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Buffy the Vampire Slayer Season 9 Recaps

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Black Eye Guy

Taking over the World!
Aug 16, 2005
Black Thorn
Please do not reproduce these recaps without permission. Linking to this page is fine.

[jump=one]Episode 9.01 "Freefall, Part 1" - Released September 14, 2011[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=two]Episode 9.02 "Freefall, Part 2" - Released October 12, 2011[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=three]Episode 9.03 "Freefall, Part 3" - Released November 9, 2011[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=four]Episode 9.04 "Freefall, Part 4" - Released December 14, 2011[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=five]Episode 9.05 "Slayer, Interrupted" - Released January 11, 2012[/jump] [Discuss]
[jump=six]Episode 9.06 "On Your Own, Part I" - Released February 8, 2012[/jump][Discuss]

Title: Freefall, Part I
Issue #1
Release date: September 14, 2011
Writer: Joss Whedon | Penciller: Georges Jeanty

No more Slayer army, Buffys living in San Francisco working as a waitress. Xander and Dawn are trying to live a Normal life and Willow isn’t coping well with the loss of her powers.

Buffy’s living with roommates, Anaheed (female), Tumble (male). She’s just moves in and has the gang round for a house warming, Willow brings a date, Aura, who she spent the night with and snuck out on the next morning.

Somewhere else in town we find out from cops investigating a crime scene that this is the third girl they’ve found dead with cause of death undetermined
Spike, Riley and Andrew also attend the party.

Andrews put together a squad of girls to act as a Disaster Relief Organization.
Buffy gets very drunk at her party and doesn’t remember the night, she turns up for work only to find out her boss told her the night before that she didn’t have to come in.
We see a hoard of demons guarding a ball of light that seems to be a prison, the spells keeping it in check have weakened and a demon escapes from it, slaughtering the guards.

While trying to remember the night before, Buffy remembers having a pool fight with Andrew and her roommates, she also walked Riley to his car, he is driving a van full of equipment to track terrorists, since the end of magic demon work has been slow.
Riley tell Buffy she did the right thing destroying the seed, that there wasn’t any other choice, Spikes been telling her the same thing.

Buffys roommates liked her friends, and they tell her the night that she went into a cranky neighbours house, spent 20 mins in there and he send them flowers the next day to welcome they to the building.

Simone is driving a VW bus to San Francisco, stocked with guns, telling herself that it’s time for something big, not to change things but to show someone their still here and haven’t all lost their way.

At the party Buffy gives Xander a tour of the apartment, showing him her room, where Xander seems down about life, Buffy asks if he wants to talk they've got a few mins,
“Xander: Then lets not talk about it
Buffy: Dawnie…
Xander: --never has to know”

While Anaheed tells down about her life, she’s a fact checker for a website, who would possibly Sleep with Willow, who Dawn says has been said latly.
Cops were called to the party, and Buffy told them about how her aptitude test said she should be a cop, she also Juggled for her guests and danced the night away.
The next day on patrol, Willow comes with her and Spike turns up, they both Advise buffy from what they’ve heard Buffy’s being targeted.

Willow tells her she needs to talk about the seed, that Buffy can’t see things the way she can, she’s removed the spark of creation and things have changed. A demon appears from behind them coming at Buffy to tell her “It’s time you paid…. Your Student Loan.”

[anchor=two]Title: Freefall, Part II
Issue #2
Release date: October 12, 2011
Writer: Joss Whedon and Andrew Chambliss | Penciller: Georges Jeanty

The Detectives, who were investigating the case of the 3 murdered women, are at the scene of a mass homicide, 8 victims, all murdered but no apparent cause of death.
Buffy attacks the demon who’d trying to collect on her student loan, he informs her he was trapped here when the seed was destroyed so had to get a job. She gives him all the money in the back account (which doesn’t cover the first payment), and tells Spike that she returned all the money and jewels she took as Riley negotiated an amnesty between the Slayers and Interpol.

Willow uses the demon to point out to Buffy that by destroying the seed she wasn’t thinking of anything else, the Slayers, Vampires and Demons with magical mojo all kept their power as it was inside them. Whereas people who used Magic were cut off from it and can’t use it anymore.

