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Christina and the Angel's


Druish Pervonian Wizard
Jul 5, 2007
Black Thorn
Christina and the Angel's Part 1

Christina and the Angels

Andrew stood at the back window of Chasers house, he looked up at the clouds and to the beyond with his binoculars. Much to his surprise he saw the figure of a person plummet towards the earth then as it neared the ground it curved upward then spread its wings, it flew down, Andrew saw the figure fall near the hotel at the top of the hill. Chaser walked to be stood at Andrews side.

“What did you just see?” she asked. Andrew replied that he had seen something fall out of the sky to land near the hotel on the hill. Andrew pointed to the hill. Chaser immediately rang Thompson. “Come to my house, Andrew just saw a figure plummet down through the clouds then on to the hill at the edge of town, when you get here we will go there together.

As soon as Thompson joined them they got into Chasers car and went to see where the figure had landed. They searched about then went towards the hotel, Chaser stopped the car outside the hotel. “I never thought I would be here again so soon after my uncle died,” Thompson looked to Chaser, “Didn’t your uncle own this place?” “He did but I couldn’t be bothered with it so I’ve had someone else be the manager now I will need to run the place, hope it don’t take too much work,” said Chaser.

At The Hotel

The clock on the wall in the restaurant was showing four twenty nine that afternoon. Christina the head waitress was sat at a table talking to Graham, who was in the process of being replaced as the manager. Christina smiled to Graham. “Did you know that sometimes I can read what a person is like, I have been known to know what job a person has,” said Christina.

Graham looked quite impressed by what she could do. “That really is clever, you are lucky you can do that,” he said. “And sometimes I can get to see a person’s aura, though I never get to know if they will leave a tip,” said Christina trying hard not to laugh. Graham laughed, then he turned to look at the door of the restaurant, as a young woman walked into the room. “Go on Christina, tell me all you can about her?”

Christina carefully watched the young woman as she walked across the room, she wore her sunglasses behind her forehead, she strode to an unoccupied table. “Okay, she is not wealthy girl, but if you notice her clothes and her sunglasses it is just the confident way she carries herself. She looks like she is wealthy she has got an aura that is, oh now that is unusual, I have never seen a person whose aura is all white. Graham looked curiously to Christina.

“What is it about her that is causing you to see her look like that?” asked Graham. “It is her aura, it should tell me what she is like what a person’s inclination is but that aura it shows me nothing?” “So what does it tell you?” asked Graham. Christina faced Graham only to shrug her shoulders.
“I only feel like asking one question, I apologize but that question needs to be is she human,” Christina looked to Graham, “I know she is she must be but there is something else about her.”

Christina looked to the young woman and walked to the restaurants reception area to get her pack of Tarot Cards from her drawer. She returned to the table and sat down before she started to deal the cards to herself. “I want to see what sort of a person she is.” Christina lay the cards out then explained to Graham that she wanted to see the truth of her.

Christina looked at the cards and told them she needed to see about the young woman even clearer. Christina lay all the cards out in piles of three with the last few piles being of two each then Christina began to turn each pile over. Christina stared at the cards before looking confused to the young woman. As Christina faced her the young woman she took her sunglasses off her head, looked to Christina and smiled. Christina was astounded.

“It is you, how can it be you, how are you here, why are you here, the last time I saw you was in school almost ten years ago. So how are you here now? How did you know I was here and why do you look unchanged from the last time we met?” asked Christina. “So, you do know her, do you?” asked Graham.

Christina began to nod, “Her name is Anne,” she looked at the young woman, “Your name is Anne isn’t it?” Anne smiled to Christina. “Thank you for remembering my name.” “But what is she?” asked Graham. Christina looked directly to Anne. “The last time I saw you was ten years ago, but.” Christina was puzzled. “So why were you at the school, why are you here now and how did you know that I was here?”

Anne smiled and began her reply. “I was ordered to be here just the same as I was ordered to be at the school to watch over you and if it was needed that I was here and there to protect you.” Christina held her uniform. “Look at me, my uniform, I’m just a waitress, I am no one special.” Anne smiled to Christina, “You might not be anyone special but the first of your ancestral line was, because of her the line of her descendants will always be protected. He is from that time and he is thought to be near here, which means many more of my kind will be here soon,” said Anne.

Graham looked to Anne. “Your kind, what is your kind?” he asked. Anne grinned to him. “As I am the first of my kind to be here this will no doubt be a surprise to you, I am an angel,” said Anne. Graham looked shocked as he faced Anne, then he slowly shook his head. Anne stepped back from her table into a clear area - she spread her wings.

Graham barely had time to be amazed before Anne continued to explain even more. “Christina’s first ancestor was a woman who was created by God to give life to the first and second vampire. God’s vampires were and are the good vampires, it is the Son of the Devil’s vampires who are evil ones. Graham turned to face five people who just walked into the restaurant via the back door. “Who are you and why are you here?” he asked

Two of the people who came in the front door went towards them, “We are Greaves and Cul-iere.” Anne went to stand in front of the five who had just entered the back door, Greaves smiled to Peter and Craven who both knelt on one knee to Cul-iere, “Will you please accept us?” they said. Cul-iere began to nod to them.

The other three Tom, Westy and Gareth wanted to know what had just happened. “Craven and I are of Gods vampires we are the children of Christina’s original mother, I created Peter three hundred years ago. Tom, Westy and Garet went to stand by Christina and Graham as Andrew, Chaser and Thompson walked in through the front of the room. Craven looked at them and walked to confront Andrew.

“I see you as a girl, so why do you dress as a boy?” she asked before Thompson faced Craven. “I have been friends with Andrew for almost a year, so there is no way that Andrew can be a girl,” said Thompson as Andrew faced Cul-iere then Anne. “Before I came here I was with the Goddess De-ara in a church where one of God’s Protector demons was found he had been trapped in a church. The demon told us he had followed several of the Sons

followers to near there not long before. “So why are you here?” asked Peter. “I came here to find others in the search though I had to be a boy to remain undiscovered. The name that people know me, know me as is Andrea and like Anne, I am an Angel.” Thompson and Chaser stared at her in utter amazement. They turned and faced Anne then looked to Andrea.

