they are going to need a really big distraction so that they can sneak into the building. Willow, who has been levitating above their heads, tells her she knows this, and if they would all stop talking she'd be able to concentrate on her mojo. She says something in Latin, and below, a bright light surrounds the vampires. When it vanishes, they all point and stare in horror.

Giant!Dawn is standing among them on the streets of Tokyo.

"Hi. Or, I mean"¦roar?"

Dawn roars loudly and attacks the buildings, making the vampires flee. Andrew points out that that is not something even they see every day.

Buffy tells them the doors are open. They let themselves into the building and find Toru watching the scene below from a window.

"Yep, that is, in fact, a giant Godzilla woman wreaking havoc on your minions."

The team make their way across the room, with Buffy leading and Renee bringing up the rear. Willow grabs Xander, one hand on her head, and says that something is wrong, just as Buffy tries to grab for the Scythe, and realizes that Toru is a glamour.

There is a squelching sound, and blood spatters on Xander's face.

"I believe the word you're looking for is "˜trap'."

They turn to see Toru holding Renee in the air by the back of her neck.

The wooden end of the Scythe is protruding from her chest.

The End.[/anchor]

[anchor=fifteen]Episode 8.15

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Wolves at the Gate, Part 4
Season 8, Issue #15

Script by Drew Goddard
Pencils by Georges Jeanty
Inks by Andy Owens
Colours by Michelle Madsen
Letters by Richard Starkings and Comicraft's Jimmy
Cover Art by Jon Foster

Slayers named in this issue:
Buffy Summers

"Oh, God."

Toru pulls the Scythe out of Renee's body, and we can see everyone from her perspective and "˜hear' what she's thinking as she falls. She blames herself, calls herself stupid, and asks herself what rule number one is. She urges herself not to fall as there are so many of them as she watches the vampires materialize out of the fog. Renee sees Xander as he reaches for her and she tries to call out for him, but she realizes she's not speaking out loud. She urges Xander not to let her fall, but she can't hear what she's saying. Everything fades to white as Renee's "˜voice' grows smaller, and the last thing she sees is Xander's face.

"Xander, I'm not ready."

Xander screams and rushes to Renee as her body lies in a pool of blood. Dracula watches.

Buffy realizes what has happened and informs the others that they have a "˜man down' and orders everyone to close ranks around Xander.

Dracula tells Buffy that he can stop them, but he needs her witch, and tells her to get Willow. Buffy says she will not leave Xander alone. Dracula vamps.

"He's not alone."

Dracula tears through the vampires.

Buffy gives command to Satsu, despite originally wanting her to stay back at the Slayer camp, and tells her that she is going to get Willow. She walks to the window Willow has been tackled out of by Kumiko. Buffy can see them falling through the air below.

Kumiko introduces herself to Willow as they battle in mid air. Kumiko tells Willow she has been following the red headed witch for some time, and asks Willow if she thought she was Saga Vashuki's only student. Kumiko tells Willow that they speak the same language.

"Good. Talk to me."

Willow uses magic to read Kumiko's mind. She sees a vision of Manhattan, surrounded by flames and Saga Vashuki, the green-skinned demon woman we saw in "˜Anywhere But Here'. There is also an image of the Scythe. The demonic woman asks Willow if she thought she would not find her, or if she thought she could hide from what was to come.

Willow is staggered by what she sees, and Kumiko regains control.

Buffy stands on the window ledge with her eyes closed and a dagger in her hand.

""¦it's just like a diving board, it's just like a diving board, it's just like a diving board"¦"

Kumiko holds Willow by the throat and tells her not to pass out or she will miss the best part. Buffy falls from above, and stabs Kumiko through the back with the dagger. She tosses Kumiko aside and grabs Willow.

"Not like a diving board! Not like a diving board at all!"

She shakes Willow, trying to wake her up as they plummet towards the ground.

On the ground, the Slayers are fighting the vampires. Rowena has command of her section and orders the girls to fall back as there are too many of them. She falls onto her behind as a panther moves in on her. A large sneaker squashes the panther, and Rowena looks up at Giant!Dawn.

"We don't run."

Dawn takes command and tells the Slayers they are taking that building.

On top of "˜that building' two people, one with the Scythe, are watching the interaction. One of them says to wait until Dawn reaches the intersection, then deploy the countermeasures.

Rowena watches as the "˜countermeasures' attack Dawn.

It is a Mecha Dawn.

Toru and Raidon stand before the lens, ready to cast the spell. Raidon says that Kumiko is not responding. He thinks that they need Kumiko to do the spell, but Toru declares that he can do the incantation himself. He orders the lens to be powered up, and begins the spell. Raidon stands behind the technician and is the first to notice a strange sound. The technician says it's the lens powering up, but Raidon is sure it's something else.

"It almost sounds like"¦screaming."

Dracula, Satsu, Leah and the rest of their squad burst through the door and onto the roof.

Dracula tackles Toru, sending the Scythe flying into the air. Satsu goes after it, standing on vampires to get enough leverage to leap into the air to grab the ancient weapon. But she miscalculates and ends up hurtling over the side of the building.

"Oh, hell."

On the street below, with Dawn and Mecha!Dawn fighting in the background, Buffy and Willow pull themselves out of a lake the witch has conjured for them to land in. looking up, they can see Satsu falling from the building. Buffy insists that the younger Slayer is not her girlfriend and Willow tells her to be careful with her, as she, Willow, has to look after her "˜Sisters'. Buffy says she understands, but Willow confesses that she never wanted to sleep with Buffy and Buffy explains that Willow wasn't even on her list, which includes Judi Dench and Eleanor Roosevelt and "˜other people too'. Willow decides that they should probably go catch Satsu now.

On top of the building, Toru is running towards the edge, apparently after the Scythe, yelling at Raidon through an earpiece.

Willow files up in the air, with a Buffy and a Satsu under each arm. Buffy is back in possession of the Scythe. She attacks Toru, who vanishes into fog.

Dracula yells at Willow "˜To me, witch', which Willow doesn't understand.

"It means, come over here."

Dracula instructs Willow to take his sword and use its magical essence to remove the vampires' abilities with a reverse incantation of Augustine's Curse through the portal. When Willow asks why he can't do the spell himself, Dracula tells her it is because he is one of the vampires.

Willow flies away, angles the sword towards the lens, and begins to chant. Toru spots her and orders her to be stopped.. But with a blast of light, the spell is cast. Buffy notices the difference.

"Scales are balanced again, girls. They're vampires. We're Vampire Slayers. Time to do what we do."

Back on the ground, Dawn is still fighting her robotic twin, and griping about how much it doesn't sound like her. Andrew speaks to her, either through an earpiece or a spell, "˜cause how can they find an earpiece that that? He tells her how to defeat the Mecha!Dawn by decapitating it. Dawn asks him how he knows all that he is telling her.

"Hi. Have you met me?"

Andrew dives into geek mode as Dawn goes after her doppelganger again.

"I often let boys take advantage of my weak emotional state."

Growing angry, Dawn grabs the Mecha had and pulls it straight off its shoulders, defeating it.

Back on the roof, Raidon orders the vampires to stand their ground, insisting they don't have to be wolves to drink their blood. He comes after Buffy, grabbing her by the throat, and guessing that she would taste good. A voice behind him tells him he has no idea a second before Satsu appears through his ashes.

"I can't believe I said that out loud."

Dracula takes his sword back from Willow and confronts Toru, who sneers at him about needing his cane to stand, calling him an old man.

"He doesn't know what to do with himself, now that he's an ordinary vampire again. Like the rest of us."

The spell took Dracula's powers, too.

Dracula tells Toru that he was never an ordinary vampire. He chops Toru's right hand off with his sword.

"Did you forget who I used to be? I've killed more men than God's plagues combined. And that was BEFORE I started eating."

He chops off Toru's right leg, below the knee.

"The fields of Europe used to scream with the blood of my enemies. Trust me"¦"

Toru's other hand goes the way of the first as Dracula stands over him, sword dripping with blood.

"The vampire is the least of your concerns. It's the old man you need to worry about."

Toru tries to get Dracula to finish it, to kill him. But Dracula turns away.

"You can't leave me like this. You owe me that honor."

Dracula says that it is not his place to kill Toru.

Xander appears out of the battle, blood on his face and vamp dust in his wake. He accepts the sword from Dracula and, with sad eyes, he decapitates Toru.

On the other side of the roof, Buffy watches, Satsu and Leah behind her. She hears a voice in her ear, informing her that the vampires are fleeing.

"So chase them."

Buffy orders the streets to be sealed off. No prisoners. She crosses the roof to Xander, and Satsu and Leah watch as he collapses into her arms, before they turn back to the fight with determined looks on their faces.

"You heard her girls, go go go! Not one leaves. Not one. Nobody gets out of here alive."

Later, Xander is sitting on a bench in the park. He looks tired and withdrawn, stubble covering his face. Dracula stands behind him, explaining that his ship is in port, but asks if Xander would like help with his ceremony. Xander insists he wants to do this by himself.

"Very well. Goodbye, Manservant."

Xander informs Dracula that if he calls him "˜manservant' again, he'll kill him in his sleep. Dracula seems intrigued and tries out "˜lackey', "˜minion' and "˜houseboy'.

"Still getting killed."

In Buffy's room, she and Satsu are sitting on her bed talking about their night together. Satsu declares that she thought everything would be fine when they woke up.

"But everything's not fine."

She says she can't be around Buffy right now, and Buffy knows that she's the problem.

"I can be less"¦enticing. In a lesbian sense."

Satsu admits that Buffy is part of the problem, but it's because she, Satsu, is in love with Buffy, and she needs to not be, and that won't happen when they are right in front of each other.

Buffy asks if Satsu wants her to leave.

"More like I should stay. Here. In Japan."

Satsu realizes that she's asking for a promotion, as the Japan office needs a field leader, which maybe vacant because it was Aiko's job.

Buffy informs Satsu that the Japan girls will need a lot of work and the job will be hard. Satsu insists she won't let Buffy down.

Buffy agrees and hopes that she didn't hurt Satsu.

"Nah, I'm tough. And for what it's worth, it was one of the best nights of my life."

Buffy replies that it was one of the best nights of her life, too.

Buffy wonders what they do now, if they should say goodbye and go their separate ways. Satsu leans closer and says they could always leave goodbye until tomorrow.

On the deck of his ship, Dracula's captain asks if they can go below deck, if he doesn't need any further assistance.

"No, captain, that won't be necessary."

Willow can be seen meditating in a room, the form of the green-skinned Saga Vashuki floating before her.

"Find what warmth you can for now"¦"

Buffy and Satsu are in bed, kissing, sheets pooled around their waists, candle light burning.

"And I'll stand watch."

Xander scatters Renee's ashes sadly in the garden.

The End.[/anchor]
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[anchor=sixteen]Episode 8.16

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Time of Your Life, Part 1
Season 8, Issue #16

Script by Joss Whedon
Pencils by Karl Moline
Inks by Andy Owens
Colors by Michelle Madsen
Letters by Richard Starkings
Cover Art by Jo Chen

"Bad Day"¦ Started out bad, stayed that way"

Buffy, clearly in the middle of a fight holding the Scythe, is contemplating her bad day, once we turn the page, we see why as suddenly Fray, the slayer from the future jumps at her pushing her from a rooftop with a second Scythe, it is clearly not current day, as the two fall from the building into oncoming flying car traffic! Buffy then revels she doesn't know who she's fighting or where she is and also whats up with Dawn, who we see if still towering tall, and screaming at that same time!

Suddenly we're back in command central in Scottish HQ, Xander, Buffy and Willow are sitting around eating Chinese, either chicken or Sweet and Sour haggis, Xanders not sure. We're then told that the gang is about to head off to New York, apparently as instructed by the "really hot-even-though-she's-got-kind-of-a-snake-body" (Buffy's words!), friend of Willow, who had told them they will find the Scythe there, Or some connection to the source of the slayer power. Willow reminds the gang that it's vital to remain ahead of any further attacks before they loose anyone else, which leads Xander into a speech about loosing Renee, while Buffy tried to get their attention, before Leah burst into the room, as there's a problem with Dawn.

Buffy and Willow fly ahead of Xander, that's actual flight for Willow, and just Slayer speed for Buffy. The guys rush into the forest to help Dawn, but have trouble seeing her a first, which is odd for a giant! She steps out of a bush, or clip clops out, as Dawn is now a centaur, half Dawn, half Horse - only saying "Neigh"

We're taken to a Lap, whereabouts unknown, Twilight is with Amy and the still Skinless Warren. Twilight seems less then impressed while Warren seems very pleased with something he's created, which it's revealed seems to be a missile which has had some magick upon it.

We head back to Scottish HQ where Buffy and Willow are about to get into a helicopter to fly to an airstrip, Xander is staying behind to look after Flicka, sorry Dawn, and the rest of the squad. On the plane we get some interesting info from Buffy and Willow, as Willow gently probes where Buffy got the funding for the place, which she replies: "We do have some legitimate Funding"¦", changing the subject, Buffy asks when the mystical event will be happening, Willow believes it will be midnight ("I'm a witch. We like Midnight"), which works out well for Buffy, who has some meetings to attend in New York, much to Willows surprise. Willow also tells Buffy she had sent an advanced "˜Team' to New York.

