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Chosen: If We'd Had A Two Hour Long Season Finale...

Discussion in 'Sunnydale Cemetery' started by thetopher, Apr 26, 2017.

  1. Guy

    Guy Scooby

    Jul 7, 2016
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    Black Thorn

    [​IMG] permatasarianggi.tumblr.com/page/3
  2. thetopher

    thetopher Member of the Church Of Faith

    Dec 23, 2013
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    The Moot, England
    Oh you scamp you. :) But this would've been nice. Self-indulgent but nice.

    Myself I would've settled for some back-to-basics S3 heavy-suggestive flirting on Faith's part. They had the mend and make-up understanding talk so now Faith can misbehave towards Buffy a little.
    Only the difference here being that Buffy flirts back just enough to surprise Faith. She really isn't 'little miss tightly wound' anymore.
    Would've been nice and not too ott.

    All good things in my book. They would add nice little character bits. Although with Dawn at least we saw her save Xander from the Uber-Vamps.

    Double-yes to Tara showing up for a surprise heart-breaking, Willow-affirming cameo.


    My take:

    - A bit of Wood/Giles interaction. Apparently there was going to be a scene where they roll a couple of cigarettes together before battle and take stock of things as veteran demon fighters are fond of doing. This would've been great and maybe given Wood some much-needed depth.

    - Somebody; maybe Faith or Buffy- helping Xander with his medication. Have his injuries more acknowledged in general (he got maimed yo) and emphasize that his friends/allies care enough about him to give him a helping hand, not just the other way round.
    I lean toward Faith here simply because I wanted them to interact with each other, contrasting her empathy here with her lack of it towards Xander in S3.

    - More Buffy, Xander, Willow, Giles interaction and teamwork; like all of them headed to the construction site to grab equipment for the coming battle and talking general strategy. Don't have to give away the twist with the empowerment spell, just a bit more forethought when it comes to stemming the endless tide of evil.

    - Faith doing a weapons check with all the Potentials, give some of the sketched-out Potentials just one line or two so we might like, know their name or something. Nothing major. It would also emphasize how Faith was different from Buffy; like 'moral officer' instead of general/tactician.

    - Xander using his carpentry skills to build barricades under the school, Willow casting a few protection barriers, Giles setting up some Ripper-like booby trap explosives for the rampaging Ubervamps; This could link up with Faith and Wood's nice conversation they had whilst blocking up some of the escape routes.

    -Somebody uses that bloody rocket launcher. It was there, it kills things well, use it to take out a section of roofing at some opportunity if nothing else.

    Lastly- and this is a little niggling thing- don't let Buffy's final line be 'Spike', mostly because some Spuffy fans turn it into a 'thing' when it really isn't.
    I would've liked to see Buffy ask after the others, Faith be concerned by the fact that Buffy got stabbed down in the Hellmouth, Buffy brush it off by saying 'I'll be damned if I was gonna die a third time.' or something. Ask her if everyone is okay- in general terms and then have her quiet and contemplative as she heads over to the crater.
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  3. Puppet

    Puppet My ass is not pansy!

    Aug 1, 2017
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    Black Thorn
    Despite the fact that we differ on our opinion of Spike, I somewhat agree. As a viewer, I loved having Spike back on AtS S5, but from a writer's standpoint, it felt like they were calling his death in Chosen needless and ignorable. Really annoying to me.
    --- Double Post Merged, Aug 3, 2017 ---
    Agree with all of your scenarios, woulda given more 'punch' to the finale, imo. I didn't realize Spuffy fans turned that into a thing, lol. I get that it was just her answering a question, probably not a lot more than that.
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