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Charisma Carpenter Filmography

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Nov 19, 2008
New York

Name: Charisma Carpenter
Birth Date: 23 July 1970
Birth Place: Las Vegas, Nevada, USA
Birth Name: Charisma Lee Carpenter
Nickname: Chrissy
Height: 5' 7½" (1.71 m)
Profession: Actress

Mini Bio: Charisma Lee Carpenter was born in Las Vegas, Nevada, on July 23, 1970. She was given her unusual first name after a brand of Avon perfume. (Her friends call her “Chris” or “Chrissy”). Charisma’s first performing experience came at the age of nine, when she was part of a song-and-dance troupe in Las Vegas. In the years following, she participated in, and won, several beauty and dance contests. After spending some time in Mexico, her family moved to San Diego, where Charisma graduated high school. In 1991 she spent one season as a cheerleader for the San Diego Chargers football team.

Charisma moved to Los Angeles and began an acting career, appearing in plays and in TV commercials. Her first appearance on a TV series was in a 1994 episode of Baywatch, playing Wendie Sanders, a young woman who dates Hobie Buchannon (Jeremy Jackson), the son of David Hasselhoff’s character. This led to a regular role in the Aaron Spelling teen drama Malibu Shores, but the show lasted only 10 episodes before being cancelled.

In 1996, Charisma auditioned for the title role in a new series called Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Although she lost the role to Sarah Michelle Gellar, Charisma was cast in the regular recurring role of Cordelia Chase, a snooty but popular “mean girl” at Sunnydale High who eventually becomes a member of Buffy’s “Scooby Gang.” Cordelia appeared in every episode of BtVS’s second and third seasons.

In 1999 Angel, a spinoff of Buffy, was launched. Charisma and David Boreanaz left Buffy to star in the new show, which was set in Los Angeles and featured Cordelia as secretary, business manager and friend of vampire detective Angel. From 2002 to 2008, Charisma was married to actor Damian Hardy, and in 2003 gave birth to their son, Donovan. Her pregnancy was written into Angel, but after the fourth season, the Cordelia character was written off the series. To celebrate losing her “baby weight,” Charisma posed for a nude pictorial in Playboy magazine, which appeared in the June 2004 issue.

After leaving Angel, Charisma appeared in many guest and recurring TV roles and in several made-for-TV movies. Her biggest TV role was an 11-episode run on Veronica Mars as Kendall Casablancas, the young, conniving “trophy wife” of the father of characters Dick and Cassidy.

Other notable roles included Kyra the Seer on Charmed... a powerful demoness who, like her Cordelia character on Angel, has the power to see the future; Tegan Walker on the fraternity-themed series Greek; and Triana, one of the dominatrix-like Mord-Sith female warriors on fantasy series Legend of the Seeker.

She also appeared in a series of high-profile commercials and promotions for Butterfinger candy bars. Her first role in a major theatrical motion picture came in 2010 in Sylvester Stallone’s The Expendables. She played Lacy, the girlfriend of Jason Statham’s character. The Expendables received mixed reviews, but very healthy box office.

In 2011 she appeared in episodes of TV shows Burn Notice and Supernatural, and it was announced she would appear in a recurring role on the ABC Family series The Lying Game, starting in 2012.

