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Chaos Bleeds: Behind the scenes concept art?


Dec 22, 2017
Hi! I'be been out for some time. Maybe it's kind of rude to ask this here and also since I barely post, thought.
Im really curious if someone has preserved concept art and storyboards that were posted back in 2004 by
Eurocom in several websites about the game. I checked the three websites where there was that concept art,
but I only could recover some images after lots of try by checking cache, wayback machine and so.
Does someone have all the images preserved? It would be cool to see them all. I love knowing about
process of creating stories and storyboards, and videogames are no an exception, and discovering
there was some of these about the game just became a bit of an obsession.
So in case someone had them saved, could it share it?

If any is interested, there are some still avaible "Buffy : Chaos Bleeds" Video Game - Behind The Scenes Feature
And may refresh memory of someone that could have them stored. Thanks you very much for your time!
I owe you people a couple of beers.


Unwilling disciple of Eyghon
May 22, 2017
United States
Hi. According to this webpage, there is “DVD-style bonus content: Cast interviews, photo gallery, storyboards, unlockables, making of the game footage, and Chaos Bleeds e-comic” within the game. I own the PS2 game so, if you like, I will take pictures of anything I can find within the game.
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