When they land in New York, Kennedy is waiting to greet them, Willow and Kennedy embrace, while Buffy is acting as the sherpa bringing up all the luggage. At first it looks bad, but we then fnd out it's all Buffy's luggage, she wasn't sure what to bring, as she wanted to look "New Yorky", They then get into a limo to take them where they need to go, while Kennedy briefs them that the Manhattan squad is working on security and housing, with Kennedy's group taking the lead - While Buffy stands in limo sticking her head out the sunroof, clearly enjoying herself, this being her first time in New York, "Or apparently a limo" : Willow)

At the new York bas, Vi briefs the team on the happening in New York, which apparently is in the middle of a couple of heated mystical turf wars, which is making it hard to trace the mystical signature that Buffy and Willow are looking for, Willow can't help interrupting her to explain how they can find her location, which prompts Buffy to tell Kennedy that "Her Will" has always been like that, Kennedy takes this opportunity to let Buffy know that her new found experimental stage is good and all, but if she comes near Willow, she'll kill her.

We head back to the High Lands and Dawn and Xander discuss how the spell that's on her will fade and that Willow believes it to have 3 stages. Dawns feeling a little down about having to "Sleep standing", Peeing a crazy amount of Pee and wanting to eat Hay, Xander then mentions the word Whiney and Dawn gallops off. Xander turns and starts to make his way back to the castle, when suddenly a missile shoots across the sky and hit's the castle.

Back to the Big Apple, Where Willow, Buffy and Kennedy stand on the roof a building, Willow has a glowing ball of light in her hand as she reads from a book, They are standing on the furthest edge of a temporal rift, waiting for whatever is going to go down, to go down, this is about the scythe which is with Buffy as she shows up, looking a little dressed up from her meetings. She's barely on the rood two moments when a bright light erupts in her place and when it fade a big monster is standing there in her place.

Buffy writhers in pain, as Kennedy protects Willow from the demon. Buffy's pain continues when there is a light at the end of the tunnel, coming out the other end, she receives a blow to the face, as someone says "This is toy, you think you can spin me with a half coi glam of a slayer been dust more then two cen? Your lower then a lurk!"

To which only Buffy can respond "Uh.. English please?" To Fray who stands tall about her, holding her sycthe in hand.

The End [/anchor]

[anchor=seventeen] Episode 8.17

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Time of your Life, Part 2
Season 8, Issue #17

Script by Joss Whedon
Pencils by Karl Moline
Inks by Andy Owens
Colors by Michelle Madsen
Letters by Richard Starkings & Comicraft's Jimmy
Cover Art by Jo Chen

"This is the Place"

The young women, we know as Fray, the slayer from the future, yells to her sister, who's flying her along in some futuristic motorbike, alongside a Truck, which Fray just know's is a nest. Grabbing the Scythe, she warns her to break when she says and she sticks the scythe into the truck which tears through the metal like Butter, revealing a nest of Vamps, or Lurks for Fray. They're gonna lock onto their destination, and to buy a minuet, Fray jumps at the nearest vampire, which apparently isn't that uncommon. They"˜re locked on, but Fray wants something more from this lurk, "Where is he? Where is Harth?" (Frays twin brother, who has been turned into a vampire and got half of Frays slayers abilities, her dreams and slayer memories!) The Lurk says he promised them her world, as the madwomen would save them, a dark haired women, who speaks in riddles. He vamps for his life, which ends seconds later.

Fray then heads back to her base camp, the room she found all the books on the slayers in, in which the monkey still lives (The one that showed her the room) We also learn of the last great watchers "Gates" who sacrificed himself at the "˜Battle of Starbucks'

We now see Harth and the "˜Madwomen' who he reveals was connected to someone he once loved (Slayer memories!), loved by the "Slayer of Slayers"¦ that's who's coming", The madwomen hasn't given Harth all the information, but he wants to know more. We learn that Harth has avoided capture by keeping on the move, but doesn't understand on why the Madwomen is sending another slayer her. "Vampires gain strenght from each other, Slayers ultimately don't", She like Willow says "Everything is ripples"

We're back in the current day, on the roof, the demon is trapped in some shield, Kennedy lies hurt on the ground while Willow blames herself, more slayers have now joined them.

We're now back in Scotland, as Xander rush's to help the injured slayers, as magick green flames burn all around them, Most of the slayers got out through the tunnels, but at least 7 died in the west tower collapse. Suddenly the green flames take form and become demons who start attacking. Dawn then gallops into the roof, kicking demons out of the way, and tells Xander, He'll have to "Ride" her"¦ She's a horse remember!

Back to the future, Fray's sister drops her somewhere, were the books speak of the last girl came to the same place and was transformed. As Fray battles the same demon that is now back in the past with Willow and Kennedy, while Willow fills us in on how this happened. They were played, they got Buffy and the demon in the same place, then opened a temporal shift and swapped the two. As the future catches up, Buffy takes the place of the demon and she's pushed off the roof.

The fall onto a flying car, as Fray continues to try and kill her, thinking Buffy to be a "˜Shifty', While Buffy battle to understand a word she's saying, Buffy use's some logic to get through to Fray, they both have Scythes and Awesome kung-fu moves, they stop fighting and Buffy fills her in on the time travel and Fray fills her in on Buffy Summers being dead for 2 centuries. Fray tells Buffy to follow, then starts jumping from car to car, as Buffy is left standing, thinking "I totally can't do that jumpy thing"¦"

The two reach solid ground and we learn Their still in Manhattan, or Haddyn as Fray calls it, Buffy also learns that there is now 1 slayer in the world, or half really. And she fills her in on her Brother. We also get a new English lesson:
Vampires are lurks
A spin is a lie
Toy is bad
Splend is good
Suddenly the lights go on, and the girls are standing in a room where the floor is a giant tank and a demon swims below, Frays Boss, and Buffy regrets wearing a dress. They've come here looking for help to find the mad women,

We go back to Harth and the Mad Women, who speaks of Buffy starting to feel the weight of loss for the world and her failure., almost sounding sad, which Harth points out, She asks Harth "Why do you need to destroy her?" which he replies: "She's the last thing I ever loved, We're connected. Her pain is my Joy, My true love. And what in this world is stronger then love?"

"Time, Only Time"¦"

Says Willow stepping out of the shadows for the first time, revealing her black hair, her black eyes and veins, as she was after the death of Tara, although older.

Allot older.

The End. [/anchor]

[anchor=eighteen]Episode 8.18

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Time of Your Life, Part 3
Season 8, Issue #18

Script by Joss Whedon
Pencils by Karl Moline
Inks by Andy Owens
Colors by Michelle Madsen
Letters by Richard Starkings
Cover Art by Jo Chen


We open on Buffy, still in the future, she's just been reading through the watchers diaries and discovered that even though she's changed the world and created an army of slayers, there isn't even a mention of them in the books, and the world is the way it is in Frays time.
Fray then jumps in through the skylight and informs Buffy, that Gunther has received some info on some 'lurks' so she wants to head to them and get info out of them.

"˜Frak' - Willow nerd swears back in the present time, she's sitting on the bed stressing out on how to get Buffy back. Kennedy tries to calm her down, when Willow gets and idea, asking Kennedy to trust her about what they're gonna have to do.

We're suddenly running through a forest with the Horse Dawn, with Xander on her back, when he's suddenly dropped from her back, falling on the ground of the forest. The two stop for a moment, still being chased by the Flame Monsters, the lsayers got through the escape tunnels in the opposite direction, they discuss their situation for a moment and they both come to the same conclusion, "Bomb plus Magic Equals"¦ Warren and Amy". When they are suddenly interrupted as someone yells "Intruders must die!" as suddenly the tress around them come to life, with human torso and faces wielding flame swords. Dawn and Xander are not impressed with the Tree Man, or the "Forest Souls, thus swears Lorelahn", informing them they are bring followed by something scarier, which the Tree Man questions, "What was scarier then us?"

We're back in the future, in Gunthers, he swims in the dark looking perturbed, as a Tapping echoes through his tank. "Lights" he hisses and the lights come on, standing above his tank is Harth, and a gang of vampires who have killed Gunthers men. Harth threatens Gunther for helping his sister. Gunther clearly not scared of Harth reminds him that if the glass is broken the room will fill with sunlight and how he controls half of Haddyn. Harth turns to leave, looking like Gunther has won, but we see Vampires swimming up behind Gunther.

In another part of Haddyn Fray and Buffy race across the city, literally, they are in flying car and Buffy is driving! And things haven't changed, "Summers, you drive like a spaz!" Fray proclaims as they head up towards the Upper level of Haddyn, they see a medical vehicle with Vampires trying to capture some humans. "Lets go", says Fray before she's stopped by Buffy, who believes they should leave the people to be captured so they can follow the car back to the base, but Fray's having none of it, as she throws herself from the car and starts to slay., the Medical car zooms off and Buffy follows, Fray checks on the victim, who's still alive. Speaking to herself "Something's skew with that girl" Frays says, talking about Buffy.
"Anger won't help. You have to understand Buffy. If you hate her she'll be harder to Kill" Says Dark Future Willow who is behind Fray.

Back in New York present Day, Willow lies naked, green smoke whirls around her "So Close, So Close"
She sits up and she's face to face with the Snake demon women, Willow tells her "I can't stay
long. Little tricky getting here" But apparently it's fun he snake women reminds her. Willow asks her
help get Buffy back, and the Demon Women seems surprised Will can't get her back by herself. When
Willow asks who asked the demon who gave her the false information, "Someone I trusted", she also informs her the rift would open again tonight and to basically figure it out herself, but also makes her promise that when the rift opens she can get Buffy back, but she can't look into the future. Willow then leaves and we're back in Willow's bedroom as Willow puts her close on, and Kenned lies under the covers looking happy with herself.

Back with Fray and Future Willow discuss what she is, Fray says how she's not a lurk, but also not quite human, "Not for some time now" Willow let her know. Fray tells her she won't kill Buffy as they want the same thing, Willow reminds her that a "The most important men in both your lives are lurks" and informs her that her motives are a bit more personal. Willow raises her hand and conjours a small green light, telling Fray "I just need to show you something"

We're now with Buffy, who has crashed the car into the side of a building, but says it was "Easier then she expected", she knows where the vamps are so heads back to Frays to get her, but finds her sister waiting. Buffy fills her in on the situation so far and the two bond over having a younger sister that doesn't listen and how Buffy considered being a cop after a test told her she'd be good at it. Suddenly Buffy is knocked unconscious by a blast to the back.

Fray has just shot her in the back, it's revelaed her sister was just distracting Buffy. "Are you sure about this? Mel, what are we doing here?"

"What we do"¦ Saving the world."

The End [/anchor]

[anchor=nineteen]Episode 8.19

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Time of Your Life, Part 4
Season 8, Issue #19

Script by Joss Whedon
Pencils by Karl Moline
Inks by Andy Owens
Colors by Michelle Madsen
Letters by Richard Starkings
Cover Art by Jo Chen

"I hate History"

Dark Willow is with Fray and Erin, "Whats the plan? Cuz I'm still not killing a slayer no matter what you showed me." Fray asks, speaking of something Willow had shown her last issue. But Willow tells her they just have to wait as she "remembers" the portal will open and there will be a rescue attempt. Although Fray is wondering what will happen to them if Buffy goes back and changes the world, but at the that moment Buffy wakes up and sees Dark Willow for the first time, and her first question "Is Kennedy ok?" "It's been 200 years, Buffy, how do you think she is?" Buffy then goes on with a bunch of questions before Harth turn up, standing above them on the skylight with an army of Vampires.

He no longer trusts Willow and believes she has been "Spinning them both", "Im dark that way" she reminds him. She then tells Fray that the reason Buffy is her is for her (Fray) to kill Buffy, that it's all about who kill her, as she's doing this the monkey pet thing of Frays starts to untie Buffy. While Fray says she wont kill Buffy, and how Willows lying. "Im lying to someone, would you bet your whole world it's you?" she says, reminding her that if Buffy goes back to the past they all cease to be. Harth threatens to kill everyone before Gunther turns up with some flying ships and starts blasting Harths Vampires, proclaiming "You think three lurks can best me?, you insult me!"
Buffy now untied from the chair knocks out Erin, grabs her gun, and tells Fray she's going back to the past before blasting Fray.

Back in the forest, an army of Forest creatures have gathered to defend it against the Flame demons of Warren and Amy's, The two sides clash as they hash and slash the flame demons, they just pull back together to Dawn and Xanders dismay. Suddenly all the monsters become solid as Xanders slayer squad turns up, lead by ____________________, which makes Xander beam like a proud father. The wiccans of the group solidified the demons before retreating to the back to let the Slayers fight!

In the future Buffy runs from the battle back at Fray's and starts making her way across Haddyn back to where she will be taken home, Before she's stopped by Fray, who seems to have changed her mind on letting Buffy return home since it's possible everything will change. She jumps at Buffy punching her in the face and the two began to battle as Willow watches on. Fray accidentally burst a water taken and is pushed off the roof of the building but recovers easy and gets back up, just to be hit in the face by Buffy.

In the past, Amy, Warren and Twilight watch the battle going on in the forrest. Warren and Amy discuss who's fault it is the plan failed and how Amys magic was trumped by the "first year Wiccans" Twilight floats over to someone who's face we can't see , but who has the mark of twilight on his chest, he informes Twilight that he was the one that met with Buffy in New York, and how she's so stuck in the past, she still thinks he's her inside man.