“You are an Angel?” asked Chaser. Two more girls walked to the entrance to the room, they stand by the door. Cul-iere smiled to them. Then they go to Cul-iere. “Sandy, Saffron, you are welcome,” said Cul-iere. “So now we have four Angels here, soon there will be many more, hopefully more of Gods vampires will be here soon as well, though there is only one Goddess here,” said Greaves.

“If the Son has passed near here maybe, hopefully he is still near here so that the one God has chosen will be sent here,” said Anne. Graham asked Chaser if they could stay there, Chaser agreed with him. “Your people will be welcome here it is the least we can do for now. To prepare enough food and drink for those who will be coming here, to make them feel welcome,” said Chaser.

Graham called Christina to go into the kitchen with him and start to prepare food and drink. In the restaurant Felicity walked into the doorway, she saw Cul-iere. “Molly drove her own car here, she wanted to be able to stop off to get a couple of others without affecting the others of us,” said Felicity. Cul-iere pointed to the door behind Felicity as Molly walked in with Julia and Diana. Christina and Graham walked back into the restaurant with a tray of soda drinks each.

“There are more coming,” said Christina. Unsure who was who Graham asked Cul-iere, “who is the one they were here to get?” “You humans often refer to him as the anti-Christ yet that is not who he is, he is known as the Anti-God,” said Cul-iere. “But won’t we be the ones to end him,” asked Graham.
“No, it will be God’s chosen one who will guide us,

she will be followed by Gods Army and his Angels though I do not know who will end the Son, for that we might see a miracle.” “Yes but will we know who the miracle maker is,” said Anne. “Who is God’s chosen and does she know it?” asked Graham. Anne looked to Cul-iere then faced Graham. “Her name is Buffy.”

To Be Continued
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Druish Pervonian Wizard
Jul 5, 2007
Black Thorn
Christina and the Angels Part 2

Cul-iere went to the central table and picked up a drink for herself, “I am worried for those who in the early days battled to save the end of the planet.”
“About that who will be needed to be sent to locate the Son?” asked Graham. Anne looked at him with disdain before she realized that none of them knew the quest to find the Son had taken several thousand years, that most of the Angels were being sent to search for the Son, it is said that many of his army would be in the battle,” said Anne.

“Yes but how many are in the army who can be sent?” asked Graham. Anne shrugged her shoulders, “The word is they are an unending force. Also the four horsemen of the Apocalypse are one group who might be called on to help us, as four of many of Gods demons,” said Anne. The door at the front of the hotel was firmly pushed open, Fiona stood in the doorway, she looked about then grinned as she recognized Felicity.

“So, Felicity, does he remember me?” Fiona grinned to Felicity. “Oh I think so, although I would have thought he’d be more open about being pleased to see you.” Peter looked to Fiona then at Felicity. Doing his best to ignore them Greaves said he thought it would be nice to stay at the hotel as invited guests and not squatters.

Craven chose that quiet time to whisper to Cul-iere. “How many are there now?” “Enough,” came the reply. Chaser made her presence known to them.
“Chasers uncle used to own this hotel, when he was turned to a vampire it was left to Chaser but as she didn’t want to run it she asked Graham to be the manager but now Chaser has taken control of the hotel. She has invited us to stay here though I doubt she knows how many will be here,” said Cul-iere.

“What we could do is have a museum here, something that will allow us to move about without causing concern amongst any patrons that come to the hotel,” said Christina. “I would like to run a Museum of Mythic, Magic and Realities,” stated Greaves. “If everyone is agreeable I would like to run a bookshop, but I would like some sort of security system here, I remember a new age magic shop in a town I once lived in a long time ago, it had a Shadow Caster that sounded every time someone entered the shop or left it. That gave the shop a good atmosphere, I especially liked the effect the drumming had and most of the visual effects, even the screams were effective,” said Tom.

“It would create a mystical feel to the place,” said Westy. Graham asked if anyone was willing to go down to the police station with him to tell them what was being planned to be at the hotel. We do not need to tell them everything, just the essentials as long as we art polite. Christina announced that she needed to get some stuff from the town to help us run the reception and some supplies are needed in the restaurant.

When they got back from the town, Christina went straight to the hotel’s reception and put one page of the newspaper on the display board. The page had a story about a satanic cult in one of the villages near the hotel. Thompson wanted to know if that story had anything to do with the Sons followers having been seen in the area.

“I hope not, it might mean that they know we are here!” exclaimed Cul-iere. “I think not, there have been rumours about the goings on in that hamlet for countless generations though I think we should be sure the rumours are false,” said Peter. “I did ask some questions about that place a while ago, all I discovered was it was a place where Devil Worshippers accumulated, they practiced worship to the demonic Baal,” said Tom.

“The name for the hamlet when it began to be built was Balshaven, though after the Devil Worshippers had begun to move in and make it their home that it became to be spelt by those in surrounding area as the Haven of Baal. Yet the Devil Worshippers gave their hamlet the name of Baals Haven. Followers of the Son may well have taken the manor as their own.

“Maybe the Sons demons might have set up shop near there. But we need to be sure, I suggest a few are sent from here to investigate what is happening there,” said Cul-iere. Tom and Westy agreed to suggest that a few of the vampires should be asked to go as it was the vampires who could if need be run at speed to escape from there.

“All this stuff we do at the hotel why not put some flyers about our services and the ESP tests for the local and outlying notice boards, I saw in the areas on my way here and I was impressed, then I met you,” said Greaves. “How long before the rooms at the hotel are ready?” asked Tom. “Should be three or four days, why?” asked Greaves.

“How about I make up some flyers for you and I could put those flyers at the new age shops,” said Westy. After two days the areas of a couple of rooms had been changed into the cubicles for the ESP tests, a bench had been put together to form a counter for the bookshop, a few glass covered cabinets went into the museum and the plan that Greaves had, was realised.