Spike says the Student demon, wasn’t the ‘rumbling’ he’d heard was coming after her. And someone/thing else is still coming for her. Back at her apartment and hooded figure breaks into her room, but one of her roommates walking in causes the demon to quickly leave.

The detectives have an id on one of the female victims they found, Cynthia Daniels, they came across her file in missing persons, from 1941, and two other files from 1954 and 1963 that match two of the other victims. The bodies haven’t aged, and the male detective believes there the body of a vampire.

Buffys out on patrol and comes across a vampire attack, the man she saves tries to help, but Buffy stakes the vampire, before she’s taken into custody by a police officer. The detectives interrogate her, accusing her of killing the vampires, she informs them they weren’t vampires as vampires dust. When the detectives leave the room, Buffy breaks out.

She goes to Xander and Dawns and finds out she’s all over the news, wanted as a person of interest in the homicide of 9 people. Buffy asks if she can stay the night, but they refuse, Xander is spending a few nights on the sofa, as there’s some kind of fight going on between him and Dawn.

Buffy takes to the rooftops, unable to return home, Spike hunts her down, says he’s hunting down the ones that are after him, she tells him she wishes destroying the seed had taken away all the vampires and her ‘slayerness’, but that she’d miss him if it had done.

She continues patrolling, she comes across another attack of the same man she saved earlier, he says he wants to help, claiming to be a Slayer, But Buffy runs of down an alley following a vampire, she’s been lead into a trap and is jumped by the vampire, about to bite her, he suddenly reverts to his human face and falls over dead.
The man she saves has his hands on the dead vampires head and tells her he’s not a vampire anymore, he’s taken out all the vampires in the trap, all dead back to their human form.

Buffy: “You trying to put me out of a job?... ‘cause I might be okay with that.”

[anchor=three]Title: Freefall, Part III"
Issue #3
Release date: November 9, 2011
Writer: Andrew Chambliss | Penciller: Georges Jeanty

Buffys still in the ally, questioning the man who killed the vampire, he doesn’t know how his power works and identifies himself as Severin.

The Detectives call the Buffys apartment and speak to Anaheed, she tells them Buffy hasn’t been home in says, and they leave their card, the male detectives name is Robert Dowling.

Spikes beating up a small demon, one who seems to be the go to demon for demon accomedation, he says that if Spike goes after the demon that’s hunting Buffy it will kill him, but he set him up Alcatraz.

Buffy stayed the night at Severins apartment, having nowhere else to go, he tells her he has a trust fund which is how her has a really nice apartment, and that his girlfriend wanted to be a Vampire, so they arranged to have her bitten, then she’d turn him. But after she woke up she attacked him, and when he grabbed her she became human for a moment then died.

He says he’s been killing new vampires, once they are turned they are feral, not like the ones they’ve seen on TV, they just attack, so he’s started hunting them. Buffy thinks the vampires might be going feral because the seed was destroyed.
The detectives are questioning Xander and Dawn, who end up explaining their fighting because Xander forgot to plan something ahead of time for Dawns birthday, even though it hasn’t happened yet.

Buffy calls a Scooby meeting, Xander and Dawn turn up, but Willow never text back, Spike was stuck ona boat to Alcatraz and Andrew hadn’t noticed her text because he was soldering and listening to Lady Gaga. Buffy calls Willow from Dawns phone, and tells her she’s found to consequence to the seed being destroyed.

She explains that vampires are becoming meaner, Faster, stronger and drool allot more. Willow hypostasizes that as someone becomes a Vampire by a demon possessing their dead body and no magic to facilitate the demon passing into their world everyone who’s been turned since the seed was destroyed is a Zombie Vampire

Xander: “ZOMPIRES! I’ve named them, my work here is done”

Severin says he knows where a nest is, Xander and Dawn decide to leave but give Buffy the detectives details, and suggest she talk to them first, as people like Vampires now, she needs to work with them to stop the Zompires.