He then steps into the light, to reveal Riley.

In New Your Kennedy ties a bandana around Willow's eyes, who informs her that it's to make sure she doesn't see anything when the portal opens, seconds later the portal opens.
In Haddyn, the portal open in front of Buffy, who runs to it as Fray swings the scythe at her, Buffy swings her hard and smashes Frays scythe in half, and then knocks her out. She turns but Dark Willow is now standing in the way and informs her she'll have to go through her to get home, which Buffy says she will do, but "Why?"

Buffy tells her she knows Willow is the one who brought her here, but she also told her how to get home. "Why does it have to be me?", Willow looks sad, "It's a long story.", As Dark Willow takes a moment, Buffy rushes forward and with her Scythe stabs Willow in the chest with the stake end. Energy crackles and Bursts from Willow, and power and light booms all around, the two look at each other for a moment before Willow falls to the ground, as Buffy stands there Fray jumps at her and past Willow comes through the portal, blindfolded and makes a grab for Buffy, Pulling her back through the portal. The last thing Buffy sees before it closes is Willow lying on the ground dead.

Now back in the past, Buffy in floods in tears embraces Willow, "I love you will." She stands on the roof hugging her.

"I'm watching those hands you two"¦" Kennedy reminds them.

In the future:


Erin arrives on the roof, she informs Fray Harth ran off and asks where Buffy is.

Fray: "I failed. Again"
Erin: "Mel, she's gone"¦. And we're not.
Fray: "What does that mean?"
Erin: "Means it's a good day.

The End.[/anchor]

[anchor=twenty]Episode 8.20

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: After These Messages - We"˜ll be Right Back
Season 8, Issue #20

Script by Jeph Loeb
Animation Eric Wight, Ethen Beavers and Adam Van Wyk
Pencils by Georges Jeanty
Inks by Andy Owens
Colors by Lee Loughridge
Letters by Richard Starkings & Comicraft's Jummy Betancourt
Cover Art by Jo Chen
Executive Producer Joss Whedon
Dedicated with love and a smile to Sam Loeb, He always found the funny"¦

"You want to know what the problem with saving the world is"¦?
You never get any sleep. Not even a nappy time."

This issue opens with 4 frames of Buffy fighting off various demons as she narrates about getting no sleep. She then gets home and falls into bed without even getting changed, covering her bed in mud. Xander walks into the room and tries to wake her as she protests, as it turns out it's not Buffy's bed it's Xanders! But there's no waking her as she drifts off to sleep"¦

She's woken a few moments later by someone yelling at her, telling her she'll be late for school! She wakes up recognising the voice.. Of her mother, she sits up and she's back in Sunnydale, in her old room, in her 16 year old body. She dives under the pillow hoping to wake up from the dream, just as her mom walks into the room with lil' sis Dawn. Buffy jumps out of bed and runs to her mother hugging her "Mom your alive" she then turns and hugs Dawn, asking "When were you ever this little", which leaves Dawn to believe she's on Drugs, Joyce kicks Dawn out and checks Buffy temperature as the two talk Buffy lets it slip that the reason she's been out every night because she's the slayer, before realising that Joyce doesn't know, yet. After covering her blunder Joyce tells her she either gets to school on time or she can't go to the party that night, only thing Buffy heard: "There's a Party"

We head to Sunnydale High were Buffy is thinking that although this is weired, she wouldn't mind going through her life again. Just as she gets in on time she sees Cordelia and Willow at the end of the hall. Cordelia is telling Willow she should cut her hair, so they could see more of her, "And"¦ That would be a good thing?" Willow asks, "No, But you'd get a clearer picture of exactly how hopeless you truly are!" Cordy fires back, confirming we really are back in high school. Buffy comforts her saying "Maybe someday she'll be dead and you'll be sorceress supreme."

But prophetic joke is interrupted by a skateboarding Xander flying through the halls before crashing and having his board confiscated by Snyder. Which lets Buffy again make a futuristic joke "Maybe someday Snyder will et eaten by a huge ginormous snake" She almost lets it slip about Willow being gay. Before quickly changing subject to finding Giles.

We jump to later that day, the gang is in a graveyard, Buffy is enjoying being back in high school and being part of the core Scooby gang again. Xander, Willow and Buffy are walking through the area discussing Cordys party when they run into Giles, who has a message: "The very fate of the world is at risk" which looks to put a damper on the night! Giles goes on to tell them that a group called "The disciples of Morgala" are about to strike and are unique for a group of vampires. But he realises the gang aren't listening and are still talking about Cordelias party. Giles snaps and tells them that the Disciples of Morgala will "Shift the balance of good and evil beyond all hope and reckoning" Buffy tells him to chill they'll take on these disciples of "˜Morgan Freeman"¦"

We get taken to the Disciples lair as Buffy destroys the vamps and the others look on, Xander commenting on her progress as she takes out Vampire after Vampire. After the slaying, Xander thinks they can still makes the party, but Giles says they should stick around, the Disciples were worshiping the image of a Dragon, and they need to take it seriously! This is a push to far for Buffy who lets it rip on Giles saying how she needs to have more fun. She then storms off, leaving Giles standing there looking dazed.

"Later that same Night. Hey how often do you get to say that?" Buffy is at home, she hold her cross necklace in her hands and utters a word: "Angel"¦", Joyce interrupts and is wondering were the rest of Buffy's skirt is, she's worried Buffy is to new in town to be going to a party. Buffy tells her mom she wants to stay here forever, an her mom reminds her that when she leaves and goes to college, she can always come home"¦

On the way to the party Buffy's spider-Sense starts tingling as a shadow covers her, Buffy threatens the empty darkness before lumping up to the top of the building, and coming face to face with Angel. They exchange a few words, Angels tells him he was impressed with her killing the 5 Disciples, Buffy remembers this is Angel before he became Angelus. Before Buffy leave for her party, jumping down the building, but landing not so gracefully in a giant bin.

She heads off towards the party, thinking over what Angel had said to her, suddenly she can only remember the nice things he said about her before realising he had said 5 Disciples, and she had only killed 3! Buffy is close to the party she can hear the music, but decides to go after the vampires. She gets back to the lair and sees two more vamps just as she slays them they call out to Morgala, seconds later a dragon crash's through the wall heading straight for Buffy. She runs from the lair running through the graveyard as the dragon follows, he tries to eat her, but she get over him and ends up being dragged into the sky, where she can "See her house"

High above Sunnydale Buffy stands on the dragon and her shoe falls off. Down at ground level, Cordelia is telling everyone at her party how Buffy is a loser, when the shoe falls from the sky and hits her on the head. Back up in the sky Buffy kicks a giant jewel out of the dragons head and it disappears in mid air, she falls down into a tree and before hitting the ground she hears:

"But that's just it Buf. This isn't your bed you're making all stinky"¦ It's mine"

Buffy sits up, and sees the present day Xander still talking to her, a half Dawn half horse walks into the room. Xander reveals Buffy had her eyes closed for like 4 seconds. Willow comes into the room to tell Buffy that Andrew is in Madrid, again and has come up against a nest of vamps that is bigger then they thought (Again)

Buffy jumps up and hugs her and informs them of her dream and being back in high school, she tells them that she liked it back them, when things were complicated but less complicated, but how it didn't matter, because:

"We've got a world to save."

That's all, Folks![/anchor]

[anchor=twentyone]Episode 8.21

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Harmonic Divergence
Season 8, Issue #21

Script by Jane Espenson
Pencils by Georges Jeanty
Inks by Andy Owens
Colors by Michelle Madsen
Letters by Richard Starkings & Comicraft's Jummy
Cover Art by Jo Chen
Executive Producer Joss Whedon

"But I want in!"

Poor Harm, after seeing her last in Angel, she's now getting refused into Clubs. This time she's trying to get into "˜Elite', she's being refused entry by the bouncer, she also has 2 dogs with her. As she turns away she sees Andy Dick coming out of the club, even though she doesn't know who he is, the fact that he's a celebrity intrigues he, " I'm gonna touch some fame" The two steal down an alley where harm bites him, and gets caught doing it by the paparatizzi!

The Story spread like wildfire, hitting the internet, "T.M.Z picks it up and E.T. has it too. Everyone's curious about us Vamps these days. I think I fingered a zeitgeist." With her new found internet success, Harm gets herself an Agent, "A lot of guys don't know you an get bitten but not die. When they find that out, They're all curious." She seems to have bitten the Agent and he agrees to set up a few meetings.

Her first is with MTV, where she pitches a reality show, that's basically the hills, where they follow her around and film her, They're not sold, thinking it will need a villain, until her reminds them she is the hero and the villain, and vamps up!

Now Harmony has a Reality show, "˜Harmony Bites' MTV 7pm Weeknight! She has her own Camera Crew and a Storyline, her ratings aren't great but they start promoting more, Big Billboards and an article in People, "Sexiest Girl (Not) Alive!" Which is where Buffy and Willow see the news first!

We are suddenly in another part of town, where a young 16 year old girl tells a gang she wants out, she gets a blow to the face, as the other girls don take the news well. She gets attacked by them and one of them push's her into a wall, Since they started it "This Changes things" Seconds later the 6 other girls have been knocked out and the girl walks away, the girl is clearly a slayer. She walks through a town and in a shop window she sees the add of Andrew and Vi for slayers, but she decides not to contact them, if they want her they will have to find her.

Which they do, she's approached by a Andrew "Hi. Can we talk about your destiny?" Andrew fills her in on the vampires, she has a skewed view, probably from what she's heard since Harmony's show has been on the air! She agrees to Join and he calls Buffy to welcome her. She speaks to Buffy who gives her a speech about sisterhood and the girl connects this to the gang and decides not to join, she decides to continue slaying Vamps but not be part of the Slayer army.

The girl decides to have her gang tattoo covered with a load of flowers, trying to put her past behind her. Just as they finish her tattoo Harmony comes in with Clem, who is holding her dogs, and all her camera crew. Harmony has decided to get a new tattoo. The girl doesn't know who she is, but one of the guys fills her in, on the show and on the fact that she's a Vampire. Harmony and Clem discuss tattoos and we learn that Clem has a Tattoo (Somewhere?). The Slayer asks how she could speak to Harmony along, which the guy tells her that might be hard but she could come up to The Hills tonight where they are having a party and need some extras.

That night the slayer heads to the party, where security is working the door to make sure only certain people get in! She gets in where she meets a girl who has been bitten before and is looking forward to her next one! The Camera film the party as the Slayer tries to find a stake. Harmony comes in and she grabs clapper thing the use when they stat filming and at the end when they yell cut! She breaks off a piece of it and runs at Harmony, who shows herself to not have changed as she throws her dog at the Slayer, which lands on Clems head. Having dodged the dog, the slayer trips and falls on top of Harmony! She starts to punch Harmony, who vamps out and knocks the Slayer off her and grabs the stake she had made, The girls continue to fight and Harmony gets kicked off the first floor to the ground floor and the Slayer jumps down, Harmony raises the stake and the slayers impales herself on it, Harmony then drinks her blood as the whole thing is recorded and seen around the world, including by Buffy and all the slayers.

The episode makes ratings history for MTV, who are not happy to have thousands of "˜Villains' for their show. News of Vampires and Slayers start to spread with people seeing the Slayers as the bad guys in the world.

[/anchor]The End.
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[anchor=twentytwo]Episode 8.22

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Swell
Season 8, Issue #22

Script by Steven S. DeKnight
Pencils by Georges Jeanty
Inks by Andy Owens
Colors by Michelle Madsen
Letters by Richard Starkings & Jimmy Betancourt
Executive Producer Joss Whedon
Cover Art by Jo Chen

Slayers named in this issue:

Satsu is on the trail of a large orange lizard-y monster with many tails. It knocks her down. Suddenly Kennedy parachutes in with a large gun and electrocutes it. Buffy has sent her to review Satsu’s performance as cell leader; Satsu is not pleased. The creature suddenly wakes up and the two knock it into the ocean.

Kennedy tells Satsu she volunteered to come. That Buffy is straight and that Satsu needs to move on to someone else. Satsu is reluctant.

Apparently the monster was trying to steal a fanged version of Hello Kitty (which the Slayers now have in their possession).

We see an Asian man whose face looked like it’s a bit melted with the orange monster. The monster (Gunyarr) says that the slayer took the “bait”. The asian man proceeds to kill him.

Back with the Slayers, the cute and cuddly vampy kitty suddenly gets up and starts walking around on its own. It finds its way to Satsu, who is asleep in her bed. It’s eyes glow red and it bears sharp claws and teeth.

The next morning Kennedy finds Satsu…dressed in a kimono, and talking about how kissing girls is “blech” and how they should find boys and have babies instead of Slaying. Kennedy starts to suggest they go see the resident witch of the joint, when Satsu hits her, throwing her across the room. “Take your stinking paws off me, you damn dirty Slayer!” They fight. Satsu vomits up the vampire kitty, which starts attacking Kennedy. They dispatch it, and Satsu suddenly snaps out of it, asking what’s going on “And what the hell am I wearing?”

The Japanese cell of Slayers helicopter to the vamp kitty factory, killing the asian man. From the company’s computer system, they find out that the kitties had already shipped: to Scotland. They work out the kitty inside of Satsu was there to find out the location of their home base so that they could kill Buffy.