“Greaves what are you going to call the museum and what type of books are you going to sell?” asked Chaser.
Early the next day Greaves was looking at how the bookshop was taking form as he turned on the shadow caster the sound of drums of the screams gently floated around the room, he was pleased when Shelly and Anne walked into the room.

“We just had a phone call from some Gallery of the moon shop, your flyer said that you could do hypnotism,” said Shelly. “The flyers were sent out very quick, I did not expect them to give a result this soon,” said Greaves. “Are the testing rooms ready?” asked Shelly. Knowing that they were Greaves said about a girl at the front of the hotel. “I’m not sure who she is or what it is about her but I do sense something,” said Shelly.

Greaves went to see who she meant for himself, he found the girl to be only five foot tall, she had the look of an innocent sixteen year old, with black hair just below her collar. As he approached her he introduced himself then heard the girl respond in kind. “Hello, my name is Gillian, I was told to come here for some tests, are you Mr. Greaves?” asked Gillian.

“Me, no well I am though you should refer to me as Greaves.” He took Gillian to meet into the back room for her to start the extra-sensory perception tests. Greaves wanted Shelly to watch. As Greaves thought Gillian did very well on the cards, she had a success accumulation of ninety nine out of one hundred correct. Greaves said to Shelly about testing Gillian’s mind-reading capabilities but opted for some background knowledge of her first.

When he suggested doing some hypnosis, Gillian became unsure of the about it despite the reassurances to her. Eventually though Greaves promised to let Gillian hear a recording of what would happen while Gillian was under. He asked Shelly if she would be willing to sit with her. Peter, Gillian and Dawn watched as the hypnotism began, even after a short time Shelly began to stare at the paint on the wall.

In the bookshop a person was contentedly listening to the shadow caster. “You just ignore us, that’s ok,” said Graham then realizing he had never seen the young woman before. “Do I know you?” “No, but you will do and judging from the vibes I’m picking up from you I’d say you have met others like me here, I am an Angel, my name is Davina.”

Graham relaxed. “Good. I was told to expect you soon, although that was two weeks ago. Good to meet you, my name is Anne,” said Anne. Davina turned about and looked to the front of the room. “Who are they?” she asked. “Saffron, Molly and Julie,” said Anne. “Well, where you come from they might be all bad demons, but here there are a lot of good vampires, mind you last week I didn’t think they even existed, first up I’ll take you to our ESP rooms, as someone is about to be hypnotized,” said Anne.

“We’d better go then, she needs you to know all about her,” said Davina. “But we’ve been best friends for ages,” said Anne. “Maybe but you need to know more you should not miss this,” said Davina. Anne showed them into a room where Greaves was just about to ask Shelly some questions.
“Peter this is Davina and the girls are Molly, Julie and Saffron,” said Anne.

Indicating Peter “You are a vampire,” Davina looked at all those around her and those in other rooms, “I can feel it, there’s five other’s here.” “Aha! I see you’ve found a beginner Anne. Davina including me there are seven vampires in this room, it’s time to start learning so listen as I‘ll be your guide,” said Peter.

“Quiet please,” said Greaves, “listen to me, hear my voice, I want you to go to when you were eighteen years old.” He stopped what he was saying as the room went dark. He said that normally he’d suggest to put in a new fuse but he saw two lights on in the next rooms, “So it’s not the power supply, plus the stereo light is still on,” said Greaves.

“We are on three phase power here aren’t we, so it could be just the fuse for lights circuit, wait. Was that you Craven? What is it?” asked Peter. A crackling hissing sound was heard, several lines of electricity vibrated from the center, a dull glow began to surround Shelly, a pure bright white light filled the room. When the light faded Shelly was seen to be floating just above the floor.

“What, how, what is? Who are you?” asked Greaves. “I did not know this was going to happen about me, not yet anyway. Like this I should not be spoken to as Shelly now, I am now the Goddess Medier.” Greaves continued to face her even though he was in shock. “The girls here they are all Angels, so Anne, I want you to help them and the others when they get here which will be here soon.”

“What will you need to do?” asked Greaves. “Give my help and guidance as I have been doing.” Then facing Davina, “You were to be next, I stayed with you ‘til you were ready, then I came here to be ready for Davina,” said Goddess Medier. “Dawn, you are a part of the beginning, we are ready to start the beginning. Greaves, you do not need to do that, I will now end your hypnotism of Shelly,” said Medier.

“But how, how will you do that?” asked Greaves. “You ask a Goddess what she can do, do you expect a correct answer when you do not ask the correct question? I am here because Dawn is here.” “Oh, well then, do you want to do this, Gillian?” asked Greaves. The body of Goddess Medier floated back into the chair then the glow in the room faded.

“What do you want to know about Gillian?” asked Shelly. “I just want her to tell me about her background, how she can do all the well, how did she become able to do what she does,” said Greaves. “You do not need to hypnotize her for that, just ask me I can explain why in one short sentence,” said Shelly. Greaves looked to her, “You’d better begin the explaining then.”

“This Gillian, she is an Angel,” said Shelly. “Like you said, does explain a few things,” said Greaves. “After what was said it was bound to be a let down,” smiled Anne. “Gillian, have ever seen a vampire before?” asked Peter. “No, why, do you know of any being near?” asked Gillian. “There are a few here, they are our friends. I will get you to meet them later as there are others here you should meet first,” said Peter.

The chosen one entered the room, she looked to Gillian, grinned and asked her, “have you ever met a witch before?” asked Buffy. “I knew a wizard who referred to herself as a witch, from what people have said to me over the years a wizard is seen as some-one who does things that can’t be rationally explained just like a witch does,” said Gillian.

“A witch does tend to use aspects from this world to help him or her do magically inspired creations,” said Buffy. “Now there is a start of a new beginning, creatures are changing, being activated, look.” She walked to be behind Peter while holding a mirror to the back of his head. “A few days ago Peter was what many referred to as a vampire, do you see in the mirror?” “I see the back of Peters head, how can that be?” said Gillian.