Spike finds the demons lair in Alcatraz, the demon tackles him and the two discuss why he’s looking for Buffy. The Demon informs him he wants to find Buffy to give her thanks for destroying the seed. He says he was wrongly imprisoned, magically and when the spell faded he got free so had to repay her thanks, Spike doesn’t believe him but the demon says he’s not the one Spikes been hearing about a demon called Siphon is looking for Buffy, a demon older then vampires that rips mystical energy from all he touches.
Buffy and Severin arrive at the nest, Severin says that for every Zompire he kills he gets stronger, they break in but all the Zompires are dead.

Severin turns on her.

[anchor=four]Title: Freefall, Part IV
Issue #4 Release date: December 14, 2011
Writer: Andrew Chambliss | Penciller: Georges Jeanty

Three Months Ago: Severin kills a vampire in an alley, looking for someone, Alessandra, he’s killing vampires trying to hunt her down. A Shadowed figure appears telling him to stop hunting Vampires to try and blame someone for killing his girlfriend; he needs to go after the Slayer

Now: Severin lunges at Buffy, she’s caught by surprise, he says everything that’s happened is her fault and she doesn’t deserve her power so he’s going to take it, he needs to charge up then he’s going to take her power and leave her to take the blame for killing all the Zompires.

The detectives get a call with a tip on Buffys location.
Spike and the demon are headed back to mainland San Francisco to find Buffy, the demon identifies himself as a Nitobe, and questions Spikes motives for helping, realising theirs romantic feelings involved. Spike says Buffy needs normal so he can’t be with her at the moment.

They get to shore, but the warehouse were Buffy is, is surrounded by cops. The female cop (Cheung) is calling for S.W.A.T, but Dowling wants to go in and try and talk Buffy down.

Inside Buffy and Severin are fighting, he has her pinned down, but Buffy manages to stab him with a stake, he pulls it out, and heals. Buffy runs at him, aiming to keep hurting him so when he heals he loses his recharge. They break through the floorboards into a nest of Zompires Severin has kept.

At home Xander and Dawn watch on TV as Buffy is cornered, wondering how much bail they’ll need, and decide to call Willow.

At Buffys apartment, Tumble has just discovered Buffy on the news, while Anaheed has gone through Buffys stuff and found her slayer equipment.

Back in the basement, Severin and Buffy are fighting the Zompires, Severin absorbs one of them and can now absorb the power without physical contact.

Detective Dowling comes across Spike and the demon, they tell him their here to help Buffy, whos just been pinned to the wall by Severin. The Demon charges him, but is blasted back by Severin, Spike rushes forward, but Severin grabs him, now draining him and Buffy.

He stops suddenly as Dowling fires 4 rounds into his chest, which he couldn’t heal instantly.

Later Dowling says he’s cleared everything with his superiors, she won’t get a public apology, but they’ve taken her off the most wanted list He offers her a lift home, but Willow is there to get her, says she wanted to be there for her in case she lost her powers and wanted to talk. She tells Buffy she was never mad that she lost her powers and Buffy still has her, and Buffy says she understands that she’s mad because Buffy did it without talking it through first, and tells Willow that they’ll sort it out.

In the hospital Severin is recovering from his wounds, when he’s approached by Simone, he tries to touch her, to heal himself, but she won’t let him.

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Black Eye Guy

Taking over the World!
Aug 16, 2005
Black Thorn
We'll be bringing the recaps up to date over the next few days, if anyone would like to write any, send me a PM and let me know what issues your interested in writing them for!


Riley's BFF
Staff member
Oct 28, 2010
Los Angeles
Please do not reproduce these recaps without permission. Linking to this page is fine.

[anchor=five]Title: Slayer Interrupted[/anchor]
Issue #5
Release date: January 11, 2012
Writer: Andrew Chambliss - Penciller: Karl Moline - Inker: Andy Owens

Buffy, Xander and Dawn are being chased into Buffy’s apartment complex by numerous Zompires. Buffy and Xander fight off the zompires as Dawn fumbles with the keys as she opens Buffy’s door. Once inside Buffy slams the door and breathes a sigh of relief thinking they are finally safe; Buffy is shocked to find that Xander and Dawn are now Zompires as they quickly attack her. Before the two of them could harm Buffy the First slayer appears and dusts both Xander and Dawn. “NO!” screams Buffy before she realizes it was a slayer dream. Still upset at her for dusting Xander and Dawn Buffy jumps up to attack the First slayer but is punched in the gut which promptly wakes Buffy up from her dream and sends her straight to the bathroom where she throws up.