The Slayers set dynamite charges on the ship carrying the vamp kitties. The are discovered by more melty-faced people (who we now know are being controlled by the vamp kitties inside them). They fight, and the vamp kitties (now out of their human bodies) band together into one giant vamp kitty. It says, “We are the Swell!” and “The Slayer blight will be cleansed in a sea of blood. Twilight commands it!”

Satsu sets off a flare, and Slayers watching from a submarine fire torpedoes. Satsu grabs Kennedy and jumps off the ship as it explodes.

Buffy and Xander are debriefed by Satsu and Kennedy via videoconference. All the kitties and the factory they came from are destroyed. Harmony is on the talk shows accusing the Slayers of destroying fluffy kitty stuffed animals just because they had fangs. Buffy tells the girls they need to step up their game.

Kennedy takes Satsu out shopping…for a new flavor of lip gloss.

The End. [/anchor]
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[anchor=twentythree]Episode 8.23

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Predators and Prey
Season 8, Issue #23

Script by Drew Z. Greenberg
Pencils by Georges Jeanty
Inks by Andy Owens
Colors by Michelle Madsen
Letters by Richard Starkings & Jimmy Betancourt
Executive Producer Joss Whedon
Cover Art by Jo Chen

Slayers named in this issue:
Buffy Summers
Simone Doffler

“The thing about the Slayer organization is that we're not just co-workers. We're family.”

Andrew is in a corridor, running towards two Slayers, asking for Buffy. One of them answers that she's in the command center with “Mr. Harris and Ms. Rosenberg” and wants to know what's going on. But there's no time, Andrew moves along, complimenting one of them on her top.

Andrew makes his great entrance into the command center by slamming the doors. Buffy doesn't appreciate it and threatens to make him eat it if he does that one more time.

Andrew has news on Slayer-turned-rogue, Simone Doffler (who has been off the Scoobies radar), or, to be more precise, on her lieutenant Nisha. Apparently, Andrew usually monitors demon activity in hot spots and had a ping outside of Milan where Nisha has been messing with business too big for her and got trapped in a Ragna Spider Demon's trap.

Buffy gives us the rundown on Simone – attacking banks, military bases and the occasional Hot Topic. But it got worse – Andrew informs us that a bandit gang of women has been roaming the landside and kicking people out of their homes.

Back to the Ragna Demon – and I'll just quote Andrew because this is just too good, “[they] keep their prey alive for thirty-six hours before feeding. Something about adrenaline being yummy. So there's time. But there's travel, so if we're gonna go, I'd call it an ay-sap.”

Road trip! Only for Buffy and Andrew though, because Willow and Xander have got to hold down the fort. A whole page of Andrew continually talking and suddenly, instead of Buffy killing him dead, they're bonding over their shared love for Daniel Craig's Bond.

Our heroes arrive at the Ragna Demon's lair – an undefined construction of pipes, its version of a web – with a darkish-skinned girl trapped in a purple bubble atop. Buffy and Andrew start climbing the Ragna Demon's web but Nisha isn't the most appreciative person and just wants to get cut down because “that thing” is coming back. “What thing?” Buffy wants to know, prompting herself and Andrew to turn around and face a gigantic spider. “Oh, that thing.” Nisha tells us that this whole mess wouldn't even be there if a certain someone hadn't experimented with Ragna DNA to breed them back into existence – see, they died out in the 11th century. Guess who? Of course, our dear friend, Andrew! He then pulls a … thingy that kind of looks like a nail clipper out of his nice Union Jack jacket, clicks it and poof – Nisha falls out of the trap – onto her face.

Buffy and Andrew argue a little until Buffy gets punched in the face. By Simone. What an entrance! Buffy thinks so too but it's not the right time for arguing because, hey, Spider Demon. She wants Simone to come back and sort things out, but Simone is not having any of that, since vampires are the good guys now and Slayers a threat – but the difference between her and Buffy? Simone is a threat – and pulls a gun out of a holster on her back. Buffy thinks Simone wants to shoot her, but it's for the Ragna Demon. Also, it's just a tranquiliser. She needs the spider calm so she can take it with them and – pop! – Simone, Nisha and the Ragna are being beamed up, leaving Buffy and Andrew to climb down the web and argue some more about him creating a killer demon just to get to Simone and her gang – no, Buffy, not to kill them, just to catch them. Andrew blames himself for Simone going rogue since he was her Watcher, he needed to prove himself so he didn't go to Buffy and he's scared to lose the Scoobies' trust. But losing a rogue Slayer isn't the way to lose Buffy's trust – lying to her is. But luckily, Andrew implanted the demon with a tracking device, so they know where it is – on an island off the coast.

So they get themselves a boat. When they arrive on the island they meet a little girl who tells them that Simone has taken over their village, having kicked the villagers out of their homes. They go into the village which shows signs of Simone having set up camp there – graffiti, garbage on the streets, a trashed car. The signal leads them to the opera house. Andrew is scared they might not get out of there alive so he gets everything off his chest – mainly, that he's a Spuffy shipper.

They're greeted by Simone on a throne on stage, holding a rapier and a theatre full of Slayers. Simone tells us that she doesn't have anything against Buffy, just thinks she's outdated and that Harmony's TV stunt proved it. She thinks now there's only two types of people in the world – the ones that fear the Slayers so much they want to see them killed and the ones that are stupid enough to try. She doesn't have use for either and so she took over the island to be her base of operations. She wants “normal” people to live under the Slayers' rules and thinks that if they bred more Ragna demons, those could be used as weapons.

Buffy says that she'd kill innocent people to which Simone replies that it's a war and there is no such thing as innocent. Buffy says she'll stop her; Simone says she's sure she would try. Then she drops the bomb – the spider demon is just Plan B anyway and that she really wants Andrew and Buffy can have the Ragna in exchange for him.

Simone is offended that someone like Andrew was in charge of someone like her and she wants payback. Plus, he's annoying. Buffy assures us that you get used to that and she can't have him. With that, she kicks a Slayer behind her and reaches for a rapier. A rapier battle between Buffy and Simone ensues while Nisha takes Andrew. Simone orders her Slayers not to interfere, this battle is hers. They fight until Buffy is dangling from a giant chandelier. Simone muses that it looks like she's trapped but Buffy uses it to swing back and forth, gets hold of one of the theatre curtains and the chandelier crashes on top of Simone.

Buffy has her rapier by Simone's throat when Simone pulls a gun out of a holster strapped to her leg. This time it's real, she assures her. Buffy throws her rapier aside while declaring that she's really not a fan of guns.

Andrew tells Buffy she should just leave him to Simone because, and here he quotes Star Trek II, the needs of many outweigh the needs of [few] – which gets cut short by Buffy saying she's geek-bonded with Xander too and isn't moved, then she basically tells Simone to shove it – to keep the demon, don't keep it, she doesn't care and she will find a way to stop her. But she doesn't leave people behind.

Simone replies, “That's a shame. See … it's my sixteen Slayers to [Buffy's] one.” - “I think you miscalculated, Simone”, comes a voice from above. It's the Italy Squad! Andrew's their Watcher and where he goes, they go, one of them proclaims. “Mr. Wells comes with us.” Buffy throws in that she's there too, to which the Slayer adds “... and Buffy also comes with us.”

Buffy starts to plan on how they get the island back but one of the other Slayers interrupts, stating that if just one of Simone's people break free they'll have a firefight. Buffy says that she promised to get the villagers back their home to which the other Slayer replies that she'd suggest to get the remaining villagers to the mainland and live to fight Simone another day.

Buffy snags the gun out of Simone's hand, points it at Nisha, saying that she can keep the island but that she wants her nerd back. Andrew is then instructed to get the Italy squad out of there and Buffy points the gun at Simone – who is confused and says she thought Buffy didn't like guns – and shoots the lock of the Ragna's cage behind her. Simone wanted the Ragna, she got it. If it doesn't stop her, at least it'll slow her down. The Ragna attacks Simone and her gang, Buffy slams the door on her way out.

Andrew and Buffy are back on the mainland with the girl from the harbour and her grandmother. The girl asks where they're supposed to go now. Buffy doesn't know she just knows they'll be safer somewhere else. Then Buffy gives Andrew the night off.

The last page takes place later, presumably back at the Slayer HQ. Buffy is standing in the doorway of Andrew's room, who is collection all the info he can find on the Ragna if they have to fight it again. Buffy says she's sure Simone and her gang took care of it. She then gives him the speech that he was willing to sacrifice himself for a greater good and that he should be proud. But she was right, he replies, he lied to her. Buffy states he's part of the family, he should get used to screwing up for good reasons, it's what they do. She leaves Andrew alone to ponder what she just said.

“I'm part of the family?”

He smiles.

The End.[/anchor]

[anchor=twentyfour]Episode 8.24

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Safe
Season 8, Issue #24

Script by Jim Krueger
Pencils by Cliff Richards
Inks by Andy Owens
Colors by Michelle Madsen
Letters by Richard Starkings & Jimmy Betancourt
Executive Producer Joss Whedon
Cover Art by Jo Chen

Slayers named in this issue:
Faith Lehane


A vampire gets staked in the back, but unfortunately the heart is missed. He turns around to see a young girl, who then quickly runs away, complaining that she never even wanted to be Chosen. The vampire follows her but as he turns the corner, he gets staked by … Faith! She is accompanied by Giles, who comforts the girl, that then proclaims, “You're her! You're Buffy!”

Faith complains, “She's calling me names, G,” but Giles says she's just confused. She bailed on her squad and they're there to check up on her. The young Slayer says her squad didn't do anything but that she's ready for the field. Giles and Faith look at her, shocked, and she asks whether they're afraid of her now. But there's just an ugly, old vamp behind her. She turns around and stakes him, then coughs, because she forgot to close her mouth while slaying, as Faith says. The girl says, that probably means she's not ready for “Slayer Sanctuary” yet, a place for Slayers that want to choose whether they want to be Chosen or not.

And then we finally learn her name – Courtney. Giles wants to know more about the Slayer Sanctuary and Courtney is surprised they've never heard of it, seeing that Slayers from a lot of squads have gone there. Giles wants to find this place and Faith makes Courtney the guide dog.

They then travel by train to Hanselstadt which is deep in the mountains. Faith wonders why a Slayer Sanctuary is in the middle of a Dracula flick. Giles wonders if the girls could be motivated getting back to the fight by seeing Faith, but she says that they're not recruiting and have to respect the girls' decisions. Giles prompts everyone to look out the window where a whole bunch of vampires is hiding in the woods. Courtney explains they're not allowed in Hanselstadt. Shortly after, they arrive.

As they get off the train, Courtney says to Faith that Giles may be right after all. If the other Slayers see how much Faith inspired her they might choose to be Chosen again. Faith merely responds, “I've inspired you? That's a first.” Giles thinks she's being too hard on herself. Then they're greeted by Duncan Fillworthe, an old Watcher colleague of Giles'. Giles wants to know whether he was expecting them but he replies that he tries to meet every train that comes into town. He's glad to see Giles is safe and says it's not a pleasant time for Watcher or Slayer.

Soon after they're having dinner with some other (older) people. Fillworthe explains there are other alternatives to running scared and that Hanselstadt is a good examples. The vampires know that if they come into town there's an army of Slayers to face them but they're not harmed if they stay out.

Faith wants to know where the girls are, Fillworthe replies he wanted to know their intents before he took them to the others. They can meet them when they've eaten. Giles throws a meaningful look at Faith. He asks what they will do when the girls decide to join the battle. Fillworthe asks why bother to protect a humanity that hates and fears them now, when the only thing they've done is try to save them from vampires and demons. Faith says he sounds a lot like she used to and she starts to feel at home … which she left at the first chance she got. An older lady stands up and asks Faith and Courtney to join the other Slayers, who are waiting in the town library.

Faith tells Courtney there aren't any kids anywhere. The old woman turns around and says that's why they're grateful the Council took an interest in the town. We see two shadow figures looking out of a window onto the library steps where Faith mumbles to herself, “What is it with Watchers and keeping Slayers in libraries?” Faith looks at the old woman, who has a very smug look on her face and says to Courtney that this very obvious trap feels like a trap. Courtney asks what to do and Faith answers that these hokey old stiffs couldn't have come up with anything she hasn't seen before. She opens the door.

“No … something you have,” says the ugly, a little green-y looking vampire waiting behind it. Faith says, “The third …” while stumbling backwards. – “Do you have any idea, girl, how many I've killed since your first steps as a Slayer? How many I've sired since? How many they have sired themselves?”

Flashback time: A much younger Faith is confronted by three vampires, two of whom she kills, but she misses the heart of the third. He runs. Faith congratulates herself that two out of three ain't bad.

Back in the present, the vamp taunts her that she could have followed him, that she reeks of failure and laziness. She attacks him, yelling “Shut up!”. We then switch to Courtney's view, where Faith is attacking thin air. Some green tentacle monster is coming up to Courtney from behind her back while she tries to tell Faith there's nothing there.

Change of scenery – tea time with Giles and Fillworthe! Giles tries to convince Fillworthe that hiding isn't a solution and that the vampires are just waiting outside the town. Fillworthe tells him that a demon used to live in this town. Before he came to Hanselstadt, that demon used to feed on the children, their expression of fear and regret. Children don't have the coping mechanism of smiling through pain and hurt. They are pure need ... not unlike vampires.