“Peter is a vampire, there should be no reflection,” said Greaves. Peter slowly turned around and looked at his reflection, “Handsome bugger ain’t I.”
“I sired him so why I am not turning?” asked Greaves. “On the bright side I bet he cuts himself shaving tomorrow,” said Dawn. Chaser looked to Dawn. “Why do you think he’ll cut himself shaving?” asked Chaser.

“For all those years he shaved without a mirror, now when he looks in the mirror he see a reversed image of himself,” said Dawn. “All bets on Peter cutting himself whilst shaving tomorrow are with me,” said Greaves. “If I say that he’ll cut himself three times and then, just to be awkward he cuts himself six times, I wonder, could I join up the cuts please?” asked Buffy.

“Hey, sod off,” said Peter.
“If Dawn was the one who had asked that he would have said yes,” remarked Anne.
“Oh! He likes Dawn does he?” asked Chaser, “oh goody.” “Can’t take his eyes off her,” said Thompson.

“As interesting as this is, poor Dawn. Care to explain why we can see Peter’s reflection I mean why all the fuss he is just a vampire,” said Greaves.
“But that’s the point, he isn’t just a vampire anymore he is a vampire who is returning to his former self, the battle against the Son has begun to begin. I take it no-one has noticed it yet but he is breathing and he is breathing because he has to not like before when it was simply done from habit and in case no one wants to look check out the lines on his forehead,” said Cul-iere.

Peter was grateful when the phone started ringing, he quickly answered it and heard how a person had paid for a group of friends to have a meal at a restaurant which he had invited the people to. Unfortunately when the invoice had been given and paid for the bank refused the funds. Whilst the amount was reasonably large for a meal and drinks it wasn’t large enough to warrant getting in someone to recover the money.

The owner of the restaurant thought of some-one getting away with not paying was a bit too bad he didn’t like the prospect of the restaurant being an easy mark for non-payers. A couple of the restaurant’s staff had seen the person in the area a few times so it was thought she might live locally. Peters said about them having people who specialized tracking people even if they had no description to go on they might expect some success.

Peter decided to test what Cul-iere had said about him earlier. He moved towards where the sunlight lit up the ground and cautiously put his hand into the sunlight, even after a minute all he felt was the warmth of the sun. “That’s right Peter take it nice and easy as the sun can be a beautiful thing as long as you don’t abuse its power,” said Shelly then she questioned him, “why did you come out here?”

“After what you had said to me earlier, I just had to find out and about that phone call, comment was made about some-one not paying up for a meal, I said we’d track them down so they could get their money back.” Shelly agreed with him then said, “I’ll come with you, but we ought to take Molly, Chaser and Dawn with us, they’d like that and it would give them something different to do.”

To Be Continued


Druish Pervonian Wizard
Jul 5, 2007
Black Thorn
To those honoured folk who gave their permissions for us fan fiction writers to ply our writings – Thank You.

Should you not have realised it Peter is Spike and Greaves is Angel. I had to change Angel’s name as it conflicted with those of the beings who battle
the Son of the Devil and I think the name Spike only works in television series.


Cul-iere had gone to the local railway station, she was there to wait for a girl to come into her sight. Cul-iere watched as a train had come and gone with no one who seemed to be right, about to return to her car she saw a young woman walked out of the food bar on the station. The young woman looked to then walked to Cul-iere, “Are you the one who is meant to meet me?” Cul-iere approached the girl who introduced herself to her, as the young woman said her name was Hope.”

Cul-iere invited Hope to get into her car then she drove away to the hotel. Stopping outside the the main entrance they wandered up the steps and into the hotel’s restaurant. Cul-iere told Hope that Dawn had given her a heads up about you and had introduced you to every-one else.

“Dawn has told me a lot about you, she even asked me to say you are welcome back even if you have never been here before. I must admit I was confused when I heard that as they passed he museum of the Mythic, the Magic and the Realities.”

“The people who delivered the meats from the abattoir are Sue and Alex, they are becoming friends to us. The people who run the hotel are Christina and Graham with Greaves and Peter who are taking on an organizational role, the person who owns the hotel itself is Chaser.

To start with I have put you to be working with Anne, together you will need to start organizing all the Angel’s who are moving here, where they are staying when they are eating and where the sleeping accommodations are.

There have been reports of the Sons followers nearby so the focus of your and my kind here is what we need do to progress to defeat them,” said Cul-iere. As they wandered into the restaurant Hope stated that she was impressed with how they were seemingly progressing,

“Up until now our endeavours in the country’s capital have been a bit here and a bit there,” said Hope and she began to smile, she suggested the hotel ought to be a cover for the Angels to congregate there.

The day after they had returned Hope was able to pick the local knowledge from Peter and Greaves, she found out that many private areas suitable for the Angel’s to hide were located throughout various area of the country. Primarily the Stone Circles.

Greaves had arranged for a Stone Circle to be built in the grounds of the hotel with a collection point for each piece of stone from each circle to be placed at a collection point so that travel could be secreted between the stone circles.

It was decided that each Angel would be made able to live within a stone of that circle. That way hundreds of Angel’s could be hidden from sight within the stone circles throughout Britain Wales and Scotland. Many areas contained some elaborate double circles.

Yet all of the circles would have quick access to the stone circle situated at the back of the hotel if need be. Saturday afternoon’s were always a bit hectic, this one was even more hectic as both the museum and the bookshop were closed.

People were wandering around waiting for the spoken about to begin. Greaves and Peter put a registration number of a friend’s car who lived in Barnesly. Hope and Anne joined them on the journey to the hamlet. Discreetly watching to the back of each cottage they passed.

Peter announced that some characters had been spotted acting suspiciously behind what looked like a chapel. Cul-iere announced that Greaves and Peter with Anne and Hope would go to the hamlet to see what if anything needed to be done.

At the parking for a chapel they got out of the car and crept to the rear of the chapel where they found a graveyard. Anne noticed that none of the headstones were for people more than a hundred and fifty years before that then.