Mini Bio of Charisma from IMDB

Born July 23, 1970 in Las Vegas, Charisma Carpenter was named after an Avon perfume (a fact that did not sit well with her). She studied classical ballet from age five. Her family moved around often. As a youngster, she entered many local beauty contests. Charisma attended Gorman High School in Las Vegas. At 15, the family moved to Rosarita City, Mexico, and then to Bonita (a suburb of San Diego) where she attended Bonita High. Charisma finally transferred to Chula Vista School of Creative and Performing Arts, where she graduated in 1988. In high school(s), she was a cheerleader, and did the typical teen things: sneaking out and having boys over when mom wasn't home. Charisma's nature tends to be pensive, which some classmates unfortunately misinterpreted as being snooty. After graduating, she traveled throughout Europe, then went on to college. She also worked as an aerobics instructor and in property management. In 1991, Charisma was a cheerleader for the San Diego Chargers. In 1992, she moved to Los Angeles. She audited classes at Playhouse West, and was cast in over 20 major commercials, including doing a long stint for "Secret". Charisma was in a number of theater productions, such as "No, No, Nanette" and "Welcome Home, Soldier". This tall (5'7") beauty with the striking looks, brunette hair with chestnut highlights, and hazel eyes was a natural for TV; she started in an episode of "Baywatch" (1989) in October, 1994. Because of that appearance, Aaron Spelling personally auditioned her for the role of Ashley in "Malibu Shores" (1996), which had a brief run from March to June of 1996. Despite the short run, TV Guide noticed her and said she was beguiling and had the most fleshed-out character on the show. Charisma auditioned for the title role in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1997) but wound up being cast as Cordelia, instead. She had doubts about this, and did not want to play a bitchy character again, but her agent reminded her that she couldn't be typecast until people knew her. Originally intended as a temporary character, to be a thorn in Buffy's side, Charisma's role was popular enough that she became a regular in the second season. She is quick to point out she is nothing like her TV persona, noting, "People might think I'm this awful person, but I'm not--I'm a nice girl". Fans and producers liked the character enough that she was transferred to a bigger role on the spin-off series "Angel" (1999). A long career in TV now seems assured for Charisma. Her hobbies include horseback riding, roller blading, hiking and rock climbing (for her 26th birthday, she had gone skydiving. When the folks at WB heard about this, they made her sign a clause that she would refrain from that for the length of her contract). She has prudently switched to writing poetry instead. Her favorite color is yellow (mine too, it's so bright and cheerful). For Charisma, life is good. And, as a former Las Vegas lounge performer, she comments that dancing is easy, acting is not. She also notes, "You can take the girl out of Vegas, but you can't take Vegas out of the girl".


Netglimse Bio

Charisma Carpenter was born on July 23, 1970, and raised in fast-paced Las Vegas, Nevada. Even in childhood, Charisma was very interested in the performing arts. At the young age of 5, she was already studying classical ballet. Although Charisma enjoyed living in Los Vegas, her parents decided to move to Mexico when she was 15 years old. It was at this point that Charisma decided to attend the School of Creative and Performing Arts and do the one-hour commute from Mexico to San Diego. After she finally graduated high school, Charisma, like most other young women, decided to tour Europe. Upon returning to San Diego once again, she began working odd jobs to support herself such as a video store clerk, an aerobics instructor and in 1991, she even spent some time working as a cheerleader for the San Diego Chargers.

Soon after that, Charisma decided to move to Los Angeles and took up a job as a waitress in Mirabelle Restaurant on Sunset Boulevard. But she wasn't an aspiring actress at the time; Charisma was saving money so that she could return to school to become an English teacher. Her fate, however, was headed on a very different direction. While working one day, a commercial agent discovered her and recommended that she attend a variety of acting schools. After sorting through all the schools and courses offered, Charisma decided to attend Playhouse West, a very reputable acting school. Because she quickly realized how passionate she was about acting, Charisma remained there for eighteen months studying the techniques and drama. In the midst of attending the school, Charisma began doing a multitude of commercials. After approximately twenty, she got her first real acting break in Baywatch in 1995.

Almost 7 years after her guest appearance on the show, Charisma landed a starring role on Aaron Spelling's Malibu Shores. Unfortunately, the show, which also starred Keri Russell, was short lived and once again, Charisma was left without a solid acting job. After some guest appearances on other shows such as Pacific Blue and Boy Meets World, Charisma's luck was finally about to change. Luckily enough, Charisma's agent sent her out to audition for Buffy, the Vampire Slayer in 1997. Initially, she tried out for the part of the main character, Buffy, which as we all know, went to Sarah Michelle Gellar. But the producers asked her to try out for the part of Cordelia and lo and behold, she was picked for the part instantly. After three years on Buffy, Charisma was offered a co-starring role opposite David Boreanaz on the spin-off show Angel, and she eagerly accepted, event though she would continue to play the same bratty, snobby character.