Back in Faith-vision the ugly vampire is biting her, while Courtney just sees her toppling over for no apparent reason. She crouches over Faith while tentacle monster is creeping up behind her. She spins around to be attacked by it and we get a nice view of some skeletons. Or rather, what's left of them.

Switch to Courtney-vision. She's with her parents who apparently hate each other's guts. She's happy that they're together again and gets hugged by them. In reality, she's cuddled by the tentacle monster. “It feels good to have your arms around me again,” she says. Ew?

Tea time! Fillworthe asks Giles if he ever thought about what it must be like to be a vampire – they are regret personified, always craving for life that they can't ever have and that's why they won't come to their town. The demon feeds on the most primal needs and fears. It's what keeps them save. Peachy, right? The only problem is – the townspeople ran out of children.

Giles looks disgusted. So, he figures, they let out word of a Slayer Sanctuary to attract them to supply the demon. He stands up and asks Fillworthe if this is vengeance for him. Fillworthe asks Giles to remember who he was. A Watcher. That he always sent Slayers to their deaths. And that he saved the lives of everyone in this town. He tells Giles that he's welcome to stay. Giles says, “This is madness,” and Fillworthe replies “You weren't here. The vampires slaughtered us! Every one! And for what? For giving counsel to the girls that rejected us!” Giles walks away.

Fillworthe shouts after him, “Your Buffy! Think of what she's done to you! I remember when the teacher died. The one you loved. She died because Buffy ignored you and loved a vampire. Jenny Calendar? Do you remember her, Rupert?” Giles runs to the library while we get a panel of Fillworthe and the other townspeople. Fillworthe says the demon will feed on Giles aswell – “Thoughts of Calendar, and having let the girls go to the beast on their own … Rupert Giles may die of regret before the demon even gets to feed. Still, bring me my crossbow, will you?”

Giles arrives at the library and throws open the door, screaming Faith's name, then Courtney's, as he sees Courtney, still seeing visions of her parents while the tentacle monster is ready to eat her. Fillworthe's voice says from behind to let it have her. He's standing in the doorframe, pointing a crossbow at Giles, and explains that if it dies, the town will be in danger of the vampires who are just waiting for one of the Slayers to kill the demon. And really, what is the loss if a few disillusioned Slayers when it saves a whole town? Silly Giles!

Giles says he's going to regret this, to which Fillworthe smugly replies that he regrets nothing and that's the reason he's still alive. He then gets tackled by Faith into the tentacles of the demon. He shoots into its “mouth”. Probably not his smartest move. He loses hold of his crossbow but Faith catches it. He cries for Giles's help and that he's sorry. No, wait – he's not. But it's too late. “That was your last meal, octobitch,” Faith decides and rams the crossbow into the tentacle monster – which then catches fire.

The roof of the library goes up in flames which doesn't go unnoticed by the vampires outside the town. A panel of Faith standing in the remains of tentacle demon and her saying, “Choke on it.” When Faith, Giles and Courtney leave the library, a lot of townspeople are already gathered. One of them says that the vampires won't be afraid to come there now. Courtney loses it and accuses them of being murderers and deserving to die. Faith agrees, but they're Slayers and they don't let people die. “You people wanna live?” she says, “Then you fight.” Courtney says she hasn't trained but Faith says there's only one lesson.

A last panel of the gathered townspeople, aimed with pitchforks, shovels, axes and shotguns, fronted by Faith, Giles and Courtney, waiting for the vampires.

“Aim for the heart.”

The End.[/anchor]

[anchor=twentyfive]Episode 8.25

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Living Doll
Season 8, Issue #25

Script by Doug Petrie
Pencils by Georges Jeanty
Inks by Andy Owens
Colors by Michelle Madsen
Letters by Richard Starkings & Jimmy Betancourt
Executive Producer Joss Whedon
Cover Art by Jo Chen

Slayers named in this issue:
Buffy Summers

“Not the knife.”

The first five panels show a hand hovering over various sharp tools. It's undecided but then picks up a scalpel. Then we see Dawn, who is now a doll, being cut in the face with said scalpel. Doll!Dawn wants to know how long he wants to keep doing this to her and the old man whom the hand belongs to answers, “Until you're safe.” Pan over his workshop, which is full of dolls.

An establishing shot of the new Slayer HQ. Buffy, Xander and a few other Slayers walk along a corridor and Buffy complains about Dawn not being there. They obviously don't know about her newest transition, because Xander suggests she might have galloped off with a few woodland buddies. Meanwhile, Buffy dresses up with a Wolverine-esque glove to fight a vamp army assembled by a guy named Judas Cradle in the countryside. Xander says they have to rescue Dawn, Buffy agrees but the vampire army is too big a threat to every Slayer here and blames herself for Dawn running off days at a time. If she just had spent more time as a sister not Slayer … Xander interrupts her and says she's being too harsh on herself. It's not like she put the spell on her after all. The Slayers walk off to fight the vamp army, while Xander stays behind saying he has an inside man.

And off we are with Andrew, masquerading as a college student, who right now is babbling to a tired-looking guy, apparently Kenny, Dawn's college boyfriend/thricewise, standing in his doorframe that he needs a roommate and he saw his ad. Soo – there he is.

Back to the dark, creepy doll workshop where Dawn tries to make a run for it but gets surrounded by the other dolls. She asks them why they won't leave and they reply that he's their father. She's different, she says, she had a spell put on her. “You're different,” one of them says. She tries to run away but gets hauled back. “You can never leave.”

Cradle's army turns out to be just a handful of vampires opposed to dozens of Slayers, armed to their teeth. Buffy and Xander are monitoring the monitors and then go into the woods to find Dawn. They follow her hoof tracks which then transformed into her doll feet. Buffy wants Willow to transport Kenny there immediately and then wonders how dangerous he really is. Xander replies it's hard to tell since normally don't get a spell that strong from a thricewise. Apparently, he's just a nice guy who snapped when Dawn boinked his roommate.

Buffy looks shocked and wonders how she didn't know this. “It cannot be because I just told you because I would never do that. Bugger,” replies Xander while hitting himself against his forehead/eyepatch. “Hey, check me out, now I can hate myself in British.” They continue to follow Dawn's tracks.

Back to Dawn who is hanging on a coat rack. Geppetto guy comes in, takes her down and apologizes for his dolls, saying it's not their fault. They're not like her, they don't have real souls like her, just sawdust. They only do what he tells them. “If you know I have a soul, then you have to let me go,” replies Dawn. But he wants to know why since she could get hurt and that's what he's keeping her safe her from. “Cracking open that porcelain face and – phht! Your spirit will scatter like atoms blasting apart. I understand it's quite painful. You live in this wooden body just as surely as a human lives in flesh. You're home now,” he explains.

And back to Andrew who's currently putting up little Yoda statures all over the bedroom. He explains to Kenny, who's sitting on the bed, looking on, that the got expelled from Wesleyan for dabbling in magicks and then asks whether Kenny knows anybody on campus “who's into toasting up some tasty buds of sor-cer-y.” Kenny replies that he actually knows something about magicks, like the fact that Andrew's putting up totems around the room right now. Andrew pretends to have no clue what he's talking about, “They don't have anything to do with setting a mystical transportation grid, I can tell you that right now.” They're monitoring Andrew back in Slayer Central and as the totems are in place, Willow teleports a bunch of Slayers to Andrew. “Can I just say one thing?” asks Kenny. “'Oh crap, he got away.” Then he transforms into what apparently is his thricewise form, which, really, is not easy to describe, so have a picture: clicky here “No wait,” he says, while making his way through the Slayers to the door. “You say that.”

We're back in the woods with Buffy and Xander. They've been followed through the trees by a little wood person which Buffy now throws a stone at and catches mid-fall. She angrily shouts at it and then says to tell her where the teeny-tiny people tracks disappeared to. But the wood person won't tell her so she throws it away into some bushes. KRRREEERSH. “Uh, that's weird,” Xander observes, “You just broke somebody's window.” They go through the bushes and find a cottage in the middle of the woods. Xander thinks it's creepy but here's his real question, “What are these tiny arrows doing in my neck?” A shot from a tree where tiny doll archers are observing Buffy and Xander. “You okay?” Buffy wants to know. – “Sure. A little … poisoned … maybe,” Xander replies, then falls over unconscious.

Inside, the dolls, including Dawn, are watching them. The dolls go into attack mode, Dawn sees this as her chance to escape but again, she's hindered. By Geppetto guy this time. She screams for Buffy. Outside, Buffy's running towards the house and attacked by a doll army but a thricewise arm catches them and Kenny states that he never wanted it to go this far. He wants to help. Together they kick the door in. “Put her down,” Buffy commands.

Dawn is very surprised to see Kenny. “Ken?” – “Dawnie.” – “Kenny, I'm sorry.” POOF! Dawn is turned back into a (very naked) human. Buffy grabs Geppetto guy by his collar and shouts angrily, “You know who I am? Know that's my sister? Then know this will hurt.” “Don't”, comes a tiny voice from below and the panel focuses on some dolls. “Don't hurt him. He keeps us safe,” they explain. Buffy lets Geppetto guy go. “Let's go home.” Fortunately, Xander regained consciousness just in time.

It appears to be the next morning when Dawn and Kenny (still in thricewise form) take a walk. They both apologize, Kenny for casting a spell that turned her into a giant, a centaur and a creepy porcelain doll and Dawn for sleeping with his roommate. Kenny also explains that he would have called the spell off when it got to the horned fire snails. What a nice guy, eh? Kenny turns back into human form for their goodbye. Dawn explains she was scared and had, has, very intense feelings for him. Sex would have been equally intense and she wasn't ready then. She leaves Kenny – back in thricewise form – on the grounds and walks back to Slayer headquarters. He says “Goodbye”.

Later, Dawn walks the corridors alone and then runs into Buffy. She tries to say something but gets interrupted by Buffy who claims she knows what Dawn's going to say. That she's not there for her. That she's so preoccupied with leading her army that she's forgotten her family. And she's right. But Dawn can say it anyway, if it makes her feel better. Dawn asks her to stop telling her what she's going to say and let her say it. She says that Buffy can't keep her safe, and that she doesn't have to.

They leave the building to see the Slayer army train. Dawn explains that she knew Kenny was a thricewise and dated him anyway. Then pissed him off. Maybe, she muses, she wanted Buffy to save her. A few years ago, Buffy was the only Slayer and Dawn was her only little sister. And now she's surrounded by, like, a thousand sorta-little-sisters whom she can't possibly compete with and who would literally die to get Buffy's attention. “It sucks”, she finishes.

“Sounds like,” Buffy replies. “But turning yourself into a giant, a horsey and a rag doll is beyond your normal passive-aggressive.” – “Could have been worse. Fire snails. Just sayin'.” – “You're right. About all of it. But – and I love saying this – you're wrong about one thing. I got a thousand soldiers. Only one sister.”

They turn around and walk back into the building to watch some TV.

The End.[/anchor]
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[anchor=twentysix]Episode 8.26[/anchor]

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Retreat, Part 1
Season 8, Issue #26

Script by Jane Espenson
Pencils by Georges Jeanty
Inks by Andy Owens
Colors by Michelle Madsen
Letters by Richard Starkings & Jimmy Betancourt
Executive Producer Joss Whedon
Cover Art by Jo Chen

Slayers named in this issue:
Buffy Summers

The comic opens up with Willow and Buffy looking like a bird and a fish, respectively. They're flying to reach the castle until Fish!Buffy starts flopping too much- which leads Willow to drop her on the ground. Both of them are hoping to break Twilight's army control over the local demons. They meet up inside and Satsu asks Buffy “What are we waiting for? The judgment of history?”.

We move on to an underground bunker in Berlin where Faith and Giles are presently hiding. Faith is expressing some doubts concerning their current situation when the door is crushed open and a mass of demons storm into the room. They fight for a minute and finally escape through another door, which they close and try to hold. Faith asks Giles “What do we do now?” and he then replies “I don't want to say, *pray*...”.

Meanwhile Andrew and his team of slayers are walking under Rome. One of the slayers hears a noise and Andrew asks them to wait for him while he goes ahead to find out what it might be. He then sees Skinless!Warren who tries and manipulate him into believing that he was actually misled the whole time. But before he can even convince Andrew, Amy and a couple of demons appear and a fight starts. Andrew's group finally escapes and rides off on a truck, hoping to get back to the main HQ where Buffy and the others are.

At the same time in Germany, Giles and Faith are aboard a cattle car on their way to meet Buffy's group. The scene switches to Willow in bed with Kennedy. Willow wakes up and goes to Buffy's room, telling her that she just got an alert... Everyone has found them, including every demon in Scotland. Buffy then asks her to use her magic to bring all their friends in. They finally all join together, and after some hugging and tears, Buffy asks Xander to review their defenses. Xander points out that most of the defenses are Willow's doing and the latter explains to Buffy that she has her women using telekinesis to put traps behind the demons lines, mental spider webs, mirages, and so on. The demons then take out the cameras, which forces everyone to go to the roof to get a better point of view. Once there, they realize that the army has not only catapults but also a tank. Willow orders her wicca-slayers to drop the bridge spell. The illusion disappears, dropping the tank and a bunch of demons into the water below. Xander rejoices “So much for their high-tech approach. Now the best thing they've got left are the catapults. We've got this won”, but then catapults start shooting napalm, grenades, and impact bombs. The second magic shield goes down and one of the bombs hit, brain-frying one of the Wiccans.