“It is also a lot older than the chapel appeared to be, Anne found a man lying on a grave who seemed to be dead. “I found him back there, he was carrying that bag, he did have a wallet not that it contained much info about him.

“If he did have anything to do with the circle who was it that attacked him?” asked Greaves. “I would like to know why he was attacked and what they thought he was going to do?” asked Peter. Anne grinned, “I know, he was one of the men who were sent to test the circles.

“We had best do his job and quickly,” said Greaves. He sorted through the man’s pockets then his bag, about to give up his search Hope picked up a stone flint from the ground beside him. “Is this what he could have been carrying, which circle is it to?” asked Hope.

Peter started to read out the code and decipher it. Better get down to it then, 0,8,9,9,9,9, I’m guessing is This Is 0,8,5,6,2,9,4,0, The Flint 0,8,1,0,3,9,2,2, That Will 2,5,1,4,1,5,1, Lead You, 0,5,0,8,5, To The 3,5,8,8,4,3,1,9,4,5,4,9, Merry Maidens 9,0,5,4,5,3,9,8,3,2,1,5 Stone Circle

About to begin to operate the circle Peter told Greaves to wait, “I need to get the return flint first.” Picking the flint he put it in his pocket then Greaves put the flint for the Merry Maiden’s circle on the altar stone. No sooner had he done so than they vanished.

They quickly returned, Peter suggested that Anne and Cul-iere accompanied them to test the circle. When they got to the stone circle near Penzance Anne and Cul-iere faced Greaves, “Okay so we are here, now what do you want us to do?” asked Anne.

“As it is you who is to remain here Anne, you should go to the stone you feel best suit you and place a hand on the stone. Anne did as Greaves said; she vanished. “What is it about the Stone Circle and how do you know what to do and why is it you and not me?” asked Cul-iere.

“From what I was told to do a while ago it was stated that only those with demon in them can operate the Stone Circle. I am hoping that as Peter was a vampire he is still capable of operating a circle, if he can then there is hope for me to change,” said Greaves.

They stepped back from the stone circle as winds began to circle inside the bounds of the stone circle, a trumpet like curve grew from the winds and flowed to the ground outside the stones. Anne appeared along with nineteen other women who looked to Greaves Peter and Cul-iere.

“Who are you why are you here, were you inside the stones?” asked Cul-iere. The young woman who had come from the same stone as Anne stepped to Cul-iere. “Thank you for allowing us to escape that place we were imprisoned there for dancing on the Sabbath.”

Cul-iere stared at her, “My name is Cul-iere, what is yours?” “My name is Regina, my eighteen friends and I came here with a man who played the long hollow piece of wood with holes and another who played the drum but we were caught dancing,” said Regina.

“Who was it that caught you and were you imprisoned in the stones just for dancing, you must have done something else, how long have you been in there?” asked Cul-iere. “Men from the church found us and punished us in the year 2001,” said Regina.

“Greaves, the rumour about the young women from the village being imprisoned in the stones was true and the minstrels being in the next field was fact. More importantly what should we do with these women?” asked Peter. “We should not imprison them back in the stones,” said Anne.

“Let the girls experience life, let them work at the hotel give them the chance to enjoy life plus the village they lived in has long since gone and any friends or family will have long since perished unless they had a sister in these stones,” said Greaves.

Calling the girls to be close together with Anne and Cul-iere Greaves and Peter helped them stay as a group then they were taken to the stone circle at the hotel. Regina was amazed by them, “How did you do that?” “I am not totally sure but it might be because God is with us and do you

Believe in God?” asked Cul-iere. “We do but we did not have faith in the men of our church, with good reason, how could a man of the cloth do what they did although,” Regina faced Cul-iere, “How did you do what you just did?”

Cul-iere grinned to Regina, I was looking for a place to hide those like Anne, she is one of Gods Angels. The circle was operated by Greaves and Peter who are both vampires who we thought were of God yet according to Greaves they have enough demon in them to work the circle. I

was asked by God to lead all of his Angels, we are here as one of his Angels gave us news that the son of the devil has been seen near here, that hopefully we will find him and those who follow him, when the battle happens may we win,” said Cul-iere.

Gareth reported to Cul-iere that many figures were seen in the village of Baalshaven which was run by the demons worshippers, Cul-iere in turn asked that Peters and Hope would be alright to investigate the goings on in the village.

When Peters and Hope did start to wander amongst the houses all the lights in the houses started to be turned off, Hope was not at ease as she had to wander about in the village in darkness. “The lack of light will only invite the demons,” said Hope.

The area was suddenly filled by the Angel’s, they were willing to attack the Devil Worshippers. Assisting the Angel’s were the girls who had been saved from the stone circle. The worshippers ran out from the houses in the village yet each of them was chased then attacked and killed.

Peter, Greaves and the Angels began to be happy at getting rid of the devil worshippers consoled her, he told her that not all demons are evil. God has many demons who are good, “Although I can manage to do work that only the good works are supposed to be able to do.”

To Be Continued


Druish Pervonian Wizard
Jul 5, 2007
Black Thorn

Greaves and Peter had been asked by Andrea to arrange an outing from the hotel, she wanted them to organize a trip to Stow-In-The-Wold, some people had commented that the closer they got to the town the better they felt though they never knew why. Near the town was a place only known to a few, that place being The Deeper Well.

The town had always had a good presence though yet today though there was a calmness and a welcoming, despite all the recent murders. Seven men had been killed, four women and twelve children had been killed. The investigations by the police only described the result as being limited, there did not appear to be any connection between the victims, socially, racially or even religiously.

Only the gender bore some correlation but only because the victims were male or female. Another link seemed to be that every one of the victims came from within a fifty miles radius. Life in the town of Stow continued normally as people generally tended to ignored to talk of the murders. Yet those who lived in the areas outside the town were especially aware of the talk.