Later that morning Buffy meets up with Willow and tells her about the dream, mentioning it was the first slayer dream she’s physically “felt” like that. Willow asks Buffy if she has talked to any of the other slayers to see if they’d also had the dream and Buffy admits she isn’t close to any other slayers. Buffy goes on to mention that Kennedy is the closest thing to a slayer friend that she has and that Kennedy still blames Buffy for her break up with Willow. Buffy tells Willow that the First slayer also told her “you are not the slayer”. Buffy wonders if she could potentially loose her slayer powers as a result of the seed being gone but Willow discards that idea and tells her that her power comes from within. Buffy continues to wonder what the First was trying to tell her with the dream; Willow suggests looking in the Vampyre book Giles left Buffy and the two part ways.

Back in her room, Buffy opens her chest where she keeps her weapons hidden and pulls out the book Giles left her. She lights a candle, sits on her bed, and flips through the book while thinking about how much she misses Giles. Buffy drifts off and is soon greeted by the First slayer telling her she is not the slayer. Wanting to understand what the First slayer is trying to tell her Buffy runs after her in the dream. The First slayer doesn’t say anything but leads Buffy to a dump where the scythe is stuck in a rock at the top of a hill; then pointing at the scythe as says “Only the slayer can pull the blade from the ground.” Buffy grows suspicious of the First slayer and attacks her upon which she turns into a fairy and the dream ends.

Visiting Willow at her new computer programming job, Buffy tells her that she believes her dreams are being hijacked and that she is getting two messages; one from the First slayer and one from the Tinkerbelle look-alike fairy sneaking into her dreams. Willow tells Buffy the only way to find out for sure is for Buffy go back to sleep and dream some more.

Later that night Willow is set up in Buffy’s room with coffee and snacks to help her stay awake through the night as Buffy gets her dreaming on. Before falling asleep Buffy admits to Willow that she misses spending time with her best friend; Willow mentions that she wasn’t aware that they were still using that qualifier. Buffy drifts off.

The fairy shows up first and when asked who she is, tells Buffy that her name is too difficult to pronounce. She goes on to explain that she lays dream (and nightmare) eggs in people’s ears but since the seed was destroyed she now has to ride into people’s dreams through a third party…in this case she piggybacked on the First slayer to get to Buffy. She tells Buffy that she needs to follow the First slayer and that the reason she is in her dream is to punish her to which Buffy responds “Let me guess. Because I destroyed the seed?” Buffy is surprised to learn that the seed isn’t the reason and that the fairy believed the underground decoy (See BTVS 8.05 The Chain) was the real Buffy Summers. When she came to put nightmares into Buffy she realized that she was indeed the real Buffy Summers and also found something else. She advises Buffy to figure out what the First slayer is trying to tell her before she tells Buffy the other information she’s found.

Buffy believes that the First slayer is telling her that everything that has happened is indeed her fault; but the fairy informs Buffy that the message is not about self-pity but about having her undo what she did to the world. Buffy then climbs to the top of the hill and tries to pull the scythe out of the rock but is unable to. The fairy then points to Willow and says “It’s for her”. Willow walks up to the scythe and removes it from the rock with ease. Willow believes that the scythe could be the key to restoring magic to the world. Buffy and Willow talk and decide that Buffy must give her the scythe when she wakes up, Willow says she needs to go – Buffy tells her she doesn’t want her to leave – Willow says “If you love something…set it free”. Buffy wonders if that encounter with Willow was the real goodbye.

Now that the first slayer is satisfied, the fairy can tell Buffy what she needs to know. “The slayer’s a part of you. But you’re not a girl anymore.” Buffy realizes that it was Willow in her dream and knew before waking up that Willow and the scythe would be gone.

