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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 10 Recaps

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Black Eye Guy

Taking over the World!
Aug 16, 2005
Black Thorn
Title: New Rules, Part I
Issue #1
Release date: September 14, 2011
Writer: Christos Gage | Penciller: Rebekah Isaacs

Cover Artist: Steve Morris

"Sometimes it's good to get back to basics" - Buffy

Issue starts with Buffy in Santa Rosita California. She going to town on taking out a massive pack on Zompires, as she fights a Vampire walks toward her grabs her hand and takes her stake... and uses to to stake a Zompire!

Since the end of season 9, Buffy has been approached by a gang of Vampires who wanted to help her in ridding the world of the Zompire problem. Buffy and the Vampires have a truce till they can take out the Zompires, and rid us of having to keep use that word!
Buffy reminds the Vampire, that their truce is almost over as the Zompires are now "a limited edition".

Things are getting a little heated between Buffy and her new frenemy, just as they are about to go to blows Spike steps in to let the Vampire know her group are in a fight a couple of steets over. Vicki (Vicki the Vampires!) heads off.
Buffy tells Spike she's a little stand offish with Vicki knowing she will have to slay her and it feels a bit like back stabbing, but points out it would in fact be front stabbing. Spike reassures her the Vampires will turn on her as soon as their deal ends, so no use loosing sleep over it, and says if they "can sort things out, I think it's safe to say you're not prejudiced"

Buffy changes the topic, asking after Willow who suddenly appears behind them, floating and surrounded by energy, with two "passengers" she's rescued from a basement in the town overrun with zompires. Willow also has a force field over the town keeping the zompires in while they deal with them. Willows still adjusting to the new "raw" magic she can only use magic sparingly while she's got the forcefield up.

Buffy and gang have been evacuating the town and taking out the zompires, with Dawn, Andrew and Xander being in charge of "the freedom train", getting people out. Andrews been channelling the terminators "come with me if you want to live" vibe, and perfecting his accent, while Dawn drives the van.

As the passengers are getting into the car, more Zompires come after them. Willow works on holding them off, while Buffy and Spike hold onto the back of the van. Buffy watches as Willow tries to hold off the Zompires and lets us know that Willow is still adjusting to new magic and while they still expect her to be "Willow the great and powerful", she's still trying to learn how magic works now.
Buffy and Spike fight off the zompires chasing the van, while still holding onto the van. Buffy informs us that Spike is in a better place now, that they can be around one another "without history getting in the way". The two work together to fend off the van and Buffy says she's happy with were they are now.

Willow catches up the van to deliver the news that all the remaining Zompires are headed towards them. Dawn calls Xander to let him know they are in coming with a mass of Zompires behind them. Xander tries to ask Dawn how she is, but Dawn remins him she's "driving for her life right now". Buffy catches their conversation, and it reminds her of the conversations between her parents before they broke up.
Xander starts setting up for the others to arrive, talking so someone we can't see about how weird Dawn is being. He says that he's apologised for betraying Buffy to save Dawn, but that both have said they forgive him. Xander believes Dawn is having doubts about them, and the person off panel reminds him "You'd know what that looks like"

Turns out he's having a conversation with "the ghost of his dean ex-fiancee" or as 'fauxAnya' points out "I'm probably a sign of a brain tumor or mental illness".
Xander finishes setting up for the others arrival just in time, as the van passes by him followed by the Zompires he plugs in a load of sunbeds, using the ultraviolet light to take out a few of the zompires.
Billy, Devon and Anaheed come out of the building behind them to take in the new two wmone rescued, saying they just got the last group out and points out that the jury is still up in the air on where they stand on being called Slayers.

Then this happens:

The rest of the zompires catch up with them and the gang start to fight it out, the gang of Vampires also show up to help. 40 minuets into the fight and they finish off the last of the Zompires. Spike heads into the nearest building just as the sunrises.
Buffy talks to the vampires reminding them that now that the truce is over, they both know where this is going and they will have to fight, but as she's talking the sun rises and the Vampire aren't bursting into dust.
Using Buffys confusion, the vampires dart towards her but she knocks them back and stakes one - but he doesn't dust. Vicki the vampire lets her know that "things are different now". "Not that different apparently" Buffy replies as she hammers the stake into the vampire using the scythe, and he does turn to dust.
The vampires rush forward again, some turning into bats, some into wolves and others into mist.

Spike tries to run back outside, but still can't walk in sunlight. Willow tells him to stay inside that these vampires are different, stronger and more powerful. They aren't using magic to turn into wolves and mist like Dracula as Willow can undo those spell, these vampires are inherently stronger.

Spike, Dawn, Xander and Andrew start to make bombs using alcohol, rags and fire, to throw out into the fight, While Buffy and Willow take on the new Vampires outside.

Buffys feeling overwhelmed by the unexpected threat, and just as she asks Willow and the others to fall back, Faith show up

Bringing Kennedy, Leah and Holly to help out, and much to Buffys disapproval a kid...

A kid who's casting spells in Latin to take out the vampires, who Willow immediately recognises as Giles!

Buffy asks if it's really him, to which he replies "Angel. Faith. Rather long story", before Faith points out they are in the middle of something!
Thanks for the recaps.
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