While the fight continues below between both armies, the slayers are able to capture a demon prisoner, which Willow quickly disappears with, torturing him to know how they found them. She reappears shortly after, simply stating “I know how they found us”. The demons were all drawn to the castle because of the magicks, which acted as a huge beacon. The final magic shield goes down and Buffy orders everyone to run to the submarine.

On the submarine, Giles is alone with Buffy, expressing his fears of Willow going to the dark side again after what she just did with the prisoner. He tells her that she's going to “lose her again”. Buffy replies that he doesn't even know the worst of it. She explains to him how she went to the future and Dark Willow was there, that she killed her, and that what she's forcing Will to do right now might be the reason she will turn evil again. Giles then states he would ask her for a better explanation but they don't have much time right now. The demons tracked them because Willow used too much magicks, so she'll have to stop anyway. Buffy counters with “She'll find a work-around. More layers of magic to hide the magic. Besides it's not just her. All these slayers -- We're magic right out of the box”. After all, if Twilight can smell magic, then he'll smell all of them, no matter what they do. Buffy then asks Giles “Are they right? Are we the bad guys? We've killed since the beginning. All of us, even the best of us”'. Before Giles can answer, Faith opens the door and tells Buffy that everyone is wondering if they know where they're going. To which Buffy replies “Yes. We're going to the one guy I know who makes a living being *less* magic”'.

We then switch to a view of a temple with the Tibetan mountains in the background. A lone man is meditating by the temple's entrance. He suddenly opens his eyes, and there in the middle of the plains stands a huge submarine that just appeared out of nowhere. The man -who is actually Oz- mutters a usual simplistic “Huh”.

The End.

~ Credits to Oriana/Wishing Oceans for helping me make this recap even better. Thanks gal :) ~
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[anchor=twentyseven]Episode 8.27[/anchor]

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Retreat Part 2
Season 8, Issue #27

Script by Jane Espenson
Pencils by Georges Jeanty
Inks by Andy Owens
Colors by Michelle Madsen
Letters by Richard Starkings & Jimmy Betancourt
Executive Producer Joss Whedon
Cover Art by Jo Chen

Slayers named in this issue:
Buffy Summers

At Twilight's lair, Amy Madison casts a spell which tells her that Buffy and the other occupants of the submarine have all drowned. Twilight doesn't believe it, saying "I know Buffy too well to believe she'll be silent when she dies." Warren is surprised to learn that Twilight knows Buffy. One of Twilight's techs says he thinks he can trace where the submarine went by tracking the magic used to transport it.

Back in Tibet, Buffy, Willow, Giles, Dawn and Xander are discussing the need to find a way to hide the magic they use so that Twilight can't track their location. They are all served tea by a woman who is introduced as Oz's wife, Bayarmaa (or Bay, for short). Bay, like Oz, is a werewolf who has learned to control her transformations. Oz and Bay have a baby son named Kelden.

There is a flashback sequence, as Oz describes what happened to him after he left Sunnydale in "Wild at Heart." He went to Tibet and placed himself in the care of a group of Buddhist monks, who taught him to control his werewolf transformations with herbs, charms, and meditation. During this time he met Bay, who helped him with his meditation.

Thinking he had things under control, Oz returned to Sunnydale and tried to resume his old life, with the unfortunate results we saw in "New Moon Rising." We see a flashback of the scene in which Oz-Wolf chases Tara. After this Oz returned to the monastery, but was unable to find a way to reliably control his werewolf nature. He says he considered just giving up -- a concept that seems to appeal to Buffy.

At Twilight's HQ, the tech says he has found a "spike" in magical activity in Central Asia, and thinks that's where Buffy and Company have gone. Riley tries to downplay this, but Twilight decides that they will go and investigate.

Oz and Bay resume their story. They decided to take a different approach, based on the ancient Tibetan religion, Bon. Instead of trying to keep the werewolf nature bottled up, Oz learned how to simply let it flow through him... "don't be a lake, be a river." This worked. Oz learned to control his transformations, and he and Bay fell in love.

Other werewolves came to the monastery to learn this technique, including an Englishman named Monroe, who seemed to have good success with his efforts.

As Oz and Bay take the group on a walk through the nearby countryside, they describe how Monroe and several others ended their studies too soon and came to embrace their werewolf nature, and their superiority over "lesser" humans, much like Veruca had done. War broke out between Oz and Bay's group and Monroe's.

Amy Madison casts a spell and announces that she's pinpointed the source of the magical spike that was detected.

Oz and Bay describe how they defeated Monroe and his group when Bay assumed wolf shape and severely wounded Monroe. [Note: In the original issue, it was made clear that Bay had killed Monroe; but due to a continuity error in which Monroe appears in a later issue, this was fixed in the trade paperback to specify that he had recovered.]

Willow privately tells Oz that she is jealous of his life and his bright future, especially the fact that he has a child, and that she is sorry about that.

Oz tells Buffy that it may be possible to use the same techniques he uses to control his inner wolf, to allow the Slayers and the Wiccans to set aside their powers and avoid detection by Twilight. One of Monroe's werewolves attacks them, but Bay drives it away by slashing it with a knife. Oz tells Buffy he hopes the plan works, because if it doesn't, "you just made my home into a very big target."

Twilight and his henchmen, and a large contingent of soldiers, teleport to the location in Mongolia where Amy had pinpointed Buffy, but there is no one there. Twilight orders the execution of the tech who found the "spike," and states that Buffy and the Slayers will make a mistake sooner or later, and will reveal themselves. "This battle doesn't end with Buffy laying down her sword," he says. "It ends with her turning that sword against herself."

In Tibet, Oz outlines the power-draining plan to the skeptical-looking Slayers and Wiccans. He suggests that they start their training by burying the submarine.

The End.

[anchor=twentyeight]Episode 8.28[/anchor]

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Retreat Part 3
Season 8, Issue #28

Script by Jane Espenson
Pencils by Georges Jeanty
Inks by Andy Owens
Colors by Michelle Madsen
Letters by Richard Starkings & Jimmy Betancourt
Executive Producer Joss Whedon
Cover Art by Jo Chen

This issue is done in a similar format to the season 7 episode "Storyteller," also written by Jane Espenson. As with that episode, this issue concerns Andrew Wells pestering the Scooby Gang with his camcorder, and getting a (sometimes unwelcome) close look at the various characters' current states of mind and the status of various relationships.

It begins with Andrew knocking on Giles's door to inform him that Twilight has a spy in their midst. But Giles tells him that, without any concrete evidence, this will only lead to paranoia and distrust within the group.

Andrew takes out his new video recorder and resolves to find the spy by questioning and taping everyone in the group and looking for suspicious behavior. This being Andrew, though, he can't resist adding his typical theatricality to the proceedings, and even re-creates his Masterpiece Theater-style narrator's set.

His first interview subject is "Oz's exotic mate," Bay, whom he suspects the most because she's a stranger. He asks her to explain her method of giving up magic. Bay explains that it's a combination of meditation and hard work, and we see the Slayers performing various tasks of manual labor around the monastery. Some of them have buried the submarine, and stripped it of valuable parts that they intend to trade for high-tech defensive equipment.

Some of the Slayers are sparring with each other, including Leah and Rowena, who notice that their skills are beginning to fade, as is supposed to happen.

Not everyone is happy with the situation, though. Satsu and Kennedy both register their objections, and Willow, who looks miserable while milking a yak, threatens Andrew if he doesn't get the camera out of her face.

Next, Andrew spies on Buffy and Faith, who are trying to move a large boulder in order to clear space for a garden. He's not the only one spying: a mysterious white cat is also watching them closely. The two Senior Slayers talk about their feelings. Buffy admits that she has felt more disconnected since becoming leader of the Slayer Army, and is afraid she's getting less concerned about the loss of life. Faith reaches out and puts her hand on Buffy's shoulder. Andrew notes, "Faith and Buffy finally connecting. It's nice."

Xander and Dawn are examining a land mine and trying to figure out how it works so they can explain it to the Slayers. Their conversation somewhat awkwardly comes around to Dawn telling Xander that they're working for "a chance to have a life. For you to go for what you want." Andrew considers this cryptic, so he follows Xander to try and find out "what he wants." He finds him "taking the time to just sit with his friend Buffy and yak." (They're sitting next to a yak and talking.)

Xander tells Buffy he knows that she killed Willow during her trip to the future (in the Time of Your Life arc). During their conversation Buffy decides to tell Willow the truth. It also becomes obvious that she has romantic feelings for Xander, and intends to confess this to him later as well.

Now knowing that Willow will go dark in the future, Andrew goes to Giles and tells him he suspects Willow of being the traitor. Giles reluctantly agrees this is a possibility, and tells Andrew to follow her.

Andrew gives a brief sketchboard seminar to recap his past with Willow, noting how she almost killed him and Jonathan back in season 6, but how he has come to like "real" Willow, and will be heartbroken if it turns out she's the traitor. But he intends to do his job.

Willow and Oz (with the white cat watching) are talking about her so-far-unsuccessful attempts to give up her magic. Oz tells her that magic bottling up inside her is poisoning her, but she wonders if she'd be anything without that poison. Willow admits that she's angry and jealous of Oz for getting out of the Scooby life when he did, and getting married and having a kid, while Willow considers herself too dangerous to ever be responsible for a child. But Oz hands her his own baby son, Kelden, and tells her he'd trust her with him.

Buffy chooses this moment to confess to her future killing of Willow. But Willow is so elated and filled with hope that the news just bounces off her. Willow is confident that Buffy killed someone else, or a version of Willow that will never come to exist. Relieved that Willow has taken it so well, Buffy goes to find Xander so she can tell him this, and talk about having a future with him. Instead, she walks in on Xander and Dawn kissing.

His investigation concluded, Andrew calls everyone together and admits that he suspected Willow, but that he was wrong. As he says this, the white cat suddenly vanishes from where it had been sitting in Leah's lap. They immediately deduce that the cat had been Amy Madison is disguise... and that she has returned to Twilight to report their location. Buffy realizes that they are about to be attacked.

The End.
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[anchor=twentynine]Episode 8.29[/anchor]

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Retreat Part 4
Season 8, Issue #29

Script by Jane Espenson
Pencils by George Jeanty
Inks by Andy Owens
Colors by Michelle Madsen
Letters by Richard Starkings and Comicraft’s Jimmy Betancourt
Executive Producer Joss Whedon
Cover Art by Massimo Carnevale
Alternate Cover by George Jeanty, Dexter Vines, and Michelle Madsen

Slayers named in this issue:
Buffy Summers

“Believe it or not…”

The issue opens with a picture of an army tank being blown apart. Dawn and Xander are showing Oz and Bay that they will be fighting a real war this time (while their baby chews on the book.) Flash to Giles and Faith speaking to a group of slayers about how they will not be protected by magic during this battle. Andrew and Satsu (I think) explain to another group of slayers that people are going to die. Buffy explains to a third group of slayers that they have to be ready with anything and everything the slayers can throw at Twilight’s army, while Willow states that they don’t have the one thing that can truly defeat the army: magic.

Buffy and Willow go to speak to Oz and Bay. Willow is angry that there is no magic and begins yelling at Bay; she pounds the earth in distress because the earth has her powers. Oz attempts to comfort her, and she tells him that all they have done is made their group weak. Bay confronts Willow about her anger, telling her that their group brought a war to their peaceful home and that Willow should have no right to be angry. Oz tells Bay to hand him the baby, but Willow tells him he doesn’t need to protect the little one. She isn’t angry at anyone but herself. She says she fooled herself into thinking she could live without magic and have a normal life, but knows she can’t. Buffy hugs her and reassures her that they will get through this.

Xander and Dawn begin to unpack crates filled with weapons and handing them out. Xander tells the slayers to choose their guns wisely – some have bayonets, some don’t, and bayonets are cool. They have mortar tubes, fragmentation grenades, concussion grenades, percussion grenades, some grenades, stun grenades, and very old grenades that may or may not work. He shows them the auto-canons they will install on the roof, MANPADS, and single-person-to-air missile launchers. He uses Dawn as his demonstration dummy.

Giles and Buffy have a moment alone. Giles has brought her an assault rifle and she tells him a slayer doesn’t need a gun. Giles tells her she isn’t a slayer anymore. Buffy says she has an idea and they need to find Andrew.

Xander and some of the slayers have a radar system set up, and he is teaching them how to read it. He points out that he and Dawn never had magic, and that if they could do battle without it, everyone else could learn to, too.

Buffy gives Andrew his special assignment: to give the illusion that they still have magics. Andrew asks Buffy if she’s alright after having seen Xander and Dawn’s kiss *quick flashback to that moment* and Buffy shrugs him off.

An hour later, Andrew and some former-slayers are making some nasty smelling and smoky fake potions. They slayers have bunkers set up around Oz’s house with their missile launchers ready and helmets on. Xander and Dawn marvel at how strong Buffy is even though her powers are gone. Xander informs Dawn that the non-fighters are in a safe place. Dawn points out that at their last battle with Twilight and his followers they had to retreat and they were stronger then. Dawn and Xander embrace, while Buffy looks on, distressed.