Upon waking up Buffy looks in her weapons chest to find a goodbye note left by Willow. Buffy runs outside to see if she can catch Willow but is too late. Tired and nauseous from the short run Buffy sits on the curb looking like she is going to throw up again.

Later that day Buffy enters her apartment quickly and rushes by her roommates saying she can’t talk and heads straight for the bathroom. Tumble stands outside the door and tells her that he (and Anaheed) know she is the slayer and that they are worried about their safety. Buffy is scare too….because the pregnancy test she just took is positive!

[anchor=six]Title: On Your Own Part I[/anchor]
Issue #6
Release date: February 8, 2012
Writer: Andrew Chambliss - Penciller: Georges Jeanty - Inker: Karl Story

Flashback to 1973 in New York City, a weak Nikki Wood is fighting a vampire. The vampire is able to smell the sedatives in her system as well as the blood of someone else – he knows she’s pregnant. Threatening Nikki’s child only gave her the determination and strength to dust the vampire. Seconds later her watcher rushes to her side and admits that she was in no shape to have done the Cruciamentum. Nikki insists that was important to do and that she wouldn't let the mission suffer because of her personal life; she goes on to admit she doesn't know what to do about her pregnancy.

Returning to present day, Buffy and Dawn are having a heart to heart in which Buffy acknowledges that she has no idea who the father of her baby is and mentions that there is a fairly long list of possibilities but that she is certain she must have conceived the night of her party. Buffy sadly admits that no matter who the father is she is on her own; a very supportive Dawn hugs her and reassures her. Buffy wonders if she should call Willow but Dawn tells her that Willows cell phone has been disconnected. Buffy decides it’s probably best to keep the news of her pregnancy to herself but there is one other person she wants to talk to first.

Elsewhere in San Fran detective Dowling is in his car waiting on Spike who to his surprise shows up in a spaceship.

Flash back to 1973…Nikki’s watcher asks her if she knows who the father is and whether or not he could care for the child. Nikki confesses she has no clue – not even a name. Her watcher informs her that going through with it would only hurt the child; Nikki disagrees explaining how the baby gave her the strength and will to fight.

Returning to present day, Buffy meets Robin Wood for a cup of coffee and Robin tells her that there is no easy answer. Buffy asks Robin about his childhood and what is was like having a slayer for a mom; Robin clearly resents Nikki but is ultimately glad she had him. He advises Buffy to consider having the child.

Flash back to 1973, Nikki is out patrolling and finds herself in a bind when attacked by numerous vampires. Her watcher, concerned about her well being, followed her and stepped in to help her fight. He told her that he had trained himself and would cover for her until after the baby was born. Nikki makes it clear she isn't giving up the mission.

Returning to present day, Detective Dowling and Spike are on top of a roof looking for zompires; Dowling suggests finding a nest to practice his dusting. Spike tells Dowling that he isn't prepared to take on a nest of vampires, while waiting for a zompire Dowling starts asking Spike how he became friends with the slayer. Spike gives Dowling the cliff notes version of his relationship with Buffy, when Dowling asks if they are still involved Spike acknowledges that Buffy only comes to him when she needs dark. Spike asks Dowling if he fancies Buffy and rambles on about how she could use someone “normal”.

Elsewhere Buffy and Robin continue their conversation; when asked about adoption Robin tells Buffy that Nikki had the opportunity to walk away from the slaying and focus on him but that she couldn't stay away from the mission no matter how hard she tried. Robin tells Buffy that the difference between her and Nikki is that Buffy has people around her who can help and support her. As the two part ways Robin says to Buffy “So if you do decide to have that baby…don’t do it by yourself.”

Spike receives a text from Buffy and tells Dowling he has to cut their time short; as Dowling gives Spike a lift he asks him if he is going to tell Buffy that he still has feelings for her. When Spike arrives he finds Buffy sitting with her legs in the pool with a sad expression on her face. It appears that Spike was going to confess his feelings to Buffy but before he got the chance Buffy tells Spike she wants to have an abortion. A teary eyed Buffy tells Spike that she isn't good at life doesn't believe she can handle having a child. A clearly shocked Spike offers her a hand up and tells her that he will help her with the abortion.
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