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Charisma Carpenter Podcast Interview


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Jun 13, 2018
Yesterday I listened to this great interview with Charisma Carpenter on a podcast called Don’t Mess with Christine Sydelko. They spend most of the interview talking about Buffy and Angel, and she talks about everything from her Buffy audition to the difficulties of Angel Season 4. It’s a really cool interview, and she seems like a lovely person. Just thought I’d let anybody know who hadn’t heard about it.


"Who is your sex symbol? Who does it for you?"

Me: "If I answered that honestly, you might not wanna sit this close to me."

This was a lovely interview. I love Sarah to death, but she is very guarded and professional and not that interested in offering her personal opinion on anything Buffy related. Charisma is just so human and available, and she is not that different from Cordelia. It has always been a bit of a disappointment for me that Aly is so unlike Will in personality and manner.

One thing of note: Certain people like to talk very confidently - yet conveniently vaguely - about the behind the scenes problems between Charisma and Joss, but even though she talks about how much she hated S4, she blames it on lack of commitment from Minear and Joss and on Greenwalts earlier departure. She even graciously forgives Joss for breaking the promise to not kill of Cordelia in You're Welcome.

It seems like CC and I have very similar ideas about Cordelia and what made her great. I would have loved for Cordelia to be the only survivor of AtS, like Sherlock Holmes The Final Problem.
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