Kennedy spots a plane on the radar and the battle begins. The slayers shoot down the first plane, then see that an army of tanks and soldiers are heading their way. Dawn and Xander begin directing the ground attacks. Suddenly, Monroe appears as a werewolf, pledging his help to their fight. He and Oz have an exchange.

Dawn shouts for more barricades; Faith leads a ground assault of soldiers and wolves; Xander and Giles coordinate the ground-to-air missiles. There is gunfire, noise, and injured everywhere. Willow points out that they aren’t even slowing the army down. Buffy tells Xander she needs his big secret weapon now; Xander tries to make a joke of it and Buffy stifles him. The slayers begin pushing something draped in a red blanket to the field and give it a big push. The enemy soldiers spot it in their binoculars – TORPEDO! Dawn questions whether torpedoes will even work on land, and it connects with a tank. Torpedoes work on land!

Buffy notes that everything is celebrating a small victory, but they are losing the fight. They need magic. Willow points out that the magic isn’t just gone, it was redirected somewhere. Buffy goes in search of Oz and Bay, who are on the battle field. Bay is injured. She tells Buffy the magics go into the earth to three wrathful goddesses, Remati, Vajrayogini, and Ekajati (ancient names for forces of the earth). Buffy wonders if the goddesses took their magic from them. Bay says the prayers offer the goddesses a trade: they get the power, and the goddesses protect them. Buffy wants to talk to the goddesses, but Bay has fallen unconscious. Willow goes to get the scrolls with the prayers. Buffy tells the slayers, Dawn, and Xander to keep fighting and keep them alive.

Buffy tries to wake Bay up to help them translate the scrolls. Bay tells her that if you have any anger, you can use it to call the goddesses. As the battle rages, the ground splits open and three wisps of smoke come pouring out. They form into the three goddesses, and they do not look nice.

The end.

[anchor=thirty]Episode 8.30[/anchor]

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Retreat Part 5
Season 8, Issue #30

Script by Jane Espenson
Pencils by George Jeanty
Inks by Andy Owens
Colors by Michelle Madsen
Letters by Richard Starkings and Comicraft’s Jimmy Betancourt
Executive Producer Joss Whedon
Cover Art by Adam Hughes
Alternate Cover by George Jeanty, Dexter Vines, and Michelle Madsen

Slayers named in this issue:
Buffy Summers


The issue opens with a chaotic war scene: Buffy is on top of an overturned Jeep, directing the slayer army. The fighting is going on among the three giant goddesses stomping around. Twilight, the general, Amy, and Warren figure out what the goddesses are, and the general wants to get his men out of there. Twilight shows no regard for the possible lives lost.

Dawn and Xander begin to direct the slayer army on how to fight around the giants. Dawn frets that her pores looked that big when she was giant and Xander reassures her. They then join some slayers trying to turn a Jeep right-side up so Buffy can retrieve something in the middle of the battle field.

In the house, Giles and Andrew wonder why the goddesses haven’t ended the battle. Bay asks Oz if the goddesses appeared, and tells him “They shouldn’t have come here. We gave them everything.” Oz is unsure if she means Buffy and the slayers or the goddesses. The panel goes black, with only Oz, Bay, their son and dog.

Satsu drive Buffy and Willow into the battlefield. Willow falls out of the Jeep, but Buffy grabs her and holds her in. Buffy tells Satsu she saw who she was looking for – a “him”. Meanwhile, Amy and Twilight are watching them through binoculars and Warren questions why he doesn’t HAVE binoculars. At the same time, Buffy and Twilight notice that the blue goddess almost kills the girls in their Jeep. Flash to three pictures of dead slayers, werewolves, and a goddess killing slayers and army men. Buffy and Willow then realize that the goddesses aren’t there to help them – they are there to bring death and destruction to everyone.

Back at the house, Dawn and Xander realize the same thing, and sound the retreat alarm. The slayers begin to retreat into the temple. Bay tells them it’s been too long since the goddesses have shared the surface with those who give them their power. Kennedy asks Faith if they are getting their powers back, and Faith simply tells her “No”.

Back in the Jeep, Buffy finds who she is looking for: Riley. He is injured and Buffy instructs Satsu to get them back to the temple. Riley tries to make light of the situation while they drive, and Willow and Buffy yell to everyone they pass to head into the woods and away from the goddesses. Some of the wolves attack a goddess’ foot as they drive by.

Buffy gets Riley inside and they begin to tend his wounds. She asks for Xander and gives him a hug because she was worried. They have a cuddly moment until Dawn asks Buffy if Riley is a prisoner. She informs the group that Riley has been on their side the whole time, spying on Twilight and his minions. If he wakes up.

At the enemy camp, Amy questions why Buffy saved Riley and Twilight informs her that Riley was a double-agent. Warren and Amy begin a bicker-fest and Twilight walks away, weary of them.

Buffy is kneeling by Riley, holding his hand, trying to coax him awake so she can get some information as she sheds some tears. He makes the effort to tell her that she needs a miracle that he can’t give. She caresses his hand, stands, and wipes away her tears. “No miracles. No magics. So I guess what we have is…”

“…a losing battle.” Twilight informs the general that they will not win, and that there is nothing they can do to save their men. After the goddesses are done destroying, they will collect their survivors. While he is saying this, the goddesses dig up the submarine and throw it around.

Buffy calls a meeting and informs the slayers that they have to hold their place in the temple until they are able to move. They have too many injured to run away; the goddesses are much faster. The plan is to collect the injured, slayers and army men alike, lay low and defend the temple. As Xander begins to form the rescue lines, it begins to snow. Riley and Oz look on and comment on how amazing Buffy and the slayers are for knowing they will lose, but fighting any way.

While in the field, Buffy gets scooped up by an angry blue Goddess. The goddess looks at her, then drops her to the ground. Five hours later, the ground is completely snow-covered. The slayers are being led away at gun point as prisoners. Buffy slowly wakes up as the wind blows snow off of her. She looks down in the valley and sees her army being led away. She slowly gets up and closes her eyes while looking towards the sky. Her eyes open, and you can see the worry, fear, and distress in them.

Without warning, Buffy begins to levitate above the ground. “What the hell?!”

The end.
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[anchor=thirtyone]Episode 8.31[/anchor]

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Turbulence
Season 8, Issue #31

Written by: Brad Meltzer
Pencils: Georges Jeanty
Inks: Andy Owens
Colors: Michelle Madsen
Letters: Richard Starkings & Comicraft's Jimmy Betancourt

This issue starts with Buffy flying on her own. She's thinking about feeling stronger and getting better at landing and wondering why she still wants to hide her new powers.

The next scene is between Oz and Willow. She apologizing for making all this trouble for Oz. She is asking about getting her magic back when she gets slammed with green energy. Willow thinks at first that is only her magic returned but then realizes that it's actually a throwback from some huge, unknown, future magical event.

The other Wiccans have has similar reactions and Willow heads off to see if she can get the goddesses to back underground.

Next scene goes to Buffy and Riley. Riley is injured from the battle but still tells Buffy that she did a good job leading.

In the next pages we see that Twilight has Giles, Faith and Andrew and that he has taken them in a way that it will take hours for people to even notice that they've gone missing.

Willow is outside battling the goddesses. They are pretty much just kicking Willow around.

Buffy is still in the room with the wounded. One of the enemy soldiers talks to Buffy about a woman he's in love with and that he'd been afraid to tell her about it . . .and then he dies.

Buffy tells Xander that she's tired of people dying. She feels like it's her fault, he tells her that it's not and he also tells her that Willow has her power back and that Willow is currently out there fighting the goddesses.

Buffy turns to him and tells him that she's always too late for everything and then says she's too late for Xander. He asks what she means, and she talks about how he and Dawn are together now. And Xander tells her about how that's not any of her business and he still isn't getting what she meant by "it's too late."

And she finally says, "What about me?" She says that she has feeling for him and he calls her out on it. Telling her that she really doesn't and it's really just all about the fact that Buffy saw Dawn and Xander kissing. He also tells her that the decent thing to do, even if she did have feelings for him, would be to not tell anyone about it. And she agrees. And then they hug. It's cute.

Dawn shows up and tells them that Willow can't handle the goddesses alone. Buffy goes in to talk to a large astral head that Willow has projected to them. Buffy tells Willow to dig a big hole so they can put the goddesses back in the ground they came out of.

After that Buffy goes outside. Dawn and Xander follow . . . until Buffy takes off and flies over to where Willow is fmaking that big hole for the goddesses. Buffy takes them all down, with almost no effort.

The issue ends with Willow and Buffy talking about running tests to find out why Buffy has this power, and the fact that Dawn and Xander are in love.
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"Twilight" Recaps

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[anchor=thirtytwo]Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Twilight, Part 1
Season 8, Issue #32

Cover: Jo Chen
Designer: Tony Ong
Editor: Scott Allie
Script: Brad Meltzer
Pencils: Georges Jeanty
Colors: Michelle Madsen
Executive producer: Joss Whedon

In the first page, we're reintroduced to Xander, Dawn, Buffy and the latest events.

Xander and Dawn are adapting to their new relationship by humor in the woods. Though, Dawn doesn't find Xander's joke funny.

Meanwhile, Buffy is stretching while Xander keeps talking to her. He pulls out a gun, to Buffy's surprise. He asks her to squat down, but she thinks standing would be better. Cooler. For…

"Get set…!" Xander calls out as Buffy decides that squatting would better after all. Xander pulls the trigger and Buffy… Buffy will give the bullet a head start. Xander doubts she's that fast. But before he finished his sentence, she's already gone, can even read what's written on the bullet, and catches it in with her fingers. Buffy thinks it's actually neat, But Xander doesn't. So in the next page, she shows him how she holds up a train above her head.
Dawn asks Xander where he got the train from, and he says that it's from the castle. And that's where they're heading.

In the next few panels, Buffy and Xander are standing underneath a castle. Xander isn't sure she can make it up there. But she proves him wrong by picking him up in her arms and shoots herself, with Xander in her arms, up to the castle that's on a mountain.

At that same time, Willow is floating candles in the air. Dawn's also there. They're talking about powers, that you don't get them for free. And Buffy and Xander treat Buffy's new super powers like a joke. Dawn's worried. Willow can't stop using her powers. All while Buffy and Xander are still trying out Buffy's new abilities, him driving her crazy.

But Buffy and Xander don't know they're being watched. By Amy, skinless Warren and the General.
Back to Willow and Dawn, Willow is doing her spell, chanting, then realizes that they need to leave, she looks terrified. She and Dawn hurry up to Buffy and Xander. Giles, Faith and Andrew are gone. The four head back and Willow does a spell to find Faith first.

Willow heads to where Faith has been kept, finding blood splashed around the dark place, and the smell is horrible. Her face expression is pure shock. She does a light ball incantation, to show her what she's looking for. All she knows from that light, is that Andrew, Faith and Giles are screwed.

They're sleeping on the floor, in an unknown place. They slowly wake up, confused. Then Andrew noticed an enormous machine. A one he designed, back in his days with Warren. It's a death trap.

In Louisiana, Willow finds a wounded Slayer. She then finds out it's not just one wounded Slayer. There are dead Slayers all around them, slaughtered. The Slayer that's alive asks that she won't tell Buffy that they failed.

When Buffy gets a vision, she uncovers Amy, Warren and the General, behind the bushes, hiding. They tell Buffy, Xander and Dawn that Twilight has kicked them out. And that they want them to help them kick his ass. Buffy smiles. They will.

All of a sudden, Willow rushes in. She tells Buffy that the powers weren't a gift for defeating the goddesses. But they're from the Slayers. She's sucking the powers from every Slayer who dies.

Back at the place where Andrew, Faith and Giles are being held, the three wonder who the fourth bad guy is, because Riley said there were 4 of them. Just then, Twilight shows up, asking them if they want to hear the master plan.

[anchor=thirtythree]Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Twilight, Part 2
Season 8, Issue #33

Cover: Jo Chen
Designer: Tony Ong
Editor: Scott Allie
Script: Brad Meltzer
Pencils: Georges Jeanty
Colors: Michelle Madsen
Executive producer: Joss Whedon

The issue opens up with Buffy sitting outside, looking depressed. Xander tries pep talking, but that doesn't make Buffy feel any better. She feels guilty for "taking" the dead Slayers' powers.

Meanwhile, at Twilight's H.Q where Andrew, Faith and Giles are kept by Twilight…

"Who wants to die first?" Twilight asks the three. His voice sounds familiar to Giles.

Back to Buffy and Xander. Xander suggests that if the universe gives her those powers, it's for a reason. That makes Buffy feel better, puts a big smile on her face.
Willow's face appears before them, telling them they're losing time. So Buffy and Xander take off… to find the big bad and kick his ass.

At the house, Willow and Amy are doing a spell. With the help of Satsu's, they locate the location Buffy is supposed to go to, to fight Twilight. After getting the outlines, Buffy rushes out.

Twilight's speeches to the three are being interrupted by Buffy, who flies in through the smashing window. With Buffy's entire super force, she pushes Twilight out the window, up in the air, her with him. She's caught him off guard.

Just then, Twilight takes off his masks. Buffy is horrified. "I missed you, too", Angel says to her after taking off his mask. Buffy lets go of him.

At Twilight's H.Q., Giles finally realizes who Twilight really is.