Those people who had to go out always had some-one to accompany them, be they friends, the elderly and infirm and even those who lived alone, they were discovered to be receiving a lot more visitors or phone calls than normal. On the Friday at the beginning of the week-end a troupe of Morris Dancers ventured into the towns square, led by Donald it gave the town a tourist attraction to bring life to the town.

They had been requested by the town’s council to dance for the entertainment of others. Karen led her troupe of witches to meet in secrecy at the Rollright stones; within sight of the Deeper Well, they tried to invoke she who would know what to do. After the end of their ritual Karen had her troupe worship she who they wanted to lead them.

On the Saturday Morning Karen led her troupe into the town’s square and told Donald the leader of the troupe of Morris Dancers who had been organized to appear by the towns council. In the early hours of the Saturday morning the two troupes of dancers met in the town before they were Karen’s troupe stood near the town Bakery while Donald’s troupe started to prepare themselves to perform their Morris Dancing not far from the town’s clock.

They were to perform certain entertainment so Donald told the troupe what to wear. Before they could position themselves Karen approached Donald, she told him his troupe should not perform the dances in those clothes as the bells would cause sounds to emit at the wrong times. She also told him what movements not to make and how many dancers should not be in each performance.

Karen told him that her troupe were all witches from the coven of the Rollright Stone Circle. That his troupe were about to invoke an evil entity into the town one that would promote the recent murders. Karen said each of her troupe were trained in how to use the stout staff of Elm, that her troupe should be allowed to perform first so the air could be cleared and to remove the evil spirits.

Donald was amazed by what Karen said, he question her about her comments saying they made it seem like she thought the dances were pagan. Karen stated they were, though the Morris Dancers were only seen as entertainment the dances were originally as powerful as any chant that could be given, with the brightly held handkerchiefs the position of the bells and how many there were the sound the Morris Dancers were famous for had always been to give beauty to the town.

Donald looked to his troupe, he said they would need another thirty minutes to get ready so he invited Karen to begin her performance. From the eastern end of the town Karen’s troupe covered in a heavy brown hooded rode walked towards the Bakery, at each step of their right foot they slammed the heavy staff onto the ground which drew more than a little attention.

Elderly residents moved out of Karen’s way, as she drew her troupe to near to them, they bowed to each resident they passed. Donald was about to inform his troupe what they were to perform yet he became engrossed with Karen’s troupes performance. He understood what Karen had inferred to him that it was not his time and to wait until after Karen’s troupe had finished.

Though he wanted a further explanation as to why Karen’s troupe had covered their brightly coloured costumes with such a dull covered robe. One of the townswomen who was stood near him explained that those robes were what witches wore at night in the forests. “In years gone by when witches were persecuted at the sound of a stranger approaching they could don the robe, put out their fires and blend into the dark in the forest,” said the woman.

“You make it sound as though they really are witches, she said she was but really there are no such thing,” said Donald. Unknowingly Donald saw that Karen was beside him, she smiled then told him, “Don’t make it sound a negative thing after all the dances you perform, where do you think the history of them lies?” asked Karen.

Donald faced her, “Do you mean these dances are pagan?” Karen laughed “None of the dances you perform are pagan, we would not allow you to endanger yourselves, regardless of what you think of us. However, all the dances every Morris Dancer performs does have a pagan history.” Donald faced her in utter disbelief. Then Karen spoke of the entity her troupe had been and were about to continue to call.

“We will be calling on The Unicorn to offer us her guidance,” said Karen. Donald was stunned. “Do you call this unicorn very often?” “The last time she was called was in sixteen forty one when those that are feared tried to control us. It was she, The Unicorn who saved us witches, now we want her to save the people of the area.” Karen looked to see the dance troupe she led begin to relaxed against the towns bakery.

Karen walked into the center of the road adjacent to the bakery and caste an imaginary line across the road, she turned and walked forty nine paces to the west near the towns clock. She caste another imaginary line, she then went to the side of the road, she paced twenty-four steps back. Six more robed figures walked on the side of the road towards where Karen waited, at every second step they took their staff’s hitting the road echoed from the buildings.

When the six of them had greeted Karen, they took of their robes, fixed a one bell to their left arm and their left leg and fixed the two bell straps to their right arm and leg, a further three bells were strapped to each staff.

Young children pointed and giggled, their parents watched in amazement, one of that child’s parent ridiculed them. She said that the Morris dancers led by Karen had made a grand entrance, but they had drawn a zilch, plus she faced Donald’s dance troupe, “There are some Morris dancers here already.”

A daughter named Marilyn who was in her forties came out of the bakery shop, with her mother, when she saw what was happening. “Mum do you know of them?” asked Marilyn.

“Yes, even in today’s times they are spoken ill of, they only try to help. They normally protect their privacy, so if they are in the middle of town knowing that there would be lots of people here, I’d say that they thought the need is great,” said her mother, Edith. Marilyn was surprised by what her mother said. “Who they are?” asked Marilyn.

“They are the witches of Rollright, they have the power.” Marilyn was impressed by her mother but not impressed that the dancers were witches. “They think they have the power, that is all,” said Marilyn. Edith looked to her daughter she asked her to think what they did at the counter when looking at the Eclairs. “Remember when we were in the shop, how you remarked about the crazy woman drawing an invisible line on the road.”

“I remember,” said Marilyn. Edith pointed to the line. “Well no car has gone over that line,” stated Edith. Marilyn looked at the cars then looks at her mother. An elderly man who had just followed them out of the shop, smiled to Marilyn. “As your mother just told you, they are here to help us, yet
unfortunately as your mother said there are those who ridicule them. Yet even so they still try to help.”

All those in the shops on the street stepped out onto the footpath. As one Karen’s Morris Dancers moved to the center of the road the others of the troupe quietly formed a circle. Facing into their circle they hit the road with their staff’s seven times, then stood still. A young mother one the footpath asked why they had just done that?

An elderly woman replied to her, “At a guess I’d say they were trying to open the lines of communications with the higher being. There are seven of them, when I was a young girl my mother told me of a day that this would happen, she said one day the real Morris Dancers would come, with the seven they would try to invoke the Unicorn, an immortal.”

