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Chapter 10: Lost Connection

Black Eye Guy

Taking over the World!
Aug 16, 2005
Black Thorn
::Willow paced her room, Wood would have landed in Nepal by now and they were waiting for him to report in.

It had been a long day, getting up at 5am to arrange everything, left Wood the whole day to get to Nepal, it was now 8pm, not even that late but so much had happened.

The door of her room opened, breaking her from her pacing, Kennedy bopped in eating an apple, "Hey Will", Willow smiled back, they hadn't told everyone about the message they'd received from Riley and Sam, no point worrying everyone until it was necessary.
It was going to be necessary, but at least they had 1 less day of worry. ::

Kennedy: "That apple looks good, I'm gonna grab one!"

:: She kissed her, before leaving the room, it was easier to lie absently then in the same room. She walked down the halls, heading towards the Kitchen, pushing through the door which was actually a little hard having been up all day, fatigue was starting to hit.

She walked in and found Faith sitting at the table, her legs up on the counter, reading a book. She looked up and nodded at her, as Willow made her way to the fridge and pulled out a cold apple ::

Faith: "I didn't know you read"

::She smiled, knowing she wouldn't find it insulting, (Or she hoped)::


Mar 12, 2008
:: Faith was kicking back in the kitchen, it had been a slow enough day, hell it had been a slow few weeks.

She'd been training like it was the apocalypse, but all the training and no pay off was getting a bit aggravating, a month ago she'd taken a small squad to Loch Ness sightseeing (Babysitting!) and it turns out there is such thing as the Loch Ness monster, it had given a good fight, but not a fare one when the demon can turn around and jump down into the depths of a lake.

She was sitting at the table, reading a copy of Harry Potter, she'd taken it from one of the girls, told her she was an idiot and stop living in a fantasy world, that was before she was hooked.

Willow said:
Faith: "I didn't know you read"::
:: She smiled back at her ::

Willow: "You know, you can be kinda ... 'witchy' at times"

:: She smiled again, and put the book on the table. ::

Willow: "So whats been up with everyone today?"

:: Willow put on a surprised face, but before she could speak, Faith jumped back in. ::

Willow: "You can skip the cover up part, I've seen you, Buffy and Electro-Girl walking around all worried and in your heads.

That plus I only got home at 5am, and I heard B and Gwen in the halls, I would have come to, but fingered I'd sleep and get filled in later, but no ones telling so I'm guessing it's a big one?"

:: Willow began to tell her the whole story about what was going on and that they were waiting for Wood to check in ::

Robin Wood

Aug 25, 2006
::Robin wasn't really all that comfortable leading three teenage girls into something he wasn't certain about, but Willow had seemed upset and concerned about the message she'd received from Riley and Sam Finn, so Robin had packed up his stuff, and his girls, and trekked to Nepal.

::He supposed it did make a certain kind of sense. According to Willow, Riley and Sam had been so vague in their message, just urging them to get to Nepal, that she had no idea what the problem was. So rather than travel all the way from Scotland for something that might not even mean much in the grand scheme of things, she and, and Buffy, probably, had decided that, since Robin and his team were only a few hours away, it would make more sense to send them in for re-con. They could report back to base, and then they could decide what to do from there.

::Robin had decided to leave Lexi back at their camp. She was the youngest, and newest, member of his team. She wasn't nearly as experienced enough to deal with something like this, when even he didn't know what to expect. So with Jen, Dani and Sandy, Robin crept closer to where Willow had told them Riley and Sam's video called originated from.

::The first thing Robin noticed was the silence.::

The Slayers: "Something isn't adding up here. Willow said that Riley and Sam had found them."

::Jen gave him a confused look.::

Robin: "Found who? There's no one here to find. The place is deserted."

Jen: "And that's my point. There's nothing even here from where Riley and Sam could have sent the video call. It's barren."

Robin: "Okay, so what? They had their call re-routed? Through some sort of satellite or something, to make Ms. Rosenberg think that their call came from here?"

::Jen trailed off and Robin turned to look at her. Her face was stricken, ashen, as various scenarios spun through her head.::

Robin: "Wouldn't that mean that this is a trap?"

::Robin smiled at her, and Dani and Sandy, as he looked behind them and saw the vampires baring down on them.::

"I think that's exactly what it is."
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