Angel starts looking for Buffy, who's convinced he's not Angel, but Angelus. She throws a pointy log at him, and after that doesn't affect him, she starts attacking him with her fists, blaming him for killing the Slayers, for many panels.

He tries to calm her down, telling her the whole story, the whole truth. She doesn't give in so easily. But when she does, she starts glowing, and floating.
The issue ends with them kissing, while Xander, Willow and Satsu wonder what's going on up there.

[anchor=thirtyfour]Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Twilight, Part 3
Season 8, Issue #34

Cover: Jo Chen
Designer: Tony Ong
Editor: Scott Allie
Script: Brad Meltzer
Pencils: Georges Jeanty
Colors: Michelle Madsen
Executive producer: Joss Whedon

Everybody, except for Buffy and Angel, are in Twilight's H.Q. Faith's injured, bleeding, a lot.
They're all in shock that Angel is Twilight.

Xander tells Willow to find Buffy and Angel, but Willow tells him that he doesn't want that. Because they're inside the woods, naked, doing it.

But something is going on at the H.Q. Faith stops bleeding . They all turn to Giles.
"The last time the watchers thought this was happening, they took their own lives in fear", Giles explains.

Faith starts getting her powers back. "The universe is answering", says Giles.

The world around is going crazy. The nature. Vampires killing Slayers. The balance is lost. The earth gives birth to a new reality. The abilities Buffy is displaying are an evolution, a protection for what's coming.

"We need to be scared".

"The universe has been waiting to find one Slayer who measures up to its test. Until Buffy Summers came along and did the one thing that no Slayer in the history had ever done before".

"She shared the power. She created it. She gave this world a new breed. And this is the universe's reward. The power. The Twilight".

Buffy and Angel keep doing it, now in space. They're not in this plane of existence. "Can they be moving through time?" Willow asks Dawn.

Buffy and Angel dive into the ocean, still connected to each other.

In the next panel, we see Buffy and Spike stand next to each other, fists up, ready for a fight against an unknown force. Soon. There's a panel from 3 days ago, where we see an explosion behind Buffy.

And now, Willow says Buffy should stake Angel. The world isn't just reacting to what they're doing, it's urging them on.

"Buffy is meant to do that connection. THAT'S the universe's grand plan".

Buffy and Angel wake up, after all they've done together. They don't know what happened. Angel tells her that they were the key to everything.

"Welcome to Twilight".

[anchor=thirtyfive]Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Twilight, Part 4
Season 8, Issue #35

Cover: Jo Chen
Designer: Tony Ong
Editor: Scott Allie
Script: Brad Meltzer
Pencils: Georges Jeanty
Colors: Michelle Madsen
Executive producer: Joss Whedon

We’re back to Buffy and Angel. Buffy is convinced this is all a trap. She's all confused. Even paranoid. Their clothes keep changing. Not to mention the world.

Back at the H.Q….

"Twilight is a place?" Willow asks in confusion. They're mad at Giles for knowing all that. But he explains that those were myths that explain the beginning of time.

There's no balance in the universe anymore. Buffy and Angel have reached a new reality. There are six different tears in reality where demons are pouring in through at this very moment. And they're attacking them. Andrew gets badly hurt.

Buffy asks Angel if the sex part actually happened. He assures her that it did. "I think we're finally free".

"If this is heaven, I will sock you", Buffy threatens him.

"You can make as many jokes as you want", Angel goes on. "It doesn't change where we are".

The place reacts to them. They're transferred to the Bronze, while Buffy's wearing a Spanish mourning robe from the 16th century, worn by a Slayer. The other outfits Buffy has worn ever since she came to Twilight also belonged to past Slayers. Buffy is still confident that it's a trap, not a higher plane. But apparently, Angel understands, they've built it themselves. It's what they wrote. But all Buffy wants to write is the part where she sees her friends.

Buffy calls out that she wants that, to see her friends. And bam! It works! What she sees is her friends fighting the demons that came out of the tears in the world.

"We can help them", Angel tells her.

In the next panels, we see all of the others fighting, what Buffy is actually seeing. Angel tries to convince her that her friends will be fine without her. She's fighting for them. That's why she was sent there. All they have to do is leave behind the lower plane, Angel keeps on.

"Leave behind?" Buffy says, unsure, as her friends fight for their lives, calling out her name. "I never do what I'm meant for".

Buffy is going to walk away and ignore what the universe has planned for her. Angel finally agrees. They both go through the opening, and go back to the lower plane. And fight alongside her friends.

"We've got another attack coming", Dawn announces. Willow can see it in the screen. She knows exactly what this is that she sees. The huge bug spaceship crashes in.

"This is gonna be bad", Buffy breathes out.

"You wanna put these demons down and end this 'Twilight' crap once and for all?" the
figure in the boots says to them. It's Spike. "You talk to me".

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[anchor=thirtysix]Episode 8.36[/anchor]

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Last Gleaming, Part 1
Season 8, Issue #36

Script by Joss Whedon
Pencils by Georges Jeanty
Inks by Andy Owens
Colors by Michelle Madsen
Letters by Richard Starkings & Jimmy Betancourt
Executive Producer Joss Whedon
Cover Art by Jo Chen

The final arc of Buffy Season 8 begins with a pair of flashbacks telling us how Angel and Spike got here from where they were before.

A portal opens in the sky above the famous HOLLYWOOD sign, "some time ago," and through it hurtles a projectile that answers to the name of Angel. He crashes to the ground through the last "O" in the sign, which then falls over on him, but he fails to take any lumber through the heart and is OK.

In voice-over (or captions rather, since this is a comic), Angel laments the fact that the world is in ruins because he and his allies "lost the war." (This suggests that Angel arrived here from either the future or some alternate reality, but it will never be explained in the story.) Looking down off the hilltop, he comments that he can almost still see the city lights down there. After a moment, he is forced to confront the fact that he can still see the lights down there, and the world has not been laid waste after all. A talking dog trots up and informs Angel that the world has been restored back the way it should be, as a gift to him. As Angel sets back up the "O" he knocked over, the dog tells him he has a higher purpose that may involve killing, and that he himself not really a dog but a "power without a name" who's only talking through the dog. He does, however, become distracted by a very dog-like licking of his own anatomy.

Angel suspects this is all a dream; he wonders about the talking dog and the non-destroyed L.A., but seems less interested in wondering how he crashed to the ground from several hundred feet up, at great speed, and didn't get a scratch, or how he was able to casually lift a 45-foot-tall wooden sign back into position by himself.

The dog informs Angel that he is in fact a "chosen one," despite Buffy having thoroughly turned him off to the idea of being "chosen."

Dog: "I keep waiting for you to feel it."

Angel: "Feel what?"

Dog: "Better get started."

They look up to see an airplane blow out an engine. It begins to plummet to the ground. Angel cries out in helpless horror, only to find himself lifting off the ground and commencing a bullet-like flight up toward the plane. Like Buffy, he has acquired superhero powers, including flight and invulnerability to harm.

Angel brings the plane in for a safe landing. One of the flight attendants is thanking him profusely (and suggestively)... but this turns out to be the same entity that was recently inside the dog, now possessing the woman. He/she/it tells Angel that his superpowers are a reward for what he's expected to do... a reward that "makes Shanshu look like a sack of crap."

We now turn to Spike, also "some time ago." He is captain of a spaceship crewed by giant intelligent cockroaches.* While fleeing from an enemy (called the Wankers), the Bug Ship hurtles through a portal directly above the city of London and crash-lands, destroying Big Ben in the process, which Spike finds funny. Spike heads for the nearest pub and reads a newspaper, informing him that Buffy and the Slayers are now considered dangerous terrorists, and Harmony is a reality TV star.

* (As explained in the IDW Comics miniseries "Spike," written by Brian Lynch, this ship was part of a larger craft that Wolfram & Hart commandeered in order to get their important assets out of this world before the Twilight Apocalypse. Spike hijacked it from them.)

We get a one-page montage of Angel becoming Twilight (and acquiring his costume and mask) under the guidance of his new ally, who speaks to him through various people and animals along the way. Spike goes looking for information, and finds out that public opinion is swinging definitely away from the Slayers and toward Twilight. He then sees news footage of Twilight, flying in full costume and mask, and instantly recognizes him as Angel.

We return to the present day, where an Apocalypse is fully underway and Earth is under attack by an army of giant flying demons. The Slayers take refuge inside Spike's spaceship, while Buffy, Angel and Willow fly around fighting demons. Buffy is overjoyed at Angel's decision to give up the new universe they created in order to stay with her and help save this world. Willow is less impressed, and "accidentally" turns Angel into a frog momentarily.

Buffy and Angel agree that Angel should go off on his own for a while, since the rest of the Slayers will not be enthusiastic about fighting next to the man who's been coordinating their slaughter for the past several months.

On the Bug Ship, Willow has Warren, Amy, and the General locked up. Buffy asks Spike for what he knows. He tells her not to trust Angel; that the current Apocalypse was caused by her and Angel abandoning the new universe they created; and that they're going to be in big trouble when that universe comes looking for its parents in this world. He then says that the way to stop it is to dig up the Seed of Wonder, the source of all magic on Earth. As luck would have it, the Seed is located underground in the ruins of Sunnydale.

The issue ends with a view of the Seed itself -- a glowing red egg in a ruined chamber beneath Sunnydale. And its guardian is none other than The Master, who is not dead anymore. (At least, no deader than he was during Season One.)

Speaking roles in order of appearance:
A Nameless Higher Power (in the form of several different people and animals)
Bug One
Girl at a pro-Twilight rally
Bug Three
The Master

Also appearing: Giles, Andrew, Leah, Rowena, Satsu, Warren, Amy Madison, the General
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Episode 8.37

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Last Gleaming, Part 2
Season 8, Issue #37

Script by Joss Whedon & Scott Allie
Pencils by Georges Jeanty
Inks by Andy Owens
Colors by Michelle Madsen
Letters by Richard Starkings & Jimmy Betancourt
Executive Producer Joss Whedon
Cover Art by Jo Chen

Another talky, exposition-filled issue.

Buffy, Spike, the Scoobies and the remnants of the Slayer Army are on board Spike's bug-crewed spaceship, headed to the ruins of Sunnydale to find the Seed of Wonder that serves as the "cork" that keeps magic in this world... as Spike explains to Buffy after she's showered in his room.

He tells her that the Seed had kept our world magically stable since the time of its creation, and would continue to do so,

Spike: Unless a couple of super-powered morons who never got a higher education decide to shag a universe into existence.

Buffy: That wasn't our fault!

Spike: Nobody said it was except me right now to your face.

Buffy says that she and Angel were not fully in control of themselves. She still feels like "something got switched on and I don't know how to turn it off," and that she shouldn't be telling Spike that, but does because "you're my dark place." Then they kiss.

...in Buffy's imagination. Apparently she is still feeling the effects of whatever made her and Angel have sex, and she keeps picturing herself in sexual situations with Spike.

Xander and Dawn talk about their future after this Apocalypse (if there is any future), and how they'd like to get an apartment together while Dawn goes back to school and Xander works. The General, locked in the brig, hears their conversation through an air vent.

As this is happening, Angel is flying all around the world and helping Slayers do battle against the invading demons.

Spike explains to the Scoobies that the demons native to this world will be trying to stop the invaders from getting to the Seed. He also says that Twilight was inevitable since the beginning of the world, since everything has to come to an end eventually.

Willow passes out suddenly, because her spirit has been grabbed by Aluwyn (a.k.a. Saga Vasuki), her sexy snake-goddess mentor, and taken to her dimension for a chat. Aluwyn warns Willow that she and her friends must protect the Seed from being destroyed, because if it is, all magic would be cut off from our world. Witches like Willow would lose all their power, and all portals to other dimensions would be cut off permanently. Inherently magical beings like vampires and Slayers would keep their power, but no new magic could be cast, no new vampires created, no new Slayers called, etc. Aluwyn is sad because this means she and Willow would never see each other again. Then Willow wakes up, and tells Buffy it's urgently important that they protect the Seed.

Giles and Faith have a moment. Faith is unhappy because she hoped to retire from the life of constant battle and spend her time helping younger Slayers in need of guidance. Giles says he thinks she'll be able to return to that after the current fight is over.

They arrive at the Sunnydale crater to find the U.S. military in a pitched battle against the invading demon hordes.

Buffy jumps out of the ship to fly down with her superpowers and secure the Seed. Spike grabs hold and rides down with her. They arrive in an underground chamber beneath the ruins of Sunnydale, where the Master is waiting for them. He has been brought back to life (or undeath) to serve as the Seed's guardian. He smacks Buffy and Spike around and says he was expecting them, but that Angel was supposed to be with Buffy rather than Spike. He seems to think Buffy and Angel were coming to steal the Seed and use it in the new world they created, and he says that the new world is only a "soulless shell" not worthy of the Seed. While the Master is distracted with Spike, Buffy surprises him with her super-strength and slams his head through the floor.

Angel is still making his world demon-fighting tour, when the "ancient power without a name" meets him and takes the form of a lion with a fiery mane. It tells him:

"You can't deny the universe you created. You will finish what you started."

Speaking roles in order of appearance:
Dragon-like demon in Japan
Japanese Slayer
Aluwyn (Saga Vasuki)
Demon in France
French Slayer
The Master

Also appearing: The General, Satsu
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