  • Became good friends with Susan Ward after both were turned down for the role of Maggie Cory on the soap "Another World" (1964).
  • Auditioned for the role of Buffy on the TV show "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1997), but got the role of Cordelia after it was turned down by actress Bianca Lawson.
  • Lost out to Kelly Rutherford in Scream 3 (2000).
  • After 7 years playing Cordelia Chase, 3 years on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1997) and 4 years on "Angel" (1999), Charisma was not invited back as a regular for Angel's fifth and final season. She agreed to return for the 100th episode although she wasn't asked until Sarah Michelle Gellar turned down the chance to guest star in the episode. [2003]
  • Reprised her role as Cordelia Chase in the 100th episode of "Angel" (1999).
  • She's Cherokee, Irish, Scottish, and Spanish on her mother's side and French and German on her father's side.
  • Has a tattoo of the sun on her lower back, one of a rosary on her left wrist, and a lion's face on the instep of her left foot
  • She held three state titles when she was thirteen years old and placed top five for a ballet routine at an international competition.
  • She tries to sign only personalized autographs so her signature cannot be sold on EBay or elsewhere. She also refuses to sign her MAXIM, FHM, or other revealing photos.
  • She is one of the only cast members from "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1997) and "Angel" (1999) who refuses to charge for her autograph at fan conventions. She does it for free.
  • Her guest spot on Lifetime's "The Division" (2001) as a young woman attacked by an undercover police officer eerily resembles a real life incident nearly ten years ago in which Charisma and two of her friends were attacked by a former police officer in Torrey Pines State Beach in San Diego. Charisma escaped unharmed, although one of her friends was seriously injured. The police officer, who had been stalking Charisma for almost a year, was sentenced to fifty years in prison.
  • The role of Delilah in The Faculty (1998) was written specifically for her, but she turned it down because it was too similar to her "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1997) character, Cordelia.
  • The scars her character Cordelia got after a fall in Buffy are actually real. As a young child, she fell into a swimming pool that was under construction at her home, and was run through by a piece of rebar.
  • After starring in "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1997), "Angel" (1999), and guest-starring in episodes of "Charmed" (1998), she has become the face of supernatural dramas on The WB.
  • Her character, Cordelia Chase, whom she had played for years on "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1997) and "Angel" (1999), was killed off in the landmark 100th episode of "Angel" (1999). It was her final appearance on the series, with the exception of archival footage.
  • Her characters on both "Angel" (1999) and "Charmed" (1998) could see into the future.
  • She is good friends with her See Jane Date (2003) (TV) co-star Holly Marie Combs. In fact, it was their friendship that prompted her to play Kira on "Charmed" (1998).
  • She has two half brothers, Troy and Kenny.
  • Was in an unaired pilot called "Like Cats & Dogs".
  • She speaks Spanish, however she states that she's not fluent, despite being of Mexican ancestry and spending time living in Mexico as a child.
  • A fitness enthusiast, her outdoor interests include roller blading, rock climbing, hiking and sky diving.
  • Has studied classical ballet since the age of 5, and pursued dancing as part of her high school curriculum, by commuting between Mexico and San Diego to take lessons at the School of Creative and Performing Arts.
  • Was discovered by a commercial agent while working as a waitress in Los Angeles to save for her college education.
  • She is 5' 7.5" tall, and her measurements are 36C-24-35
  • She likes to write poetry
  • Is one of two Buffyverse actresses to have posed (June 2004) for Playboy magazine (the other is Mercedes McNab); her only nude scene in a film was in the 2006 Lifetime movie Flirting With Danger
  • She has played seven different characters who have supernatural or psychic abilities (her characters on the TV shows Angel, Charmed, Legend of the Seeker and Supernatural; and in the movies Voodoo Moon, Psychosis, and House of Bones)
  • She appeared in 54 episodes of Buffy the Vampire Slayer and 86 episodes of Angel
  • Charisma was nominated 4 times for Saturn Awards by the Academy of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror Films for her work on Angel
  • Was 26 years old when she began playing the role of the 16-year-old Cordelia on Buffy

Personal Quotes

"I had my heart set on becoming an English teacher, but stumbled into acting after meeting a theatrical agent in my dad's restaurant in San Diego." [June 30, 2003]

"Lots of doors have opened for me because of Buffy and Angel but, although I'm ambitious, I'm not going to just do anything simply because the money is good. If I can't love a project, then I'm not interested." [June 30, 2003]

[about Sarah Michelle Gellar winning the role of Buffy:] "Initially I was disappointed, but while I didn't see it at the time, I know now I'm better suited to Cordelia. ... Moving from Buffy to Angel was great for me. On Buffy I wasn't all that high on the totem pole as far as responsibility and screen time. That all changed when I joined David [Boreanaz] in Angel. The whole thing has been such a buzz." [2003]

"I'm a mixed breed and hope to live longer because of it."