The young woman faced her new found friend, “Okay but why would they call an animal?” The elderly woman grinned, “No, not the animal. The Unicorn they called is the title that was given to a high priestess of all the covens in this part of the country, a high priestess who the immortals accepted.”

The elderly woman pointed to the circle as the Morris Dancers turned to face out from the circle, they moved three paces to the right, and struck the road with their wooden staffs seven times. They then moved six paces to the left and struck the road again seven times. Every-one of them faced the middle and struck the road seven times.

They then knelt and bowed to the middle, stood, faced away from the circle and bowed again. They each moved sideways to the right one pace and struck the road with the staff once, this was repeated until the staff had struck the road seven times. They all faced the centre. They each got down on both knees lay their staff, the bells end to the middle.

“Well that wasn’t very entertaining, as a dance by Morris Dancers go that was a flop,” said a child’s parent. “That wasn’t meant to be entertaining, it wasn’t a dance, they are witches. That was an ancient ritual,” said Edith, “seven times seven and the power of three times three, Seven and nine are said to be numbers of power, three plus three plus three is nine, three plus six is nine. With the bells there are two on each left limb with one on each right limb and three on the staff, nine again.

Then the sevens, seven dancers, five times the road was struck seven times and there is one of them who is said to be a seventh generation witch. I was told about this when I was a child, oh my, look.” They faced the circle that was formed by the ends of their staff’s, a small dome of glowing light had begun to form over the ends of the staffs.

“That was the sign that their call was received, now we must go to the stones and wait for the arrival of the one,” said Karen. The Morris Dancers put the brown robes back on and in single file they strode out of the town. “The stones? Do you know where the stones are?” asked Marilyn. Edith started to nod her head “She will mean the Rollright Stone circle. I’ll get a few loaves of bread, margarine and cheese,” said Edith.

The elderly man told them he lived near the stones so he would get some plates and knives, he said that if some flasks could be arranged he could supply some hot tea. “Are we going to be there that long, mum?” asked Marilyn. Her mother smiled to her, “Oh, the food and drinks are not for us, it is for the witches, as they are willing to help us it is my way of saying thank you to them.”

About an hour later they were at the Rollright stone circle, all of the witches were slowly walking inside the stones around and around in a circle, several of them were being given food and hot drinks as they passed townspeople who wanted and knew to help them. As darkness began to cover the brightness, a few car headlights could be seen coming along the road.

Marilyn looked to Edith. “We’ve been here for quite a while now, do you have any idea when or if anything is going to happen soon?” Edith looked at her watch, it was almost seven o’clock she smiled to her daughter. “All things considered, if nothing happens in the next few minutes then it’ll happen at nine tonight it is almost seven remember the sevens and nines.” “I think the sevens have it mum,” said Marilyn.

Edith breathed in the night air, “What makes you reckon that dear?” “The air feels different, I can feel a warmth coming from the circle” said Marilyn. Suddenly the wind whipped the soil up from inside the circle in the shape of a trumpet as from that flew the Angel’s Anne, Hope, Saffron, Anne, Felicity, Davina, Sandy and Fiona. They took positions facing the edge of the circle, Cul-iere appeared in the circle and rose up into the air.

Edith looked to Marilyn, “I always wanted to know what my mother meant about this but I would never have thought of this,” said Edith. As the Angel’s hovered above the stones of the stone circle for a minute and bowed their heads. A glow emerged from the center of the circle and The Goddess Cul-iere stood in front of them.

As the glow subsided as a cheer erupted from the people watching. A couple of the Angel’s flew to be stood at the doorway of an old tree. Then Drogyn opened the door as Hope began to talk with him, inviting Anne to be stood next to her Drogyn greeted her, “she is your new unicorn.”

To Be Continued


Druish Pervonian Wizard
Jul 5, 2007
Black Thorn
Christina and the Angel’s Part 5

At his lodging Donald had continued the search he had been doing to find word of the battle between good and evil. He had discovered there was part of the bookshelf on the wall that had been blocked off. It was as if half each shelf had been blanked off, in the enclosed sections of each shelf were several rolls of an ancient papyrus.

One of them spoke of God sending his friend the Angel Lucifer into hell to watch over all the creatures he had killed. When God created Mankind there were an additional number of dead going to hell. When God heard of Lucifer’s problem’s he promised he would have mankind live longer. And gave the Angels many more to help, those he called vampires and they did good, although Lucifer had created himself a Son to help him watch over the dead by that time.

The Son saw an opportunity to take control of his father’s domain. The Son captured two vampires then threw them down towards the planets core. He blackmailed the remaining vampires to kill Gods mankind or never see their friends again. They did as asked but even though Gods vampires would never do wrong the Son of Lucifer's vampires would and their bitten victims returned to life.

Unknown to Lucifer's Son and to God the Angel Lucifer renamed himself The Devil. That was enough when his Son had bitten those of mankind that they become evil. The Son was gleeful that he would soon have a Legion all to himself. The Sons father discovered that his Son would soon pose a threat, he told God that his Son would soon begin to be a threat to them.

While Donald was through the newly opened compartment’s he discovered a recent parchment of unnatural goings on at a village church not far from the town of Paignton in South Devon. Minor paranormal activity was also stated to having been witnessed in the grounds of the church. People who wanted to enter the church reported having stones from the pathway thrown at them, they also reported hearing a strange scraping sound and loud bangs from within the church.

When the Angels went to the hotel Anne and Hope were informed what was happening at the church, they were asked to go and investigate what was happening there. Andrea stepped forward, “Before I was ordered here that church is where I was, with the Angel Janine we threw stones at people to stop them going into the church.

In the church a Protector Demon had become trapped Janine and I were tasked to keep people away from the demon until a Goddess could be sent to free the demon.” Hope wanted to know why the demon was going to be released. “The Protector demon is one of Gods demons, also that it has news of the Son of The Devil,” said Andrea.

