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Catching up


Oct 12, 2011
I set up an account hear back in late 2012 and commented on a few things
But then I got busy with life stuff and never made it back until now.
When I was in my early to mid 20s I owned every Buffy and Angel novel that
was out but when I moved I had to part with my collection.
About a year ago I was in Barnes and noble trying to use up a gift card and on a whim decided to see what they had. I was shocked to find NONE!
I did discover about half a dozen that came out after I stopped
collecting and I put those in my Nook wish list. Once again
life got busy until this past September when my local
Library had a sidewalk sale and I got a copy of "Mortal Fear"
by Scott & Denise Ciencin for 50 cents!
My wife noticed I bought it and knowing what a completist
I am snagged it while I wasn't looking and used the list to
get me from the top: "Child of the Hunt", "Return to Chaos", and the "Gatekeeper"
trilogy. The only flaw was she forgot to give me back my book until she gave me those for my birthday lol. So now finally I'm reading "Mortal Fear" and able to post on here. Hope people still do and want to chat :)


My arse is not pansy!
Jan 20, 2008
I want to read a few of the novels again too. I feel like I can finally read again and the Buffy books might be a good place to start for fiction entertainment. I swore I used to have way more buffy books, but its possible a box got lost in my many house moves. Oh well. I will keep an eye out at second hand/book exchanges as thats where I got most of mine in the first place.

Im dying to read Fray but have never got my hands on a copy!
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