"I don't really see myself being a sex symbol at all."

"I think essentially the meaning of life is probably the journey and not really any one thing or an outcome or a result. I think it's kinda the process and I think that if you can find happiness in the process then maybe that's it. I just feel really in love with life and the life I've created with my family. So it works for me."

"Well, I can tell you what my goals are. I have a son now, so I want the half-hour sitcom lifestyle, where you can have a family and work. And then, during summer hiatus, I'd like to do a Kill Bill or Wonder Woman or some movie like that."

"You can take the girl out of Vegas, but you can't take the Vegas out of the girl."

"I was a little turned off by the idea of doing another bitch. But my agent put it to me quite frankly, that you have to be known before you can be typecast." (On her role as Cordelia)

"My mom owned a retail store, so I had these hot satin pants. I was like Satan at my all-Christian school."

[On playing "Kendall Casablancas" on "Veronica Mars" (2004)] "The name is really spectacular. My manager was like, "It's the best name in prime time." I just laughed at him".

[On posing for Playboy] "I wanted to get back to my old self. I wanted to feel desirable and sexy. So I thought, "What if I went full throttle?"

The Complete credits of Charisma Carpenter from IMDB.com
[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXfKZPPZ8Ow"]YouTube - WB Buffy Promo - Backlot Break - Charisma Carpenter[/ame]
[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=riaydK3UUM0"]YouTube - Charisma Carpenter - Playboy Layout Interview[/ame]
[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jn9xIgSUqBY"]YouTube - Charisma Carpenter interview[/ame]
[ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GT1nD-l6dXQ"]YouTube - Charisma Carpenter on 'The Vibe'[/ame]

What Boys Like - 2003 - as Kim
Psychosis - 2010 - as Susan Golden
The Expendables - 2010 - as Lacy
Crash Site - 2011 - as Rita Sanders

Malibu Shores - 1996, season 1 - as Ashley Green
Buffy the Vampire Slayer - 1996-1999, seasons 1-3 - as Cordelia Chase
Angel - 1999-2003, seasons 1-4 - as Cordelia Chase

See Jane Date - 2003 - as Jane Grant
Like Cats and Dogs - 2004 - as Sarah Hayes
Flirting With Danger - 2006 - as Laura Clifford
Voodoo Moon - 2006 - as Heather
Cheaters' Club - 2006 - as Linda Stern
Relative Chaos - 2006 - as Katherine
House of Bones - 2010 - as Heather Burton
Deadly Sibling Rivalry - 2011 - as Janna and Callie
A Trusted Man - 2011 - as Sonia Patton

Miss Match - 2003 (4 episodes) - as Serena Lockner
Charmed - 2004 (3 episodes) - as The Seer
Veronica Mars - 2005/06 (11 episodes) - as Kendall Casablancas
Big Shots - 2008 (2 episodes) - as Janelle Johns
Greek - 2007/08/09/11 (4 episodes) - as Tegan Walker

Baywatch - 1994 (episode "Air Buchannon") - as Wendie Sanders
Boy Meets World - 1995 (episode "Train of Fools") - as Caterer
Strange Frequency - 2001 (episode "Don't Fear the Reaper") - as Jules
Angel - 2004 (episode "You're Welcome") - as Cordelia Chase
The Division - 2004 (episode "Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep") - as Emma Campbell
LAX - 2004 (episode "Thanksgiving") - as Julie Random
Back To You - 2007 (episode "Gracie's Bully") - as Brooke Schimmel
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - 2009 (episode "The Descent of Man") - as Mink
Legend of the Seeker - 2009 (episode "Marked") - as Triana
Burn Notice - 2011 (episode "Better Halves") - as Nicki Skyler
Supernatural - 2011 (episode "Shut Up, Dr. Phil") - as Maggie Stark

Hey, Arnold! (TV series) - 1999 (episode "Dinner For Four/Phoebe Skips") - as Simone
Buffy the Vampire Slayer (Video game) - 2002 - as Cordelia Chase

Josh Kirby, Time Warrior: Chapter 1, Planet of the Dino-Knights - 1995 - as Beth Sullivan
Josh Kirby, Time Warrior: Chapter 2, The Human Pets - 1995 - as Beth Sullivan
Josh Kirby, Time Warrior: Chapter 6, Last Battle For the Universe - 1996 - as Beth Sullivan


Additional research by GATEGOD
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