Andrea told Anne and Hope how the Goddess De-ara had planned to break the news to the humans who worked at the church. It was not long before Andrea was stood with Anne and Hope under the thatched roof over the gate to the church. Both Anne and Hope were so interested at watching the church they did not see Mrs. Priestly, the grey haired elderly woman approach them, nor did they hear her.

“Please wait there, do not try to go in, there is something that will stop you going passed the gate.” They were quite surprised when Andrea turned to them and asked if they were ready. Mrs. Priestly was surprised as well. Andrea apologized to the woman saying she had not chosen to ignore her on purpose. The woman, Mrs. Priestly listened as Andrea said she knew what was in the church then pointed to the wall of the church.

“On the path are two who I know who want to keep people away from going into the church.” Mrs. Priestly asked “How do you know who is outside the church and also what is inside the church?” The woman said that she used to look after the flowers in the church. “And according to the Goddess De-ara they are nice flowers.

Mrs. Priestly stared at Andrea, “But, but.” “She is one of those here now the other being Janine, until recently I was the other one here we only threw stone at people to stop them from wanting to enter the church,” said Andrea. “Thank you though I really would like to know what is going on here?” asked Mrs. Priestly who then found that she was stood in the front room of her home that was overlooking the church.

Upon hearing the sound of someone running towards her she turned to see who it was. Kassandra, her daughter faced her. “Mum, I didn’t know you were still here I thought you had gone to the church?” “I did go to the church, I can remember being there,” said Mrs. Priestly as she looked to her daughter, “I was at the front gate speaking to a young woman and now I’m here.”

“Your mother wanted to know what is happening at the church so we brought her here, it’ll be safer that she is told here.” Anne, Hope, Andrea and Janine appeared in the room. “We are here to help your mother and the church we are Angel’s those with us are The Goddess Cul-iere and The Goddess De-ara.

There is a demon caught in the church, as there is not a meeting house near the church the demon cannot get out,” said Andrea. Mrs. Priestly looked to her daughter then to Anne. “That is good isn’t it?” Anne smiled to her, “The Demon is a protector demon he is one of God’s Demons, the shape of the church is like a magnet to demons and they cannot get away from it,” said Anne.

Kassandra looked to Anne then asked her how the demon would get out. “Tonight the roof of the church will be removed then before first light the roof will be put back,” said Goddess De-ara. Mrs. Priestly faced Anne she even appeared to be forming a question with her eyes, “I do thank you for that but it does give me another question, why were you and your kind here in the first place and why was Gods demon here?” asked Mrs. Priestly.

Andrea told her about why the demon was stuck in the church. “The demon told me he had followed some of the Son of the Devils followers this way but realised to late he was too close to the church and was caught in the building.” Mrs. Priestly had said about a friend of hers who had been out walking and thought she had seen a demon amongst the undergrowth.

“Go on mother, continue to tell them about your friends experience, it might help,” said Kassandra. Anne sat down and listened to Mrs. Priestly claim, “One of my friends at the church had rung to tell me about what she had seen the previous morning. “She had gone out for her usual early morning walk twice around the Millpond in the village of Stogab, on the Walk trail up to the town’s look out.

She said that when she crossed the South Downs Road she looked up and saw a creature entering a caves entrance. Hope wanted to know what sort of creature had been seen the friend was she said she would have a couple of people look into what her friend had seen. Mrs. Priestly said that her friend had commented that the creatures knees bent backwards.

Knowing that may have meant it was a demonic creature Anne told Cul-iere to get as many angels there as possible. While they waited for help Anne and Hope climbed the slope and entered the cave though they soon found it to be a cavern. Softly the Angels approached the entrance of the cavern and discovered the demon stood against a wall.

Interrogating the demon Anne and Andrea discovered that several Legions of the Sons Forces had hidden themselves in the ground near a friend of Mrs. Priestly’s farm. The Goddess Cul-iere and the Goddess De-ara positioned themselves behind a clump of trees so near the friends farm, they could see where the Sons forces were going to hide themselves, telling the chosen leaders of the massed ranks of the Angels.

Hidden out of site from the farmhouse Anne and Andrea directed the other Angel’s to where the Sons forces are and roughly how many were in each cavern. “Not were are,” stated Christina. Most of the Angels were surprised to see that Christina is with them. Christina continued to tell them, “God himself is amongst the trees.

He heard us talking and wanted to see everything for himself, he began to understood how the vampires had learnt extra powers originally one of them had felt water dripping on its face that gave them something to drink but it also told them which way was up due to the gravity of falling water. When we had found a suitable place around the edge of the cavern they began to make a tunnel upwards.

With that came the knowledge of the sound of falling rocks. That also had caused them to be able to dig faster and dig the tunnel wider, then came the ability to see in the dark and moving greater amounts of rock gave them the ability of extra strength. Notifying the other one below of a falling danger caused each of them to develop telepathy.

With numbers of werewolves at the junction to each cavern they were confronted by many hundreds of Angels each one wanted to prove their worth to God. Each wanted their time in that battle with hundred’s of Angels at the beginning of each cavern then they poured into the tunnels where the werewolves were to face the Angels not that they did as they were quickly killed.

Faced with their dwindling numbers of the Sons vampires were soon obliterated by the massed ranks of the Angels, so began the ritual for each cavern on the hillside and it continued for the rest of the morning. Several thousand of the Sons forces stood their ground and tried defended the legions of the damned. Forty thousand werewolves waited to enjoy themselves then the unending lines of Angels rained down on them from the sky.

Armed Angels flew at them and viciously attacked them; the numbers of the Sons vampires were soon being depleted, that caused the others of the Sons Legions to have to face the fury of the Angels. Something the vampires were unaccustomed to feeling, fear. Even those in the deepest corners off the caverns felt the wave upon wave of the Angels forcing the end of the Sons Legions.

Then fire seemed to grow amongst the clouds as God and The Devil began to rain fire balls into where the Son was hidden for as long as the Son was alive enough to be hidden. Then the Devil and God could have the rest they deserved.

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