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Buffyverse Complete Reading Order Guide!


Dec 26, 2016
I told a few people in this thread that Angel: Masks is included in the Angel Volume 2 Omnibus, but I was reminded today that only some of the stories from that one shot are in the omnibus.

So if you truly want a complete collection, you have to track down the original Masks one shot. I knew that at one point since I went out of my way to buy the issue separately, but it slipped my mind when relaying it to others here. Just wanted to correct myself in case anyone is using my experiences as a guide.


Apr 10, 2019
So I was collecting the comics in the library editions, and have now been screwed by the fact that DH lost the licence and now the library editions will stop at Buffy season 10 - mostly causing an issue when Angel & Faith Season 10 only exists in TPBs.... But with that in mind, I've been trying to find the best reading order, and most of the reading orders I find seem to be centred around the TPBs. Can anyone confirm that I've got the right reading order here for the library editions?

Season 8
Buffy LE vol. 1
Buffy LE vol. 2
Buffy LE vol. 3
Buffy LE vol. 4

Season 9
A&F LE vol. 1 (#1-10)
Buffy LE vol. 1 (#1-10)
A&F LE vol. 2 (#11-15 + Spike: A Dark Place)
Buffy LE vol. 2 (#11-15 + Willow: Wonderland)
A&F LE vol. 3 (#16-25)
Buffy LE vol. 3 (#16-25)

Season 10
Buffy LE vol. 1 (#1-10)
A&F TPB vol. 1 (#1-5)
A&F TPB vol. 2 (#6-10)
Buffy LE vol. 2 (#11-20)
A&F TPB vol. 3 (#11-15)
A&F TPB vol. 4 (#16-20)
A&F TPB vol. 5 (#21-25)
Buffy LE vol. 3 (#21-30)

Season 11
Buffy TPB vol. 1 (#1-6)
Angel TPB vol. 1 (#1-4)
Angel TPB vol. 2 (#5-8)
Angel TPB vol. 3 (#9-12)
Buffy TPB vol. 2 (#7-12)
Giles TPB (#1-4)
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